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Charles Manson has died. The Barker Ranch where he and his cult were living when they embarked upon the gruesome murders that made him a household name burned down a few years ago. His followers will all be dead within the next decade or so. The universe is conspiring to rid itself of any evidence that this evil SOB ever lived.

The truth about what he did will likely never be known. Vincent Bugliosi’s book was tarted up and embellished in order to make Bugliosi look good, and all the other books suffer by being reliant either upon Bugliosi or upon Manson himself, who was the very definition of “unreliable narrator”. Everybody else who might know something either is staying silent in order to not incriminate themselves, or is dead.

There are some people who need to die in prison, and Manson was one of those. The question of *why* he was one of those is a question that’s never asked. If you read about how he was routinely abused as a child, including ten years in the kind embrace of the Indiana juvenile system (ten years that included routine sexual abuse of the children by the staff), you realize that Manson was in the end a product of the failure of our society. If he’d been born a Bush, he would have become a politician and died of old age in his own bed. If he’d been born a Trump, he would have become a real estate developer and died of old age in his own bed. If he’d been born a Graham, he would have become a megachurch pastor and died of old age in his own bed. Instead he was born in the gutter, and never strayed from there.

If Charles Manson was a symptom of our collective failure as a society, that failure has become even worse over the years. There is less money for foster homes, less money for drug and alcohol treatment, fewer people caring. I don’t know who the next Charles Manson will be. But I do know he’s out there, in some dank foster home where he’s being sexually abused, or a child in some juvenile jail that is like the worst levels of Hell. He’s out there. And he will kill, soon enough. He always does.

– Badtux the Obituaries Penguin


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It’s the United States, of course.

This matches what I’m told by many expatriates — that the United States is the most brutal place to live in the civilized world by far. Every part of American society is designed in the most brutal way possible. Our police officers are trained to brutally tase, beat, and shoot suspects. Our jail guards are trained to brutalize and encourage rape of suspects. Our healthcare system is designed to extract every dime you ever earned in your entire life for the benefit of an elite class of wealthy people, and then throw you out on the streets to die. Our employment system is designed to extract every last bit of value out of you, work you as many hours as physically possible and then more until your health breaks down from all the overwork and stress, then when you’re no longer valuable to employers, throw you out onto the streets to die. Our system of higher education is designed to put you into permanent servitude with debt that can never be discharged no matter how long you live.

Other nations don’t work this way. Other nations don’t build in brutality as a feature of their system. Their system is set up to improve their lives, not to brutalize them. The United States is unique amongst advanced countries in that our system is set up to brutalize our citizens, not help them.

Of course, expatriates do have some self-justification reasons to hype how great their overseas homes are as versus the United States. After all, they regularly have to justify their decision to live in Singapore or Australia or France or Ireland or etc. to relatives who are still in the States. Still, the uniformity of what I’m told by expatriates about there versus here is pretty darn damning. It doesn’t matter where in the civilized world they live — life is better there. Maybe people there are not as wealthy, but they don’t have to worry about being reduced to poverty and indentured servitude by debt for health care and education. They don’t have to worry about being fired from their jobs just because their immediate supervisor doesn’t like them (did you know that a job is a right in most of the civilized world, and you cannot be fired without due process and a reasonable cause?), they don’t have to worry about being put out on the streets to die if they do lose their job or become unable to work, and they get plenty of vacation time to use to recharge and de-stress. It’s only here that none of that is true.

– Badtux the Brutalized Penguin

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So, I turn the corner to go into the urinal, and there’s already somebody there. He’s a recent college grad in his early 20’s. His hands are on his hips, and he’s spraying away. Think about a fire hose for a minute, people. Think about what happens if the fire fighters drop it. Picture that in your head. Now, think about what’s happening in our restroom. And now I know why it’s so disgusting all the time…

But… why did he do this? Why didn’t he hold his firehose and keep it aimed at the urinal? Well, a quick pass through that sewer of the Internet, Reddit, swiftly turned up the answer. In the college dorms, if you hold your hose while urinating, people laugh at you and say you’re masturbating. So to be manly, you have to spray all over the frickin’ restroom. What. The. Fuck.

But the urinal squirters (and their toxic femininity counterpart, the toilet squatters, who’ve been described to me by female acquaintances) are only one aspect of people so insecure about their sexuality that they have to make a big frickin’ mess in the restroom. At least their mess stays in the restroom. Then there’s the shitty assholes.


Men who literally don’t wipe their asses because touching themselves between the cheeks might make them gay.

The tales are a combination of unhygienic living (skidmarks on everything, always, including the bedsheets after lovemaking; the smell is unbelievable) and abusive, reactionary men who blow up at the suggestion that they should be wiping and washing their asses.

Jesus fucking Christ on a goddamn stick, what a bunch of shitty fucking assholes! Literally!

I don’t get it. Why are so many men so insecure that they can’t even fucking hold their dick or wipe their ass for fear of being thought gay? Why are so many men so insecure that they have to harass gay people, for that matter, in order to prove to themselves that they’re not gay?

