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Daw, isn’t James Damore just an adorable special little snowflake tech bro? For a definition of “adorable” that rhymes with “giant flaming douche”, I mean?

This adorable special little techbro snowflake, and others like him, are whining that equality of sexes has gone too far. Why, women are getting uppity and even reporting them to HR when they grab a woman’s ass or tits. Gasp! The horror! Women expecting to be treated as equals in the workplace rather than as eye candy or sperm receptacles! And you know, she was wearing yoga leggings, so she was just asking for it, anyhow!

And hey, what about this douchebag, James Altizer, who whines that there’s a “witchhunt” against men who treat women like shit? Wow, what a stud!

These are the same douchebags who inhabit Reddit troll forums devoted to “incels” that refer to women with derogatory names and whine inconsolably that men are entitled to women’s bodies and yada yada yada. They’re self-entitled jerks with no self-awareness of just how dickish they seem to anybody who isn’t just like them.

And they wonder why they have trouble working with female co-workers? Dudes need to be looking at themselves for the answer to that problem, ’cause I’ve worked with female coworkers plenty of times and never had a problem working with them. But then, I treat them like coworkers, not like a sperm receptacle or eye candy. Maybe, y’know, if you have trouble working with your coworkers, don’t be a dick? Ya think?!

– Badtux the Silicon Valley Penguin Penguin


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Libertarians who say we don’t need government police, intelligence agencies, etc. because private enterprise can do all of that forget that their proposal was the norm for the United States until after WW2. The reason why we quit doing that is that we learned that the private police and intelligence agencies were corrupt and selling their services on behalf of the highest bidder even if the highest bidder was asking them to violate the law, and in the process were harming innocents with no recourse.

Equifax is a perfect example of that. Equifax started out as sort of a private Stasi intelligence agency, gathering files of dubious integrity on people via various means both legal and illegal and selling them to the highest bidder with no regard for privacy or accuracy. If you wanted to make sure you weren’t about to rent an apartment to a gay or an atheist or a Communist, you paid Equifax to find out whether the renter was one of those things, and Equifax in turn paid your neighbors to inform on you, just like the Stasi did. And if a neighbor you had a feud with decided to tell them you were a Communist even if you weren’t, well, you had no way of knowing that this was why you couldn’t get anybody to rent to you, and no right to see what information they had on file on you and correct it.

It wasn’t Utopia, regardless of what the libertarians whine about, and that’s why the credit reporting agencies are regulated now and only allowed to collect financial information, not information about your politics or sexuality or religion or whatever, and why they’re required to give you access to your file and required to correct information if it’s incorrect (though you may have to sue them in some cases). Libertopia just *doesn’t work*. Invariably it ends up with corruption, thuggery, and fraud. The fact that corruption, thuggery, and fraud might work better than the former government of Somalia is not a rousing statement. Giardia is preferable to cholera too. But you don’t see me running out to contract giardia…

— Badtux the Non-libertarian Penguin

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Yeah, right.

I’ve had checks rejected by the bank when a mistake was made, such as the number in words not matching the number in digits for the dollar value. I’ve had checks held for a week by the bank to validate that they clear and don’t get a charge-back. But I’ve never, in my life, been actually arrested for attempting to deposit a check, like the Ali family of Wichita, Kansas, all of whom were arrested for the crime of attempting to deposit a (valid) check.

I’m absolutely sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I am white and have a stereotypically Anglo name. Nope, nothing to do with it at all, nosirree….

— Badtux the White Privileged Penguin
Notes: If you are handcuffed and transported to the police station, you have been arrested. The Supremes done danced on this one in Terry v. Ohio: An arrest is a seizure of a person in which the subject is 1) required to go elsewhere with police, or 2) deprived of his freedom of movement for more than a brief period of time, or 3) subjected to more force than is reasonably part of an investigative detention.

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So, this happened: One of Alex Jone’s thugs stuck his microphone in the face of young girl who was passing by, who was maybe 12 years old, and said “How are you, young man?”. The girl looks surprised and taken aback for a second or two, as if asking herself, “did he just say what I think he just said?” Then she looks at him like he’s some kind of repulsive toad, and says “You’re a fucking idiot.”

Which, of course, is the only possible response to someone calling a girl “young man” when that girl is quite clearly a girl (wearing girl shorts and girl glasses and girl hair and having little budding girl breasts). Someone who would do that is, indeed, a fucking idiot, and it’s quite appropriate to both point that out and to give him the double bird when he tries to dig the hole he’s in even deeper.

What’s been most interesting, however, is the simultaneous appalled response of the pearl clutchers of the Right. “How dare this girl be so rude to a man!” At which point I gotta say… uh, wha?

