Comcast: The Resolution

So: Comcast disconnected *my* cable drop and connected it to my *neighbor’s* drop because their technician apparently decided that the cable drop to my half of the building was just random abandoned wiring. And Comcast’s response to this for *three days straight* was to lie and say they were sending a technician out, when they never did nor had any intentions of doing so.

The resolution:

I went to Harbor Freight and bought this cable tracker:


I already knew that my cable modem was receiving no signal, so I attached the alligator clips to the cable at my cable modem, and tracked the cable into the attic, and saw that it headed up to the front of the house, as I presumed based on the last time the cable guy came out. I then walked out my front door, and identified the exact cable.

The next part was a bit iffier. There were three cables there. One had no connector on it and appeared to go up to the attic. I decided to go up to the attic and look at the other cables there, and attached the warbler to one that looked like it might go to the front of the house. It hooked to a splitter. I attached the warbler to the cables that entered the splitter, and they went to the jacks in the back bedrooms of my house. I attached to the cable that went forward from the splitter, and it was the cable dangling on the front wall of the building with no connector on it.

So that wasn’t the cable I needed to hook up to. I checked each of the two other cables dangling on the wall *with* a connector by simply hooking them to the cable I’d identified as mine, and then waiting for my cable modem to detect signal on them. No signal. Or at least not one that my cable modem understood. I think one went to a satellite dish. My cable modem obviously doesn’t understand satellite signals.

So it had to be the one that was hooked up and going into the neighbor’s living room through the wall. Yep, the cable guy unplugged *MY* cable and plugged it into my *NEIGHBOR’S* wire!

One splitter later, and I’m back in business.

BTW, I did knock on the neighbor’s door to let them know I was about to unplug their cable for a minute to put the splitter. I got no answer, so clearly they weren’t in the living room using the cable. So I shrugged and put the splitter there. This is in their yard, the old lady of the house has all sorts of greenery there. I used to have more greenery on my side but I ripped most of it out because it was impinging on my jade plants.

Tomorrow I figure I’ll put a sign on my cable — XX50 XXXXX Street Do Not Disconnect”. I’ll put it in a zip-lok bag and use Guerilla Tape to tape it to the cable. I’ll also do the same to the cable drop that goes to the back of XX48 (it’s the cable drop for our entire building) so that they won’t disconnect my cable when the neighbor moves out, like they did once before when the previous neighbor moved out. Maybe that’ll keep the cable guys from disconnecting me again the next time they go to XX48 XXXXX Street to fiddle with the cable. We’ll see….

Meanwhile, a Comcast rep *finally* called me today and said, “do I need to send a technician out there?” I replied “No, I needed the technician two days ago, I already fixed your wiring goofup” and basically gave the story above.

So it goes.

– Badtux the “Comcast Sucks!” Penguin


The Shaggs.

They couldn’t keep their guitars in tunes. They couldn’t stay in time with each other. They couldn’t sing in tune. Their drummer was drumming beats that did not in any way correspond to the song. They were so bad, that hipsters love them.

And the funny thing is, they knew how to read music, and even how to write music. They just couldn’t play or sing music. Bwahaha!

Oh, here’s a more recent iteration of the above song:

Nobody even knew that accomplished musicians could ever replicate, note for note, one of the worst songs ever recorded. But they did! Man, that must have been a challenge, having to forget everything you know about making music in order to replicate…. this. LOL. But apparently Dot Wiggins, the former lead singer of The Shaggs, had charts on *exactly* how to play it. A quick listen to the record to find out just how badly detuned the guitar part was, and there you are — the world’s worst song, replicated by professional musicians who manage to get through it without barfing. Wonders!

— Badtux the Ear-abuse Penguin

This story is disgusting. In Oklahoma City, police officers approached a house where a deaf developmentally disabled man was on the front porch. The man got up, grabbed a steel pipe that he used as a walking stick, and walked out to meet the cops. The cops yelled at him “Drop the steel pipe! Drop the steel pipe!” while people around were yelling at the cops, “He’s deaf, he can’t hear you, he’s deaf, he can’t hear you!” and then the cops, with hands shaking in terror no doubt, shot and killed the man.

