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Where white folk celebrate the kindly Uncle Tom caricature that they’ve made of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was a nice negro (in their caricature version of him, not in real life, where he was righteous and fiery and said tons of things that white people wouldn’t like to be reminded of today).

So fuck that. I’m more sad about the death of Dolores O’Riordan, whose Irish lilt and clear enunciation made for a distinctive and refreshing voice on a radio filled with sloppy slurred drugged-out singers in the early 90’s. She was only 46, and still in fine voice just a few months ago…

Fuck reality. Donald fucking Trump is still alive despite consuming more Big Macs than the entire city of Detroit, and someone who actually contributed beauty to this world dies young? That’s why I know if there is a God, he’s a vicious and vindictive son of a bitch and I want nothing to do with him. Besides, Hell would have better company.

– Badtux the Sad Penguin


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Yeah, the sun rose in the east, like usual, and Donald Trump said something stupid and racist today, as usual. And water is wet, too.

I swear, all I have to do is copy and paste this post, with a different link, and I have half of everything I’m going to post for the next three years. The other half, of course, will be cat pictures.

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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And why did he leave so many of the vicious crackers that ended up forming the KKK alive rather than swinging from the gallows for treason?

Grant had two problems. The first was that Jefferson Davis had ordered the Confederate armies to disappear into the woods and hills and operate as guerillas. The Confederate generals disobeyed his direct order and surrendered instead, but if Grant had been more punitive than he was, they might have changed their mind, and the punitiveness might also have changed the mind of enough of the highly trained Confederate soldiers that they would have joined the Confederate generals in waging concerted guerilla warfare. People in the North were tired of war. He risked unrest and political repercussions in the North if war broke out again due to his actions.

The second problem he faced was that the majority of the electorate in the North wanted their boys back home. They didn’t want to continue funding a huge army of occupation in the South. Oh, they gave lip service towards the notion of equal rights for black people in the South, but they weren’t willing to put blood and money behind it to maintain a large army of occupation. So Grant tried to arm black people in the South and get them organized as an organized militia. Unfortunately most blacks were illiterate (a deliberate plan by slave owners) and had little knowledge of even the basics of being a soldier nevermind how to organize effectively and conduct tactical maneuvers efficiently, and they were faced with former Confederate soldiers who were highly trained in the only way that people knew to train soldiers back in those days — i.e., they’d actually fought in real battles, which the former slaves had not. It was a process similar to what we’ve recently undergone in Afghanistan, where we tried to train the locals to be effective soldiers, but the results have been … underwhelming. Well, the results of attempting to train the black militias were pretty underwhelming too. The few times the black militias got into a pitched battle with former Confederates, they got wiped off the field.

In short, Grant had some harsh political realities to deal with. I might wish he had at least hanged a few of the worst of the Confederate leaders as traitors — Jefferson Davis deserved to hang if only for that order he’d issued to conduct guerilla warfare, Jubal Early needed to hang because he was the only Confederate general literate enough to invent the “Lost Cause” myths that later replaced real history in the South, and certainly mean crackers like Nathan Bedford Forrest (founder of the KKK) needed to hang if only for the fact that they had executed surrendered black soldiers in violation of the laws of war. But Grant decided that executing these people would create too much unrest — unrest that the Northern population wasn’t willing to pay the price to put down. In retrospect it seems to me that he made a mistake. The rot spread from the South in the past 150 years, and now afflicts a large amount of middle America. But it was a mistake that was fundamentally based in the realities that he faced, not something that arose out of stupidity or drunkenness.

– Badtux the History Penguin

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So, Prince Harry of Wales, army veteran of the Afghanistan war and one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, and also currently 5th in line for the British crown, is getting married. He’s engaged to marry a beautiful actress, Meghan Markle. And racists are having a hissy fit.


Well, that’s simple: Meghan is mixed-race, with a white dad and an African-American mom. And that makes racists start frothing at the mouth and spitting out ridiculous names as they stomp up and down spewing spittle and bile and their blood pressure goes out the roof.

But the marriage is on anyhow. Because these racists and bigots are on the wrong side of history. These deplorables having a white hot emotional meltdown and crying bitter tears is how they should spend their pathetic despicable lives, and it looks like they’re going to be crying bitter tears for many years to come, because Prince Harry ain’t going away, and neither is Meghan Markle.

