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I’ve been baking the past few days because we *finally* got summer here in the SF Bay area — and boy howdy, we got it with a vengeance. Broke records all around the Bay area on Sunday, and Saturday wasn’t much cooler.

So anyhow, in the aftermath of a lesbian black woman saving the life of an anti-gay David Duke supporting bigot who was attacked by what appears to have been a lone wolf white Bernie Bro, the tighty righties have their panties in a bunch about how those mean lefties are coarsening the public discourse. Like this leftie threatening violence:

Err, yeah.

Or this liberal threatening violence:

Err, ah. Okay. Well, I’m sure this guy has to be a liberal:

No? Okay, so how about this guy who shot someone outside a Milo Yiannopoulos speech? He was clearly a liberal, right.

Uhm, no. He was wearing a Trump hat and had told his wife he was carrying his gun with him to the event so he could kill some liberals.

Okay, so let’s get this straight. You have some liberals saying that we should impeach Trump, one of whom, out of all the millions saying that, decided to start taking potshots at Republicans. Then you got right wingers saying that killing liberals is a great idea, *lots* of right wingers saying that, you can’t throw a rock at Stormfront or Brietbart or the Fox News comment section without hitting one of the right wingers saying that, and that means that liberals are the ones advocating violence.

Yeah, global warming is real, and it’s apparently baked the fucking brains out of half of America. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Too-warm Penguin

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Who is Nathan Damigo? He is a neo-Nazi. He is a twice-convicted criminal who spent 5 years imprisoned for armed robbery. As a result of his armed robbery conviction, he was expelled from the Marines with a dishonorable discharge, though activism from his mother got that reversed to a less-than-honorable discharge so that he could access VA mental health benefits for his PTSD. He wears a “fashi” haircut — long on top, short on sides. He participated in a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley on April 15th along with a bunch of his homeboys dressed in SS-like uniforms with black helmets, and they broke through police lines and attacked anti-fascism protestors who cat-called them and maybe threw bottles at them.

Oh, and he hits women:

Oh, here is what she looks like afterwards, as she demonstrates what she saw as Damigo charged at her:

I watched the video. The girl is standing looking around. She sees a pile-on where a bunch of fascists are kicking and punching one of her group. She takes a tentative step in that direction. Nathan Damigo comes flying in from the right, arm cocked back, and she puts her hands up (empty hands, as you can see from the photos, one of which is from a different viewpoint than the video). She takes a half step towards Damigo to turn square to Damigo, perhaps setting herself to take the punch. He punches her. The punch slides across her face as she ducks back, pushing off against Damigo with her hands. She goes flying backwards, and falls backwards with her shoulder sliding down a wall. Damigo keeps charging, but then sees she’s down, and then Damigo turns and joins the pile-up kicking another protester.

So, how do the Nazis justify one of their leaders punching a woman? 1) She was charging him. (The video shows that she took a half step in his direction as she turned to square up to him after spotting her, but he was charging her, not the other way around, should I believe the Nazis, or my lying eyes?). 2) She was attacking him with a bottle. (You have two very good photos above. Do you see a bottle in her hands?). 3) She was asking for it.

Of course, #3, “she was asking for it”, the favorite of wife-beaters everywhere, is the most popular. Read the comments on the video. Make sure you have a bucket nearby first, the misogyny as all these Nazis justify a grown man hitting a 90 pound girl will make you puke.

Look: I’m old fashioned. I admit it. I grew up in a time and place where we were taught that a man who hit a woman was lower than a dung beetle’s knees. When I was a young man, a friend of mine punched his wife in the nose. Now, his soon-to-be-ex wife wasn’t a nice person, frankly she was a conniving bitch who’d basically cornered him into marriage in the first place, but that’s just wrong, smacking a woman around, regardless of the reason. I haven’t spoken to him for 30 years, and I never will. Because someone who would smack a woman around is lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I ain’t gonna associate with people like that. It doesn’t matter what the woman did. Hitting a woman ain’t something a man does, it’s something that a piece of walking shit does. That’s how I was raised, and I ain’t ashamed of it.

I got the same to say about anybody else excusing violence towards women. Regardless of whatever excuses you come up with, it’s just plain wrong for a man to smack around a woman. And if you are that kind of person that comes up with excuses for violence against women, you’re lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I’ll damn well tell you that before cutting you out of my life forever, because. You. Are. Scum. If you do crap like that.

