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Sexual harassment.

There’s a lot of women tweeting “#MeToo” to signify that they’ve been victims of sexual harassment. Much fewer men, and for most of them, it was when they were young and not full grown. Women report sexual harassment at all ages.

There are men who are regularly harassed but these are men who are gay or trans for the most part and don’t “look” right to those who have a certain image of masculinity. I’m not sure whether to call this sexual harassment or not. The main difference as compared with the sexual harassment that women endure is that the goal of the harasser is not to have sex with the person being harassed, but, rather, the goal of the harasser may be to submerge or deny his own desires to have sex with the person being harassed. That is, the harasser is trying to *avoid* sex with the person being harassed despite an obvious attraction (because I mean, who obsesses about gay sex except gay people? Closets, folks).

But the one commonality here is men. Too many men are dicks. Pure and simple. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Harassment Penguin


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So, there’s been lots of necklace-wringing lately about how the evangelical Right has been “corrupted” by Trumpism. As Justin Rosaria points out, the evangelical Right were terrible people well before Trump came along. Thing is, he doesn’t go back far enough. Not by far enough by any means.

The Southern Baptist Convention was created in order to defend slavery as “biblically correct.”

That’s not my opinion. That’s a matter of historical fact that can be easily verified by looking at the original charter of the SBC and as much as admitted in 1995 when the SBC issued an apology for defending slavery. That is the Original Sin behind modern conservative evangelical churches: Most of them split off from liberal evangelical churches in order to defend slavery.

My point is that an institution that was founded to defend evil is always going to be stained by that evil, regardless of how many apologies they issue. Words are cheap. If all you do is bend knee and proclaim Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, but then get up and don’t try to live like Jesus, you didn’t *really* accept Jesus — you just hypocritically muttered some words. Or as Jesus said in Luke 6:49: “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation.”

The SBC and their fellow brethren claim to have heard His words, but I will believe they have accepted them only when I see acts that reflect such. And I haven’t seen such acts. Just words.

— Badtux the Religion Penguin

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This is the city swimming pool where I swam as a small child in the Deep South. It was demolished and filled in because a Federal judge ordered desegregation of the city pools, and “we ain’t gonna have no mixin’ of the races in this here city.” They literally destroyed it — and virtually everything else that might make their city a nice place to live — in order to preserve the right to hate people with a different skin color.

That is what hate does. It destroys. It never builds. Never.

Today things are better for black people in that city. They even have a black female mayor now. But that’s only because so many of the bigots left — the city is only 45% white now. But the bigots basically blew up the city behind them as they left, destroying everything that they could out of hate and spite. Because that’s what hate does. It destroys. That’s all it does. Ever. Leaving those who are the targets of their hate to try to put together a city from the rubble that the bigots left behind — and the bigots blame them for that rubble, despite the fact that it was the bigots themselves who blew up the city behind them as they fled.

– Badtux the Reminiscing Penguin

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“The roads are all open!”

Not according to the latest FEMA map as of September 28. PR-52 is open between San Juan (the port) and Salinas (on the opposite coast) as well as PR-53 towards Guayama. Roads to the east or west are largely closed due to flooding, mud slides, washed out bridges, or the road simply sliding off the side of the mountain. Most roads that can be cleared by hand labor have been cleared by the locals without any FEMA help, but hand labor isn’t going to make much of a dent in a mud slide that has buried a road under hundreds of feet of mud, and can’t rebuild a bridge.

So who should I believe — FEMA, which is actually on the ground, or some random right-wing blogger in his mommy’s basement?

“There is a hospital ship offshore, I can see it in the video!”

