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So, there’s been lots of necklace-wringing lately about how the evangelical Right has been “corrupted” by Trumpism. As Justin Rosaria points out, the evangelical Right were terrible people well before Trump came along. Thing is, he doesn’t go back far enough. Not by far enough by any means.

The Southern Baptist Convention was created in order to defend slavery as “biblically correct.”

That’s not my opinion. That’s a matter of historical fact that can be easily verified by looking at the original charter of the SBC and as much as admitted in 1995 when the SBC issued an apology for defending slavery. That is the Original Sin behind modern conservative evangelical churches: Most of them split off from liberal evangelical churches in order to defend slavery.

My point is that an institution that was founded to defend evil is always going to be stained by that evil, regardless of how many apologies they issue. Words are cheap. If all you do is bend knee and proclaim Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, but then get up and don’t try to live like Jesus, you didn’t *really* accept Jesus — you just hypocritically muttered some words. Or as Jesus said in Luke 6:49: “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation.”

The SBC and their fellow brethren claim to have heard His words, but I will believe they have accepted them only when I see acts that reflect such. And I haven’t seen such acts. Just words.

— Badtux the Religion Penguin


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So says Mike Ditka.

15 year old Elizabeth Eckford wasn’t being oppressed as she attempted to be the first black student in Little Rock High, she was merely being alt-welcomed.

Patrick Harmon wasn’t being oppressed by being shot in the back for being black in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was alt-rewarded.

Rosa Parks wasn’t being oppressed by being arrested for sitting at the front of the bus, she was being alt-praised.

The black day care worker in Pennsylvania wasn’t being oppressed by her employer getting a bigotted letter telling them to fire her for spreading black cooties to their children, she was being alt-praised.

Four little girls killed by a KKK bomb in Birmingham, Alabama weren’t being oppressed. They were being….

Oh fuck it. Mike Ditka is a fucking dumbass who played too much without a helmet.

That is all.

– Badtux the Oppression Penguin

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Here’s a nice read from 2015.

Are you back yet?


Okay, here’s a nice read from 2014.

Let’s take a step back and acknowledge that Christopher Columbus was a despicable man. Virtually every crew he sailed with bordered on mutiny at times because of his dictatorial ways, he made Captain Bligh look like a wise leader. He virtually exterminated the native population of Cuba, working them to death, and even his peers at the time, who wrote back to Spain that Columbus was totally out of control and a genocidal maniac and needed to be stopped. Even the Spanish Crown, which was busy beheading large numbers of its own population during the Spanish Inquisition, was disgusted by Columbus and yanked him back to Spain and gave him a nonsense job of exploring further south to try to claim lands before the Portuguese could claim them.

That said: He changed the world. So I guess he deserves a day. But it should be celebrated like, say, Holocaust Day — i.e., a day of remembrance for the victims of genocide — rather than as a celebration of a man who was, in the end, a violent idiot who accidentally discovered a continent because he assumed he could sail west to reach China, even though every measurement of the Earth’s circumference said that China was well beyond the range of any ships in existence at the time. Remember, Europeans had known that the world was round for nearly 2,000 years at that point — the Greeks had proven that, and had even provided a fairly accurate estimate of the Earth’s circumference. That’s why the Spanish Crown only gave him three leaky 40-year-old ships in the first place — they figured he had a 90% chance of foundering somewhere between there and China, and didn’t want to put any of their modern ships in his hands to do that. The two smaller ships, the Niña and Pinta, weren’t even designed to be ocean going ships — they were small caravels originally designed to ply the Mediterranean.

So anyhow, Columbus got lost on his way to China and India, and was a genocidal maniac. Celebrating his life is like celebrating the life of Adolph Hitler. I mean, he probably ended up causing the deaths of almost as many people as Hitler in the end, it wasn’t until the 20th century, 400 years after Columbus, that the indigenous population of the Americas rebounded to anywhere near its pre-Columbus numbers. So count me with those who say let’s memorialize the victims of genocide — not the perpetrator.

— Badtux the Non-indigenous Penguin

(“How are there Indians left if the Europeans genocided them all?” “The same way there are Jews left after Hitler tried to genocide them all — genocide is hard work.”).

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Facebook bans Jim Wright due to complaints from Nazis that he was being mean to Nazis — *AGAIN*.

In this case, Jim Wright reported someone to Facebook who made a death threat — and Facebook kicked *him* off, rather than the Nazi.

I swear, do we gotta just call it goddamn fucking Fascistbook, already? It’s getting to be about as useful as tits on a goldfish, what with all the trolls and their troll farms making sure to get anybody who is anti-Nazi kicked off of the platform.

