So, today the Republicans held their one and only hearing on the latest Trumpcare atrocity, which would basically defund Medicaid, kick most older Americans off of their Obamacare health insurance, and otherwise kill lots and lots of Americans. So a bunch of disabled people in wheelchairs showed up courtesy of the Medicaid funds that keep them alive to protest the fact that Turtle Mitch’s cuts would kill them.

The Capitol Police dragged them all away, in some cases hauling them bodily out of their wheelchairs and dragging them down the hallway by their feet.

What brave manly men our Capitol Police are, man-handling crippled people like that in order to protect Turtle Mitch and Orin Hatch from the unseemly sight of the people they want to murder!

And what did our brave Republican Senators think about all of this? Well… they seemed bored. In fact, Sen. Bill Cassidy actually yawned as disabled people were ripped out of their wheelchairs and dragged away. Ho hum, just another person he wants to kill whining about not wanting to be killed. Nothing to interest a cold-blooded lizard person from planet Sociopath. Nope, nosirree, those aren’t fellow people, those are just prey as far as our cold-blooded sociopathic lizard overlords are concerned.

Symbolism more suited to what Trump’s America has become — a hard-hearted place where anybody who has the bad luck to become old or sick or disabled should just die, already — could not be devised by any number of Democratic think tanks. This is America, y’all. This is America — cops dragging disabled people out of hearings rather than letting their voices be heard. Because the disabled aren’t people, as far as the sociopaths leading our nation are concerned. The disabled — and hell, pretty much all of us — are prey.

– Badtux the Sociopath-smellin’ Penguin


Kneeling for peace, justice, and equality. For a certain white population, this made them dangerous radicals who needed to be rounded up and caged like animals.

The more things change, the more they don’t….

The white people totally losing their mind over black men in the NFL not acting like step’n’fetchit house niggers need to step back, get some perspective, and check their hoods at the door. Black people haven’t had equal rights with white people in this country since day one, when they were brought over in chains from Africa. Even today, they get discriminated against in employment, in law enforcement contacts (black people get stopped more often for “driving while black”, but are less likely to be carrying contraband than white people in those stops), and, of course, in the fact that unarmed black men are way more likely to be gunned down by cops than unarmed white men.

The fact that this annoys black people and they have a desire to express that annoyance in a way that has been traditional for decades doesn’t make these ball players liberals or anti-American or anything like that. It just makes them human.

Of course, the day that “President” Donald J. Trump checks his hood at the door rather than calling protesting blacks “son of a bitch” is likely the day after he dies….

– Badtux the Racism-smellin’ Penguin

Daw, isn’t James Damore just an adorable special little snowflake tech bro? For a definition of “adorable” that rhymes with “giant flaming douche”, I mean?

This adorable special little techbro snowflake, and others like him, are whining that equality of sexes has gone too far. Why, women are getting uppity and even reporting them to HR when they grab a woman’s ass or tits. Gasp! The horror! Women expecting to be treated as equals in the workplace rather than as eye candy or sperm receptacles! And you know, she was wearing yoga leggings, so she was just asking for it, anyhow!

And hey, what about this douchebag, James Altizer, who whines that there’s a “witchhunt” against men who treat women like shit? Wow, what a stud!

These are the same douchebags who inhabit Reddit troll forums devoted to “incels” that refer to women with derogatory names and whine inconsolably that men are entitled to women’s bodies and yada yada yada. They’re self-entitled jerks with no self-awareness of just how dickish they seem to anybody who isn’t just like them.

And they wonder why they have trouble working with female co-workers? Dudes need to be looking at themselves for the answer to that problem, ’cause I’ve worked with female coworkers plenty of times and never had a problem working with them. But then, I treat them like coworkers, not like a sperm receptacle or eye candy. Maybe, y’know, if you have trouble working with your coworkers, don’t be a dick? Ya think?!

– Badtux the Silicon Valley Penguin Penguin

Charles Bradley, a soul singer who was one of the hardest working men in R&B, died yesterday of liver cancer at age 68.

To answer the question in his above song, “Why Is It So Hard?”: Selfishness, greed, and hate.


Time to go back and re-listen to his three-album catalog of heartfelt soul.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Howdy, heathen! Welcome to the post-rapture world!

Really. It was on the news. So all the good Christians went to Heaven, and all that’s left down here is us heathen.

Hmm, let me check the news and see whether any of the godly members of the Trump Administration ascended yesterday….

Nope. They’re still making the news, just like the rest of us heathen.

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Warning, do not watch the above video unless you want to watch a cop execute an unarmed 27-year-old Navy veteran by the name of Dillan Tabares.

Now, there’s another video basically showing the skinny dude chasing the cop as the cop is trying to taser him. So we’re definitely in a situation where the cop expects, once he has backed away from the man, that the man is going to come right back at him as soon as he gets his feet under him, and thus once he makes the decision to pull his service weapon he has to use his service weapon or else lose it to the street person, thereby causing a danger to the life of himself and others. On the other hand, I have this question: What kind of pussy cops are we hiring who can’t deal with a half-starved skinny street dude physically without shooting him to death? I mean, fuck. I could have probably managed the physical part of this encounter as well as this cop did, and I’m a fucking computer geek, it’s not my *job* to apply violence to evil-doers.

