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… but not a bomb.

A bomb is what went off at her concert in Manchester, UK, as crowds of young teenagers left the concert. A bomb is what an asshole Islamist suicide bomber set off in the middle of that crowd, killing at least 22 people and injuring at least 59 others.

And the bombing suspect was already known to have ties to Al Qaeda. Had even been ratted on by his family who told authorities that he was dangerous. Was even on a watch list after he got back from a stint in a terrorist training camp in Libya.

What is needed to stop terrorism isn’t Big Brother listening in on every phone call, observing every street corner with video cameras, or other things of that sort. What is needed to stop terrorism is simple human intelligence — following up when a family calls you and says their kid is a violent Islamist extremist, for example. No amount of listening in on phone calls was necessary in order to identify this asshole as a threat to public safety. All that was necessary was for the authorities to listen to his family, who was saying loud and clear that their kid was a time bomb waiting to go off.

And they didn’t, so people are dead.

I expect there to be plenty of folks who now are going to want to impose all sorts of draconian bullshit to “stop terrorism”. All that’s going to do is add more noise to hide the signal. What’s needed is to listen to the human beings who are already telling us who the dangerous people are, not bullshit like spying on everybody’s phone calls or keeping people from taking their laptop computers onto airliners.

But I suppose that’s common sense, and common sense is no good when there’s power to seize and money to be made pushing snake oil…

– Badtux the Exasperated Penguin

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My final thought on United endorsing knocking out the teeth and bloodying the face of 69 year old men who dared raise his voice: What’s interesting is that there’s anybody, anywhere, who think it is appropriate to knock out the teeth and bloody the face of a 69 year old man under any circumstance short of the man brandishing a gun or knife.

The fact that the airline and police actually have defenders just reminds me of how brutal we have become as a nation, where brutalizing both our own citizens and people overseas is seen as normal and acceptable behavior. We have the majority in Congress saying that the solution to hungry people is to take away their food stamps, for example, because we must brutalize those poor people into being less poor — the beatings shall not stop until morale improves! In this case, the man had been sold a fraudulent ticket, one that purported to offer him airline travel but in fact apparently only offered him the chance to sit in a terminal since United wasn’t going to give him the airline travel he’d paid for, and the man was complaining about that. Going from there to knocking his teeth out and bloodying his face is like going 150mph on a public highway crowded with rush hour traffic — no sane person could ever think that was a good idea.

But then, I’m not sure that we as a nation are sane anymore.

– Badtux the “Am I sane?” Penguin

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Frankly, this does not surprise me. I’ve known for some time that many Europeans are misogynist and racist. Other than the Scandinavians, and, surprisingly, the Spanish, this seems to carry over into their attitudes towards rape too, though it appears that eastern Europeans agree more highly than others that it’s okay to rape a woman under certain circumstances. Still, look at France. Surprised? I’m not.

– Badtux the unsurprised-but-still-bummed-out Penguin

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80 dead in Nice, France

The deadly weapon was a heavy truck. Not a truck bomb. Just a truck, smashing into a large crowd gathered at the waterfront and continuing onward through the crowd at high speed until stopped by a hail of police bullets.

I’ve been waiting for our own home-grown terrorists to do the same to a Black Lives Matter gathering, but it appears ISIS decided to do it first. There will be copycats…

– Badtux the Saddened Penguin

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So, two days ago, a black man named Alton Sterling was killed for selling CD’s outside a convenience store. And yesterday, a black man by the name of Philando Castile was killed for having a tail light that was out. And today, at least two snipers shot eleven police officers in Dallas, Texas, including four who were killed.

We’ve built the police state we always wanted here in the United States, one that says about poor people and people of color, pull the trigger, exterminate the brutes, and either the press or the department’s internal inquiry will figure out how they were asking for it later. This is the police state that the affluent and middle class called for, the police state that treats people of color and the poor as threats to be neutralized, not as fellow citizens of the United States of America. And now we’re seeing the repercussions of that. On all sides.

– Badtux the Saddened Penguin

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So yeah, ISIS terrorists blew up some people in Brussels. I don’t know why the fuck they chose Belgium. Hell, Belgium is barely even a country, what with the antagonism between the French speakers and Dutch speakers in the country forever threatening to split it into two. It’s another one of those patched-together countries that the British are famous for creating — it was created by the British and Prussians in the aftermath of the 1830 Dutch Revolution to serve as a buffer state between France and the rest of Europe.

