Deadbeat Donnie

From Hillary’s nomination speech:

Well, let’s take a closer look. In Atlantic City, 60 miles from here, you’ll find contractors and small businesses who lost everything because Donald Trump refused to pay his bills. Now remember what the President said last night — don’t boo, vote.

People who did the work and needed the money, and didn’t get it – not because he couldn’t pay them, but because he wouldn’t pay them. He just stiffed them. That sales pitch he’s making to be your president? Put your faith in him – and you’ll win big? That’s the same sales pitch he made to all those small businesses.

Then Trump walked away, and left working people holding the bag.

He also talks a big game about putting America First. Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado. Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan. Trump furniture in Turkey, not Ohio. Trump picture frames in India, not Wisconsin.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again – well, he could start by actually making things in America again.

Donald Trump is a deadbeat. He doesn’t pay people what he owes them, and if they persist and take him to court, he declares bankruptcy and pays pennies on the dollar. That’s who Donald Trump is. A deadbeat.

And I don’t like deadbeats.

I’m glad that our badass granny brought this to public attention. Sadly, I doubt it will change the mind of Deadbeat Donnie’s core supporters one bit. Because they’d stiff people too, if they could get away with it. So they’re all, like, “hubba hubba!” when they find out that Deadbeat Donnie stiffed people who were doing work for him, because they’d do the same.

Lots of deadbeats in America today. But enough to win the Presidency? I guess we’ll find out.

– Badtux the Politics Penguin

Smokin’ oldy

Dick Dale, “Nitro”. Similar to the version on his 1993 album Tribal Thunder.

Dick Dale invented surf guitar in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Now he’s on perpetual tour again at age 78. Yes, you read that right: age 78.

Why, you ask, is a 78 year old man playing dates almost every night? Well, it’s simple: if he doesn’t, he dies. Because it costs $4,000 per month for the medical supplies to keep him alive, and neither Medicare nor his Medigap policy will pay for them.

So he plays all these dates because despite all the pain he is in from his various health problems, he still is interested in staying alive. And doing what he does best — playing one helluva slick guitar — is pretty much the only arrow he has left in his quiver. So that’s what he does.

That’s America today, where even a 78 year old man has to worry about whether the health care system is going to kill him today by not giving him what he needs to survive, and even a 78 year old man is given the choice of work, or die.

– Badtux the Music and Healthcare Penguin

Bad limo, no cookie

This recent-model black Cadillac Escalade, license plate 62474S1 with California limousine number *MAYBE* TCP 12533 (my camera really didn’t get a good look at that number, it was on the far side of the Escalade, and attempts to use image processing on multiple frames failed to pull it out as clear numbers), was in a hurry so tailgated me as I was passing slower traffic (I had slowed to slightly under 65mph, the speed limit, in order to deal with slow / merging traffic from the 237/101 interchange), then zoomed off at an extremely high rate of speed, slaloming through more traffic as he did so.

My dashcam is GPS-enabled and embeds speed (in Km/h), coordinates, and UTC timestamp into the video. So you can see that I wasn’t going 50mph in the fast lane when this dude went by me like I was standing still…

– Badtux the “I see bad drivers!” Penguin

For realz? The slaves that built the White House were well clothed and well fed, you say, Mr. Bill O’Reilly?

Even if they had been “well clothed and well fed” — and Abigail Adams disagrees on that point — they were still slaves, property, owned by other human beings and who could be used or sold downriver and split from children and wife at owner’s whim. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery as a moral abomination, a stain upon the moral fiber of the nation.

And then Bill O’Reilly compounds his folly by, instead of walking back his miscue, doubling down and saying that his critics were far-left loons. Like this critic, I suppose, who considered slavery to be a moral, social, and political evil. Oh wait, that was Abraham Lincoln.

And then Bill not only jumps the shark, he jumps the whole frickin’ neighborhood, saying that his critics want him dead. So criticizing BIll O’Reilly for his shameful defense of slavery (how can someone of the Party of Lincoln, the party that abolished slavery as a moral abomination, defend slavery?!), is *exactly* the same as wanting to murder Bill O’Reilly. That’s what Bill O’Reilly says, anyhow. Shark. Jumped. A dozen times. Just sayin’.

Bill: Time to retire. When you’ve literally become an apologist for slavery, you’ve jumped the shark *and* jumped the whole freakin’ town the shark tank is in. Owning people — slavery — is evil. Period. Being an apologist for evil means you’ve either gone senile, or you’ve become evil yourself. Either way, time for a long hard look in the mirror followed by a well-deserved retirement sipping pina coladas on Miami Beach.

– Badtux the “Lincoln is spinning in his grave” Penguin

Day after Christmas

Courtney Barnett, “Boxing Day (Revisited)”, a single available via iTunes and elsewhere.

Just more laconic slice of life from a slacker perspective….

— Badtux the Music Penguin

Build Up That Wall

Once upon a time, Republican politicians painted a picture of rainbows and apple pie and morning in America. Today, it’s a wall.

A wall. How appropriate, for a party that seems intent upon dividing Americans into them and us, those on the right side of the wall, those on the wrong side of the wall.

Walls are never positive. Walls say that you’re embattled. That you’re under siege. Walls are about paranoia, fear, and hate. Walls say there is us, there is them, and we’re human, and they’re not. Walls are what happens when a nation has run out of ideas and is content to settle back and fade away.

“It’s Morning in America!” on the other hand, said we were going to a better, brighter day. It was a message of hope. Of optimism. And it got Ronald Reagan re-elected by one of the biggest landslides in American history despite the controversies that were enveloping his Presidency.

Hope over fear. It is the only way forward. It is sad that a party that once stood for hope, now seems to stand only for fear. Even sadder, that the main policy proposal of a party whose President once said, “Tear down that wall!”, now has as its principal policy proposal the building of a wall.

— Badtux the Fear Penguin

Hear him singing

La Luz, “All The Time”, off their 2013 album It’s Alive. Note how the drummer, Marian Li Pino, looks bored to death — while beating out syncopated beats and ridiculously complex fills in places you wouldn’t think a fill could fit that would send less capable drummers into fits of depression.

– Badtux the Music Penguin


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