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Warning, do not watch the above video unless you want to watch a cop execute an unarmed 27-year-old Navy veteran by the name of Dillan Tabares.

Now, there’s another video basically showing the skinny dude chasing the cop as the cop is trying to taser him. So we’re definitely in a situation where the cop expects, once he has backed away from the man, that the man is going to come right back at him as soon as he gets his feet under him, and thus once he makes the decision to pull his service weapon he has to use his service weapon or else lose it to the street person, thereby causing a danger to the life of himself and others. On the other hand, I have this question: What kind of pussy cops are we hiring who can’t deal with a half-starved skinny street dude physically without shooting him to death? I mean, fuck. I could have probably managed the physical part of this encounter as well as this cop did, and I’m a fucking computer geek, it’s not my *job* to apply violence to evil-doers.

And hey, the skinny street dude was unarmed. He wasn’t a threat to the safety of anybody else in the vicinity. Why not call it in and call for backup, wait for backup, and *then* take the kid down? I mean, that was part of my training when I was being trained in how to restrain mentally ill people — “don’t try to do it by yourself, always do it in pairs.” First of all, a mentally ill person when faced with two people trying to subdue him is more likely to comply, realizing that he’s outnumbered. (Note that I said *more* likely, not that he *would* — we’re talking mentally ill people after all). Secondly, there’s less chance of injury both to yourself and to the person you’re trying to restrain if there’s two of you.

The biggest mistake this cop made was to remove his service weapon from its holster. Assuming the cop has a typical positive retention holster issued to officers today, the weapon was safe in the holster. The dude wasn’t going to wrestle it out, it requires a series of motions from an angle that an attacker can’t easily replicate in order to remove that pistol from its holster. But once the weapon was removed from its holster, the cop had two alternatives, given that the dude had already charged the cop. The first alternative was to use it. “Use it or lose it”, is the training cops receive. That is, if they’ve made the choice to deploy their service weapon and the person charges them, shoot to kill, immediately, because the alternative is that the person is going to grab the weapon and shoot someone with it.

The second alternative, of course, was to put all the high tech toys away, pull out a nightstick, and do like the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth woulda done: Grin, and say “You want some of this, I see,” then beat the crap out of the dude. Dude woulda still ended up in the hospital of course, cracked ribs, maybe a broken arm or leg bone, bruised kidneys, the works. But he would have been alive.

But of course this cop, like most pussy cops today, doesn’t carry a nightstick. And unlike the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth, he doesn’t know how to handle himself in a brawl. So here we are, a dead person who shouldn’t be dead, because our cops today are pussies.

At which point I have one question: If all they’re good for is executing people, if they can’t handle issues in any other way, why do we have them? I mean, we used to have cops who could handle situations like this without shooting people. What the fuck has gone wrong with our police forces today that they can’t handle simple situations like this without killing people, when they used to be able to do so? And even have the police chief stand up for the pussy cop?

We need real cops, not these… wimps. I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-wimp cop. I’m all for cops — real cops, cops who know how to handle themselves on the street, cops who don’t need to pull out their service weapon and execute a scrawny half-starved street dude just because they’re fucking pussies who don’t know how to handle themselves on the streets. But then, given that we have turned into a nation of fucking cowards that cowers in fear of a buncha stupid goat-fuckers in the Middle East who’d have to walk on water to actually get over here and kill people, well. What can we expect, I guess?

– Badtux the Annoyed Penguin


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Amazon depends upon a nomadic retiree army to meet customer demand during the holiday season. Most of these retirees are in their late 60’s or 70’s, but some are even in their 80’s. Amazon prefers them to hiring young people because retirees grew up in an era where people were honest and worked hard and didn’t slack off all the time and didn’t steal their employer blind, and while the retirees are slower than young people, they’re steady — they don’t ditch work on a whim, they don’t quit in the middle of the season, they are, indeed, perfect serfs.