And hey, the skinny street dude was unarmed. He wasn’t a threat to the safety of anybody else in the vicinity. Why not call it in and call for backup, wait for backup, and *then* take the kid down? I mean, that was part of my training when I was being trained in how to restrain mentally ill people — “don’t try to do it by yourself, always do it in pairs.” First of all, a mentally ill person when faced with two people trying to subdue him is more likely to comply, realizing that he’s outnumbered. (Note that I said *more* likely, not that he *would* — we’re talking mentally ill people after all). Secondly, there’s less chance of injury both to yourself and to the person you’re trying to restrain if there’s two of you.

The biggest mistake this cop made was to remove his service weapon from its holster. Assuming the cop has a typical positive retention holster issued to officers today, the weapon was safe in the holster. The dude wasn’t going to wrestle it out, it requires a series of motions from an angle that an attacker can’t easily replicate in order to remove that pistol from its holster. But once the weapon was removed from its holster, the cop had two alternatives, given that the dude had already charged the cop. The first alternative was to use it. “Use it or lose it”, is the training cops receive. That is, if they’ve made the choice to deploy their service weapon and the person charges them, shoot to kill, immediately, because the alternative is that the person is going to grab the weapon and shoot someone with it.

The second alternative, of course, was to put all the high tech toys away, pull out a nightstick, and do like the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth woulda done: Grin, and say “You want some of this, I see,” then beat the crap out of the dude. Dude woulda still ended up in the hospital of course, cracked ribs, maybe a broken arm or leg bone, bruised kidneys, the works. But he would have been alive.

But of course this cop, like most pussy cops today, doesn’t carry a nightstick. And unlike the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth, he doesn’t know how to handle himself in a brawl. So here we are, a dead person who shouldn’t be dead, because our cops today are pussies.

At which point I have one question: If all they’re good for is executing people, if they can’t handle issues in any other way, why do we have them? I mean, we used to have cops who could handle situations like this without shooting people. What the fuck has gone wrong with our police forces today that they can’t handle simple situations like this without killing people, when they used to be able to do so? And even have the police chief stand up for the pussy cop?

We need real cops, not these… wimps. I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-wimp cop. I’m all for cops — real cops, cops who know how to handle themselves on the street, cops who don’t need to pull out their service weapon and execute a scrawny half-starved street dude just because they’re fucking pussies who don’t know how to handle themselves on the streets. But then, given that we have turned into a nation of fucking cowards that cowers in fear of a buncha stupid goat-fuckers in the Middle East who’d have to walk on water to actually get over here and kill people, well. What can we expect, I guess?

– Badtux the Annoyed Penguin

Comcast: The Resolution

So: Comcast disconnected *my* cable drop and connected it to my *neighbor’s* drop because their technician apparently decided that the cable drop to my half of the building was just random abandoned wiring. And Comcast’s response to this for *three days straight* was to lie and say they were sending a technician out, when they never did nor had any intentions of doing so.

The resolution:

I went to Harbor Freight and bought this cable tracker:


I already knew that my cable modem was receiving no signal, so I attached the alligator clips to the cable at my cable modem, and tracked the cable into the attic, and saw that it headed up to the front of the house, as I presumed based on the last time the cable guy came out. I then walked out my front door, and identified the exact cable.

The next part was a bit iffier. There were three cables there. One had no connector on it and appeared to go up to the attic. I decided to go up to the attic and look at the other cables there, and attached the warbler to one that looked like it might go to the front of the house. It hooked to a splitter. I attached the warbler to the cables that entered the splitter, and they went to the jacks in the back bedrooms of my house. I attached to the cable that went forward from the splitter, and it was the cable dangling on the front wall of the building with no connector on it.

So that wasn’t the cable I needed to hook up to. I checked each of the two other cables dangling on the wall *with* a connector by simply hooking them to the cable I’d identified as mine, and then waiting for my cable modem to detect signal on them. No signal. Or at least not one that my cable modem understood. I think one went to a satellite dish. My cable modem obviously doesn’t understand satellite signals.

So it had to be the one that was hooked up and going into the neighbor’s living room through the wall. Yep, the cable guy unplugged *MY* cable and plugged it into my *NEIGHBOR’S* wire!

One splitter later, and I’m back in business.

BTW, I did knock on the neighbor’s door to let them know I was about to unplug their cable for a minute to put the splitter. I got no answer, so clearly they weren’t in the living room using the cable. So I shrugged and put the splitter there. This is in their yard, the old lady of the house has all sorts of greenery there. I used to have more greenery on my side but I ripped most of it out because it was impinging on my jade plants.

Tomorrow I figure I’ll put a sign on my cable — XX50 XXXXX Street Do Not Disconnect”. I’ll put it in a zip-lok bag and use Guerilla Tape to tape it to the cable. I’ll also do the same to the cable drop that goes to the back of XX48 (it’s the cable drop for our entire building) so that they won’t disconnect my cable when the neighbor moves out, like they did once before when the previous neighbor moved out. Maybe that’ll keep the cable guys from disconnecting me again the next time they go to XX48 XXXXX Street to fiddle with the cable. We’ll see….

Meanwhile, a Comcast rep *finally* called me today and said, “do I need to send a technician out there?” I replied “No, I needed the technician two days ago, I already fixed your wiring goofup” and basically gave the story above.

So it goes.

– Badtux the “Comcast Sucks!” Penguin