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Bay Area McDonald’s will serve large orders of French fries in limited-edition rainbow boxes for Pride Month, June 2017. (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s of the Greater Bay Area)

Yep, that’s what the preacher who got upset about Starbucks cups is upset about now. McDonalds french fries are gay!

Uhm…. say whuh? I mean, do these french fries copulate with each other or something? How do you sex a french fry to know they’re doing the nasty with the same sex, anyhow? They don’t have any externally visible genitalia!

Then he says that maybe McDonalds should serve some Christian french fries. Uhm. They’re french fries. They’re food. Food doesn’t have a religion. You eat it, you don’t worship it. (Though I must admit that some of the food I’ve eaten over the years has been worthy of worship, thinking about some places in the French QUarter that I ate in over the decades, then a New Mexican place in South Phoenix…). Since when do fried potatoes have a religion? Is this dude dotty or something? (Answer: Yes.)

Meanwhile, the gay wedding cake case is going to the Supreme Court. The baker’s argument is that, apparently, a cake is speech. Say wha? I could have sworn that a cake was food! Since when is a food speech? Something you do with a food might be speech — for example, throwing a lemon pie at a piñata of Donald Trump. But a food itself? It’s just food. Something you eat for nourishment (or at least enjoyment). Duh.

I mean, what’s the difference between a gay wedding cake and just a plain old wedding cake? I guess a gay wedding cake is fabulous, sure. But it’s a cake. It doesn’t do any mano a mano sexual acts with other cakes, because, like, it lacks arms, and legs, and external genitalia, and reproductive organs, and …. So gay cake sex must be boring as hell. They just lay on each other waiting to be eaten? WTF?

Man, these tighty whitey righties could have chosen anything on the universe to get upset about — war, famine, poverty, Remy Ma beating Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards– but they chose food? For realz? Man. You couldn’t make this up. If I wrote this as part of a novel, the editor would return it right back to me saying “too unrealistic, nobody could be so small-minded as to get upset by food items.”

Yet there they are.


What a thing to get upset by. Sheesh!

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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I’ve been baking the past few days because we *finally* got summer here in the SF Bay area — and boy howdy, we got it with a vengeance. Broke records all around the Bay area on Sunday, and Saturday wasn’t much cooler.

So anyhow, in the aftermath of a lesbian black woman saving the life of an anti-gay David Duke supporting bigot who was attacked by what appears to have been a lone wolf white Bernie Bro, the tighty righties have their panties in a bunch about how those mean lefties are coarsening the public discourse. Like this leftie threatening violence:

Err, yeah.

Or this liberal threatening violence:

Err, ah. Okay. Well, I’m sure this guy has to be a liberal:

No? Okay, so how about this guy who shot someone outside a Milo Yiannopoulos speech? He was clearly a liberal, right.

Uhm, no. He was wearing a Trump hat and had told his wife he was carrying his gun with him to the event so he could kill some liberals.

Okay, so let’s get this straight. You have some liberals saying that we should impeach Trump, one of whom, out of all the millions saying that, decided to start taking potshots at Republicans. Then you got right wingers saying that killing liberals is a great idea, *lots* of right wingers saying that, you can’t throw a rock at Stormfront or Brietbart or the Fox News comment section without hitting one of the right wingers saying that, and that means that liberals are the ones advocating violence.

Yeah, global warming is real, and it’s apparently baked the fucking brains out of half of America. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Too-warm Penguin

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More than 4,000 blacks were lynched by the KKK and associated groups between 1877 and 1950. And this is not counting people like Emmett Till, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Denise McNair who were killed by KKK terrorism after 1950.

For anybody who has half a brain cell to rub together, it’s clear that the KKK was a racist terror group. But of course, racists generally don’t have half a brain cell to rub together, which is why Georgia Rep. Tommy Benton (R-Klan) said last fall that the KKK “was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order” that also “made a lot of people straighten up.” Well, I guess Denise McNair straightened up after she was killed by the KKK. Though what kind of crimes she could have committed at 11 years of age that justified the death penalty eludes me, but she’s definitely not committing crimes anymore, yessiree.

So now the state of Georgia has appointed him to the committee in charge of the state’s Civics curriculum. Where, apparently, he will be free to push guidelines saying that Abraham Lincoln was a criminal for stealing fine Southern gentlemen’s property (i.e., their black slaves).

Just as you think maybe these inbred backwoods cretins are about ready to join the 21st century, they come out and prove they haven’t even reconciled with the 20th century yet, much less the 21st century…

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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Fifty years ago, Hunter S. Thompson published Hell’s Angels: The strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. A writer for The Nation remarks:

Thompson concluded that the most striking thing about them was not their hedonism but their “ethic of total retaliation” against a technologically advanced and economically changing America in which they felt they’d been counted out and left behind.

For Thompson, the Angels weren’t important because they heralded a new movement of cultural hedonism, but because they were the advance guard for a new kind of right-wing politics.

