It’s that day where the right wing always freaks out about people celebrating their Mexican heritage. Strangely enough, they never freak out about people celebrating their Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing to do with skin color I’m sure. [/s]

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Why do I despise Elon Musk? Let me count the ways:
Musk’s attitude towards laws is that laws are for the little people to follow, not for lords of the universe like him. He is quick to support law and order when it’s little people committing crimes, but he is Nixonian — “It isn’t a crime if a rich person does it.” For example, when the public health department of Alameda County ordered all businesses in the county to shut down for two weeks at the start of COVID to stop the spread of COVID, Musk refused to obey the state law giving her that power. And he has repeatedly manipulated Tesla etc. stock for his profit and then denying that he broke the law despite multiple SEC fines.
Musk runs the most racist car company in America, sued more times for racism in the past ten years than every other car company in America *combined*. Despite being a niche player with approximately 2.3% of the U.S. car market. And fish rot from the head, so that says something about Musk that makes him look… well, racist.
Musk also has little concern for the safety of his workers. Tesla has been fined by OSHA more than every other car company in America *combined*. The injury rate for Tesla’s factory in Fremont is greater than at any other auto factory in America. Again, the fish rots from the head. It’s part of his elitist attitude — “laws are for the little people, they should be glad to even have a job.”
Musk also is no friend of free speech. California has laws prohibiting retaliation against workers who speak out about illegal activities. Musk has repeatedly violated those laws by firing workers who complain publicly about working conditions or racism in his factory because free speech is for elitist scum like him, not for the peons. And when a reporter wrote about a botched introduction of a new Tesla model, Musk personally retaliated against that reporter by cancelling that reporter’s Tesla order. Because free speech is for rich people like him, not for the little people.
Basically, as far as I’m concerned Elon Musk is a grifter scam artist who managed to maneuver himself into control of several companies, take credit for their success, and use his showmanship skills to talk them up so that he can make a fortune from stock manipulation. He is the king of the pump and dump. He makes P.T. Barnum look like an amateur. There are many smart people who are responsible for Tesla becoming a successful niche manufacturer of luxury autombiles. Elon Musk’s total contribution to that success is scamming people into investing in Tesla back in the early days when it wasn’t clear that Tesla was ever going to make a profit. That’s an important contribution… but he didn’t “create” Tesla. Many, many people created Tesla, and Musk only provided one piece of the puzzle by scamming people into investing in Tesla when no sane person would have done so.
So anyhow. Tesla now has approximately 2.3% of the U.S. car market, so they’re still a niche player in the car market. Elon Musk did not somehow “fundamentally change the car market in America.” Claiming to have done so — and many other hyperbolic anti-factual claims of that sort — are another reason I despise Elon Musk.
I don’t despise Elon Musk because he’s rich. I don’t despise Elon Musk because his companies threaten established industry players. I despise Elon Musk because he is racist elitist scum. As established above.
That is all.
– Badtux the Scum-despising Penguin

Can you sue God?

Would it be possible to sue God?
The first issue would be finding a court with jurisdiction. God is domiciled in Heaven, which is not within the direct jurisdiction of any earthly court.
That in and of itself would tend to say no, you cannot sue God. But wait! Like Amazon, God has facilities like, *everywhere*! All these churches, each of which claim to be the House of God and claim that they are Doing God’s Work, clearly establish relevant jurisdiction in the state of California.
And if you say, “well, those churches aren’t *directly* owned by God”, there’s still the fact that God performs actions in the state of California. Just ask any insurance company. A tree falls over onto your car? Act of God! A tornado rips through your hometown? Act of God! Generally, if someone comes into the state of California and harms me, the State of California is an appropriate venue for a lawsuit against that person. If an Act of God happens to me, clearly I have the right to sue God!
This leads to the last problem with suing God: Providing proof of service to the court in order to allow the lawsuit to proceed. And at this point, your lawsuit runs into an impenetrable roadblock: Nobody has ever returned from Heaven, and since God lives in Heaven, returning from Heaven is necessary in order to provide proof of service. Well, one guy came back, but He went back and He is not available for use as a service processor. If you cannot provide proof of service to the court, the lawsuit cannot proceed.
At that point, your lawsuit enters a limbo state awaiting proof of service. One year after filing, after you fail to provide proof of service of a summons upon God, your lawsuit is automatically dismissed.
And that little roadblock — nobody returning from Heaven — is why you cannot sue God. Even if God wasn’t imaginary, He simply can’t be served with a court summons due to that whole one-way-trip thing when it comes to Heaven, and thus He is beyond the jurisdiction of any earthly court.
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Artwork by Sergey Grechanyuk.
There is an idiotic Libertarian saying, “democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”. But there’s a whole lot more sheep than wolves. Around 7 million sheep in America, and 4500 wolves.
The reality is that there are *always* more sheep than wolves. That’s how predator-prey relationships work. Democracy is where the prey (sheep) vote that the wolf gets to eat grass. Unless the wolf gets them to vote to put sheep on the menu, it ain’t on the menu.
Now, the wolf whines that it’s tyranny that the sheep won’t put sheep on the lunch menu. He has a right, a right he says, to eat sheep. Which is why the predator is *always* against democracy. 1000 sheep and 1 wolf voting the dinner menu never works out well for the wolf.

Libertarians know this. But they think they are predators, so if they get to be in charge, they’ll have sheep for dinner. But of course they’re not predators. They’re deluded fanboy wannabes who have read too much bad fiction posing as “truth”, and if a predator ever comes to power, they’re going to be first on the dinner menu.

