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Trump: “Hey, North Korea! We’re sending an aircraft carrier group to watch your missile launch so if you get up to something, we’ll smack you good!”

NK: “Ha ha ha. You no smack us with silly aircraft carrier, we sink it!”

Australia: “Hey wait, isn’t that aircraft carrier supposed to be holding exercises with our navy in the Indian Ocean?”

Mad Dog: (double face palm). “Yeah. It’s still on its way.” Huge sigh.

Navy: “U.S.S. Carl Vinson steams its way south through the Sundra Strait on way to joint exercises with Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean.”

Whole world: “Say wha?!”

Trump: “Well, we sent submarines instead. Very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you.

Whole world: “Say wha?!”

Cue double face palm.

– Badtux the Sadly Laughing Penguin

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I’d like to wake up just one day without opening the Google News web page and exclaiming, “that fuckhead Trump did WHAT today?!”. Today, alas, was such a day.

Canada’s Girl Scouts refuse to come to America. They’re afraid that CBP will keep some of their girls from crossing the border due to national origin or race, and additionally are concerned that their girls might be subjected to searches that would constitute sexual misconduct and result in prosecution in Canada. Yay, the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber’s policies helping the US economy, woot!

Muslim Ban II has been stayed by a court in Hawaii. There is essentially only one way to get in and out of Hawaii, and that is by aircraft. The state apparently argued that the ban was going to harm their tourism industry while providing no additional security. Well, yeah, that it will, just as it encouraged the Girl Guides to avoid the US.

So I understand that His Fraudulency Donald the Trump held a rally in Nashville today where he repeated his usual lies, where his acolytes saluted their God-Emperor with the salute with which he is most familiar, thanks to his neo-Nazi advisor. I have selected the best of the photographs of this event:

Trump Rally in Nashville

Horse soring was banned by law in 1970. That’s a cruel practice where horses are tortured in order to make them high-step. Regulations to enforce the ban have never been adequate though. That was fixed in the last few months of the Obama Administration but for some reason the final rule never got published in the Federal Register. The Trump Administration has now kept that regulation off the books for 55 days, refusing to enforce the law prohibiting soring. So let me get this state. When Obama refused to enforce the immigration law for young people who’d been brought here before 10 years of age and were law abiding, that was bad, according to the Republicans. But it’s okay if Trump does the same thing about animal cruelty? Well, at least some Republicans are calling BS on that too…

But of course it might not be malice, it might be simple incompetence. A friend of mine has recently received multiple inquiries to be hired by a federal agency that shall not be named at various of their locations as a seasonal worker. Apparently seasonal workers aren’t covered by the hiring ban, as long as it’s no more seasonal workers than were hired the previous year. He notes that the place he’d prefer to work isn’t hiring seasonal workers because, despite the hiring ban, somehow they’d managed to hire ten full-time workers. All we could do was shake our heads. None of the Trump appointees at the top in that department has the slightest idea what they’re doing, so all the underlings are running wild and doing whatever they want to do. The children shall play while the adults are away, and all that. Nobody gives a shit anymore, everybody figures they’re fucked anyhow so just do what they want. Apparently Bannon’s oft-stated goal of destroying the Federal government is well underway…

Trump advisor who contacted Russian hacker at least 16 times during 2016 campaign now claims that the CIA tried to kill him in a fake auto accident. Uhm, no. A typical Mafia ploy is the fake auto accident — hit the guy you want to off, get out and pretend you’re going to exchange insurance cards, but instead put a bullet between his eyes. If the CIA wanted Roger Stone dead, he would be dead. But hey, Alex Jones says it was an attempted assassination, so whatevs…

And finally, pointing out that our President is orange isn’t racist. Racism is where you are attacking someone for something they were born with, i.e., skin color, ethnicity, hair color, whatevs. As far as I know, the only thing ever born with orange skin grows on a tree and is used to make a tasty breakfast juice. Trump chose to be orange, he wasn’t born that way. And making fun of people’s stupid choices… isn’t that the American way? FREE-dum and all that?

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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So Spicey Spice sez that the CBO is wrong about how many people will lose insurance when the CBO says 24 million people will lose their health insurance under the House bill.

Turns out he might be right. According to the Trump Administration’s own estimates, the actual number is 26 million. I.e., the CBO underestimated how many people will lose their health insurance.

Which isn’t exactly what Spicey Spice was implying, but anyhow: The end result of 26 million more uninsured people is, of course, dead bodies. Lots of dead bodies. Uninsured people have a 40% higher death rate in a given year than insured people.

But they’re not rich people, so I guess that as far as Spicey Spice and the rest of His Fraudulency Donald the Trump’s regime is concerned, they don’t really count.

– Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

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His Fraudulency Donald the Trump pulls out of the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Poor widdle Trumplethinskin. Widdle Deadbeat Donnie had his feewings hoit by dem means journalists, and poor widdle Donnie’s gonna go sulk in his safe space? What a pwecious widdle snowflake!

I dunno, maybe they can get Alec Baldwin to play Trump…

Note: If I want to know what news sources are accurate? If they’re listed by the Orange Racist Russian Stooge as “fake”, I know that means they’re credible. Unlike, say, Faux News, which has a history of presenting total frauds as reputable security operators. Note the last link, about Nils Bildt — who, it turns out, actually isn’t a member of the Swedish security establishment, and furthermore, served a one year term for assault and public drunkenness that apparently he completely slept through in a drunken stupor, considering that he claims he didn’t remember it.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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“I have to say that I’m not sure that there is such a thing as “objective” or “absolute” reality. Everything that we think we know is based on assumptions..many of which are commonly accepted, but wrong.”

There is in fact an objective reality. We may not know it, or have the tools to ferret out every detail of it, but we can certainly gather evidence about it and peer-review that evidence and gain an understanding of part of it and use that understanding to, say, build this Internet that we’re communicating upon. Why do I say this is true? Because it works. Because we’ve done it. Because from a utilitarian point of view, positing that there is an objective reality and utilizing the methods of science to gain understanding of parts of it has proven to provide far better results than simply making shit up like the Trumpistas are doing.

Now, granted, our personal interpretations of this objective reality may be wrong. But that doesn’t mean objective reality doesn’t exist. It just means our understanding of this objective reality is incomplete. Which is true by definition, because reality is infinite, while human minds are not. This is why we’ve created techniques to “hack” this limitation. The most important of which is science.


If your notion is that there is no objective reality, then you’re pretty much a mystic cultist, and of little use in a modern society. Hmm… Trump and his supporters… hmm…

– Badtux the Scientific Penguin

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Ignore the media lies!

Ignore the media lies!

Baghdad Bob apparently has undergone a name change and has a new job as White House Press Secretary. Today he came out and said that the crowds at His Fraudulency Donald the Trump’s inauguration, variously reported as sparse, were YUUUGE, tremendous I say!. The biggest ever! Bigly! Amazing! As evidenced by this comparison of Trump’s inauguration crowd with Obama’s inauguration crowd, where Trump’s crowd is on the left:

Oh wait. No, Trump’s crowd is on the right.

Eight years ago, 1.8 million people gathered in the National Mall to watch Barack Obama take office. It’s estimated, based on transit numbers, less than half that number gathered yesterday to watch His Fraudulency’s coronation.

Compare / contrast with the crowd for today’s Women’s March On Washington. It appears that more women showed up today to protest His Fraudulency’s administration, than people total showed up yesterday to celebrate His Fraudulency’s coronation. Which pretty much matches the polls that say that Trump is about as popular as genital warts. He got into office through chicanery and through having an opponent even less popular than him, not because people like him.

So what do Trump’s supporters have to say about this?

“The inauguration was on a Friday. We had to work.”

Yeah, those fry cookers don’t fill themselves, y’all.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Playing with numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, “Gross Domestic Product By State”. I downloaded the Excel file and fiddled around with the numbers there. Interesting thing is that matching this map with the 2016 election results, the red states and the blue states have roughly equivalent GDP at around $9 trillion apiece. However: 1/6th of the red states’ GDP is Texas. The same is true of the blue states and California, except there’s much fewer of them so it’s not quite so much one queen state and a buncha loser states. Interesting.

Things get more lopsided if you look at the county level. The Brookings Institute did a county-level matchup of the maps and found that the counties Hillary won accounted for around 2/3rds of the economy — around $12 trillion, with the red counties accounting for $6 trillion. I would need to see their source data to see if they’re adding right, but a brief check seems to show that their claim that every one of the top twenty major counties (as sorted by economic activity) went to Hillary other than Maricopa County (AZ) is correct.

This is… interesting. What it seems to say is that this election boiled down to an election between the 21st century and the 20th century. Those counties that have embraced the 21st century and its demands for a smart flexible workforce and thus are thriving voted for more of the same. Those counties that want their 20th century back, when a man could make a living for his family with a strong back and a narrow mind, went for Trump, who promised that they could have their 20th century back.

Of course, the 20th century is gone and isn’t coming back. Even if manufacturing comes back, today’s manufacturing is highly automated and demands far more intellectual flexibility than 20th century manufacturing required, where you just needed to be able to do one thing, and do it well, and it’s unlikely that they will be employing the people who were laid off when the toaster factory in Coushatta Louisiana shut down to move production to Thailand. Those people had little education and no skills other than being able to put peg A into slot B, over and over again, and we have robots that do that now. But hey, people have been believing false promises by politicians since long before we were born, so.

– Badtux the Economics Penguin

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