I love all the MAGAts comparing the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber and Reagan. Yeah, let’s look at that comparison.

I lived through Reagan. Both Reagan and His Fraudulency Donald the Trump share the similarity of being delusional liars leading an administration comprised of crony criminals. And being washed up actors. And bigots who accused entire minority races of being criminals and rapists. And hatred of the press. Oooh, how Reagan hated the press. As his administration officials went to jail by the dozen (138 in all), Reagan fumed as the press covered each and every one being convicted. He held fewer press conferences than any other modern President, considering the press the enemy and unworthy of his time and attention. (Well, the fact that he was going dotty by his second term was probably part of that too). And hey, Reagan was into crony capitalism too. That’s why so many of his administration officials went to jail, they were using government for their own profit, just like Trump is doing with his many decisions that just *happen* to enrich Trump-owned businesses like Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida.

Of course, there’s also big differences between Reagan and SCROTUS. Reagan cloaked his bigotry and his hatred of the press behind a shield of geniality. Cheeto Mussolini is just an ass. Reagan faced a real, if declining, existential threat in the form of the Soviet Union. The Orange Racist Russian Stooge faces a bunch of illiterate goat rapists in the Middle East, a China that is more interested in buying America than in fighting America, and a Russia armed with rusty leftover Soviet gear that is a threat to former Soviet states but no threat to Western Europe or the United States. And, for all his senility towards the end of his term, Reagan actually had governing experience and his White House ran like a well oiled machine. SCROTUS’s White House by contrast is a disaster where people wander around not knowing what they’re supposed to do and nobody even knows how to turn on the lights because they fired all the people who knew how to do that.

So yeah, compare Reagan and Tump all you want, MAGAts. That comparison doesn’t make your God-Emperor Donald the Trump look good at all. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin


Throwing Muses, “Hate My Way”, 1987. Kristin is 20 years old. This song never made it onto any of their albums while they were together as a band, but was played regularly at their concerts in that era. Kristin defied every convention of songwriting. There are no hooks, there is no consistent time signature, and the lyrics sprawl all over, being basically primal scream stream of consciousness spew that occurred to Kristin after a dream when she immediately woke up and scrawled it in a notebook. I think it’s pretty obvious why they never became a top 40 band…

-Badtux the Music Penguin

So I’m told I should give Trump a chance.

Look. I hoped for the best with Trump. I mean, I actually agree with about 50% of what he said during his campaign, far more than the other Republican nominees. So I *did* give him a chance. I gave him three months of chance, actually, starting from his election on November 9 to the week of his coronation on January 20.

I gave Trump a chance. I gave him all that time after he was elected to stop acting like a thug and start acting like a President. During that time, I waited for him to select competent advisors, I waited for him to stop the inflammatory rhetoric and start sounding like a President, I waited for him to make policy statements that made a lick of sense as actual policy rather than campaign rhetoric, and I waited in vain. He’s *still* not doing any of those things, and he won’t. He had his chance with me, and he blew it. I don’t give second chances.

If Trump is going to pull his presidency out of the pit, he’s going to have to prove it to me. Thus far, he’s done nothing of the sort. He just keeps digging deeper, to the point where honorable men like Admiral Robert Hayward refuse roles in the Trump administration because, in Admiral Hayward’s words, “it’s a shit sandwich”.

I gave Trump a chance. He blew it. It’s up to him now. If he earns a second chance, he’ll get it. But he has to earn it, I’m not going to give it away, and thus far, he hasn’t. So far, all he’s proven is that he’s a schmuck.

– Badtux the Reality-based Penguin

Rounding up the Messicans

Apparently, according to the White House, the plan to call up 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up Messicans and expel them back to Mexico is “fake news”. Ignore the memo, nothing to see there, move along.

Meanwhile, Trump declares most of the mainstream media to be “enemies of the people”. Yeah, that’s what every democratically elected leader declares of the press. Err… no.

Best comment on Vice Admiral Robert Harward refusing to go to work for the White House as the new head of the National Security Council yesterday after Trump’s unhinged press conference: “Admirals know what sinking ships look like, and know that it’s a bad idea to get onto them.”


– Badtux the “Hey, it’s 1973 and Nixon is President again!” Penguin

Looks like lightning

Kristin Hersh, “Krait”, off her 2010 album Crooked.

You have to be some sort of crazy to try to make a living in music. Because if you have music in you it is what it is, it doesn’t care what’s popular or what is profitable. If you’re lucky enough to have a talent for self-promotion and the music that bubbles up is pop-y enough, you can make a good living at it — just look at Lady Gaga or Beyonce for evidence of that. But if what comes up isn’t that kind of music…

Kristin Hersh never had a choice in what music she wrote and played. It was what whispered in her head and turned into guitar and words. She never had a choice about whether to write and play music either, it wanted to get out. As a result she’s had a hard life. Kristin is two years younger than I am. She look ten years older. The years have not been good to her, because the years since she was hit by a car when she was sixteen years old and had a concussion that changed her brain in some unknown way have been filled with the music in her head, the music demanding to be let out, the music that doesn’t let her go, that doesn’t let her be normal. From time to time she announces that there’s been another diagnosis for what’s wrong with her head, another mental illness added to another of a long list, and then announces that she has been cured, that the obsession that has filled her life is no longer. Then a few years later here we are again.

In case you’re wondering, Kristin Hersh and her stepsister Tanya Donelly formed the band Throwing Muses, an early post-punk band, in 1981. I would say that it’s all the drugs Kristin has taken for her mental illness issues over the years, but her former bandmate in Throwing Muses, Tanya Donelly, is the same age and looking just as decrepit. I guess the rock lifestyle just ages you.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Russia is fake news.

This (Trump) administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. (Ignore the flying machine parts!).

Nuclear holocaust would be like no other!

Shoot that Russian spy ship out of the water!

I’m not ranting and raving. (Said while he was ranting and raving).

And so on and so forth. The press conference was officially called to announce his new pick for Secretary of Labor, given that his previous pick turned out to be a wife beater and worse (maybe he needs to do more of that “extreme vetting” on his own people, six of’em got fired today for failing their FBI background test). It turned into a demented ranting and raving session.

Immediately after the press conference, Trump’s pick to succeed General Flynn as National Security Advisor, former Navy SEAL Vice Admiral Robert Harward, turned down the job. Not because of the press conference, but, rather, because Trump was going to saddle him with staffers not of his own choosing. Harward said “Fuck that shit,” and went home. It is becoming apparent even to people outside the administration such as Admiral Harward that the Trump White House is a toxic working environment where underlings are appointed under bosses with orders to backstab the bosses. Given that, nobody who’s even the least bit competent is going to want anything to do with the Trump White House. So, seems like Donald Trump is going to hire the best people he can get… but they’re all going to be losers, because winners like Admiral Harward want nothing to do with the toxic Trump brand or the toxic working environment he’s creating in the White House.

– Badtux the “We’re Fucked” Penguin

We’re all living in America.

Rammstein, “Amerika”, off their 2004 album Reise, Reise.

— Badtux the Music Penguin