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And the third cat is named “Good Intentions”.

What hungry, sick, or homeless people want is not thoughts and prayers. What they want is food, health care, or a home. But good intentions is apparently all that our sociopathic lizard person rulers intend to give. You know, cutting Meals for Wheels and children’s nutritional programs while spending millions on golf trips is one of those Marie Antoinette moments that you’d think would give our lizard overlords pause. But that would assume they were human.

– Badtux the “Yeah, my cat is useless, other than as a bed warmer” Penguin

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Every morning, I open up my web browser wondering if today is going to be the day I don’t say “What the fuck?” about something that His Fraudulency Donald the Trump or one of his lizard people officials said or did. Today, once again, was not that day. Because a) the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber released his proposed budget for next year, a budget that predominantly eliminates programs that help Trump voters such as Meals for Wheels and the Appalachian Regional Commission (and what kind of heartless sociopath could ever advocate zeroing out the budget for Meals for Wheels and Sesame Street, for crying out loud!), but he also proposed spending $4.1 billion on his wall next year. Because people might die due to eliminating the Chemical Safety Board, but by god it won’t be done by one of them Messicans!

Talking about which, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court has demanded that ICE stop stalking California courts, claiming that ICE is intimidating Hispanic witnesses in ongoing criminal trials and causing a public safety hazard. ICE of course says basically “up yours, Ms. Judge, you’re not the boss of me!”. Just as Customs and Border Protection says to they don’t have to obey the NAFTA treaty that says registered nurses qualify for a TN visa and thus can keep out much-needed Canadian nurses because, well, they can. Even though NAFTA is still the law until officially repealed or renegotiated. But God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s administration doesn’t care about no steenkin’ law, it’s all defiant juvenile “you’re not the boss of me! I don’t have to follow your rules!”. Because Cheeto Mussolini says they can. So they do it.

Then there is the ongoing Nazi saga of Sebastian Gorka, who has been dodging allegations that he is a Nazi for weeks now. Well, today a Jewish news magazine published what they purport is evidence that he really is a genuine bona fide Nazi, forcing him to explicitly deny that he’s a Nazi. Except that if he was ever a member of that Hungarian Nazi Party, he is ineligible for immigration to the United States, and could be stripped of his citizenship and deported, just like that sad sack Nazi who’s about to be deported to Poland. Oops!

And on to the Russia front. No wonder Michael Flynn resigned — he was up to his ears in Russian dough.

Finally, I think we’ve found Donald Trump’s next Peace Corps head — a Mormon missionary who beat the crap out of two people who tried to hold him up in Brazil. Because Trump is defunding the Institute for Peace while giving the military more money because the only peace he believes in is the peace of the grave, and this is exactly the right man to enforce that peace.

And that’s this day’s dispatch from the Imperial States of America, where God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s regime of lawlessness and incompetence continues as it has for the past 56 days.

– Badtux the News Penguin

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The bill has been released for public viewing, after being kept secret in the House basement for several days. Read it here.

I haven’t read the full bill yet, that’ll take a day or two and a lot of drinks, but what I’ve seen so far looks like it’s a real shit sandwich. Instead of the mandate, they’re going to let insurers charge you extra if you have lapsed health insurance coverage. That isn’t going to work. The individual insurance market is going to death spiral because of the other half of the equation — health insurance subsidies are no longer going to be tied to income and the actual cost of healthcare, they’re going to be a fixed amount based on age, and the fixed amount is stupidly small. The average family plan on the current Obamacare exchanges is over $12,000 per year and the average individual plan is over $4700 per year. The fixed amount that is proposed is is $2,000 for a 27 year old and $4,000 for a 60 year old. I.e., well below the premiums, placing health insurance well out of reach for poorer people.

Add in the Medicaid expansion repeal, and you have the Republican health plan for everybody who isn’t part of the top 15%: Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly. Note: My income places me in the top 15%, but if I get sick and can’t work, the Medicaid expansion keeps me alive. Otherwise I die. And I don’t much like dying. :(.

– Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

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A chilling story about how the Reagan Revolution unleashing vulture capitalism and destroyed Lancastor, Ohio, and its principal employer, Anchor Hocking.

There’s been plenty of people who claim that the goal of the 1% is serfdom for the 99%. But what they’re doing has nothing in common with serfdom. What our 1% lords have instituted is not a feudal system, unlike what their critics often claim. Under the feudal system, the lords of the realm looked after the serfs on their land, for if the serfs starved or became unable to work, their own fortunes dwindled. But our new lords of the realm say “there’s no shortage of serfs, I’m going to use up these serfs then move somewhere else where there’s more serfs.” They are burn and slash agriculturalists, burning down a forest to bring in a few crops, then once the soil is exhausted, moving on to another forest to burn down. And the people and animals who once lived in that now-forever-gone forest starve. But the 1% don’t care, because there’s always more serfs, another forest, another place to go.

And, sadly, the people who live in the destroyed landscape once our slash-and-burn capitalists move on still worship Ronald Reagan, who made the destruction they live in possible.

— Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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If I hadn’t just watched the video, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I have no idea how Spicer could justify to himself getting up there and actually defending handcuffing a five year old. I suppose you have to have no conscience and no shame to hold that job, but still. I don’t think even the Shrubbery’s best liar, Ari Fleischer, was ever that ridiculous, and Ari was pretty damn good at saying the baldest of lies with a straight face. Anybody with even a modicum of humanity knows that what you get a 5 year old is cookies and juice, not handcuffs. But I suppose that if you’re a cold-blooded lizard person from planet Sociopath who views all humans as prey, not as fellow travelers in the human experience, then Spicer’s statement makes perfect sense.

This is on par with Spicer’s statement about the Quebec mosque shooting, which was committed by a white native-born Canadian. I’ll quote Why Now on that one:

Press Secretary Sean Spicer continues to display his drift into an alternate space/time continuum by using the Quebec mosque shooting to defend Trump’s travel ban. I guess they are saying that if Canada had banned Muslims, they wouldn’t have been there to get shot by a right-wing whacko.

Meanwhile, I’ve been on record saying that protests are futile. Well, I’m going to have to retract that. Trump announced that he was going to visit the Harley-Davidson factory. Protesters immediately filed for protest permits. Thousands were going to protest outside the Harley-Davidson factory before, during, and after Trump’s visit. H-D was informed of the protests by the local police, realized it would cripple their operations for the day, and said “fuck this shit” and told Deadbeat Donnie please stay away. Although nobody is admitting it. ROFL.

Trump also cancelled a speech in Milwaukee for much the same reason: fear of protesters. Over 5,000 protesters planned to protest the visit.

So now the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber looks more like the Orange Racist Pussy, and we have protesters to credit for that. Yeah!

– Badtux the Alternate Universe Penguin

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Members of the neo-Nazi alt-right cast Emperor Palpatine as the real hero of the Star Wars films.

Dude. Them’s fighting words. [/GeekFury]

But it does explain why they like their boy Trump so much. He reminds them of their heroes, Emperor Palpatine, Adolph Hitler, and Benito Mussolini. And don’t think that all of the Trumpsters are stupid. The Breitbart gang that Trump has around him? They’re smart. They realized that being a neo-Nazi wasn’t cool anymore, what with all those Hitler salutes and such, so they re-branded themselves as “alt-right” and removed the obligatory Nazi paraphernalia from their brand. And it worked! People who wanted to embrace Nazi values, but didn’t want all the symbology attached to those values, flocked to them like pigeons on a statue of a general!

Still doesn’t make them anything other than fucking Nazis, though. Look at this from alt-right World Net Daily blogger Vox Day:

“White quisling”? Ah, yes, that makes me so reminisce about my childhood in the Deep South, where a similar euphemism that started with a “N” and a last word of “lover” abounded. Of course, by the time I was in high school at a school that was 50-50 black and white, it had fallen out of fashion. But everything old is new again, apparently racism is back in style, hurrah, hurrah! As for Mr. Quisling, my understanding is that you must be cooperating with an occupation army of a foreign power to be a quisling, and I see no occupation army in the US. But that’s historical fact, and historical fact surely must not impede a racist rant by a neo-Nazi pile of human excrement, right?

That’s the quality of people we’re dealing with, folks. Fucking Nazis. Goddamn fucking Nazis. And there’s a fucking boatload of them lurking around Cheeto Mussolini like a pack of remora around a shark, just waitin’ for the scraps to fall from his gnashing jowls…

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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As we all know, Donald Trump’s best buddy and pal is Vladimir Putin, who, as documented by the CIA, hacked the election to help Donald Trump win the presidency. So now Trump is going to be addressing Social Security and Medicare and keeping them going in the future. How? Well, that’s simple: He’s going to use the Russian solution.

See, in Russia, they don’t have a problem with oldies 65 and older using up all their health care and sucking all their rubles for pensions. ‘Cause the average age that white men die in Russia is 65, and the women aren’t far behind. Vodka and drugs, drugs and vodka, and a lack of health insurance for dealing with the effects of vodka and drugs… man, oldies are croaking left and right in Russia.

So all Trump has to do is replicate the Russian experiment. Congress has already started, by wiping out a critical part of the Obamacare program by failing to budget money owed to insurers under Obamacare and thus forcing insurers to hike rates by an enormous amount in 2016. This has caused most insurers to drop out of the exchange markets for 2016. And easy access to opioids has led to massive declines in lifespan for white males in red states. Now all we have to do is fund easy access to vodka. Vodka trucks on every street corner! Vodka served to children with their school lunches! Vodka for breakfast! Vodka for lunch! Vodka for dinner! Free vodka! And at the same time, cut off food stamps for nutritious food and make sure that more and more people’s lives are miserable with only vodka and opioids to make it bearable.

And within a decade, we, too, shall achieve a Russian solution to our Medicare and Social Security issues. When our average lifespan hits 65 like in Russia in the early 1990’s, we can get Dim Son to find his old Mission Accomplished banner, string it up over an aircraft carrier again, and fly Donald Trump in on a gold-plated F-35 fighter jet. Oh wait, they’re single-seat fighters. Hey, maybe we could gold-plate a C-130 and land that on a carrier again

– Badtux the Snarkhy Penguin

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