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Republican lawmaker’s office and major Republican propaganda outlets claim that there was no school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and that all the kids being shown on TV are crisis actors.

Yeah, Anthony Borges sure is one helluva crisis actor. So much so that he got shot with 5 actual bullets.

“But these kids are too articulate!” shout the conspiracy theory pushers. Well duh. The TV folks naturally are going to focus on the articulate kids, not the average half-illiterate high school kid who would just stammer and stammer. These kids are no more articulate than the best kids were back in my day, which was admittedly before Raygun was president.

You can validate that these young people actually exist. You can go down to the high school in question, if you’re willing to leave your cloistered home, and validate that there’s a high school there, and there was really a school shooting there, you can stop high school students going in and out of the school and ask them “do you know so-and-so who was on the news the other day?” and they’ll say they’ve seen them in the hall…

Yet these Republican lawmakers and Republican propaganda tools would rather create ridiculous conspiracy theories than face up to the fact that, well, high school kids don’t like getting shot at in their own high school, and can be articulate in their distaste for being shot at in their own high school. What kind of MONSTER would do something like that, creating a conspiracy theory where it’s easy to check what actually happened?

Oh yeah, right. REPUBLICAN lawmakers and propaganda tools.

Finally, the governor of Florida called on the FBI director to resign for not doing anything about Nikolas Cruz. What, exactly, is the FBI supposed to have done? Until he shot up a high school (thus violating the federal Gun Free Schools Act), he hadn’t broken any Federal laws. Refer him to local law enforcement? Local law enforcement knew Cruz intimately already — the Sheriff’s office had already been called about Cruz’s behavior twenty times before the shooting — and other local law enforcement had already visited him another 19 times. What, exactly, was the FBI supposed to do when Florida law enforcement had already visited Cruz 39 times? Extradite him to Gitmo? Uhm, it doesn’t work like that, peeps. They couldn’t do anything about Cruz because he was angry, not crazy, and angry isn’t a mental illness (see prior post). They couldn’t do anything because he was exercising his 1st Amendment free speech rights and hadn’t stepped beyond free speech into the realm of terrorist threats (see prior post). So anyhow, apparently Florida law authorities during Governor Medicare Cheat’s term of office knew about Cruz, and did nothing. And so Scott’s flunkies are passing the buck to the FBI? For realz?

These people have no shame.

But they’re Republicans. So I guess we already knew that.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


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Trump lied about a border agent’s death. So Trump invented an imaginary attack upon border patrol agents. It turns out that it was a simple auto accident — the driver ran off the road and slammed into a culvert, maybe after being sideswiped by a big rig.

But Trump used his trumped-up lie to tar a whole group of people as being evil criminals and as an excuse to instate brutal policies that tear families apart. And the MAGAts don’t seem to care that it’s all based on a lie. Because for a large subset of Americans, any chance to demonize brown people is fine, whether it’s true or a lie makes no difference to them.

If you wonder why I despise Trump, it’s not because he’s a Republican. It’s because he’s a liar, and I despise liars. They’re the 10 Commandments, not the 10 Suggestions, and one of those Commandments is “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Add in the blatant bigotry, and, well.

— Badtux the Annoyed Penguin

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Those things have to arise elsewhere, because they are not natural attributes of capitalism or markets. As the following example makes clear.

So, you’re a retailer. A hurricane has hit your city and the city water plant was wiped out. The water won’t be back on for weeks at the earliest.

You have four cases of water in your store. Four people come into your store:

Person A: A wealthy banker with $250,000 in the bank and $500 cash in hand who wants to buy all four cases of water at $80 apiece.
Persons B,C,D: Three single mothers with two kids making $400/month at a minimum wage job while living in subsidized housing. Most of her money goes to food, utilities, or the car that is all that allows her to get to her job, and she has a total of $20 cash left over from paying that month’s bills. She wants to buy a case of water at the normal $4.95 price in order to keep her family alive until FEMA water deliveries start.

What do you do?

If you’re a follower of Ayn Rand, a worshipper of capitalism, you say “Sell the water to the wealthy banker.” It’s what gets you the most money. Which is the whole point of capitalism, right?

If you’re a worshipper of the Free Market Fairy, you’ll say “well, I’m sure those mothers will find some resources *somewhere* to buy water if they really need it,” and shrug your shoulders. If they don’t find water elsewhere, or can’t raise the money in any way, well, they must not have tried hard enough, right?

If you’re a typical economist, you say “well, there’s not enough water to fulfill demand, so high prices ration it amongst the multiple parties.” Ignoring the fact that the rich person can buy more water than he needs because he has money coming out of his ears, while the single mothers even combining all their resources can’t even afford $80 for the single case of water that one of their families needs to stay alive. But dead single mothers aren’t a concern of economists, they’re all about abstractions. Ignoring the fact that their rationing abstraction ends up with 75% more people dead than if the rationing was done according to need rather than according to wealth.

