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So, Las Vegas. Yet another white guy with a gun goes nutso and kills a buncha people. When are white leaders going to come together and denounce this violence in their community?

Meanwhile, more people than that have died in Puerto Rico over the past week because the hospitals ran out of diesel fuel for their generators. Every single patient in the ICU died. Every. Single. Patient. Well more than fifty patients island-wide.

And the response of the media is…. crickets.

Because, I suppose, brown people aren’t human beings, as far as the media is concerned, so it’s not as if *people* died.

Yeah, not feeling very charitable towards our media and our leaders this morning.

– Badtux the Bummed Penguin


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Which is why some cranky elderly dude threatened to shoot a woman because he wanted her parking spot.

How polite.

— Badtux the Eye-rolling Penguin

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Gregory Burleson gets sentenced for pointing a gun at Federal employees.

Sixty-eight years. And you have to serve at least 3/4ths of your sentence in Federal prisons, so he’s not going to get out until… well, he’s 53, so let’s just say “dead.”


– Badtux the Vicious Penguin

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Attack the ambush.

That’s what our soldiers are trained to do. And, increasingly, our cops too. It’s what two Capitol Police officers did today. Two black Capitol Police officers. Who were there as the security detail for a white Congressman who has made his career running his mouth about how lazy stupid etc. black people are. They were ambushed at a baseball field, and the two black police officers immediately attacked the ambush and killed the ambusher. Because that’s what they do. That’s what they signed up to do. Even if it means defending the life of a bigot.

Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey did their job. It’s a dirty job, but it’s a necessary one. Regardless of what various right-wing assholes (and a few lefties too) say about Second Amendment remedies, it’s a damn nasty idea. Because once we start down that route, we’re talking about rule of gun — and rule of gun always favors the most evil, the most venal, the most willing to murder in cold blood.

And nations ruled by cold blooded murderers are not good places to be.

Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Rule of Law Penguin

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NRA employee shoots himself at NRA headquarters. He was apparently holstering his pistol as part of firearms training, and it “went off”.

For realz? It just “went off”, for no reason at all?

Oh for Zombie Fucking Christ’s sake, people, guns don’t just “go off”. Somebody — or something — has to pull the fucking trigger, they don’t shoot by themselves. What’s that saying again? Guns don’t kill, people kill? Well, guns don’t shoot. People shoot. This dumb-ass motherfucker shot his fucking self, is what it boils down to, and did it with careless-ass gun handling. Didn’t put the safety on (assuming it’s an automatic with a safety, which, if it’s a fucking plastic Glock, it doesn’t have, which is why I wouldn’t own one of those goddamn plastic pieces of shit), left the hammer cocked (if it was a revolver), and managed to snag the trigger with his finger or part of the holster. Whatever. He’s the one who fucking pulled that trigger and shot his foot off whether accidentally or on purpose, in the end. The gun didn’t do it by itself. Guns aren’t fucking magic, peeps!

And follow this up with dumbass college student managing to shoot one of his dorm-mates. This is a piece of dumbassery that required a) violating the stated gun policy of the University of St. Thomas, a private Catholic college, and b) being stupid enough to actually remove the gun from its hidey-hole and pulling the trigger while inside a dormitory room. And one of his dorm-mates paid the price. Talk about your dumb motherfuckers…

But of course, what kind of week would it be without a school shooting to spice it up? San Bernardino, three dead including one child, one child severely injured. Why is it that these suicidal dumbasses with guns never just shoot themselves, instead they gotta go in and kill their ex and a random kid who just happened to be the wrong place at the wrong time before they eat their pistol? Zombie Jesus does not approve, peeps! If you’re going to blow your brains out, be a man and do it at home where Zombie Jesus can scoop out your brains for himself, don’t take other people with you. Sheesh!

Just another day in the failed state that is the United States of America. Have a nice day. (SNERK).

-Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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No, I’m not joking. They really did.

Look, I’m not super excited about the fact that the 2nd Amendment grants an individual right to keep in bear arms, but that’s what it does, at least until the Supremes dance different or the 2nd Amendment gets replaced, so that’s that. But that doesn’t mean that we ought to be arming crazy people.