I’m chugging through a bunch of Facebook profiles right now, blocking Nazis who advocate or excuse hitting women. What’s interesting is how many of these profiles have American flags waving in them, as if it’s ultra-American to hit women. Then there’s the ones with lots of guns and dead animals, sometimes dead animals being cradled by their grinning progeny. I guess hitting women and glorifying killing animals for any reason other than meat go hand in hand too. Then there’s the ones whose “Friends” list is all police officer badges. Yeah, police officers are well known to be overrepresented in the wife beater ranks, so no surprise there. And finally, the manly men posing with military gear. I guess beating a woman makes you a real man where being a soldier wasn’t enough to do so. Huh. How does that work, anyhow?

Nazis. Wife beaters. Probably child abusers, if they use this same “logic” about their children. Bah. Scum, all of them.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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Are these, or are these not cops?

Skin heads. Dark sunglasses. Dark clothing. Yelling. Pointing. These guys look like almost every cop that I’ve seen in the past few years who is involved in any officer-involved shooting or incident of police brutality. Even the shoulder patches — many big city SWAT teams, for example, now have shoulder patches. Such as here:

In short, these look exactly like cops. Well, except for the lack of a badge.

What they are, actually, is neo-Nazis. As the full picture makes clear. Which makes me wonder the same thing as the FBI: How many white supremacist neo-Nazis have infiltrated law enforcement?

If you are expecting rule of law to prevent a neo-Nazi takeover by the neo-Nazis who are the power behind His Fraudulency Donald the Trump, think about this: How many police officers will obey when ordered by a fellow skinhead Homeland Security agent to brutalize dissidents? I’m getting a suspicion it will be far too many…

– Badtux the “Are we alarmed yet?” Penguin

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In the city of angels
There’s no mercy
And there’s no tomorrow
For Maria Navarro

In 1989, Maria Navarro and several of her friends were murdered after the police refused to send a cop car over after she called 911 saying that her ex-husband was coming over to kill her.

Fast forward to 2016. At least they arrested him after he broke into his ex-wife’s home and assaulted her. Progress! But then they let him go. And he broke into her home *again* and killed her.

But hey, at least the cops are keeping us safe from Ph.D. students who are guilty of driving their own car while black. Priorities!

Oh, for those who say “she should have gotten a gun”: Probably. Thing is, if you are a victim of domestic violence here in California, you *will* go to prison for 20 to life if you kill your abuser. That is fact. Even when every bit of evidence is that you were in fear of your life, a patriarchal system will make sure that you spend the rest of your life as a criminal. Still, better a criminal than dead, I say. But then, I’m not the one who would be in prison for the next 20 years… men who murder their wife during a domestic violence incident usually get half the prison time of a woman who kills her abuser in self defense.

– Badtux the Sickened Penguin

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Stormtrumper cap

Stormtrumper cap

A neighborhood is terrorized by stormtrumpers, courtesy of a conspiracy theory spread by Trump’s very own national security advisor.

The Cheeto Mussolini has his own fascist stormtroopers to go out and punish his critics. All he has to do is tweet against someone, and his red caps go into action with a campaign of electronic attacks on a business or individual’s web presence, harassing phone calls, vandalism, and sometimes even worse. Luckily that dude with the assault rifle gave himself up before killing someone, that might not be the case at some time in the future. And the police, infiltrated by neo-Nazis and hamstrung by Supreme Court decisions that require a specific spoken threat in order to charge someone with incitement to violence, do nothing. The FBI even less. And when the tweeter doing the incitement is the President of the United States of America… what are they supposed to do, anyhow?

Red caps are the new brown shirts. The only question is when they will graduate from mere violence to actual murder of opponents of their Orange Racist Pussy Grabber — not if. We are in for a rocky time these next few years….

– Badtux the Apocalyptic Penguin

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Under Biblical law, Alex Jones and pretty much half the right wing would be stoned to death for violating the 9th Commandment. What is the 9th Commandment? Simple:

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

There’s a reason for such a commandment: lies have consequences. And those consequences, sometimes, can be dangerous.

There’s a pizza place called Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. that was a favorite of the Clinton campaign staff. It seemed like half the emails in the hacked John Podesta emails were about ordering pizza from this pizza place. This presented a challenge to the pranksters at 4Chan — what kind of conspiracy could they build around his orders of pizza from this pizza place? And how silly could they make it before even Trumpsters said “Naw, that can’t be true”?