So what to do? Well, first of all, it’s not up to me, or us, to decide what to do. Not that this has stopped Senator Ted Cruz (R-Christianist) from doubling down on his suggestion that Muslims need to be singled out by security forces in much the same way that Jews were singled out by the Nazis. But hey, that’s not being *just like Hitler*, because all 1.5 billion Muslims in the world really *do* want to kill us white European peoples. At which point I have to say, why aren’t we dead yet? I mean, there aren’t enough bullets and bombs in the arsenals of the West to stop 1.5 billion Muslims if they decide to strap on their sandals and, like, just *march* straight across our borders waving those long curved knives like you see in the old photos. But hey, let’s not let a little, like, logic interfere with our ability to be bigots, right?

Yeah, I’m tired of this shit — both the terrorist attacks, and the inevitable bigoted responses by the Christianist Right every time one happens proposing that we engage in another Christian Crusade, except with the goal of exterminating all 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, men, women, children, every single one of them, the Christianist Right proposes that they be dead. Talking about people who make Hitler look like a humanitarian, huh?

– Badtux the Sick-of-it Penguin

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As I type this in my head (still at work, far from home where I can put it onto paper), really bad things are going on in Paris. Explosions. Hostage situations. Shootings. It appears to be a massive terrorist attack, with many dead. Which means, according to the teachings of Jesus, that it’s time to search for a way of peace and love to help the victims of the attack.

According to the teachings of Jesus? That dark-complected socialist Jew? We’re *Americans*! We don’t listen to no dusky Jew-boy about how to do things! Which means it’s time to start looking for someone to blame.

You can blame the terrorists, sure. But what’s the fun of that? I mean, by the time we all read this, the day after all the fireworks, all the terrorists directly involved will either be dead or will be in jail cells they will never leave for the rest of their lives. And the terrorists who played supporting roles won’t be around for long afterwards either, one thing our modern security state is very good at is finding people after the fact once we know who their contacts are. We have whole government departments that do nothing but suck up data and store it in order to find those connections.

So yeah, we can blame the terrorists, but BORE-ing! Let’s do something more exciting. Let’s blame an entire RELIGION! One with 1.5 billion followers! I mean, c’mon. Halliburton and Lockheed and General Dynamics and Boeing need to make some money blowing shit up for Uncle Dollar, so we need more targets than a few thousand Middle East goat herders with dreams of caliphates, we need 1.5 BILLION targets! Then we’ll *never* run out of people to blow up!

And, just to top it off, we’re AMERICANS, so the next thing we gotta do is blame the victim. Young woman got raped? She shouldn’t have worn that short skirt, shouldn’t have been young and slender (get thee to an all-you-can-eat buffet, young lady!), shouldn’t have been walking her dog in the park at 4pm in the afternoon, it’s all her fault. Oh sure, this is, like, making her feel like shit because she already got raped once and now people are dumping on her *again*, but hey, we’re AMERICANS, it’s our JOB to be motherfucking assholes who make people feel bad!

And look, those Frenchies getting blown up or bombed? It’s their own damned fault for taking in all those Muslim immigrants! Except, uhm, they haven’t taken any in since the early 60’s when they and their Muslim supporters got run out of Algeria, but hey, let’s not mess up a good victim-blaming rant with facts. And it’s their fault for being so friendly to Muslims! Except, well, they’re not — France is resolutely secular, and dislikes any public display of religion, Muslims who adopt the outward dress and garb of Middle Eastern Muslims generally aren’t well regarded or accepted in polite company in France. So maybe they should have been *more* friendly to the Muslims? No no, we’re AMERICANS, we know that being friendly to Muslims is wrong, so let me go figure out what I should think about that. Oh wait, I know, I know, it’s their fault for not going around with six-guns strapped on their hips like us good gun-totin’ Amurricans! Nevermind that the number of terrorists stopped by civilian Americans with six guns strapped on their hips stands at, well, *zero*, we gotta blame the victims ’cause we’re AMERICANS, goddammit, and we gotta make sure to spread misery throughout the world and make people feel bad who are already hurting because, well, BECAUSE WE CAN!

Victim blaming. Fuck yeah! USA! USA! USA! Why let the terrorists be the only ones who make the French feel bad? We’re America, goddamn it, we can’t let the terrorists do that shit better than we do!

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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