– Badtux the “Darn, aren’t those despicables so CUTE!” Penguin

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Something to think about *before* you become a Nazi: Most people really don’t like Nazis, and they don’t react well when they find out that you are one. Gosh, amazing how sending millions of Jews to death camps and invading random countries and killing millions of people will make people dislike you! So Tony Hovater, his wife, and his brother-in-law were all fired when their boss found out that they were Nazis? Gosh darn it, I’m so sad to hear that. That’s not chuckling you hear, that’s… alt-crying. Yeah. LOL.

Meanwhile, back to personal business. Had a lot of carnage out on my Thanksgiving camping trip, more than usual. My Jeep lost a bolt holding on the hi-lift jack, a weld cracked on my gas can mount and I had to put the gas can *inside* the Jeep (eep!), and the door strap snapped when my door was caught in a 50mph wind, in turn putting a big dent in my cowl as the mirror slammed into it. Meanwhile, on a personal basis, I tore the scar tissue on my left foot (the scar tissue from the motorcycle accident when I was 19 that covers the missing chunk of my foot), and while in camp in sandals managed to whack my big toe on my right foot so it’s a nice rainbow blue and purple now, and somewhere in all this I also managed to wrench my back so it spasms if I move wrong. Man, the desert has decided it doesn’t like me!

Back to Washington D.C. stupdity, the AARP notes that the Republican tax “reform” bill will cut BILLIONS from Medicare. If you’re in a state with Republican Senators, call them *now*.

Finally, Florida Man, the world’s stupidest supervillain, strikes again. In the first incident, Florida Man accidentally shoots himself during a road rage incident. In the other incident, Florida Man tried to break into a car filled with cops. The only thing that could have made that last one funnier would have been if he’d tried to hold up a donut shop. A donut shop across from the police station. Now *that* would have been funny :).

– Badtux the Aching Penguin

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Oh wait….

From the Library of Congress:

“According to the Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference, 2002, page 860, approximately 70,000 books have been published on the Civil War over the years up to that date. The Library of Congress, though not owning every one of these books, most likely owns copies of a great majority of them. The shelf space taken up by the Civil War books just in the E call number classification in the closed book stacks is considerable. This does not include those books which cover Civil War related information and may be cataloged primarily under other subjects. One should also consider that the Library owns many thousands of photographs and illustrations, maps, and manuscript materials on the Civil War.
I hope this information proves to be of help to you. Thank you.
W. Elsbury
Reference Specialist
Main Reading Room
Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20540-4660


It’s interesting that the same people who keep telling blacks to get over that whole slavery thing, already, seem to be the same people who want to keep all those statues of slave-owners on every street corner in the South because they’re still not over the Civil War.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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So a (predictably white) talking head claims that “liberal elites” are clueless about the white working class.

Why are these (always white) talking heads never talking about the *black* or *Hispanic* or *Asian* working class, all of whom the Democratic Party and “liberal elites” reach quite well, thank you very much?

Hint: The white working class hasn’t been in play for Democrats since 1964. No Democrat has won with a majority of the white vote in any election since then. Not Jimmie Carter. Not Bill Clinton. Not Barack Obama. None.

Hint: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed in 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was passed in 1965.

But I’m sure that has *nothing* to do with why the *white* working class (but no other working class voters) deserted the Democratic Parties and decided that liberals (the people who got those civil rights acts passed) are icky. Nope, racism has *nothing* to do with it. SNRK!

Hint: Many of us “liberal elites” are from a working class background and understand the working class plenty well, thank you very much. Which is why we know that worrying about getting white working class votes for the Democratic Party is an exercise in futility. As far as the majority of the white working class is concerned, the Democratic Party is the “nigger party”. Their word, not mine, I’ve heard my working class relatives say it often enough. Short of throwing our black and Hispanic and Asian working-class voters under the bus, there isn’t a goddamn thing we can do to get their votes. And that ain’t happening — the liberal coalition got two Presidents elected in the past 25 years without the white working class, so fuck’em.

– Badtux the Former Working Class Penguin

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