Most of these men are not gay, people. I’ve never met a gay man who wouldn’t shudder at the thought of skid-marked undies or pee-puddles on a bathroom floor. All I can think is that they’re just sad, sad wanna-be men who lack even basic consideration for anybody around them, nevermind for themselves and their shitty drawers (literally). Ugh. So disgusting…

— Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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So, Las Vegas. Yet another white guy with a gun goes nutso and kills a buncha people. When are white leaders going to come together and denounce this violence in their community?

Meanwhile, more people than that have died in Puerto Rico over the past week because the hospitals ran out of diesel fuel for their generators. Every single patient in the ICU died. Every. Single. Patient. Well more than fifty patients island-wide.

And the response of the media is…. crickets.

Because, I suppose, brown people aren’t human beings, as far as the media is concerned, so it’s not as if *people* died.

Yeah, not feeling very charitable towards our media and our leaders this morning.

– Badtux the Bummed Penguin

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Hurting people is wrong. That’s something that most of us should have learned in kindergarten, though I wonder about some of our national leadership, which seems to have never learned fundamental lessons taught in kindergarten.

Allowing people to hurt other people is just as wrong. Sins of omission, in the end, are no different from sins of commission. The “good Germans” who stand by silently and watched atrocity happen are just as guilty as those who do the atrocity.

It always boils down to Nazis in the end, whenever we’re talking finer points of ethics. Nazis loved hurting people. Should we have allowed them to do so because “tolerance!”? Or should we have done what we did — whatever was necessary to stop them from hurting others and whatever was necessary in order to dissuade others from emulating their behavior, up to and including hanging a number of them by the neck after all was said and done? And how does that make us different from the Nazis? Well, there was one important difference — we were killing murderers or enablers of murderers. Nazis were killing innocent women and children who had never harmed anybody in their entire lives.

And if you think that doesn’t make a difference, I have to ask: where did you go to kindergarten?

– Badtux the Morality Penguin

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A little over sixty years ago, nine teenagers, fifteen years of age, were looking forward to attending high school. It was going to be scary, they knew, being in a big new school with lots of kids they’d never seen before. But they weren’t thinking much beyond that. One of the kids dreamed of all the things she’d do at this fine new school she was about to start, about the classroom discussions she’d have with interesting new people, about attending the prom. They were kids, after all. They were innocent.

They did not stay innocent. They lost their innocence hard.

And it was all in vain. Today’s schools are as segregated as they were in 1957. Even in cases where they’re supposedly desegregated, the white kids attend white classes, and the black kids attend black classes, and never the twain shall meet. At the elementary school I taught at in inner city Houston, supposedly 1/3rd of the students were white. I never saw them. They had their own wing of the building. They ate lunch at a different time from the black kids. They had recess at a different time than my kids. I could walk out my classroom door into the hallway and look out at the playground and see them playing, but that’s the closest I ever got to any of the white kids. My kids, of course, were all brown. Us Teach for America interns were the ones thrown into the classrooms with brown kids, because the school board figured that their parents didn’t have the political pull to complain about untrained novice teachers in the classrooms. They were right.

Segregation and violence. Those are America’s heritage. Says Minnijean Brown Trickey bitterly from her home in Canada, where she has lived for most of the past thirty years after the election of Ronald Reagan convinced her that America would never change: “What kind of country doesn’t see education for all children to be the primary value? I think the US has two values: segregation, which they do so well, and violence.”

I can’t say she’s wrong.

– Badtux the Somber Penguin

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So, today the Republicans held their one and only hearing on the latest Trumpcare atrocity, which would basically defund Medicaid, kick most older Americans off of their Obamacare health insurance, and otherwise kill lots and lots of Americans. So a bunch of disabled people in wheelchairs showed up courtesy of the Medicaid funds that keep them alive to protest the fact that Turtle Mitch’s cuts would kill them.

The Capitol Police dragged them all away, in some cases hauling them bodily out of their wheelchairs and dragging them down the hallway by their feet.

What brave manly men our Capitol Police are, man-handling crippled people like that in order to protect Turtle Mitch and Orin Hatch from the unseemly sight of the people they want to murder!

And what did our brave Republican Senators think about all of this? Well… they seemed bored. In fact, Sen. Bill Cassidy actually yawned as disabled people were ripped out of their wheelchairs and dragged away. Ho hum, just another person he wants to kill whining about not wanting to be killed. Nothing to interest a cold-blooded lizard person from planet Sociopath. Nope, nosirree, those aren’t fellow people, those are just prey as far as our cold-blooded sociopathic lizard overlords are concerned.

Symbolism more suited to what Trump’s America has become — a hard-hearted place where anybody who has the bad luck to become old or sick or disabled should just die, already — could not be devised by any number of Democratic think tanks. This is America, y’all. This is America — cops dragging disabled people out of hearings rather than letting their voices be heard. Because the disabled aren’t people, as far as the sociopaths leading our nation are concerned. The disabled — and hell, pretty much all of us — are prey.

– Badtux the Sociopath-smellin’ Penguin

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