What a bunch of cowardly cops. The big Irish bruisers of my youth, seeing a dude come at them with a steel pipe, would have pulled out their billy clubs and grinned and said “You want some of this, I see.” And then beat the crap out of the guy, deaf or not. But he would have lived, because they knew what they were doing when it came to meting out violence. They were bruisers and brawlers and knew how to handle themselves in a fight. Today’s whiny pussy cops… not so much. You sneeze in their direction, they shoot you and whine “I was scaaaaaaared!” So scared, apparently, that they forgot to turn on their body cams. How convenient…

Well, if they’re that scared, maybe they need to choose a new profession? I suggest preschool teacher. Although now that I think about it, maybe not. Those toddlers can be tiny terrors, after all. They’d probably have nervous breakdowns after finding out that they weren’t being issued a service weapon to use to shoot an evil 3 year old who’s terrorizing them….

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Libertarians who say we don’t need government police, intelligence agencies, etc. because private enterprise can do all of that forget that their proposal was the norm for the United States until after WW2. The reason why we quit doing that is that we learned that the private police and intelligence agencies were corrupt and selling their services on behalf of the highest bidder even if the highest bidder was asking them to violate the law, and in the process were harming innocents with no recourse.

Equifax is a perfect example of that. Equifax started out as sort of a private Stasi intelligence agency, gathering files of dubious integrity on people via various means both legal and illegal and selling them to the highest bidder with no regard for privacy or accuracy. If you wanted to make sure you weren’t about to rent an apartment to a gay or an atheist or a Communist, you paid Equifax to find out whether the renter was one of those things, and Equifax in turn paid your neighbors to inform on you, just like the Stasi did. And if a neighbor you had a feud with decided to tell them you were a Communist even if you weren’t, well, you had no way of knowing that this was why you couldn’t get anybody to rent to you, and no right to see what information they had on file on you and correct it.

It wasn’t Utopia, regardless of what the libertarians whine about, and that’s why the credit reporting agencies are regulated now and only allowed to collect financial information, not information about your politics or sexuality or religion or whatever, and why they’re required to give you access to your file and required to correct information if it’s incorrect (though you may have to sue them in some cases). Libertopia just *doesn’t work*. Invariably it ends up with corruption, thuggery, and fraud. The fact that corruption, thuggery, and fraud might work better than the former government of Somalia is not a rousing statement. Giardia is preferable to cholera too. But you don’t see me running out to contract giardia…

— Badtux the Non-libertarian Penguin

Dear Comcast: You Suck.

Composting with Comcast

But this time, it’s not their fault — the gardener managed to cut my Internet cable while cutting vines off my front fence. Apparently he can’t tell the difference between vines and an (admittedly painted) Internet cable…

Comcast is coming out tomorrow morning to fix the damage… so it’ll be tomorrow evening at the earliest before I get back on a regular update schedule. Updating via a cell phone is misery…

– Badtux the Internetless Penguin

Canada’s CBC News warns Canadians not to carry much money south of the border because the police will steal it.

Used to be, only corrupt 3rd world nations had police that would just blatantly steal your money. Guess that means we’re one of those, now. The problem is, corruption on that scale is bad for business. Tourists decide to take their money elsewhere, somewhere where it won’t get stolen. Businessmen whose businesses churn a lot of cash decide to invest their money elsewhere, not in the United States. And so forth.

The modest reforms that Congress is proposing will not end the corruption, but will at least reduce some of the incentives behind it. In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court is going to have to rule that the 4th Amendment is, in fact, the 4th Amendment, and prohibits seizing things without a warrant and probable cause. Until then, police departments will continue to steal more money than thieves.

Yeah, well, I’m not holding my breath on that one, not with this Supreme Court…

– Badtux the 3rd World Penguin