Now, if these retirees were doing this just for some additional spending money, that’d be one thing. But most of them are homeless nomads living on a pittance, who travel around the country working odd jobs like the Amazon warehouse in order to make ends meet. Most had their retirement funds stole from them by Wall Street and are reliant upon Social Security checks that are woefully inadequate. Many use the funds they get from their nomadic odd jobs to save up for repairs to their RV, or towards a newer RV. In many cases, travel to a job may cost almost as much money as they get from the job, but they either travel to the job or they don’t get the job, so…

This is what retirement is going to be like for most of my generation, the generation after the Baby Boomers. The leading edge of the Boomers got there first… but clearly retirement for the rest of us is going to be nothing like what retirement was for our parents. We’re going to be serfs working on Massa’s farm until the day we die. Serfin’ USA, y’all!

– Badtux the Serfin’ Penguin

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Researchers find that 40% or more of residents of a neighborhood in Lowndes County, Alabama, have or have had hookworm.

This is a disease of extreme poverty that results in anemia, confusion, extreme lethargy on the part of its sufferers. The end result was generations of Southerners stereotyped as lazy and dim-witted. It was eradicated, people thought, by septic systems and shoes. But now it’s back.

And don’t think this is just a disease of poor blacks. Some of my white relatives in Louisiana are living under similar conditions where they regularly come into contact with raw sewage pouring out from underneath their decrepit trailer homes. Really, they were living under more sanitary conditions before they got indoor plumbing — outhouses, at least, didn’t drizzle raw sewage onto the ground. But the Public Health Service that eradicated hookworm by building twenty million outhouses in the 1920’s and 1930’s is long gone. As are the outhouses, and people for some reason don’t want to go back to using outhouses, they insist on using the toilets that deposit raw poop straight onto the ground outside their decrepit trailer homes.

There are two other alternatives that at least sort of resemble a toilet in that you don’t have to go outside your house in the middle of winter and sit on a cold outhouse toilet seat — composting toilets, and the Incinolet. The wiring in many of these homes won’t support an Incinolet, and nobody is pushing or subsidizing composting toilets as a solution. Not to mention that composting toilets are rabidly opposed by the poor people who would use them, “we want to just sit down on our toilet and flush like you rich people, we don’t want to have to mess with throwing dirt in with our shit and turning a handle and such.” That’s if they even know composting toilets exist — most don’t, because we no longer have a Public Health Service that is focused on sanitation, and county health departments only fine people, they don’t educate people, so nobody contacts the county health department asking what they should do.

And the result of this Libertopia, where nobody enforces sanitation laws or helps poor people comply with sanitation laws, is the return of a parasite that plagued the South for centuries and led to all the stereotypes of lazy stupid Southerners… yay, Libertopia! But maybe that’s the point. If you keep them lethargic they won’t rise up in rebellion. If you keep them dazed and confused, they won’t vote for the Democrats who could help them. Why, if you’re a Republican, a hookworm epidemic or a brain-invading parasite epidemic is exactly what you want! Yay!

– Badtux the “Libertopians are idiots” Penguin

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The teenage girl knocks on my door and I answer. Her friend, another teenage girl, lurks behind. I’ve seen them before. They’re three addresses down the street. They drive around in a Dodge Charger when they’re not laughing and clinking drink glasses out on the driveway while this girl’s father works on his old classic car.

“Hello we’re selling popcorn for our tennis team. Do you want to buy some?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t do popcorn, it gets stuck in my teeth. But if you’re ever doing chocolate….”

“Okay,” she says, looking a bit abashed. She turns and walks off with her friend, off to go to the next house.

Pretty normal suburban scene. I’m just glad that they’re doing it here in multicultural Santa Clara. If they were doing it in, say, a typical white neighborhood in Texas, it might have been dangerous for them. I mean, two girls, wearing hijab, in the middle of anti-Muslim Trump voting bigots…

– Badtux the Suburban Penguin

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The parent of the kids

It was summertime. The tiny little cat, a kitten really, maybe four months old, had followed me home to the apartment I was renting in west Houston. After knocking on a lot of doors to see if anybody wanted her or was missing her, the end result was that I had a cat.

