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I mean, who wants to live on this sucky world anyhow when we can have JEEEEEzus take us home, glory hallelujah, AMEN!

At least, that’s what this Fox news bimbo appears to be saying. We’re all going to die someday, dying sooner just gets us to Jesus faster, hallelujah!

And allows tax breaks for the rich.

Anywho, the CBO, as I mentioned before, says 22 million Americans will become uninsured if the Senate bill were passed as-is. So the question is, how many people would end up dying because of that?

We actually have numbers about the death rates of insured versus uninsured people. So: they estimate that in 2005 Census, 44,789 deaths occurred due to lack of health insurance. That was when there was a population of 46.6 million Americans uninsured. Thus that’s 995 additional deaths per million uninsured.

Thus the Senate bill kills 21,8990 people by depriving them of healthcare.

But hey, tax cuts for the rich are more important than human lives, right?

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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We should be grateful, I suppose. They could kill more, after all. It’s what cold-blooded lizard people from planet Sociopath do — come up with new and better ways to kill human beings, who they view as prey, not as fellow travelers in life.

So, the Congressional Budget Office has now scored the new Republican health care plan. Here’s what they conclude:

  1. Massive tax cuts for billionaires
  2. Massive tax hikes for non-billionaires (the “healthcare tax”, which may not be taken out of your paycheck by government, but it’s taken out of your paycheck nevertheless).
  3. 1/6th of the population uninsured as the individual health insurance marketplace goes into a *literal* death spiral and
    those on Medicaid lose their coverage.

    But hey, I’m sure all that money that the billionaires get as tax cuts will trickle down to the rest of us, just like it has during the past 30 years of stagnant or declining real salaries for white males… i.e., just like a two-story outhouse.

    Alrighty, then!

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Bay Area McDonald’s will serve large orders of French fries in limited-edition rainbow boxes for Pride Month, June 2017. (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s of the Greater Bay Area)

Yep, that’s what the preacher who got upset about Starbucks cups is upset about now. McDonalds french fries are gay!

Uhm…. say whuh? I mean, do these french fries copulate with each other or something? How do you sex a french fry to know they’re doing the nasty with the same sex, anyhow? They don’t have any externally visible genitalia!

Then he says that maybe McDonalds should serve some Christian french fries. Uhm. They’re french fries. They’re food. Food doesn’t have a religion. You eat it, you don’t worship it. (Though I must admit that some of the food I’ve eaten over the years has been worthy of worship, thinking about some places in the French QUarter that I ate in over the decades, then a New Mexican place in South Phoenix…). Since when do fried potatoes have a religion? Is this dude dotty or something? (Answer: Yes.)

Meanwhile, the gay wedding cake case is going to the Supreme Court. The baker’s argument is that, apparently, a cake is speech. Say wha? I could have sworn that a cake was food! Since when is a food speech? Something you do with a food might be speech — for example, throwing a lemon pie at a piñata of Donald Trump. But a food itself? It’s just food. Something you eat for nourishment (or at least enjoyment). Duh.

I mean, what’s the difference between a gay wedding cake and just a plain old wedding cake? I guess a gay wedding cake is fabulous, sure. But it’s a cake. It doesn’t do any mano a mano sexual acts with other cakes, because, like, it lacks arms, and legs, and external genitalia, and reproductive organs, and …. So gay cake sex must be boring as hell. They just lay on each other waiting to be eaten? WTF?

Man, these tighty whitey righties could have chosen anything on the universe to get upset about — war, famine, poverty, Remy Ma beating Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards– but they chose food? For realz? Man. You couldn’t make this up. If I wrote this as part of a novel, the editor would return it right back to me saying “too unrealistic, nobody could be so small-minded as to get upset by food items.”

Yet there they are.


What a thing to get upset by. Sheesh!

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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Healthcare? I don’t think so!


1) It guts Medicaid
2) It reduces the subsidies to middle class
3) It eliminates all the mandates *except* the mandate that insurers must insure all takers.
4) It gives people like Donald Trump gazillions of dollars in tax cuts.

The Republican plan basically kills all rural hospitals. Every single one of them. By cutting off the Medicaid funding that keeps them operating. So rural voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, will have their healthcare killed altogether by Trump.

