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Who is Nathan Damigo? He is a neo-Nazi. He is a twice-convicted criminal who spent 5 years imprisoned for armed robbery. As a result of his armed robbery conviction, he was expelled from the Marines with a dishonorable discharge, though activism from his mother got that reversed to a less-than-honorable discharge so that he could access VA mental health benefits for his PTSD. He wears a “fashi” haircut — long on top, short on sides. He participated in a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley on April 15th along with a bunch of his homeboys dressed in SS-like uniforms with black helmets, and they broke through police lines and attacked anti-fascism protestors who cat-called them and maybe threw bottles at them.

Oh, and he hits women:

Oh, here is what she looks like afterwards, as she demonstrates what she saw as Damigo charged at her:

I watched the video. The girl is standing looking around. She sees a pile-on where a bunch of fascists are kicking and punching one of her group. She takes a tentative step in that direction. Nathan Damigo comes flying in from the right, arm cocked back, and she puts her hands up (empty hands, as you can see from the photos, one of which is from a different viewpoint than the video). She takes a half step towards Damigo to turn square to Damigo, perhaps setting herself to take the punch. He punches her. The punch slides across her face as she ducks back, pushing off against Damigo with her hands. She goes flying backwards, and falls backwards with her shoulder sliding down a wall. Damigo keeps charging, but then sees she’s down, and then Damigo turns and joins the pile-up kicking another protester.

So, how do the Nazis justify one of their leaders punching a woman? 1) She was charging him. (The video shows that she took a half step in his direction as she turned to square up to him after spotting her, but he was charging her, not the other way around, should I believe the Nazis, or my lying eyes?). 2) She was attacking him with a bottle. (You have two very good photos above. Do you see a bottle in her hands?). 3) She was asking for it.

Of course, #3, “she was asking for it”, the favorite of wife-beaters everywhere, is the most popular. Read the comments on the video. Make sure you have a bucket nearby first, the misogyny as all these Nazis justify a grown man hitting a 90 pound girl will make you puke.

Look: I’m old fashioned. I admit it. I grew up in a time and place where we were taught that a man who hit a woman was lower than a dung beetle’s knees. When I was a young man, a friend of mine punched his wife in the nose. Now, his soon-to-be-ex wife wasn’t a nice person, frankly she was a conniving bitch who’d basically cornered him into marriage in the first place, but that’s just wrong, smacking a woman around, regardless of the reason. I haven’t spoken to him for 30 years, and I never will. Because someone who would smack a woman around is lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I ain’t gonna associate with people like that. It doesn’t matter what the woman did. Hitting a woman ain’t something a man does, it’s something that a piece of walking shit does. That’s how I was raised, and I ain’t ashamed of it.

I got the same to say about anybody else excusing violence towards women. Regardless of whatever excuses you come up with, it’s just plain wrong for a man to smack around a woman. And if you are that kind of person that comes up with excuses for violence against women, you’re lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I’ll damn well tell you that before cutting you out of my life forever, because. You. Are. Scum. If you do crap like that.

I’m chugging through a bunch of Facebook profiles right now, blocking Nazis who advocate or excuse hitting women. What’s interesting is how many of these profiles have American flags waving in them, as if it’s ultra-American to hit women. Then there’s the ones with lots of guns and dead animals, sometimes dead animals being cradled by their grinning progeny. I guess hitting women and glorifying killing animals for any reason other than meat go hand in hand too. Then there’s the ones whose “Friends” list is all police officer badges. Yeah, police officers are well known to be overrepresented in the wife beater ranks, so no surprise there. And finally, the manly men posing with military gear. I guess beating a woman makes you a real man where being a soldier wasn’t enough to do so. Huh. How does that work, anyhow?

Nazis. Wife beaters. Probably child abusers, if they use this same “logic” about their children. Bah. Scum, all of them.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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So Bill Moyers got Brietbart’s lynch mob of fucking Nazis aimed at him. So how many fucking Nazis is that, anyhow?

Just ran the numbers. Breitbart’s core readership of hard-core racists and neo-Nazis is approximately 3% of the population, according to polling organizations charged with setting advertising rates. I would estimate that of that 3%, less than 1/10th are part of the online Breitbart lynch mob — 0.3% of the population, or a total of roughly 900,000 people. At most 1% of that total would actually be willing to get up from their cheeto-stained basement chairs, ascend into daylight, and actually do direct physical action if organized into an official Brownshirt organization and directed to do so — i.e., at most 9000 people. That, BTW, is roughly the official membership of the KKK nowadays. Thus far, however, they haven’t been organized and directed yet.

Still, even though that’s a tiny percentage of the nation’s population, that’s still a lot of fucking Nazis. That 0.3% can make it seem like the entire country is against you when every single one of them is aimed directly at you as an unguided weapon. And if the fucking Nazis ever get around to organizing as a real paramilitary protected by Federal law enforcement… Things will get fucking scary out there. Even if they *are* only a few thousand inbred white trash racist cretins, that’s enough to create some major mayhem.

Interesting times, folks. Interesting times…

– Badtux the Counting Penguin

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First things first. We all know what a bullying oaf the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber is. Well, Vice President Pence is something scarier: a true believer. Pence wants to institute a theocracy in America, a theocracy based upon his evangelical cult’s scary ideas about Biblical law. (I am qualified to call his church a cult, because I am a Catholic, a church that is 1500 years old, and we believe that any faith that’s less than 500 years old is too new to be called a religion, thus it’s a cult 😉 ).

