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The number of alt-right morons quoting Mein Kampf who aren’t even aware they’re quoting Mein Kampf is staggering.

New rule: If all your statements could be taken out of Mein Kampf, you’re not alt-scooby-doo or whatever — you’re a Nazi.

Alt-right guys, the copyright on Mein Kampf is expired, and the book is online. You might want to check your public statements against Mein Kampf before making them, if you want to *not* be called a Nazi. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Being a Nazi isn’t about having swastika armbands and cool brown shirts. It’s about believing the same things as the Nazis did.

So, what did the Nazis believe? Let’s read Mein Kampf (the Murphy Edition, which is generally held to be the best of the admittedly rather problematic translations into English), and see what we get!

  1. White people are the master race, and of white people, pure Aryan (Germanic) people are the most superior of all because Aryan people build a culture rather than cower in selfishness. (Mein Kampf, all over)
  2. The Aryan race must not feel guilty about what it does to the inferior peoples, who are weeds that must be occasionally pulled up (i.e., killed). (Mein Kampf, page 36)
  3. Any mixing of the Aryan race with the inferior peoples results in the degeneration of the people. (Mein Kampf, Page 162)
  4. Jews are negroid parasites who have used the generosity of the Aryan people to enter our nation and control our finances, our literature, our commerce, even vital government bodies of our nation, and are parasites upon the Aryan people (Mein Kampf, all over, starting from page 16). Thus under #2 they are weeds that must be pulled up as the nation naturally dislikes blood-sucking tyranny (Mein Kampf, Page 242)
  5. A woman’s role is to submit to the strong man. (Mein Kampf, Page 45)
  6. Inferior peoples must be prevented from breeding in order to strengthen the master race (Nuremberg Laws, which enforced mandatory sterilization of “undesirables”).
  7. All Communists or “minority” socialists (i.e., anarcho or syndicalist socialism) are traitors. (Mein Kampf, Page 518)
  8. Socialism (“Social democracy”) is evil and built upon lies. (Mein Kampf, Page 56).
  9. Anything you read in the mainstream press is fake news, lies spread by the Jews. (Mein Kampf, Page 275).

So, do you believe white people are best, mixing of races is wrong, it’s okay to be harsh with inferior people, Jews are evil parasites, a woman’s role is to submit to a strong man, and all socialists are traitors? Congratulations, you’re a Nazi! Bonus points if you believe in exterminating inferior peoples…

– Badtux the “Yeah, lotsa Nazis denying they’re Nazis” Penguin

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Who is Nathan Damigo? He is a neo-Nazi. He is a twice-convicted criminal who spent 5 years imprisoned for armed robbery. As a result of his armed robbery conviction, he was expelled from the Marines with a dishonorable discharge, though activism from his mother got that reversed to a less-than-honorable discharge so that he could access VA mental health benefits for his PTSD. He wears a “fashi” haircut — long on top, short on sides. He participated in a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley on April 15th along with a bunch of his homeboys dressed in SS-like uniforms with black helmets, and they broke through police lines and attacked anti-fascism protestors who cat-called them and maybe threw bottles at them.

Oh, and he hits women:

Oh, here is what she looks like afterwards, as she demonstrates what she saw as Damigo charged at her:

I watched the video. The girl is standing looking around. She sees a pile-on where a bunch of fascists are kicking and punching one of her group. She takes a tentative step in that direction. Nathan Damigo comes flying in from the right, arm cocked back, and she puts her hands up (empty hands, as you can see from the photos, one of which is from a different viewpoint than the video). She takes a half step towards Damigo to turn square to Damigo, perhaps setting herself to take the punch. He punches her. The punch slides across her face as she ducks back, pushing off against Damigo with her hands. She goes flying backwards, and falls backwards with her shoulder sliding down a wall. Damigo keeps charging, but then sees she’s down, and then Damigo turns and joins the pile-up kicking another protester.

So, how do the Nazis justify one of their leaders punching a woman? 1) She was charging him. (The video shows that she took a half step in his direction as she turned to square up to him after spotting her, but he was charging her, not the other way around, should I believe the Nazis, or my lying eyes?). 2) She was attacking him with a bottle. (You have two very good photos above. Do you see a bottle in her hands?). 3) She was asking for it.

Of course, #3, “she was asking for it”, the favorite of wife-beaters everywhere, is the most popular. Read the comments on the video. Make sure you have a bucket nearby first, the misogyny as all these Nazis justify a grown man hitting a 90 pound girl will make you puke.