So basically, here’s what happens:
1) Lots of rural poor people die.
2) Nobody buys insurance until they get sick
3) Insurance companies go into a death spiral, and collapse or pull out of the individual marketplaces
4) Profit! (If you’re rich).

Ah yes, America. Where the feeling seems to be that rich people don’t have enough money, and poor people have too much health care.
Ah yes, America, where the voters vote for the Alligators Eating People Party, then get surprised when alligators show up at their doorstep to eat them.

Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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Who would you think that is? Hated by everybody, Democrats and Republicans both. Two guesses. Well, one guess.

Got it?

Okay, the most hated man in Washington D.C. right now is a guy by the name of Donald J. Trump. And it’s not just Democrats that hate him. Republicans hate him too. Fear him — or, rather, fear his red capped minions, who can be rather scary — but hate him, definitely.

Here’s the thing. Trump as an anti-internationalist nativist is a disruption to the internationalist interventionist conventional wisdom of the past seventy years. His diplomatic gaffes make it harder for our political and economic establishment (which have largely become one and the same over the past few decades) to maximize corporate profits, because it interferes with their ability to operate in those countries. His attacks on internationalist organizations like NATO make other nations want to freeze us out of everything, which again is bad for corporate profits. His desire to build a wall between the US and Mexico is laughable and could be profitable, but his zeal in deporting the undocumented slave laborers is depriving industries reliant upon that slave labor of the labor needed to continue their business model — i.e., it’s bad for profits. If he succeeds in sparking trade wars with our big trading partners, that will really hurt profits.

Donald Trump, essentially, is bad for business. And his statement today that he’s pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Change Accords is just icing on that cake. The Paris Accords are quite profitable for business. They insure that the signees will be buying lots of toys from relatively new industries like wind generators and solar plants, and that our corporate elites will get lots of money from building wind farms and solar farms or just running companies that install solar on people’s houses.

In the end, the establishment has decided that Donald Trump has to go. But that presents a conundrum. Trump is still quite popular with his red-cap base, who believe Trump when Trump says of criticism that it’s “fake news”. And there’s enough of them to make it easy to primary any Republican who goes against Trump. So.

What you are going to see is a constant drip, drip, drip around this Russia thing, pushed not only by Democrats, but quietly pushed by Republicans too. The goal is going to be to reduce Trump’s popularity and Trump’s ability to drive his agenda through. And once his popularity reaches a point where even large sections of his base are deserting him… then, and only then, will they impeach him. And with 100% of the Democrats and at least half the Republicans ready to jump on board impeachment, they will have the numbers to do it, placing Mike Pence in charge, Mike Pence who has never shown any inclination to rock the boat of internationalist conventional wisdom that is so profitable. In the meantime, they’re quietly implementing the parts of Trump’s agenda that they do like — the parts that let them further loot America for their purposes. They figure that Trump’s antics at least let them slide things by under the radar of the majority, and by the time people wake up and smell the covfefe, it’ll be too late. They may even be right.

My take on it: If the 2018 midterms show that Trump voters are no longer enamored with Trump, he will be impeached by mid-year 2019. The goal will to be allow President Pence sufficient time in office to run for President in 2020 with a good-size warchest and the power of the office at his disposal. The question is whether Trump or Pence will do the most harm to America… and frankly, Pence scares me even more than Trump, because he’s *way* more venal, just sneaky about it. All the bad things that Trump is for, he’s for them too. And all the good things Trump is for… well, not so much.

So I’m just sitting back and munching popcorn. Unless the Covfefe invade. That would be bad….

— Badtux the Prognosticating Penguin

[Dayum, the linked post from April of last year is damn near perfect on target about why Trump won the nomination and Presidency. Maybe this prognosticating bit might work out!]

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This is a rather frightening article about kids who are psychopaths.

Yet I wonder… is it perhaps too quick to label all kids with this specific set of behaviors as psychopaths?

I’m thinking of two kids that I dealt with at the behavior center where I taught. One of them definitely was a psychopath. He didn’t even feel pain the same way that other kids did. The orderlies would jack him up and he’d be both screaming and laughing, and basically they couldn’t do anything with him until the screaming tired him out enough that he was no longer able to fight them. Then they’d take him to the isolation room and let him loose, and he’d happily bounce around in there until he was let out again, at which point maybe he’d participate in class, maybe he wouldn’t. We used positive reinforcement to encourage participation, of course. But sometimes he just snapped and tried to hurt people even with that, and then the cycle started all over again.

