The Aquadolls, “So High”, off their 2014 album Stocked On You.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

The reality is that Bernie voters know that Bernie isn’t going to get to implement even a tiny portion of the things he proposes. But the deal is that Bernie isn’t part of the establishment that has led to a decline in the per-hour inflation adjusted wage of the median worker since 1973 at the same time that higher education costs have skyrocketed to the point where students must submit to hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpayable tuition debt in order to get a degree. Given a choice of voting for an insider who has been part of that fail over the past forty years, or for an outsider who hasn’t been part of that fail, Bernie voters choose to vote for the outsider.

This isn’t Bernie supporters being immature or unrealistic. This is Bernie voters being desperate. They know that Hillary Clinton is a product of the same system that led to the current situation, and is so deeply embedded in that system she may as well be part of it. They know that the way things are going, their life is going to be harder than their parents’ lives and they are going to die young and die poor. Bernie may not offer a realistic chance of reversing that, but if the alternative is more of the same that’s landed them in their current position… why not? Maybe the horse will learn to sing. And if not… what have they lost?

The same dynamic, of course, is behind Donald Trump’s rise in the polls. Watching both the Democratic and Republican establishments undergoing a meltdown and collective freakout is probably the only entertainment I’m going to get this election year. The establishment is shocked, shocked I say, that people are tired of business as usual. And their only collective reaction appears to be to condemn supporters of the outsiders as immature and unrealistic and who will give the election to the election to the other party if they get their candidate nominated.

Which is missing the point. But then, if these people had been paying attention in the first place, they would have realized the point in the first place, changed policy directions decades ago to make sure that everybody shared in the American dream not just a few rich people, and there would not be a Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in the race… but that would have required brains, and courage, and long-term thinking rather than short-term greed. None of which are evident in today’s political establishments.

– Badtux the Political Penguin

So apparently there’s some special little snowflakes who are butt-hurt about the Super Bowl half time show and commercials.

First of all, the tighty whities who were shocked, shocked I say, that Beyonce is black and has lyrics and a show that reflect her experience as a black person in America during Black History Month. For shame, isn’t she supposed to know that she’s supposed to be a white person with a tan?! Man, these people would have *really* freaked over *real* black power music, like Zack De La Rocha, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch, Common, or dead prez f. They would have completely missed their fainting couches as their heads exploded!

Then there’s the butthurts in the Men’s Rights Movement who are upset that many of the Super Bowl commercials depicted men as stupid and infantile. Uhm, pot, kettle, much? Just sayin’. I think we all know supposedly grown men who really *are* stupid and infantile. After all, 49% of all men are below average, and average ain’t so smart…

It was a freakin’ *game*, folks. *Entertainment*. If you didn’t like it, nobody forced you to watch it. Sheesh!


I wasn’t paying a lot of attention during the halftime show, but all I really noticed was just how lame Coldplay has become. Beyonce… was Beyonce. Big effin’ deal. As for the commercials, the only one that really annoyed me was the puppy monkey baby one, that repeated over, and over, and over again. Agh! Make it stop! Other than that, I pretty much ignored the commercials too. You’d think someone was forcing these special snowflakes’ eyes open with them fastened to a chair like that scene out of A Clockwork Orange. Give me a break!

– Badtux the Grouchy Penguin

Lazy rich girl tattoo

Cherry Glazerr, “All My Friends”, from their 2014 album Haxel Princess. Some L.A. slacker rich kid attitude on display, yo.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

16 Horsepower, “Low Estate”, off their 1998 album by that name.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

At least, that’s what I get out of this meme that’s going around on Facebook:
So, let me get this straight. Gun control means that the sheep themselves aren’t armed, and instead you have armed shepherds protecting the sheep from wolves. Which, uhm, is the situation right now. I mean, I haven’t seen any armed sheep lately. Have you? Yet there’s clearly still sheep out there even in wolf country, because the sheepdogs raise the alarm if wolves are near, and the shepherd dispatches the wolves if they attempt to attack his sheep. Either that, or the sheep are in a fenced pasture that wolves can’t get into.

Yes, a few sheep get eaten by wolves every year because they’re not carrying guns and the shepherds aren’t near enough to shoot the wolf before the wolf can catch and eat the sheep. But really, isn’t that preferable to the alternative of giving guns to the sheep, knowing just how stupid sheep are (and sheep *are* stupid, they’re pretty much the dumbest animal raised by man with the possible exception of the domestic turkey)? I mean, can you imagine sheep with laser beams on their heads, ready to shoot wolves? I suspect there would be a few dead trees, fence posts, sheepdogs, and shepherds by the time that fiasco played out!
Yet apparently arming sheep is the whole point of this meme. As if that were a good idea. Wow. Personally, I prefer the shepherds to have the guns, not the sheep. The shepherds at least supposedly have some sort of training and experience with shooting a gun and are unlikely to mistake a random sheep for a wolf. Sheep… not so much.

At which point the gun nutz then pop into the conversation to say “but if the sheep has a gun, it’s not a sheep anymore!” Uhm, no. A sheep with a gun is, uhm, a sheep with a gun. Still gonna be some dead trees, fence posts, sheepdogs, shepherds, and undoubtedly a few dead sheep too. Because sheep are *dumb*. Just like gun nuts.

Farmer John bringing guns out to his sheep so they can protect themselves from wolves

Farmer John bringing guns out to his sheep so they can protect themselves from wolves

Oh yeah, here in the real world we call shepherds “police officers” and we call sheepdogs “the neighborhood watch” (or mall cops, or any of a number of other entities whose job it is to call in the shepherds when wolves are attacking the sheep). As for sheep with guns, well, there’s some of those too, with the usual results — not many dead wolves. More Americans have been shot by toddlers this year than have been shot by terrorists, and most of those Americans were decidedly *not* wolves, they were good family people — good family people who thought it was a good idea to keep a gun around where a toddler could find it. In other words, sheep.

So it goes. Remember, 50% of all people are average or below average. And average ain’t so smart nowadays. Else average wouldn’t be recommending giving sheep guns to protect themselves from wolves, because that’s such a stupid idea in the first place that nobody with a lick of brains would ever suggest doing so.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

A processional invitation

The Black Heart Procession, “Invitation”, off their 2002 album Amore del Tropico.

– Badtux the Music Penguin


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