The number of alt-right morons quoting Mein Kampf who aren’t even aware they’re quoting Mein Kampf is staggering.

New rule: If all your statements could be taken out of Mein Kampf, you’re not alt-scooby-doo or whatever — you’re a Nazi.

Alt-right guys, the copyright on Mein Kampf is expired, and the book is online. You might want to check your public statements against Mein Kampf before making them, if you want to *not* be called a Nazi. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Every single Trump statement can be replaced by a scene from Blazing Saddles, Monty Python, or Saturday Night Live and have exactly the same meaning.




For example, here’s Trump on “extreme vetting” of Muslims:

And here’s Trump threatening to destroy Obamacare unless the Democrats vote for his border wall:

And, given how many of Trump’s campaign people have gotten arrested, the latest being his Kentucky campaign chairman being arrested for sex trafficking of a minor, here’s Trump selecting his campaign chair people:

And here’s Trump on his “armada” being discovered going towards Australia rather than towards North Korea:

Any questions?

– Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

Views that now apparently require mass marches to bring them to the attention of the general public:

* Women are people who deserve rights
* Science is important; don’t ban it
* POTUS should pay taxes
* Water is wet.

Wait, that last one maybe doesn’t belong on that list. Or does it? Seems to be a lot of people who miss some pretty obvious shit nowadays…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

What a waste

AJ Lee, “Waste of Mine”. This young lady from a few miles down the road from me was 17 years old when she was singing / playing this song. She sings nice, writes good songs, and is pleasant on the eyes besides. Hopefully we’ll hear some more from her, including maybe even this song on an album.

— Badtux the New Music Penguin

A mother complains that people keep asking her girl what gender she is because she dresses “masculine” and plays sports with the boys, when her girl is quite insistent that she is a girl. Her daughter is not transgender, her daughter is just a tomboy.

I knew a girl like that when I was a kid. She dressed in jeans and t-shirt and sneakers in a day and age when that wasn’t usual for girls, and she was out there on the playground playing kickball and etc. with us rather than hanging around talking with other girls about whatever girls talk about in the 5th grade. On the other hand, she was quite insistent that she was a girl, not a boy. In fact, she got rather irate if you insisted that her liking for playing sports meant she must want to be a boy. She was a girl, that’s what she was, and she didn’t want to be anything other than the person that she was.

It’s nice that people ask nowadays, rather than insist that a girl who has short hair and prefers playing sports to princesses must want to be a boy, but at some point people need to just mind their own business and let people be people. What gender someone identifies as is no business of mine. Nobody ever hurt someone else just by existing. If someone insists they are a girl, they just like dressing like a boy and playing sports… that’s no business of mine. And if someone insists they are a boy, they just accidentally got assigned the wrong genitals at birth… again, none of my business. Simply existing hurts nobody at all.

Tomboy, or trans? Doesn’t matter. Either way hurts nobody at all and is nobody’s business except that of the person who knows what gender she or he is and doesn’t need anybody else’s approval or permission. Use the pronoun that matches the person in front of you, and if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun, that person will correct you and then you’ll know the right one. In the greater scheme of things, it just isn’t a big frickin’ deal.

– Badtux the MYOB Penguin

“We’re a metal band”
“Cool. you there in the middle, what do you play?”
“Huh? what about your friend there?”
“The harp.”

Eluveitie, “The Call of the Mountains”, off their 2014 album Origins.

Let’s not forget the flute, and the lute.

Playing heavy metal with that instrumentation is like playing “Rocket Man” with bluegrass instruments. Wait, that’s been done too, and not even by William Shatner.

— Badtux the Amused Music Penguin

Being a Nazi isn’t about having swastika armbands and cool brown shirts. It’s about believing the same things as the Nazis did.

So, what did the Nazis believe? Let’s read Mein Kampf (the Murphy Edition, which is generally held to be the best of the admittedly rather problematic translations into English), and see what we get!

  1. White people are the master race, and of white people, pure Aryan (Germanic) people are the most superior of all because Aryan people build a culture rather than cower in selfishness. (Mein Kampf, all over)
  2. The Aryan race must not feel guilty about what it does to the inferior peoples, who are weeds that must be occasionally pulled up (i.e., killed). (Mein Kampf, page 36)
  3. Any mixing of the Aryan race with the inferior peoples results in the degeneration of the people. (Mein Kampf, Page 162)
  4. Jews are negroid parasites who have used the generosity of the Aryan people to enter our nation and control our finances, our literature, our commerce, even vital government bodies of our nation, and are parasites upon the Aryan people (Mein Kampf, all over, starting from page 16). Thus under #2 they are weeds that must be pulled up as the nation naturally dislikes blood-sucking tyranny (Mein Kampf, Page 242)
  5. A woman’s role is to submit to the strong man. (Mein Kampf, Page 45)
  6. Inferior peoples must be prevented from breeding in order to strengthen the master race (Nuremberg Laws, which enforced mandatory sterilization of “undesirables”).
  7. All Communists or “minority” socialists (i.e., anarcho or syndicalist socialism) are traitors. (Mein Kampf, Page 518)
  8. Socialism (“Social democracy”) is evil and built upon lies. (Mein Kampf, Page 56).
  9. Anything you read in the mainstream press is fake news, lies spread by the Jews. (Mein Kampf, Page 275).

So, do you believe white people are best, mixing of races is wrong, it’s okay to be harsh with inferior people, Jews are evil parasites, a woman’s role is to submit to a strong man, and all socialists are traitors? Congratulations, you’re a Nazi! Bonus points if you believe in exterminating inferior peoples…

– Badtux the “Yeah, lotsa Nazis denying they’re Nazis” Penguin