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FBI wiretapped a Russian gambling ring headquartered at Trump Tower. Only three floors below Trump’s own apartment. Not just a gambling ring, they specialized in extortion and money laundering too.

Donald Trump’s connections with the Russian Mafia are extensive. They rent his apartments and hotel rooms, they buy his houses, they lend money to him, he is, basically, up to his shoulderbones in Russian mafiosos. What do they have on him, and how much have they shared with Russian intelligence?

– Badtux the Not-Russian Penguin

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Bonus music: Vera Lynn is 100 years old today!

I’ve been watching nuclear bombs go off. Only on archival footage from the 40’s and 50’s, thankfully, all scratchy and low-def black-and-white. But seems like our current administration, with its focus on the Pentagon rather than the State Department, might make it possible to view nuclear bombs going off in hi-def color. Specifically, if the U.S. ever attacks North Korea, they have nuclear weapons, and it’s likely that Seoul goes up in a nuclear blast a few hours thereafter, Tokyo a few days after that, and San Francisco a few weeks after that. (Hey, it takes *time* to haul a nuke across the Pacific on a fishing trawler!). Because that’s what happens when you threaten the existence of a nuclear power — they figure that if they’re going down anyhow, they’ll take their enemies down with them as much as possible.

Meanwhile, it’s time to revive another word that we thought died with the Soviet Union: политрук . Or “Politruck”, or “political monitor”. These are political officers embedded into government agencies to monitor loyalty to the regime. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the Orange Racist Russian Stooge is using an old Soviet tactic to ensure that the government apparatus is loyal to him, but it does make his Russian connection look rather … obvious?

Talking about which, FBI Director Comey testified to Congress and verified that there was, indeed, an investigation into the connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians — but, unlike with the Hillary investigation, he refused to discuss details. Because IOKIYR, I guess.

Finally, expect a new distraction shortly. Only 39% of voters now approve of Trump’s performance in office. The good news for Trump is that it won’t get much lower, or at least it won’t get lower than 27%.

The sad thing about the prior link is that it’s from 2005, and could be discussing the current President just as much as it was discussing President Bush back then. Progress. 😦 .

– Badtux the Dejavu Penguin

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Every morning, I open up my web browser wondering if today is going to be the day I don’t say “What the fuck?” about something that His Fraudulency Donald the Trump or one of his lizard people officials said or did. Today, once again, was not that day. Because a) the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber released his proposed budget for next year, a budget that predominantly eliminates programs that help Trump voters such as Meals for Wheels and the Appalachian Regional Commission (and what kind of heartless sociopath could ever advocate zeroing out the budget for Meals for Wheels and Sesame Street, for crying out loud!), but he also proposed spending $4.1 billion on his wall next year. Because people might die due to eliminating the Chemical Safety Board, but by god it won’t be done by one of them Messicans!

Talking about which, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court has demanded that ICE stop stalking California courts, claiming that ICE is intimidating Hispanic witnesses in ongoing criminal trials and causing a public safety hazard. ICE of course says basically “up yours, Ms. Judge, you’re not the boss of me!”. Just as Customs and Border Protection says to they don’t have to obey the NAFTA treaty that says registered nurses qualify for a TN visa and thus can keep out much-needed Canadian nurses because, well, they can. Even though NAFTA is still the law until officially repealed or renegotiated. But God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s administration doesn’t care about no steenkin’ law, it’s all defiant juvenile “you’re not the boss of me! I don’t have to follow your rules!”. Because Cheeto Mussolini says they can. So they do it.

Then there is the ongoing Nazi saga of Sebastian Gorka, who has been dodging allegations that he is a Nazi for weeks now. Well, today a Jewish news magazine published what they purport is evidence that he really is a genuine bona fide Nazi, forcing him to explicitly deny that he’s a Nazi. Except that if he was ever a member of that Hungarian Nazi Party, he is ineligible for immigration to the United States, and could be stripped of his citizenship and deported, just like that sad sack Nazi who’s about to be deported to Poland. Oops!

And on to the Russia front. No wonder Michael Flynn resigned — he was up to his ears in Russian dough.