If you’re a Republican sociopathic lizard person (but I repeat myself), you say “those poor people don’t contribute anything to the economy, while the rich man does, so I’ll sell it to the rich man because he’s the only one who deserves to live.” Ignoring the fact that the average rich person would starve to death if it wasn’t for all those poors stocking shelves and cashing out people at supermarkets, and waiting tables and cooking the food at restaurants.

If you’re a moral person, you ration the water — you give each person who comes through a fixed amount that they need to get through the next couple of days, and that’s that. So you sell one case of water to each single mother at the regular price, and one case of water to the rich banker at the regular price, and four people survive to live to see FEMA come in, rather just one. Four people surviving is more moral than only one person surviving, right?

But there seems to be fewer and fewer moral people each year. Perhaps what we need to be selling are moral compasses. Sadly, the vast majority of them seem to be defective right out of the box. Maybe because we outsourced production to China. In the absence of a moral compass, we rely on government to impose morality on the market via, e.g., anti-profiteering laws. When government doesn’t do that… we get dead bodies.

And nobody seems to care.

– Badtux the Morality Penguin

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This one just completely bumfuddles me:

Many girls were not molested by Roy Moore, so that makes Roy Moore innocent.

That is… wow.

Many people were not murdered by Charles Manson, so we shouldn’t have put Charles Manson in prison.

Many people were not eaten by Jeffery Dahmer, so we shouldn’t have put him in prison for life.

Many girls were not raped by the Swimmer Who Rapes, so we shouldn’t have put him in jail for three months and forced him to register as a sexual offender for the rest of his life.

Many people were not blown to smithereens by Timothy McVeigh, so we shouldn’t have sent him to the execution chamber.

Many people were not killed by the collapse of the WTC, so we shouldn’t have capped Osama bin Laden’s ass and dropped it out of an airplane in mid-ocean with weights on it.

And many underage girls were not sexually molested by Roy Moore, so we should elect his pedophile ass.

What the serious fuck is wrong with these people? Really?!

– Badtux the Head-shaking Penguin

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I haven’t said anything about the “tax cut” plan that the Republicans passed at 1AM on a Friday evening, crayon scrawls from lobbyists on the sides and backs of pages included. The one that hikes taxes on teachers while cutting taxes for owners of private jets. Yeah, that one, the one that sociopathic lizard people wrote to cut taxes on The Richies and hike taxes on The Poors because, well, I guess they figure their base is so propagandized that they will continue to support the Republicans regardless. But that’s mostly because I don’t know all the nasty details yet. Nobody does. That crayon-scrawled atrocity has not been formally typed up and sent to a conference committee yet.

What I do know is that if I were looking for a place to invest, guillotine makers would be my first choice. Why our oligarchs think they’re immune to the same forces that have lead to necks being stretched or sliced in the past eludes me. Americans are a vindictive violent people. About the only thing that has kept them from rebelling in the past is the notion that we have free and fair elections so change can be done at the ballot box rather than via tar and feather, and given all the voter suppression going on right now, I don’t know how much longer that complacency will last.

Yeah, time to read the directions.

– Badtux the Directions-reading Penguin

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Something to think about *before* you become a Nazi: Most people really don’t like Nazis, and they don’t react well when they find out that you are one. Gosh, amazing how sending millions of Jews to death camps and invading random countries and killing millions of people will make people dislike you! So Tony Hovater, his wife, and his brother-in-law were all fired when their boss found out that they were Nazis? Gosh darn it, I’m so sad to hear that. That’s not chuckling you hear, that’s… alt-crying. Yeah. LOL.

Meanwhile, back to personal business. Had a lot of carnage out on my Thanksgiving camping trip, more than usual. My Jeep lost a bolt holding on the hi-lift jack, a weld cracked on my gas can mount and I had to put the gas can *inside* the Jeep (eep!), and the door strap snapped when my door was caught in a 50mph wind, in turn putting a big dent in my cowl as the mirror slammed into it. Meanwhile, on a personal basis, I tore the scar tissue on my left foot (the scar tissue from the motorcycle accident when I was 19 that covers the missing chunk of my foot), and while in camp in sandals managed to whack my big toe on my right foot so it’s a nice rainbow blue and purple now, and somewhere in all this I also managed to wrench my back so it spasms if I move wrong. Man, the desert has decided it doesn’t like me!

Back to Washington D.C. stupdity, the AARP notes that the Republican tax “reform” bill will cut BILLIONS from Medicare. If you’re in a state with Republican Senators, call them *now*.

Finally, Florida Man, the world’s stupidest supervillain, strikes again. In the first incident, Florida Man accidentally shoots himself during a road rage incident. In the other incident, Florida Man tried to break into a car filled with cops. The only thing that could have made that last one funnier would have been if he’d tried to hold up a donut shop. A donut shop across from the police station. Now *that* would have been funny :).

– Badtux the Aching Penguin

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I made a funny, LOL. Because IOKIYR. Duh.

