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What a sexy stud of a man!

Oh wait, no, that was Steve Bannon. Who got fired today, probably because of the gonzo interview he gave to American Prospect, which was a blatant violation of message discipline. My guess is that General Kelly used this as his ammunition to finally shitcan the asswipe. It’s been well known that General Kelly was no fan of Bannon (and vice vice versa). But you can’t just fire one of Cheeto Mussolini’s friends without having some hefty ammo to bring to the battle… and Bannon gave Kelly a fucking dumptruck of ammo.

So now Steve’s shitcanned. Which, given that a) he was probably the smartest dude in the Trump White House, and b) he is totally devoid of any redeeming moral or ethical values, probably is a good thing for America. Evil smart people ought to be kept as far away from the levers of power as possible. Trump’s loss is our gain.

But never fear, Steve always has his good looks to fall back upon! What a genetically superior specimen he is!

Or, plan B, he can go back to work for Breitbart.com again. Gosh, supermodel or Breitbart.com? I wonder which one it will be? 🙂

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Turns out there’s *consequences* if you deport the workers that farmers need in order to harvest their crops.

But hey, there’s all these newfound good paying jobs that Donald Trump has created! The Central Valley has an unemployment rate amongst white people that’s hovering close to 10%, so surely all those white racist cracker Trump voters are praising his name and enjoying their new jobs picking crops, right?

Oh wait, they’re not picking crops?

In fact, farmers are *begging* them to come pick crops, are offering big bucks to come pick crops, and can’t get any of them to stay more than four hours after being hired? Because whiny white crackers got out in the fields, sweated for four hours while doing half the work of the Mexicans around them, and then said “f*** this, I’m gonna go cook some more meth” and quit?

Well fuck. That makes no sense. How do you think all those white crackers got into the Central Valley in the first place? They moved there from the Dust Bowl to work the crops! But at some point they quit doing that. I guess all the illegals who had no rights pushed them out. But now that the illegals are getting pushed out by ICE, they’re not willing to go back to work again in the fields no matter how much farmers are willing to pay.

No matter how much.

Racist cracker motherfuckers. We ought to deport’em all back to Oklahoma. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the “White racist people are lazy motherfuckers” Penguin

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Right wing terrorists blow up a bomb at a Minnesota mosque.

But hey, we should deport all the Muslims because they’re all terrorists who bomb shit.

Hypocrites, much?

– Badtux the Deplorable-people-smellin’ Penguin

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Granted, they didn’t know that this was a photo of six bus seats because it was captioned by a prankster as “six Muslim women wearing burqas being brought into our country”. But they still were almost literally pissing their pants over the notion of these burqa-clad women possibly being in their country.

And the fact that it was Norway rather than the United States is irrelevant. Really, do you think our U.S. racist groups are any less easily pranked? Riiiiiiiiiigh.

Today’s right wingers are moronic cowards. Period. They have only one emotion about anybody who’s different from them — fear. They have only one response to that fear — violence, preferably by other people against those they fear. And critical thinking so they can tell the difference between a prank and reality? They’re against it.

So it goes, in what was once a nation that could send a man to the moon, but now is a nation whose sole achievement is being able to elect a pig to be its President.

— Badtux the Right Winger Dissin’ Penguin

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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a judge’s order to stop targeting brown people. Sheriff Joke is going to jail. Good.

People ask, “how did he stay Sheriff for so long, 24 years, despite all the racist things he did?” Excuse me? He stayed Sheriff for 24 years *because* of his racist policies. All the old white racist retirees from Indiana on the west side of Maricopa County loved the fact that he was “tough on darkies”. The only reason he finally got kicked out is that the old farts are dying out and being replaced by people not quite as racist. That, and he finally ran out of deputies to throw under the bus when the Sheriff’s Department was found guilty of misdeeds, and people got tired of the sideshow.

– Badtux the Racism-smellin’ Penguin

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Facebook kicks off a black woman for posting photos of the racist IM’s she was getting from racists on Facebook.

This isn’t new. In fact, Facebook’s internal training documents prove that Facebook protects white men, not black women.

Mark Zuckerberg may declare that he’s not running RacistBook. But actions speak louder than words. Facebook is being run by racists. If Zuckerberg wants to change that, he can fire the racists he currently has running Facebook and hire some people who aren’t racists, but until he does that, Facebook might as well be called RacistBook.

End of story.

– Badtux the Racism-smellin’ Penguin

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Which is why some cranky elderly dude threatened to shoot a woman because he wanted her parking spot.

How polite.

— Badtux the Eye-rolling Penguin

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