Look: First of all, it isn’t appropriate for a reporter to ambush a 12 year old girl in the street and shove a microphone in her face without having the permission of her parents. That’s not reporting. That’s child exploitation.

Second of all, no adult wins when picking a fight against a 12 year old girl. It’s not a good look, throwing down on a child, the way Alex Jones just did on his national television show by calling a 12 year old girl a “liberal thug”. It makes you look a total ass and loser. I mean, what kind of man is so lame that he has to pick fights with a 12 year old girl?! How fucking special of a little white snowflake do you have to be to get so triggered by a little girl telling you off?

But beyond that, what this points out is that the right wing is full of fucking perverts who groom their girls to be quiet and submissive and compliant, i.e., victims. The very thought of a girl who is tough-minded and assertive and unabashed at standing up for herself sends them into dithering tizzies of pearl-clutching upon their fainting couches. Why, if all girls were so self-assertive, how would they ever get the wood up for their pedophile fantasies? How dare these assertive girls cause their stiffy to become a limpy!

Now, let’s do a mind experiment. My dad was raised in a French-speaking household, and was bilingual in both French and English. He was also ex-Navy. Being bilingual was a great help to his Navy career, because it let him curse in both languages. Yep, he had twice the vocabulary of curse words of the average Navy salt!

What that basically meant was that he could go on for a long, long time cursing you out without ever repeating himself, even moreso than the average drill sergeant or Navy petty officer. And if this asshole had stuck that microphone in his face and said “How are you, young woman?” my father would have ripped him a new one up and down with vocabulary that would have blasted the paint off that microphone and left Alex Jone’s thug completely speechless.

Do you think the pearl clutchers of the right would have been in such a tizzy if they’d had a sailor, a military man, using far worse vocabulary upon being mis-gendered? Uhm… maybe. But somehow I doubt it. I suspect the reaction would have been more like, “how *dare* he insult a fine military man by calling him a woman!”.

So anyhow, one of these fine paragons of right wing thought said to me, “Would you want your own daughter to behave like that?”

And I said, “Absolutely! If someone insults my daughter, I want her to do a double-take, look at him like he’s lower than a wart on a frog’s toe, and give it right back to him redoubled. Raising a girl like a delicate little flower is raising a future victim incapable of standing up for herself. I love how all you pearl clutching right wingers have come out of the woodwork appalled, appalled I say, that a little girl isn’t a sweet virginal little thing. Kinda pervy, actually. Pedophile, much?”

He had no response to that.

— Badtux the Pervert-smellin’ Penguin

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“Reached by phone Tuesday night, Shkreli refused to say where he would donate the money or what he would do with the remaining cash. Instead he unleashed a string of expletives and then requested to engage in a lewd act with a reporter.”

Yep, that’s our old pal Martin Shkreli alright :).

Pharma Bro be selling his Wu-Tang Clan album. And it’s nobody’s business where the money is going, he said to a Fox News reporter, before “requested to engage in a lewd act” with said reporter. LOL.

– Badtux the “Have fun in jail, Marty!” Penguin

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So: NBC doesn’t own the trademarked name “Amazing Stories”. But they’re planning to introduce a show by that name. Without paying the guy who *does* own that trademark. And threatening to sue that guy if he doesn’t license the name to them under a contract where they haven’t met their own side of the contract by paying him.

Yeah, they’re willing to spend a million dollars per episode to produce the program, but not $40,000 per year to buy rights to use the name.

Evil, evil SOB’s.

– Badtux the “Fuck those fuckheads” Penguin

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Robert E. Lee, the commander in chief of the Confederate Armies, killed more Americans than Hitler.

That is not hyperbole. That is objective fact. This is math. Hitler and Mussolini killed 359,993 Americans in the European theater of war over the four years we were there. Lee and his fellow defenders of owning human beings as livestock killed 620,000 men — or 2% of the U.S. population at the time. (By contrast, 359,993 was roughly 0.2% of the U.S. population at the time of WW2, a factor of 10 less).

In short, Robert E. Lee and his fellow slavery defenders under his command killed, as a percentage of the population, ten times as many Americans as Hitler did.

Yet the same people who would be outraged if there were a statue of Hitler in one of our public squares, defend the presence of a statue of this mass murderer of Americans in our public squares as if there were no moral equivalence, despite the fact that both were mass murdering assholes who killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. By their logic statues of Hitler would be fair game to erect in our public squares — I mean, he’s part of our history, right? — but somehow they never get around to suggesting it, indeed, act all outraged and shit if you point this out to them.


– Badtux the “So, when do we erect statues to Hitler?” Penguin

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