It was pretty clear to those of us in the program that this was a kid who was going to be the next Charles Manson. He had no empathy, his view of the world was very monochromic, he hurt based on whim with no conscience, he was, basically, evil.

Then there’s another kid. He was a mini gang banger. As in, doing drive-by shootings on his bicycle, throwing cinder blocks off of Interstate pedestrian walkways and laughing as they smashed through car windshields and killed people, etc. Yet… we threw a birthday party for him. His little 5 year old sister came with his mother to his birthday party. It was quite clear that he loved his little sister dearly. If you said anything that could even conceivably be thought of as critical about his little sister, he would get all upset. And he loved his momma too. This was a kid who wasn’t a psychopath. He’d simply been raised wrong, to view people outside his immediate circle of family and friends as “other”. And he was definitely capable of empathy… as this next story shows:

There were two Hispanic kids in the group that I taught. One was a chubby bespectacled baby-ish kid who was there primarily because the self-control centers of his brain had been burnt out by crack while he was still in his momma’s tummy. He didn’t *want* to do wrong, but sometimes he just did things without thinking. So we were trying to teach him some cognitive workarounds to that impulsiveness that used parts of his brain that weren’t burnt out.

The other was the mini gang banger. They despised each other, these two. Never a good word for each other, and always making trouble for each other. Now, we had a celebration at the end of every week for those kids who’d managed to work their points and get enough points to join the celebration. Nothing fancy, just a little party with some games cupcakes and little gifts from the dollar store or from the district media center at the end of the day when no learning would have been happening anyhow because everybody was happy to go home for the weekend (this being a day program). So anyhow, the chubby kid had gone through some trouble that week, I don’t recall what exactly had happened, and hadn’t made his points. So he got to sit in the front of the classroom in the chairs while we all had fun back in the carpeted nook.

So he’s sitting there looking forlorn, and the mini gang banger says, “C’mon, let Freddie join us.” (Not his name). And I’m, like, “no, he didn’t make his points, that wouldn’t be fair to the kids who did the work to make their points.” So the mini gang banger, let’s call him “Mikey” as in “Mikey hates everything”, keeps begging with those puppy dog eyes to let Freddie join the party. Finally I say, “Why are you asking me to do this for Freddie anyhow? You don’t even like him!”

And he says to me softly, looking down at the table, “I know how he feels.”

Yeah, if you just knew his record, you might think this kid was a psychopath. But he wasn’t. He could feel empathy for others, if he hadn’t been taught to consider that other to be a non-person, or if he interacted with that person every day so he could learn that this person was a fellow human being and not an “other”. That makes all the difference, in the end, and probably is why he’s not on death row for murder right now (though he’s currently midway through his second stint as a guest of the Texas Department of Corrections for drug dealing –quelle surprise!).

But for the real life psychopaths out there… if they aren’t in prison, it’s because they haven’t been caught yet. Either because they’re too smart, or they got a job on Wall Street. Either way, they view human beings as prey, not as fellow travellers in the human race. And they are in charge.

They are in charge.

If that doesn’t fucking terrify you, you’re dumber than a box of rocks. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Psychopath-observin’ Penguin

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Remember this asshole?

Thumbs up, y’all!

What an asshole. Hundreds of thousands died because of this asshole and his posturing. Now, let’s look at another group of assholes:

House Republican sociopaths on parade

They were high-fiving each other and shouting “Mission Accomplished!” because they, too, have condemned hundreds of thousands to die by depriving them of healthcare. More particularly: By removing the requirement that insurers offer insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

Who has a pre-existing condition? Pretty damn well all of us who are past age 40, people. It’s called “living life”. Everybody gets there eventually. I know I’m personally uninsurable if insurers are allowed to deny coverage. Too much wear and tear over the years, plus chronic allergies, genetic in nature, not because I lived wrong. Thing is, anybody who is of a certain age has this wear and tear. It’s just how human bodies age. And there’s millions of people in my boat, any of whom will die if they have a heart attack or get cancer and they don’t have health insurance.

Sociopaths. We are ruled by sociopaths. By cold-blooded lizard people who view human beings as prey, not as fellow travellers in the human race. And people will die if this bill makes it through the Senate, guaranteed.

– Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

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