But the facts on the Niger incident are damning for the Trump administration. First, let’s talk about Niger for a bit. Niger is one of the most desolate, poorest countries on the planet. The Niger River passes through a small part of the country in the far southwest, but that’s the only large scale water supply, and it’s passing through mostly desolate desert with no attempts at large scale irrigation and large scale farming, meaning that most of the country’s food is imported. The imported food is paid for by exporting uranium, Niger’s one and only export — Niger accounts for about 8% of world-wide uranium production. Not enough to drive up the price of uranium enough to pay for developing the country, but enough to make it utterly dependent on the few customers for uranium. The country has virtually no roads of any kind beyond the southwest, and settlement away from the southwest is concentrated around wadis, small water holes. There are no roads to most of these wadis. You’ll be flying along over the desert on Google Earth, seeing a few tracks in the seemingly endless sand dunes, and suddenly you’ll pop over a hill and there’s a settlement built around a wadi. With no roads to it at all. It’s all mud brick walls and flat roofs and thousands of people living in these compounds. Any outside goods arrive via caravan over the trackless desert, where the moving dunes swiftly wipe out any attempt at building roads.

Niger has the ill fortune to border Libya to its north, so groups claiming to be ISIS have been filtering south to use Niger as a staging place for raids into Libya. The Niger military mostly doesn’t do anything in the north. Until recently Chad was part of an African Union force that was fighting ISIS in the north, but recently pulled out after President Trump dissed Chad by putting Chad onto a list of countries with a travel ban — despite the fact that there are no ISIS affiliates operating in Chad, period. Niger also has the ill fortune to border Mali to its west. Mali has been the source of an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group that Mali soldiers and French soldiers have been fighting for years, and which occasionally strays across the border into

But this event didn’t happen in the north where Chad until recently had been operating. This event happened in the southwest of the country, near a community called Tonga Tonga. At one point there was a road that went through the desert to Mali, but that road was never completed, it peters out in the desert roughly 20 miles before it gets to Mali. This part of the country isn’t the rolling sand dunes of the north. This is plateau and wash territory, dry arid gravel plateau with washes. The road roughly parallels one such wash, which serves as the final destination for water from hundreds of miles around and thus even though it rarely flows, water is not far beneath the ground. If you look at this wash on Google Earth, there are small towns that are between the wash and the road. One of these small towns is Tonga Tonga.

A delegation of U.S. specialists protected by a small number of Niger soldiers went to this town to talk to the village elders about digging wells, improving security, all that hearts and mind stuff. Leaving the town they were ambushed by what appears to be members of the ISIS-related group from Mali. This may seem surprising, in that you’d have to walk across the desert to get from Mali to the road. But the wash goes all the way into Mali, and is littered with wells and camel stockades and camel herders’ shelters. It’d be easy enough to walk down the wash from well to well, taking shelter during the day in camel herders’ shelters, until you got down to where the ambush happened. Doing so while going unnoticed, on the other hand, would be pretty much impossible. This is a desert wash. There isn’t any place to hide in it, no jungle, no trees, it’s just gravel. Clearly the village elders at this village knew that the ISIS militants were there. Indeed that was the first hint that something was wrong — as the Americans left the village, someone on a motorcycle took off ahead of them to warn the ambushers to be ready because the Americans were coming.

So anyhow, the U.S. and Niger soldiers were lightly armed, in regular pickup trucks and other light vehicles rather than in armored vehicles, and there was no backup from other U.S. soldiers. They were pinned down by the ambush. It took an hour even for them to relay a call to the French asking for help because they didn’t have any communications protocol set up for combat support. Then the U.S. Embassy detached some of its mercenaries to mount a rescue mission as the French fighter jets were circling overhead not knowing who it was they were supposed to be bombing, and it was mercenaries who ended up pulling their bacon out of the fire. Mostly.

Four Americans ended up dead. The question of how they could have been sent into danger without any kind of support hasn’t been answered. The question of why the U.S. didn’t send any of its other 1,000 troops in Niger to rescue them hasn’t been answered. Why there was no communications between the soldiers on the ground and the French jets overhead that were looking for a target to bomb, any target, hasn’t been answered. From my perspective it appears these kids were sent into a situation without intelligence, without the proper training and equipment to coordinate with the local allies or even their own forces, and basically hung out to dry. In short, a whole lot like Benghazi.

So when will Trey Gowdy start investigating His Fraudulency Donald the Trump’s Benghazi? When will the Secretary of Defense be called to the Senate Intelligence Committee to be grilled about the multiple failures of intelligence and support that led to these Americans dying in the desert? How many hearings will we have over the next three years grilling American officials about the multiple failures that led to these Americans’ deaths?

Oh wait. I forgot. It’s Okay (to have Americans killed by terrorists because of inadequate support) If You’re Republican.

Alrighty, then.

– Badtux the “Ben who?” Penguin

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