So I headed down to the apartment building office to pay the cat deposit and put her on the lease, because I’m a Boy Scout that way, this was back before Advantage and all that so I knew they’d have to fumigate the place after I left in order to get rid of the fleas (all cats had fleas in those days, believe it or not, even “indoor-only” cats, because there were no flea poisons that could kill all the fleas on a cat and continue killing them for weeks without killing the cat). So while the lady is pulling my lease out of the files and typing up a pet addendum, a large white lady crashes into the office and storms to the desk of one of the other office ladies:

“My cable TV isn’t working!”

“I’m sorry to hear that, have you called Comcast?”

“I want my cable fixed *RIGHT NOW*, y’hear me?!”

“We don’t provide cable, that’s Comcast. You need to call Comcast.”

“I rent that apartment from you, not Comcast! Fix it!”

“You’ll need to call Comcast about your cable, we don’t do cable here.”

“I called Comcast! They won’t send anybody until tomorrow afternoon! I have four kids! What are they supposed to do all that time without cable TV?!”

I could see the lady at the other desk visibly restraining herself at that point. Our apartment complex was right next door to a park, she could take them to the park. Our apartment complex had a swimming pool (a lot of swimming pools actually, I think we had a dozen swimming pools in this gigantic complex), she could take them to the pool. Houston had a very good public library system and there was a public library within about 20 minutes walking distance. She could take them to the public library. Then there were board games they could play, or etc. etc. etc.

But her job was managing an apartment complex, not telling one of her residents that the resident was a shitty mother, so she said “Perhaps you should call Comcast again and tell them that”, and the large white woman shouted “FINE!” and stomped out.

— Badtux the Storytelling Penguin

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When will white leaders start talking about the white culture of violence and how to cure the sickness of murder, drug abuse, and violence in their white communities?

Here is Jason Brown, cop killer:

Oddly enough, Fox News has not been running this picture. Neither have other news sources. They’ve all run pictures of Lt. Aaron Allan, the person killed, but not of the murderer.

Furthermore, Fox News hasn’t called Jason Brown a “thug”. Commenters on news pages haven’t talked about how he probably impregnated numerous “baby mommas”, or how his mother was obviously a negligent prostitute.

Yet somehow, I suspect that if Jason Brown’s skin had been brown, this picture would have been all over, multiple Fox News commentators would have called him a thug already, and hoards of racists would be saying “well, that’s just how *those* people are, y’know.”

Funny, how just skin color means people won’t treat an obvious gang-banger like, well, an obvious gang-banger…

– Badtux the “Racism is dead, right?” Penguin

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A spoon, you say? A spoon with spaghetti sauce residue on it? What’s that got to do with the drug war, you say?

Ask Ashley Gabrielle Huff about that.

After a spoon was found on her during a traffic stop, a spoon she insisted was last used to eat Spaghetti-O’s at the office for lunch, Ashley Gabrielle Huff was kept in jail awaiting trial on bogus meth charges due to astonishingly high bail despite the fact that she had no criminal record, was married, had children in the schools, and otherwise was no flight risk. She was ready to plead guilty and forever give up her voting rights just to get out of jail if they gave her time served. Then the lab results came back, months after the spoon had been submitted to the state crime lab: Spaghetti sauce.

Just as she’d insisted from the beginning.

Our drug war is ridiculous. A spoon? That was all they had, a spoon, and purported residue on said spoon? Yet that was all it took to deprive her of her rights and put her in a cage for months.

The reason I bring this up is because there is now a widespread movement amongst progressives to reform the bail system to do away with injustices like that. Bail bondsmen in the state of California are outraged about it, but the fact of the matter is that most people in jail are not there because they’ve been sentenced for a crime. They’re there because they can’t afford bail. And while they’re in jail, they’ve lost their job, their children may be in foster care, their home was repossessed or they were evicted with no ability to retrieve their belongings, their college kicked them out for non-attendance and kept their tuition money, and otherwise had their lives destroyed.

It’s one of the few things that the progressive Left and the libertarian Right agree on: the bail system is broken, it enriches bail bondsmen and local sheriffs who run jails at the expense of poor people and taxpayers, and needs to be fixed so that people who aren’t a flight risk have bail set according to their income, not according to some fixed schedule writ in stone.

Which means: entrenched people who benefit from the current system are keeping it from happening.

For now.

— Badtux the Criminal Injustice Penguin

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