But here’s the thing: His Fraudulency Donald the Trump scares me a hella lot more than Pence. The reason why? Trump didn’t come up through the system. Pence did. What we are seeing now is a radical agent inside the system. We haven’t had a President from outside the political system within my lifetime. The last one was Ike, and he had been in enough rooms with enough Presidents to be something of an insider even if his appeal was that he was an outsider. Every other President since then came up through the system — was a city councillor, then a mayor or state legislator, then a governor or a U.S. Congressman, or even a former Vice President (in the case of LBJ, Nixon, George H.W. Bush).

The thing is, most of our checks and balances are matters of tradition, without any real mechanism to enforce them. They work only because everybody who is part of the system agrees implicitly to abide by these traditions. Courts can rule against the President, but if he has the support of the federal law enforcement machinery as well as of the military, courts cannot enforce their judgements. Yet almost always Presidents do abide by court rulings. Why? Because that’s part of the system, and the system has been good to them. They aren’t going to go against a system that has been good to them.

Pence came up through the system. He uses the system for his own agenda, of course, but obedience to the unspoken rules of the system is deeply engrained in him after all these years of public life. If a court rules against him, I’m pretty sure he’d abide by the ruling. Trump… who knows? And that’s what makes me nervous about Trump. Reports are that he at least strongly considered ordering CBP to ignore the court order. Given that CBP is happy to have Obama’s leash taken off of them, it’s likely CBP would have done so. Then what? Luckily people talked him down. This time. That may not be always true. And remember, once we cross this Rubicon, then as long as he has the support of Federal law enforcement and the military, democracy is done. Even impeachment is off the table, because what is the enforcement mechanism for impeachment? Once he decides to ignore a court order, why should he give any more obedience to Congress? Hopefully Trump is too scatter-brained and self-absorbed to go grasping for absolute power like that on purpose. But with dark eminences like Bannon behind him stroking his levers? We may find out more than we wanted about just how weak the fundamental structures of our democracy really are.

— Badtux the Pondering Penguin

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And freedom doesn’t mean what you think it means, either.

Freedom is a loaded word. I’m not free to punch you in the face. I’m not free to walk out into the middle of the street and start shooting random bystanders. I’m not free to walk into the middle of a movie theater and fire a shot into the ceiling and cause a panic that results in dozens of injuries and maybe a death. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Because hurting people is wrong. And freedoms that hurt other people are, therefore, wrong.

Something to think about, when somebody starts nattering “Freedom!”. Is he talking about being free to hurt someone else? Darlin’, that ain’t freedom, that’s just thuggery being dressed in fine silken robes.

– Badtux the Somewhat-free Penguin

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I’ve seen multiple reports now of Customs and Border Protection defying the court order to allow green card holders into the United States.

Apparently Donald Trump has told the Department of Homeland Security to ignore the court orders, and the union representing Border Patrol agents has applauded the executive order, which even conservative lawyers call malevolent and incompetent. Trump apparently is saying to the judge, “you have issued your order, now enforce it.”

We shall see. A President who feels safe in ignoring the courts, who feels that rule of law no longer applies to him, is a President who is no longer a president, he is a strongman dictator. Tomorrow is going to be… interesting. In the Chinese sense of the word.

As for the order itself, as former Vice President Dick “Darth” Cheney put it:

“I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in. I mean, religious freedom has been a very important part of our history and where we came from.”

When even Darth Cheney thinks you’re evil…

– Badtux

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Yep, it’s true. The 1st Amendment applies to government employees too. Which is why these government employees can set up their own unofficial Twitter feeds on their own private time:


So, what about all the gag orders that are coming down from the Trump administration, saying that government employees cannot speak to the media etc.? They are only effective while the employee is at work. Once the employee has left work, the employee has all the same 1st Amendment rights as you and I and can speak as much as he wants, as long as he makes it clear that he is speaking for himself and not for his department.

In short, any attempt to prevent government scientists from releasing government research *on their own time*, or submitting papers to scientific journals *on their own time*, or preventing agency officials from tweeting climate change facts *on their own time*, are blatantly unconstitutional and illegal. The data is public domain. The government legally cannot restrict access to it in any way.

Will that stop the Trump administration? Nope. They’ll fire the employees, then fight the inevitable lawsuits. Then Congress will set the employee’s salary to $1, which basically is the same as firing him. Which will result in *another* lawsuit, since that blatantly violates the Civil Service laws set by Congress, and the Democrats in the Senate for damn sure ain’t gonna let a repeal of Civil Service through without filibustering it. Which is one reason why these feeds are being kept semi-anonymous. It’s easy to figure out who’s behind them, if you have an org chart of the agencies in question, but proving it — and creating an excuse to fire the people behind it — is quite a bit harder.

But in the meantime, it’s hilarious that National Park Service rangers and a dictionary are leading the resistance against the Trump regime….

– Badtux the Free Speech Penguin


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Texas governor Abbott threatens to “remove” Travis County sheriff Sally Hernandez from office if she refuses to enforce Federal immigration law. There’s only one problem with that statement: It directly violates the Texas Constitution.

In fact, Article V, Section 24 of the Texas Constitution reads: “Sec. 24. REMOVAL OF COUNTY OFFICERS. County Judges, county attorneys, clerks of the District and County Courts, justices of the peace, constables, and other county officers, may be removed by the Judges of the District Courts for incompetency, official misconduct, habitual drunkenness, or other causes defined by law, upon the cause therefor being set forth in writing and the finding of its truth by a jury.” In other words, only after a trial by jury can a county officer such as the Sheriff be removed from office.

In other words, a jury trial in Austin would have to convict Sheriff Hernandez of official misconduct before she could be removed from office. Good luck with that…

– Badtux the “These people have no respect for the Constitution” Penguin

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