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Donald Trump calls the mother of a dead soldier a liar a day after he told his widow that her husband “knew what he was signing up for”.

What an ass. Even George W. Bush of “Heckuva job Brownie” fame wasn’t that kind of ass. I mean, fuck. Donald Trump makes George W. Bush look good? How fucking bad is that?!

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump: No, when I walked into that recruiter’s office, I wasn’t signing up to die. I was signing up to, hopefully, make sure the nation’s enemies died. A bit of a difference there….

– Badtux the Military Penguin


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So, today the Republicans held their one and only hearing on the latest Trumpcare atrocity, which would basically defund Medicaid, kick most older Americans off of their Obamacare health insurance, and otherwise kill lots and lots of Americans. So a bunch of disabled people in wheelchairs showed up courtesy of the Medicaid funds that keep them alive to protest the fact that Turtle Mitch’s cuts would kill them.

The Capitol Police dragged them all away, in some cases hauling them bodily out of their wheelchairs and dragging them down the hallway by their feet.

What brave manly men our Capitol Police are, man-handling crippled people like that in order to protect Turtle Mitch and Orin Hatch from the unseemly sight of the people they want to murder!

And what did our brave Republican Senators think about all of this? Well… they seemed bored. In fact, Sen. Bill Cassidy actually yawned as disabled people were ripped out of their wheelchairs and dragged away. Ho hum, just another person he wants to kill whining about not wanting to be killed. Nothing to interest a cold-blooded lizard person from planet Sociopath. Nope, nosirree, those aren’t fellow people, those are just prey as far as our cold-blooded sociopathic lizard overlords are concerned.

Symbolism more suited to what Trump’s America has become — a hard-hearted place where anybody who has the bad luck to become old or sick or disabled should just die, already — could not be devised by any number of Democratic think tanks. This is America, y’all. This is America — cops dragging disabled people out of hearings rather than letting their voices be heard. Because the disabled aren’t people, as far as the sociopaths leading our nation are concerned. The disabled — and hell, pretty much all of us — are prey.

– Badtux the Sociopath-smellin’ Penguin

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Heh. Heh heh heh.

Busted, bro!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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What a sexy stud of a man!

Oh wait, no, that was Steve Bannon. Who got fired today, probably because of the gonzo interview he gave to American Prospect, which was a blatant violation of message discipline. My guess is that General Kelly used this as his ammunition to finally shitcan the asswipe. It’s been well known that General Kelly was no fan of Bannon (and vice vice versa). But you can’t just fire one of Cheeto Mussolini’s friends without having some hefty ammo to bring to the battle… and Bannon gave Kelly a fucking dumptruck of ammo.

So now Steve’s shitcanned. Which, given that a) he was probably the smartest dude in the Trump White House, and b) he is totally devoid of any redeeming moral or ethical values, probably is a good thing for America. Evil smart people ought to be kept as far away from the levers of power as possible. Trump’s loss is our gain.

But never fear, Steve always has his good looks to fall back upon! What a genetically superior specimen he is!

Or, plan B, he can go back to work for Breitbart.com again. Gosh, supermodel or Breitbart.com? I wonder which one it will be? 🙂

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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They don’t care about whether the blue-collar workers they hire know how to do the job, they’ll train them. But even with that, employers *still* can’t find enough workers who aren’t dope addicts.

Wow. Just wow. Some of the stories in this article are crazy. They can’t even rely on people passing the drug tests for assuring that they get a reliable employee who won’t OD or show up zoned out on drugs. There’s one employer that says he’s hired over 100 people who passed the drug tests, who got clean for long enough to pass the drug tests, and after six months he’s only got a dozen of those people left, the rest all fell off the wagon and showed up at work stoned or with the works for injecting themselves or whatever and had to be fired.

This is a problem way too big for individual businesses to handle, especially the smaller businesses, like the roofer who can’t find people willing and able to stay clean enough to climb up on roofs and hammer nails. Not brain surgery, but you can’t do it stoned, you’ll fall the fuck off the roof. What the fuck is he supposed to do? He can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to send employees to rehab clinics! Roofing doesn’t have that kind of profit margin!

In short, this is a problem that government needs to step up and solve, because that’s the whole fucking point of government — to take care of problems too big for individuals to solve. I mean, that’s why we have a fucking military, not just everybody having their own rifles and shotguns and taking care of national defense by themselves — it turns out that building fucking atomic bombs, nevermind tanks and jets and shit, is too big a deal for individuals to do it on their own.

Expecting to hear Republican legislators talking about the laws they’re going to pass to help their constituents beat this narcotics addiction problem in 3 … 2 … 1…. NEVER. Because they’re too busy sneering that all these dope addicts need to just quit using or die, already. In fact, the Republican politicians of many of these states have even talked about cutting off Narcon to people who have had to be resuscitated multiple times. Think I’m kidding? Nope, I’m not kidding. Just let them die. That’s the Republican solution to the opioid crisis.

Yeah, let them die.

I guess that’d solve it. But it’s part and parcel of Republican solutions to every single other problem facing this nation, all of which solutions seem to involve stacking bodies like cordwood ’cause, like, dead bodies give them fucking woodies and shit. Sick sociopathic cold-blooded lizard fucks, the whole lot of them. Bah.

– Badtux the Drug Penguin

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So says Trump’s nominee for a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

I… have no more words to say. This… DINGBAT… is going to get rubber-stamped by the Republican Senate. And is going to be enforcing religious orthodoxy — her *specific* ultra-conservative religious orthodoxy — for the rest of her life.

We are so fucked.

– Badtux the

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White House communications director Sean Spicer has resigned. It’s been clear for a couple of months now that Spicey had lost Cheeto Mussolini’s confidence. Surrogates including Sarah Huckabee Sanders increasingly took his place briefing the press about the news of the day. But we’ll miss him — his briefings from the bushes, his angry brow-beating of reporters, his inept and clumsy attempts at lies that were so ridiculous on their face that people could just guffaw…

Spicey is an old school kinda dude, rough and hot-headed. You could tell he wasn’t a sociopathic lizard person. He was just an angry old white man doing what angry old white men do. He is undoubtedly going to retire to the suburbs and commence a career of yelling at those darn kids to keep off his grass. His replacement on the other hand, hedge-fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, is a total slicked-back sociopathic lizard person. He oozes sincerity like a kiddie diddler offering a lollipop to a child. He made his bones ripping off old people, slickly convincing them to invest in his poorly-performing hedge fund that, however, paid him big bucks anyhow for his role in leading it. And now he’s going to be doing the same for the Trump administration.

Yeah, I’m gonna miss ole’ Spicey…

– Badtux the Goodbyes Penguin

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