Perhaps they’re seeing one of the cruise ships that have volunteered to help. That’s not a hospital ship, though, unless it is some other navy’s hospital ship, because the USNS Comfort left Norfolk, VA two days ago and will arrive off of Puerto Rico tomorrow night at the earliest, but more likely on Tuesday. San Clemente class oil tankers are driven by steam turbines and have a top speed of 16.5 knots, that’s 19mph, and it is 1400 miles from Norfolk to Puerto Rico. That’s 73 hours if they were cruising at top speed, or 3 days. Thus why they’re not going to arrive in Puerto Rico until tomorrow at the earliest, and why anybody who claims there’s already a U.S. hospital ship offshore off of Puerto Rico is full of shit.

– Badtux the Fact-based Penguin

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So, across my tweetstream came a tweet by a deplorable (she even says she’s a deplorable) saying that the reason Puerto Rican relief supplies are piling up in the ports is because there’s a strike by the Teamster’s Union.

Nevermind that the Teamsters and AFL-CIO are mobilizing to send truck drivers to help with Puerto Rican relief.

Nevermind that Puerto Rico’s governor says they can only reach 20% of the truck drivers, the rest cannot be reached to call them in to work. Perhaps their homes washed away and they’re in shelters?

Nevermind that the Teamsters themselves say there no strike and that they’re assisting their Puerto Rican subsidiary with everything they can, given that most of their Puerto Rican drivers are now homeless living in shelters with no phone service and no easy way to locate them.

No, the problem is unions, because, well, because they want it to be unions, I guess. This all appears to be based upon one video on YouTube that is on Univision and in Spanish. In the video a Teamsters official is apparently saying (in Spanish) something about how he has trucks to move the supplies but the port won’t release them. He also claims (in Spanish) that FEMA is hoarding diesel fuel and won’t release it to truckers. He also says that, despite all this, he did manage to get seven trucks loaded with fuel out of the port to get fuel to gas stations. This video was shared by a Spanish-speaking Trump supporter in Miami who then posted a snarky comment about how apparently the truckers were on strike until the red tape gets cleared up to their satisfaction. Despite the fact that the same FEMA red tape is preventing doctors from receiving medical supplies even if they show up at the port where the supplies are available for distribution.

From there, it spread around the right wing blogosphere despite the fact that none of the bloggers spreading this story, other than the original blogger, speak Spanish and none of them have the slightest idea what the person in the video is saying. They are apparently relying on a translation by that Miami Trump supporter (who appears to be one of the Cubanos, i.e., one of the right-wing anti-Communist Republicans). Said translation appears to be, from my reading of the Spanish, quite incomplete and takes things out of context in multiple places. Granted, I’m not a native Spanish speaker, I can read a little Spanish but I’m hopeless if you try to hold a conversation with me. But I can turn on the closed captioning on the videos and read the Spanish that’s coming out, and it does appear that the Miami Trump supporter is taking some statements out of context in order to paint a deceptive picture of what’s being said by the clearly angry Teamsters official.

So what’s happening in Puerto Rico? Well: I don’t know, actually. What I do know is that a right-wing Trump supporter supplying a misleading translation of a Univision video isn’t sufficient for me to assume that truck drivers are refusing to move cargo, given no other supporting evidence. I would want to see some reporting on the ground by reporters who talk to actual officials that are willing to say this. Like the governor. He’s a centrist who has had no trouble signing anti-union legislation in the recent past, so I’d think that he would come out swinging against the union if the union was striking. But he hasn’t. He’s implied instead that the truck drivers who aren’t showing up are simply unreachable because of the lack of phone service and possibly because their homes got washed away and they’re in a shelter. I somehow suspect that if he thought the drivers were malingering, he would have come out hard against them. But maybe that’s just me being reasonable…

– Badtux the “Some people jump to conclusions, others leap whole heartedly with no compunctions” Penguin

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Thought for today:

Nobody ever died for a piece of fabric. People have died for their country, for their buddies, or just because God is an iron, but never for a piece of fabric.

A piece of fabric is just that — a piece of fabric.

— Badtux the “Symbolism is overrated” Penguin

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Heh. Heh heh heh.

Busted, bro!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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