Look: I’m old fashioned. I admit it. I grew up in a time and place where we were taught that a man who hit a woman was lower than a dung beetle’s knees. When I was a young man, a friend of mine punched his wife in the nose. Now, his soon-to-be-ex wife wasn’t a nice person, frankly she was a conniving bitch who’d basically cornered him into marriage in the first place, but that’s just wrong, smacking a woman around, regardless of the reason. I haven’t spoken to him for 30 years, and I never will. Because someone who would smack a woman around is lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I ain’t gonna associate with people like that. It doesn’t matter what the woman did. Hitting a woman ain’t something a man does, it’s something that a piece of walking shit does. That’s how I was raised, and I ain’t ashamed of it.

I got the same to say about anybody else excusing violence towards women. Regardless of whatever excuses you come up with, it’s just plain wrong for a man to smack around a woman. And if you are that kind of person that comes up with excuses for violence against women, you’re lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I’ll damn well tell you that before cutting you out of my life forever, because. You. Are. Scum. If you do crap like that.

I’m chugging through a bunch of Facebook profiles right now, blocking Nazis who advocate or excuse hitting women. What’s interesting is how many of these profiles have American flags waving in them, as if it’s ultra-American to hit women. Then there’s the ones with lots of guns and dead animals, sometimes dead animals being cradled by their grinning progeny. I guess hitting women and glorifying killing animals for any reason other than meat go hand in hand too. Then there’s the ones whose “Friends” list is all police officer badges. Yeah, police officers are well known to be overrepresented in the wife beater ranks, so no surprise there. And finally, the manly men posing with military gear. I guess beating a woman makes you a real man where being a soldier wasn’t enough to do so. Huh. How does that work, anyhow?

Nazis. Wife beaters. Probably child abusers, if they use this same “logic” about their children. Bah. Scum, all of them.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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Help, help, I’m being oppressed by the unfair burden of being a white male!

I mean, why can’t I have the benefits of being a woman, like being stalked by rapists in dark parking garages? Or the benefits of being a black man, like being shot dead by police on the street for the crime of reaching for my wallet? How unfair!

Yeah, MRA’s are idiots. But: They’re now in charge. To whit: Jeff Sessions saying that the Department of Justice is no longer going to oversee brutal police departments that regularly violate the civil rights of their citizens.

Because we don’t need that anymore. Despite the constant drip drip drip of YouTube videos showing brutal cops slamming people around, the most recent case being that poor old doctor dude that the Chicago Airport Police dragged off a United Airlines plane on his bleeding face. So we can’t live on in ignorance that this sort of thing is still going on… the videos just keep coming, over and over again. But: It appears that a huge number of Americans simply don’t care.

To quote Taibbi:

“Seventy years ago, affluent white people could huddle in the suburbs, watch Leave It to Beaver, and pretend that cops weren’t beating the crap out of people in East St. Louis or Watts or wherever the nearest black neighborhood was. But these days, the whole country regularly gawks at brutal cases of police violence on the Internet. Nobody can pretend it’s not going on, but millions of people clearly don’t want to do anything about it – just the opposite, in fact. They want more. Is this a twisted country, or what?”

I’ll go for $1,000 on “twisted”, Alex. And the end result is not going to be pleasant.

– Badtux the Watching Rome Burn Penguin

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So the United States government is whining about Assad killing some of his own citizens. The same United States government that has killed probably a million Iraq civilians over the course of its twenty-five-year long war against Iraq’s civilian population, and furthermore, has completely written its own genocides against its own peoples out of its history books. But wait, that’s right, the Native Americans that we committed atrocities against — killing thousands of women and children — weren’t really people. Because they weren’t white. Alrighty, then!

So anyhow, White House spokesperson Nazi Spice went on to say that Assad was worse than Hitler, because at least Hitler didn’t gas his own citizens. Then a reporter asked, “What about the Holocaust?” and Nazi Spaie went on to explain, “but that was against people gathered into Holocaust Centers.” Which, I guess, are like daycare centers. Except more Holocaust-y.

Most ridiculous of all is the notion that Assad has any real control over things in the first place. He’s basically a figurehead, an English-educated eye doctor who is head of the Alawite sect. The Alawite sect wants to be on top in Syria because the last time they weren’t, the Sunni majority tried to genocide them, a genocide that failed only because French troops marched in after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and started shooting people. The Alawites then flocked to the French side and ended up dominating the Syria Corps that was comprised of Syrian natives who’d volunteered for the French Army. This Syria Corps became the Syrian Army in 1946 upon Syrian independence from France, with a primarily Alawite officer corps, and then the Army staged a coup in 1949 that put the Army — and thus the Alawites — in charge. There’s been multiple governments in Syria since then, but since 1970 when Poppa Assad took over in yet another military coup, Syria’s government as well as its army has been dominated by the Alawites.