Answer: Pretty damned silly. They came up with a hashtag — #Pizzagate — and one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories to ever waft up from that sewer. It said that a pizza joint that a bunch of the Clinton staff ordered pizza from on a regular basis was actually part of a child sex abuse ring that had a torture dungeon under underneath (the pizza joint doesn’t even *have* a basement, it’s built on a slab). And that half the words in the pizza emails are actually code words arranging pedophile liaisons in that torture dungeon. Podesta orders pepperoni with black olives? That’s code for ordering up a black teenager for sex duty in the torture dungeon underneath this pizza place! (Which, remember, is built on a slab — it doesn’t have a basement, nevermind one outfitted as a torture dungeon).

Who would believe such a silly conspiracy? Well…. uhm…. seems like most of the Trump supporters, actually, including Alex Jones. And this dude, Edgar Welch. Who went into the restaurant with an AR-15 that he fired multiple shots from while inside the restaurant, demanding to be taken to the torture dungeon under the restaurant, and refusing to believe there wasn’t one even after he was taken to every single door and opening in the restaurant and shown there was no basement.

Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns! And it has guns. We are so frickin’ screwed…

In this case, the consequences of violating the 9th Amendment is one very confused moron who will be spending a few months in jail. But there’s a reason why that Commandment is written into the Bible, and into pretty much every other holy book that’s ever been written. Lies have consequences. In this case, the consequences didn’t result in the loss of human life. But that’s this time What about next time?

People wonder why I get upset about lies and liars. This situation is a perfect example why. Lies have consequences — and in the worst case, those consequences are dead bodies. Somewhere else in the Bible, Jesus notes “the truth shall make you free.” Sometimes the truth isn’t what people want… but in the end, the truth is the only thing that can move you and humanity forward towards freedom and dignity. The truth is worth fighting for — even in these days, when nobody wants to know it.

– Badtux the Truth-seeking Penguin

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Air Force colonel to get 6 months in jail for raping a teenage girl. The girl was fifteen years old. He was fifty. Yeah, it wasn’t forcible rape, “just” statutory rape where he used his position and his power to have sex with her, but six months? Really?! And to compound the injury, they’re going to wait to “officially” sentence him until he retires from the Air Force, so that he doesn’t get a dishonorable discharge and thus can keep his pension!

Feminists talk about “rape culture”. It looks like rape culture says that rape is just a little trivial thing, something to punish with a few months of jail and maybe probation for a few years after that. After all, that seems to be what our male judges think. Along with the rapist who swims. And the rapist who cheer leads. And the rapist who throws a football. Rape, apparently, is just something boys do, just boys being boys, nothing to get upset about. That’s what rape culture says, anyhow.

It seems to me that I need to update my Rules for Men:

  • If you’re walking alone at night and you see a woman walking alone, DON’T RAPE HER
  • If you come across a girl who is too drunk to consent, the safest course of action is to NOT RAPE HER
  • If you see a woman in a short, tight skirt – even if she’s not wearing underwear – DON’T RAPE HER
  • Don’t put drugs in women’s drinks. And if you do – DON’T RAPE HER.
  • If you pull over to help a woman who’s car is broken down, try to remember to NOT RAPE HER.
  • Carry a rape whistle, so that if you feel as though you are about to rape, you can blow it and call for someone to come stop you.
  • Use the buddy system! If you’re unsure you’ll be able to keep yourself from raping, go with a friend who can step in and stop you from assaulting women!
  • Just to be safe, never climb through a woman’s bedroom window, jump out at her from an alley, or stalk her on a dark street with the intention of raping her.
  • If a woman yells STOP, DON’T, or RAPE, take this as a cue to STOP RAPING HER.
  • (Alabama extension) If your cousin or your sister suddenly starts looking alluring to you… DON’T. Just don’t.

But most importantly:

  • If you’re a judge and a rapist comes before you, give him a penalty that’s within the recommended range for his crime. Don’t just give him a slap on the hand and give him a boy howdy ya had a good time, right? He’s a fucking rapist, not a buddy or pal. And if he didn’t want the consequences you’re about to give him, HE SHOULDN’T HAVE RAPED THAT GIRL.

I mean, Jesus fucking Christ on a goddamn Stick, this ain’t fucking brain surgery, judges. You got a RAPIST appearing before you, this wasn’t “boys being boys” or bullshit like that. The sonofabitch made a choice to fucking RAPE someone. It’s your job to punish him, not to feel sorry for him. If he didn’t want the punishment you’re about to give him, he shouldn’t have raped.

Sheesh. Some people.

– Badtux the Irate Penguin

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