Thompson pointed out that the whole ethic of this new right wing politics was the ethic of total retaliation. If you can’t win, destroy. If you aren’t very bright, terrorize those who are brighter than you. Decades before “What’s the Problem with Kansas”, Thompson was explaining to us what politics was going to look like in the future… and now is that future.

Let’s put it bluntly: Appeals to reason are not going to work with Trump’s deplorables. Reason is one of those elite things, done by people they hate who are smarter than them, and thus to be hated and destroyed. CNN and dozens of other news outlets (all of whose reporters are visible on camera) cover an anti-ISIS rally by Muslims in London? Clearly completely faked.

Sigh. So an anti-ISIS protest by Muslims is obviously fake, because clearly no Muslim could ever hate someone who beheads, uhm, mostly Muslims.
These people are immune to reason. And their lord and savior, God-Emperor Donald the Trump, tells them exactly what they want to hear — that he’s gonna stick it to all them smarty-pants people that is better than them.

We are fucked.

That is all.

– Badtux the “We’re fucked” Penguin

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In the aftermath of Trump revealing highly sensitive and classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister, Russia Today oops RT.com has a puff piece with Vladimir Putin playing a piano entitled “Putin trying to decide on song to play for Trump during Trump visit next month.” I have a suggestion.

On a more serious note: It’s no longer a secret that white people are killing themselves at increasingly high rates. Opiate addiction and suicide are cutting short the lives of increasing numbers of white people — especially poor white people.

Yet — this isn’t happening to black people, or to Hispanic people. Just to white people.

Why? Some researchers think they’ve found the answer:

Q: When you looked into inequality and hope, you found some really interesting differences between poor whites, blacks and Hispanics, right?

A:Yes. One of the things we find is that there is really low optimism for the future among poor whites, and desperation and suicide. Even though Hispanics and blacks are equally poor and probably more disadvantaged on many fronts, they maintain much higher levels of optimism about the future, and they’re not suffering from the same levels of suicide and depression.

Now, I don’t know about Hispanics, but I taught plenty of poor whites and poor blacks back during my teaching days. So I think about the poor white people that I taught, and the poor black people that I taught, and what was the biggest difference between them, and what it boils down to is respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Specifically, the black kids damn well respected learning and professionalism. The black boys in particular might put on some attitude, but you go in there wearing a suit and tie and shiny black shoes instead of dressed like some high school kid and you’re strong and professional, and they respect the fuck outta that — and the girls especially responded. As did the parents. Now, there’s problems in the black community, I won’t deny that. But lack of respect for learning isn’t one of them, and neither is lack of respect for professionals. In fact, black women are on track to become the most educated group in America. A larger percentage of black women are in college than is true of any other group. Even Asians, the supposed “model minority”, send a smaller percentage of their population to college.

The poor whites, on the other hand… they didn’t respect learning. That was “egghead stuff”. “Why do I need to learn this?” was the constant plaint of their kids. They had no respect for intellectuals or professionals of any kind, who they viewed as “disrespecting them” by using all them thare big words with, like, more than four letters ‘n’ stuff, y’know. Education was treated with suspicion and professionals were as well.

Needless to say this completely limited their options when things didn’t go well. Meanwhile, blacks know why they haven’t gotten their slice of the American pie — white people been keeping them down. But not out. They have 150 years of survival experience dealing with what white people been dishing out and white people still ain’t managed to knock’em out. And now that their women folk at least are getting educated, and white people seem to be killing themselves off… fuck, why *shouldn’t* they have hope that their future may be better than their past. I mean, 160 years ago they were fucking slaves, and now a black woman is the billionaire owner of a television network! So yeah, things might suck — especially for black men, who have their own issues — but hope ain’t dead for them.

But for the poor white trash class that despises education and “desk jobs”? Whose sole aspiration was to be a truck driver or a factory worker or a miner, and never had any dreams beyond that? Well, their dream jobs are going away — even truck drivers are going to be an extinct species within the next forty years as self-driving trucks become the norm — and shit, what more do they have to hope for? They despise education and “desk jobs”, but that’s all that the economy is producing other than McJobs, so they end up sayin’ “will there be fries with that order sir?” at the local McFood joint and taking the proceeds and shooting up heroin and killing themselves.

So yeah, I ain’t surprised by this study that looked at “hope” showing that poor whites have less hope for their future than blacks and Hispanics. When you’ve systematically shut off all avenues for entering the professional classes by disdaining education and “desk job” people… well fuck. You might as well just go out in the cow pasture and shoot yourself in the head, already. Poor white trash culture is a sick culture, even sicker than black culture (where there is a lot of despair on the part of a large minority of black males, but that’s offset by the fact that black women are pulling above their weight class), and I suspect we’re going to see a lot more dead bodies — and not a helluva lot of good coming out of white trash America, where the politics of spite are still the rule. Where if they’re underneath a highway bridge living in a cardboard box cooking a dead pigeon over a hobo stove, they’ll gladly vote for someone who’ll take their hobo stove away if it means that the black guy the next bridge over don’t even have a cardboard box.

