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That was my week last week, thus the long delay. Yes, I’m still alive. Just very, very busy, between working long hours and writing the modern Russian novel.

It was the week from hell from the viewpoint of the country, too. President Dumpster Fire set off a trade war, apparently out of spite. Despite everybody from car makers to beer manufacturers telling him that his tariffs on aluminum will cause prices to go sky high and force them to move manufacturing out of the USA, he did it anyways — right after his close friend and former economic advisor Carl Icahn dumped his steel stocks.

This is the same Donald Trump who says he wants to be President for Life. Given his age and weight, let’s hope that life isn’t too long. Cheeto Mussolini, indeed.

Meanwhile, the Russia probe continues to swirl around the Orange Racist Russian Stooge. Former Trump Aide Sam Numberg says he’s going to defy the grand jury subpoena that he received. Hope he looks good in stripes! But in public comments on various news shows he said Trump’s close advisor Carter Page was colluding with the Russians and was a “scumbag” and a “weird dude”. And said well, he probably was going to cooperate anyhow, since he doesn’t look good in stripes. Ya think?

Meanwhile, Roy Moore says he needs donations because he spent all his money running for the Senate. Here, Roy, here’s my donation. I’m giving you back everything that you’ve given everybody else who needs money:

And, of course, conservatives have delayed a bill to prevent child marriage in Kentucky. Because being able to marry your neighbor’s 13 year old daughter that you got pregnant via rape is family values, not pedophilia. Can we just call them the Grand Old Pedophile party, now?

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It was so appropriate that the 366th day of his Presidency was accompanied by a government shutdown. Plus millions of women in pink pussy hats demonstrating for women’s rights. Those are both over now, but it was a fitting January 20th celebration of his ascension to the Presidency.

And while all this was going on he was upset because he was stuck indoors watching it all on Fox News, because without funding for the Secret Service, he couldn’t go golfing.

Talking about which, the Trump campaign had a complaint filed against it that the payoff to Stormy Daniels was not properly recorded as an in-kind campaign contribution by Trump’s lawyer. The argument, apparently, is that this was in aid to the Trump campaign, thus had to be recorded as a campaign contribution to the Trump campaign in their campaign filings with the FEC. LOL.

The only fun thing about Deadbeat Donny as President is that the next three years will continue to be as morbidly entertaining as the last one was. Dumpster fires are like that.

– Badtux the dumpster-fire-watchin’ Penguin

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