I don’t get it. What does Facebook get out of pandering to fucking Nazis? Eyeballs, you say? So apparently Facebook thinks that Nazis are more appealing to advertisers than Jim Wright’s followers, and thus if it comes down to Nazis vs Jim, they side with the Nazis every time? Why they came to that conclusion, I don’t know. Jim’s followers are highly educated and probably relatively wealthy compared to the average Nazi loser. I mean, all the Nazis really buy is Nazi paraphernalia, hardly a huge advertising market. But that’s what Facebook is doing — siding with a bunch of losers over a bunch of winners.

I don’t get it. I really don’t. You’d think that someone with a name like Zuckerberg would side with anti-Nazis rather than with goddamn fucking Nazis, given that the Nazis would like nothing better than to shove his rich Jew ass into the nearest oven and turn it to “Roast”. But maybe it’s all the goddamn fucking Nazis they got working for them like Peter fucking Thiel, who is probably the only motherfucker in the whole goddamn Silicon Valley who is more vile than Venod Khosla (the rich motherfucker who desires to steal California coastline for his own private beach, despite the fact that California beaches have been public property for over 40 years). At this point I doubt Zuck knows — or cares — what’s going on with Fascistbook. I mean, he’s got his bajillions of dollars. He don’t care. He doesn’t have to.

So there we go. Our President is a goddamn fascist Nazi sympathizer (“and some of them, I’m sure, are good people” my ass). The biggest social network is, as far as I can tell, run by goddamn fucking Nazis. The Republican Congress don’t seem to care about any of that. Shit, why don’t rename the United States the 4th Reich and get it over with, already?!

– Badtux the Grumpy Penguin

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So, Las Vegas. Yet another white guy with a gun goes nutso and kills a buncha people. When are white leaders going to come together and denounce this violence in their community?

Meanwhile, more people than that have died in Puerto Rico over the past week because the hospitals ran out of diesel fuel for their generators. Every single patient in the ICU died. Every. Single. Patient. Well more than fifty patients island-wide.

And the response of the media is…. crickets.

Because, I suppose, brown people aren’t human beings, as far as the media is concerned, so it’s not as if *people* died.

Yeah, not feeling very charitable towards our media and our leaders this morning.

– Badtux the Bummed Penguin

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Hurting people is wrong. That’s something that most of us should have learned in kindergarten, though I wonder about some of our national leadership, which seems to have never learned fundamental lessons taught in kindergarten.

Allowing people to hurt other people is just as wrong. Sins of omission, in the end, are no different from sins of commission. The “good Germans” who stand by silently and watched atrocity happen are just as guilty as those who do the atrocity.

It always boils down to Nazis in the end, whenever we’re talking finer points of ethics. Nazis loved hurting people. Should we have allowed them to do so because “tolerance!”? Or should we have done what we did — whatever was necessary to stop them from hurting others and whatever was necessary in order to dissuade others from emulating their behavior, up to and including hanging a number of them by the neck after all was said and done? And how does that make us different from the Nazis? Well, there was one important difference — we were killing murderers or enablers of murderers. Nazis were killing innocent women and children who had never harmed anybody in their entire lives.

And if you think that doesn’t make a difference, I have to ask: where did you go to kindergarten?

– Badtux the Morality Penguin

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A little over sixty years ago, nine teenagers, fifteen years of age, were looking forward to attending high school. It was going to be scary, they knew, being in a big new school with lots of kids they’d never seen before. But they weren’t thinking much beyond that. One of the kids dreamed of all the things she’d do at this fine new school she was about to start, about the classroom discussions she’d have with interesting new people, about attending the prom. They were kids, after all. They were innocent.

They did not stay innocent. They lost their innocence hard.

And it was all in vain. Today’s schools are as segregated as they were in 1957. Even in cases where they’re supposedly desegregated, the white kids attend white classes, and the black kids attend black classes, and never the twain shall meet. At the elementary school I taught at in inner city Houston, supposedly 1/3rd of the students were white. I never saw them. They had their own wing of the building. They ate lunch at a different time from the black kids. They had recess at a different time than my kids. I could walk out my classroom door into the hallway and look out at the playground and see them playing, but that’s the closest I ever got to any of the white kids. My kids, of course, were all brown. Us Teach for America interns were the ones thrown into the classrooms with brown kids, because the school board figured that their parents didn’t have the political pull to complain about untrained novice teachers in the classrooms. They were right.

Segregation and violence. Those are America’s heritage. Says Minnijean Brown Trickey bitterly from her home in Canada, where she has lived for most of the past thirty years after the election of Ronald Reagan convinced her that America would never change: “What kind of country doesn’t see education for all children to be the primary value? I think the US has two values: segregation, which they do so well, and violence.”

I can’t say she’s wrong.

– Badtux the Somber Penguin

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