Finally, I think we’ve found Donald Trump’s next Peace Corps head — a Mormon missionary who beat the crap out of two people who tried to hold him up in Brazil. Because Trump is defunding the Institute for Peace while giving the military more money because the only peace he believes in is the peace of the grave, and this is exactly the right man to enforce that peace.

And that’s this day’s dispatch from the Imperial States of America, where God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s regime of lawlessness and incompetence continues as it has for the past 56 days.

– Badtux the News Penguin

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So Spicey Spice sez that the CBO is wrong about how many people will lose insurance when the CBO says 24 million people will lose their health insurance under the House bill.

Turns out he might be right. According to the Trump Administration’s own estimates, the actual number is 26 million. I.e., the CBO underestimated how many people will lose their health insurance.

Which isn’t exactly what Spicey Spice was implying, but anyhow: The end result of 26 million more uninsured people is, of course, dead bodies. Lots of dead bodies. Uninsured people have a 40% higher death rate in a given year than insured people.

But they’re not rich people, so I guess that as far as Spicey Spice and the rest of His Fraudulency Donald the Trump’s regime is concerned, they don’t really count.

– Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

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Are these, or are these not cops?

Skin heads. Dark sunglasses. Dark clothing. Yelling. Pointing. These guys look like almost every cop that I’ve seen in the past few years who is involved in any officer-involved shooting or incident of police brutality. Even the shoulder patches — many big city SWAT teams, for example, now have shoulder patches. Such as here:

In short, these look exactly like cops. Well, except for the lack of a badge.

What they are, actually, is neo-Nazis. As the full picture makes clear. Which makes me wonder the same thing as the FBI: How many white supremacist neo-Nazis have infiltrated law enforcement?

If you are expecting rule of law to prevent a neo-Nazi takeover by the neo-Nazis who are the power behind His Fraudulency Donald the Trump, think about this: How many police officers will obey when ordered by a fellow skinhead Homeland Security agent to brutalize dissidents? I’m getting a suspicion it will be far too many…

– Badtux the “Are we alarmed yet?” Penguin

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AARP comes out against health care bill. Their takeaway: shortening the life of Medicare, hiking costs for those who can least afford higher insurance premiums, risking seniors’ ability to live independently, increasing insurance premiums for older Americans and not doing anything to lower drug costs, and giving tax breaks to big drug companies and health insurance companies.

In other words: A real shit sandwich.

And in the news yesterday, overshadowed by the health care shit bill, it’s Muslim Ban II. Whiter, cleaner, less offensive constitutionally, doesn’t violate due process rights of visa holders so the White House figures the courts are going to okay it. We’ll see.

So anyhow, Trump accused President Obama of releasing hundreds of Al Qaeda terrorists from Gitmo who went back to their old ways again. Only problem: Most of those were released by George W. Bush. Man, that Barack Obama and his magic negro ray of time travel mojo. He traveled back into time, all the way into the Bush Administration, and using his magic negro ray of mind control, forced President Bush to release 113 prisoners who later went on to join Al Qaeda! Wow, now if Obama could only use that time travel ray to go back in time and get us a better President…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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It’s simple: just call a known Russian spy using your home phone. The moment your call shows up in that spy’s phone logs, a request goes to the FISA court for a tap on your phone citing probable cause as being suspected espionage, and shortly afterwards the tap goes on your phone.

The thing is, it’d take a real moron to call a known Russian spy using his home phone.

Or His Fraudulency Donald the Trump.

Apparently the Orange Racist Russian Stooge tweeted that his phones were tapped “by Obama’s order”, and this is just like Watergate. Other than the part about having probable cause and a court’s approval meaning it was all legal. And that it was done by the FBI as part of a law enforcement investigation rather than by some rogue “plumbers” in the direct pay of the President. I mean, sure, if a lemon is just like a potato, tapping Trump’s phone under court order is just like an illegal two-bit breakin…

Look, if you’re calling Boris Badinov on your home phone, it’s gonna get tapped. Just how that works, it’s how we catch spies.
So, uhm, Donald, who, exactly, were you calling on your home phone, again? And why’d you use your home phone? Are you really that stupid?

Don’t bother answering that question, Donnie. I think we already know the answer.

– Badtux the Legal Penguin

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