Of course, given the fact that there’s actually people who argue that the blind should be armed… so why should I be surprised that they also believe crazy people should be armed?

Of course, this might just be self-protection on the part of Congressmen. After all, if crazy people can’t own guns, they’d have to give up their own guns, right?

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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So I’ve seen some screeching on various left wing sites about how the administration of His Fraudulency Donald J. Trump is going to deregulate “silencers”.


There is no such thing as a “silencer”. Not in the movie definition of the word, anyhow, where a gun makes a “pfftt” compressed air sound when it shoots rather than a sharp “crack!” sound. What there is, is suppressors. These work like the muffler on your car, and are constructed with much the same techniques. Does the muffler on your car make your car silent? Does the muffler on your car make your car sound like not a car? Exactly. A gun with a suppressor attached sounds like a gun, and is still quite audible. It just isn’t loud enough to destroy your hearing, like a gun fired in close quarters by a cop or in self defense can do.

So what are the upsides and downsides of deregulating suppressors?


  1. Cops don’t have to risk their hearing when they’re clearing the interior of buildings. They can’t wear ear plugs because they need to be able to hear bad guys, but if they fire their weapon in those closed quarters, their ears *will* be ringing for the next few hours, and probably permanently damaged. Do that enough and you end up deaf, which if you’re a cop means involuntary retirement because being able to hear is an important part of the job.
  2. Hunters don’t have to risk either losing their hearing or not hearing their prey. Hunters can wear ear plugs, unlike cops, but if you do that, it’s possible to miss your prey, and you certainly lose the ambience of walking in the woods on a crisp fall day. Watching the leaves flutter without being able to hear the leaves flutter sorta sucks.


  1. Poachers can more easily do their trade, since the gun isn’t audible for as long a distance as an unsuppressed gun.
  2. If used for a mass shooting, the sound of a suppressed gun doesn’t carry as far and thus gives less warning for those some distance away from the mass shooting. It still sounds like a gun, and if it goes off within 200 yards in, say, a mall, you’re not going to wonder “is that a gun?”, you’re going to say “feets lets book!”. But the crack of an unsuppressed firearm is clearly audible a mile away in open air. The whole mall would hear it, not just the portion of the mall within a few hundred yards.
  3. It would defeat the gunfire detectors used by, e.g., the City of Oakland, that can triangulate and determine the exact location of shots fired without needing anybody to call in a police report.

That last is probably a good enough reason to not deregulate suppressors. Yes, make them available for police officers (with the understanding that police officers likely aren’t going to carry them because they’re bulky and heavy), but quick police response in many cities today requires those gunfire detectors to work over a distance of miles, not hundreds of yards.

The question is whether the advantages to hunters outweigh the disadvantages — especially the ability to triangulate gunfire in cities. I would say no. In today’s world, hunting isn’t the life or death that it was back in pioneer days when a bad hunt meant you went hungry. The convenience to hunters is pretty much irrelevant. And guns are very, very rarely fired in home defense situations. As in, maybe a few dozen times per year, nationwide. The reality is that in a home invasion, either they’re in and on you before you have time to fetch a gun and bring it to bear, or they book as soon as they see you have a gun. Saving a few percent of a few dozen people’s hearing is probably not worth the problems it would cause police in being able to detect illegal gunfire within their city.

On the other hand, if they were deregulated, I wouldn’t throw a hissy fit. The reality is that crime has been declining in the United States for the past two decades. While it’s good to have the automated gunfire detectors, the old fashioned remedy of people calling in and reporting they hear shots in their vicinity still works. So while I’d prefer they stay heavily regulated and out of the hands of non-cops, the reality is that if they’re deregulated, it will not be a public safety disaster. Remember, guns still sound like guns through a suppressor. They just don’t leave your ears ringing afterwards. I suspect that my own problems with tinnitus were worsened by hunting without hearing protection… somehow not being able to hear the woods just doesn’t sit right with me, or many other hunters (or former hunter in my case). Though the majority was just working too damned close to those goddamned turbines in the oilfield without proper hearing protection…

– Badtux the Unsuppressed Penguin

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