After the White House bans cameras and audio recorders, CNN sends a criminal sketch artist to sketch the White House press gaggle. Great troll, CNN! Send a criminal sketch artist to sketch criminals! LOL. One thing that the Trump Administration’s continuous attacks on the press has managed to do — journalists are suddenly discovering the power of trolling.

So, how fucked are we? Well, this is how fucked we are:

Yeah, things are going to keep getting worse, so gonna have to find my old polyester leisure suit to prepare for the second coming of disco! But seriously, we were so cute back then….

Uhm, yeah, that’s an old family photo from the disco era, a bunch of cousins…

So anyhow, why do I say things aren’t going to get better?

  1. Democrats are *not* going to take back the House next year. Not unless a lot of gerrymandering lawsuits suddenly pay off and get those districts un-gerrymandered.
  2. Even at that, in many states Democrats are going to have hard time winning. The majority of states have Republican governors. In fact, 33 states out of 50 have Republican governors. And that is not a result of gerrymandering — governors are elected at-large by the majority of voters in a state.
  3. Democrats are *not* going to take back the Senate next year. There simply aren’t many Republicans whose terms expire next year, and they’re in generally safe states. In fact, I suspect Republicans are going to gain seats in the Senate next year.
  4. Republicans are not going to impeach Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or anybody else. Why should they? Congress has the power of the purse, and can keep Trump/Pence from doing anything that’s too out of line with the desires of the Republican king-makers on Wall Street. And Trump makes a fine distraction from the evil shit that Congress is doing. About the only way that Trump is going to get impeached is if he decides to defy Congress on a continual basis and do shit that Wall Street hates. Uhm, his two top advisors are Wall Street tycoons, as is half his White House cabinet. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.
  5. Americans here in the Land of the Coward and Home of the Slave aren’t going to suddenly rise up and overthrow their government. Look, if you don’t believe me, go read the newspaper comments section for one of those newspapers in flyover land. Half of them are about how all their problems are the fault of “libtards”. And her emails! It turns out that you *can* fool the majority of people all the time. P.T. Barnum’s ghost must be weeping in envy somewhere.
  6. So: conclusion: Things are going to get worse for the majority of Americans. Americans are going to lose their health care, they’re going to lose their houses maybe, their jobs maybe, their lives are going to keep getting harder and harder ever year. And they won’t do a thing to change it, because they’ll blame it all on handy skapegoats.

So yeah, dust off those old disco duds, folks, cause we gonna be dancin’ this next 3 1/2 years — dancin’ all the way to hell. Crap, there’s a fucking good chance that Donald Trump will serve as President for eight years. 38 governors, remember. And the electoral college, which means that states whose governors mostly govern over cows get disproportionately more power to select the President than the prosperous Democratic states get…

– Badtux the Dancing Penguin

Black Mountain, “Tyrants”, off their 2010 album In The Future.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Healthcare? I don’t think so!


1) It guts Medicaid
2) It reduces the subsidies to middle class
3) It eliminates all the mandates *except* the mandate that insurers must insure all takers.
4) It gives people like Donald Trump gazillions of dollars in tax cuts.

The Republican plan basically kills all rural hospitals. Every single one of them. By cutting off the Medicaid funding that keeps them operating. So rural voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, will have their healthcare killed altogether by Trump.

So basically, here’s what happens:
1) Lots of rural poor people die.
2) Nobody buys insurance until they get sick
3) Insurance companies go into a death spiral, and collapse or pull out of the individual marketplaces
4) Profit! (If you’re rich).

Ah yes, America. Where the feeling seems to be that rich people don’t have enough money, and poor people have too much health care.
Ah yes, America, where the voters vote for the Alligators Eating People Party, then get surprised when alligators show up at their doorstep to eat them.

Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

To travel the stars

Slowdive, “Star Roving”, off their new self-titled album. They’ve gotten old and fat since the early 90’s, but then, so have all of us.

– Badtux the Fat Old Music Penguin

The addicts next door

“He (the paramedic) was used to O.D. calls by now, except for the ones in which kids were around. He once arrived at a home to find a seven-year-old and a five-year-old following the instructions of a 911 operator and performing C.P.R. on their parents.”

This is the saddest article I’ve read all week. What kind of life are those kids going to have?

A shortage of drug intervention services is one of the biggest problems they have with getting people off of opioids. The supply of addicts who want to “dry out” is far greater than the number of beds. Yet these people (the non-addicts in these communities) almost uniformly vote for the people who promise to screw them (i.e. Republicans), and against the people who promise to do better for them (i.e. Democrats). What. The. Literal. Fuck?

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

Just a fun girl band

The Courtneys, “Silver Velvet”, off their 2017 album The Courtneys II.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Too goddamn hot

I’ve been baking the past few days because we *finally* got summer here in the SF Bay area — and boy howdy, we got it with a vengeance. Broke records all around the Bay area on Sunday, and Saturday wasn’t much cooler.

So anyhow, in the aftermath of a lesbian black woman saving the life of an anti-gay David Duke supporting bigot who was attacked by what appears to have been a lone wolf white Bernie Bro, the tighty righties have their panties in a bunch about how those mean lefties are coarsening the public discourse. Like this leftie threatening violence:

Err, yeah.

Or this liberal threatening violence:

Err, ah. Okay. Well, I’m sure this guy has to be a liberal:

No? Okay, so how about this guy who shot someone outside a Milo Yiannopoulos speech? He was clearly a liberal, right.

Uhm, no. He was wearing a Trump hat and had told his wife he was carrying his gun with him to the event so he could kill some liberals.

Okay, so let’s get this straight. You have some liberals saying that we should impeach Trump, one of whom, out of all the millions saying that, decided to start taking potshots at Republicans. Then you got right wingers saying that killing liberals is a great idea, *lots* of right wingers saying that, you can’t throw a rock at Stormfront or Brietbart or the Fox News comment section without hitting one of the right wingers saying that, and that means that liberals are the ones advocating violence.

Yeah, global warming is real, and it’s apparently baked the fucking brains out of half of America. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Too-warm Penguin