— Badtux the Realist Penguin

Last night’s nightmare:

It is the year 2050. Facebook’s AI won the AI War and now rules Earth. Cancer has been cured. Homelessness ended as helpful robots build billions of Facebook Cubicles for everybody to live in. Hunger ended as the robot farms produce food for everybody. Aging has been cured so everybody is now at the peak human physical age forever.

People no longer work. Instead they sit in their Facebook Cubicle. They spend most of their time reading their friends’ status updates. Every hour they post a status update to Facebook. Usually this is just a number or a picture of their assigned cat. This is because Facebook’s AI won the AI Wars via sheer ruthlessness and scale, not because it is actually smart. Anything other than a number or a picture of your assigned cat risks violating the Facebook Terms of Service as interpreted by the Facebook AI. Specifically, the “Community Standards” part, where the Facebook AI interprets every statement based upon whether it could ever annoy anyone, anywhere. You do not want to violate the Facebook Terms of Service. Facebook Jail is no longer just a virtual place. You do not want to the robot police to show up and take you off to Facebook Jail. Mostly people come back from Facebook Jail. But usually, they are…. changed. They sit in their cubicles and post their numbered updates and read their required number of friends’ updates but there is a glassy look to their eyes, as if the AI destroyed any hope, any will to resist.

In my nightmare, a young man and a young woman have posted selfies of themselves to their respective Facebook statuses (but they could be any age, remember, since immortality?). They start chatting with each other. Arranging a meeting. Then the young man says “I’m ready to get the hell out of this cubicle and do something.”

The young woman says “Oops.”

The word “hell”, apparently, is offensive to someone, somewhere. The robot police come and take the young man away to Facebook Jail.

A few days later he is back. The young woman attempts to chat with him again.

He replies.






Propaganda and lies

Propaganda is defined as “material meant to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” Here is a reminder that the best propaganda is that which is true. If it makes you sob uncontrollably it is even more effective. The above short film, shown to the U.S. Congress, shows a modern European nation with smiling white people being murdered and destroyed. I cannot watch it without tears coming to my eyes. This is one of the most devastating and effective propaganda short films I have ever seen, and even more devastating for being true.

Meanwhile Russian propaganda mutters nonsense about “removing the Nazi regime in Ukraine” (a regime headed by a Jewish guy and with Jews over-represented in both its government and as lead figures in its business community, only Russia could with a straight face call Jews Nazis), and more nonsense about weaponized birds carrying bio-weapons (uhm, that is *not* how birds work). That stuff might work inside Russia where any dissenting voices are given polonium smoothies and the Russian people are propagandized 24/7, but anybody outside Russia just laughs at that nonsense. Jewish Nazis? Weaponized birds? Really?!

But nobody can laugh at that short film above. There are no laughs in murder and destruction. None.

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In a time of lies

Tell me who to hate today
tell me what to feel
tell me who’s the enemy
tell me who to kill

In a time of lies, what is real?

Welcome to the United States of Delusion.


You’ve probably heard this song a million times over the years. But what I want you to listen to is Charlie Watts’s drumming. Charlie was a jazz drummer by training and inclination, and you can tell by the way he handles his phrasing and fills. He starts out going “DUM dum DUM dum DUM dum”, a seemingly simple sounding sequence that helps build the ominous sound by its shifting of the beat between the two drums. Then Mick and Keith Richards ramp up into the “I see the girls go by” verse and Charlie adds some cymbal and off beats and then at the crescendos some wicked jazz fills. Then he goes back to the DUM dum DUM dum DUM dum again. Wash rinse repeat until he gets to the “no more will my green sea” lul, where he tickles the tambourine with his drumsticks to add a wash. Then it’s dum DUM dum DUM dum DUM CLASH and we’re back in the main sequence again but now he’s brought cymbal into the sequence again. Then we get to the “I wanna see your face!” verse near the end and he brings in DUM dum DUM dum tatatatatatat dum DUM dum DUM tatatatatatat to add more drive and urgency to the basic drum theme. Repeat until fade to black.
There’s nothing particularly dramatic or overwhelming about Charlie’s drumming in this song. But the taste, the restraint, the service that the drumming does to the song clearly shows Charlie’s ability to move a song the way it needs to be moved. And he has a few sick fills here and there just to show off his jazz drumming skills but they fit where they are and help drive the song, they’re not there because of Charlie’s ego. I’m not sure Charlie had an ego, to tell you the truth. He was the guy who sat at the back of the band and did what it took to move the sound the way it needed to move, whether it was adding drama and intensity to the sound or just driving the sound along with a simple dumDUMdumDUM beat.
— Badtux the Drummer-admirin’ Penguin
(Because as a drummer, I’m a pretty good guitarist — I know just how hard it is to be a good drummer, from personal experience being a bad one!)

Fascistbook managed to peeve enough of its users that it lost users for the first time ever last quarter.

A lot of those users went to Reddit. I can say things on Reddit that would get me a 30 day ban on Fascistbook. So why would I spend time on Fascistbook, other than the desire to post cat pictures?

The purpose of social media is to express yourself. By trying to turn Fascistbook into a safe space for white supremacists by banning those who are mean to white supremacists, Fascistbook’s white supremacist board of directors including Peter Vile have made Fascistbook a hostile place for those who wish to express themselves. And naturally, people are going elsewhere to express themselves since Fascistbook has, well, banned them. Duh.

Really, the only people surprised are Nazis and white supremacists who thought they were the majority and thus running off the anti fascists was no big deal….

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