So, what happens if Assad gets killed? Well, another Alawite takes over. They aren’t going to stop fighting. They view this as a war of survival. The Alawi feel that if the Sunni Islamists take over, they’re going to exterminate every single Alawi as a heretic and just on general principle. We’re talking hundred-year-old grudges here, people — long predating the involvement of the United States in the region.

So: nothing the United States does there is going to make the Alawi stop fighting. We can kill Assad. We can kill whatever #2 steps up in place of Assad. It won’t matter. The Alawi view it as a war of survival — if they lose, they’re likely to be exterminated to the last man, woman, and child. Nothing the United States does there is going to make the Alawi “fight fair”. The Alawi aren’t interested in how many Sunni women and children end up dead, they’re interested in winning the war so that they don’t get exterminated, in their view it’s either “them” or “us” and the Alawi are more interested in their own survival than in the survival of some Sunni Arabs in a world overrun with Sunni Arabs.

In short, this is the sort of conflict that the United States has no business being in. The Sunni view themselves as getting vengeance for a hundred years of Alawite offenses against their community, and the Alawi view it as a matter of simple survival. Nothing we do short of spending a trillion dollars invading Syria with hundreds of thousands of troops is going to stop all this slaughter, and even then, all we would be able to do would be to reduce it to the slow murmur that we brought it to in Iraq, a slow murmur that went back to full scale sectarian war once we pulled out. And do the American people have the stomach for a *third* war in the Middle East? More importantly, does the United States military even have the resources anymore for such a war? We wore out a shit-ton of equipment in Iraq-nam and Afghanis-nam, and we haven’t made a whole lot of equipment to replace it. The factory that built the M-2 Bradley troop carrier is now a soccer stadium. The factory that made engines for the M1 Abrams has been dismantled, and its worn-out tooling is now at an army depot but not being used to make new engines. And so forth. The U.S. military is worn out, and U.S. industry appears to be incapable of fixing the problem given that we, well, just don’t have much industry left here other than the auto industry.

My guess: We aren’t going to invade Syria.

My guess, plus $3, will get you a crappy cup of coffee at Starbucks.

– Badtux the Geopolitics Penguin

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The government wants to know who this critic really is. Twitter says “nuh-uhn, you have no legal right to ask for that”. The ACLU agrees, and is filing their own lawsuit.

In other news, Real President Bannon stepped down from the National Security Council and was replaced by the World’s Dumbest Hairball, Rick Perry. Now, Rick Perry is in charge of the nukes, so I guess he has a reason to be on the NSC, technically. From a practical point of view, though, all that he will do is lower the collective IQ of the room. Governor Goodhair was a rubber stamp for the legislature when he was governor of Texas, because he had no ideas or clues of his own. But he had good hair. Maybe they’ll make a topiary out of it in the NSC meeting hall just to pass the time…

Thought for the day: Fox News has done to millennials’ grandparents what their grandparents thought violent video games would do to millennials.

Finally: The Bureau of Land Management website used to have lots of pictures of people doing outdoors recreation. Now the header picture, which used to be a family enjoying outdoors hiking in a BLM park, is now a giant pile of coal. Apparently this is the new Trump Administration tourism push — “come see our giant piles of coal! The real America!”. Of the first five photos on the web site, four of them relate to mining or ranching. The fifth has some people in a boat fishing. Apparently the new meaning of the term “BLM” is “Bureau of Livestock and Mining”. And fishing and hunting, apparently. That hiking and backpacking and stuff. Nope. Nopity nope.

Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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A writer for the New York Times tries to figure out how her loving grandmother could have been a Nazi.

Her only conclusion: It required selective vision, a willingness to be blind, a willingness to ignore the evil stuff that was being said and listen only to the good stuff, the stuff you wanted to hear. “My grandmother heard what she wanted from a leader who promised simple answers to complicated questions. She chose not to hear and see the monstrous sum those answers added up to.”

When we have a Russian stooge in office, engaged in regular racist rhetoric, when we have Trump supporters claiming that a dystopian novel written thirty years ago is “a pure propaganda assault on those who are politically to the right and attack against Christianity as well which is typical of the left” (huh, the fact that Trump supporters can connect a story about a fundamentalist totalitarian society to Trump says a lot more about him than it does about us), when we have an administration that, like the Nazis, publishes a list of untermenschen in Der Stormer in order to tar a hated minority as criminals and decided to let a woman die of a brain tumor while refusing to allow her to see her lawyers until Amnesty International raised enough of a fuss that they allowed her release on bond… well, the lesson of Jessica Shattuck’s essay is far too appropriate to these times.

— Badtux the “Nazis again, dammit?” Penguin

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