Well thing is, they done this already, and the black guy the next bridge over, he asked his woman for another cardboard box and she gave him one. So now what?

Well, you know the answer to that one. They be killing themselves with opioids and despair. How dare that black man get a free cardboard box from his baby momma!

And so they kill themselves.

– Badtux the Hope Penguin

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Being a Nazi isn’t about having swastika armbands and cool brown shirts. It’s about believing the same things as the Nazis did.

So, what did the Nazis believe? Let’s read Mein Kampf (the Murphy Edition, which is generally held to be the best of the admittedly rather problematic translations into English), and see what we get!

  1. White people are the master race, and of white people, pure Aryan (Germanic) people are the most superior of all because Aryan people build a culture rather than cower in selfishness. (Mein Kampf, all over)
  2. The Aryan race must not feel guilty about what it does to the inferior peoples, who are weeds that must be occasionally pulled up (i.e., killed). (Mein Kampf, page 36)
  3. Any mixing of the Aryan race with the inferior peoples results in the degeneration of the people. (Mein Kampf, Page 162)
  4. Jews are negroid parasites who have used the generosity of the Aryan people to enter our nation and control our finances, our literature, our commerce, even vital government bodies of our nation, and are parasites upon the Aryan people (Mein Kampf, all over, starting from page 16). Thus under #2 they are weeds that must be pulled up as the nation naturally dislikes blood-sucking tyranny (Mein Kampf, Page 242)
  5. A woman’s role is to submit to the strong man. (Mein Kampf, Page 45)
  6. Inferior peoples must be prevented from breeding in order to strengthen the master race (Nuremberg Laws, which enforced mandatory sterilization of “undesirables”).
  7. All Communists or “minority” socialists (i.e., anarcho or syndicalist socialism) are traitors. (Mein Kampf, Page 518)
  8. Socialism (“Social democracy”) is evil and built upon lies. (Mein Kampf, Page 56).
  9. Anything you read in the mainstream press is fake news, lies spread by the Jews. (Mein Kampf, Page 275).

So, do you believe white people are best, mixing of races is wrong, it’s okay to be harsh with inferior people, Jews are evil parasites, a woman’s role is to submit to a strong man, and all socialists are traitors? Congratulations, you’re a Nazi! Bonus points if you believe in exterminating inferior peoples…

– Badtux the “Yeah, lotsa Nazis denying they’re Nazis” Penguin

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… quit proposing Nazi policies like genocide. Yeah, some fine MAGAts in Maricopa County (Arizona) proposed liberal genocide and deportation of the Jews to save America for white people. Thereby proving that Maricopa County is one of the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber’s strongholds. Yay, Arizona.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan literally flunks the answer to the question, “what is insurance?”. The answer to that question, of course, is that insurance is risk pooling. Let’s take leukemia. Leukemia is pretty rare, but when it happens, it costs $1,000,000 to cure it. So if leukemia strikes one in 10,000 people in a given year, then 10,000 people can each put $100 into the pot, and the lucky individual who comes down with leukemia gets his leukemia treatment.

Here’s the point: Yes, the healthy people are paying for the healthcare of the sick person with leukemia, but that’s because they didn’t know at the beginning of the year whether they would be the one person in the pool who came down with leukemia. So they pooled the risk — they put $100 into the pot so that if they did turn out to be the one person who came down with leukemia, they would get the health care they needed instead of dying. The whole point of a risk pool is that the people who don’t “win” the leukemia lottery end up paying most of the costs of the person who does “win” the leukemia lottery, so that if next year *they* are the one who “wins” the leukemia lottery, their leukemia treatment will be paid for too. It’s basically gambling, but gambling with the purpose of reducing overall risk rather than increasing it. The fact that 9,999 people don’t “win” the leukemia lottery doesn’t make it theft, no more than with any other lottery. It just means that if they play that game again next year and they *do* “win” the leukemia lottery, their health care is paid for.

What happens if you *don’t* have risk pooling? Lots of dead bodies. Because the vast majority of the people who do “win” the leukemia lottery every year are not millionaires like Paul Ryan and thus don’t have the personal resources to pay $1,000,000 for treatment. That’s why they joined a risk pool — to pool their money with other people so that if they *do* “win” the leukemia lottery, there’s enough money in the pot to pay the bill. That is why both the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association are both against any plan that reduces the number of insured people — uninsured people generally die when they don’t have the $1M to pay to cure an expensive illness. But the thought of dead bodies apparently gives Paul Ryan a woodie…

Yeah, if you don’t want to be called a Nazi, quit proposing policies that end up with dead bodies. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Bodycounting Penguin

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