What does God want?

There seems to be lots of people eager to tell me and lots of other folks what God wants. God hates fags. God doesn’t want gay marriage. God doesn’t want abortions. God this. God that.

What I can’t figure out is this: Why the fuck should I listen these people? Let me get this straight, God is omnipotent and all-seeing and all-mighty, yet He can’t give me a message directly? What, His thumbs are too big to work the buttons on his Blackberry? (Because you know God is old skool and doesn’t “do” those new-fangled iPhones and Androids, yo). Or He has a bad case of laryngitis today and so needs the God Whisperer to talk in his place? Yeah, right. If God needs to talk to me, he knows where the nearest burning bush is. Just sayin’.

There’s actually entire religions based on the notion that nobody can speak for God but God Himself. Like, the Quakers, they don’t have a “church service”. They have what they call “Meeting”, where they sit around quietly and wait for God to speak to them, or not, whatever the case may be. Because they find the notion that God would need one human being to tell another human being what He has to say to be rather, uhm, presumptuous? And actually, the Baptists used to be that way too. Once upon a time, if any Baptist had dared tell another Baptist what God had to say, he woulda have been firmly put in his place and told “no no, that’s papistry, what, you think you’re Catholic now, you think you’re the Pope in Rome that’s gonna tell us what God has to say?” The Bible was what God had to say. What God spoke to you when you prayed quietly was what God had to say. What other people claimed God had to say was just other people moving their lips and putting themselves into the place of God.

Too bad it isn’t like that still. All these God-botherers wanderin’ around claiming they and they alone know what God has to say are a plague upon the land. So if you’re gonna tell me what God has to say, I’ll tell you this — give God my phone number, and let Him IM me personally using his personal Blackberry. Oh wait, He is omnipresent and omnipotent, so He already has my phone number. So He already can IM me anytime he wishes. The fact that He hasn’t sorta tells me that He doesn’t care about any of that crap that the god botherers claim He cares about. Either that, or He is a myth invented to scare ignorant shepherds into doing what their leaders wanted them to do, but that couldn’t be, right?

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Anatomy of sin

Drugstore, “Sinner’s Descent”, off their 2011 album Anatomy. Another sadly overlooked band that has labored for years without success or respect.

— Badtux the Music Penguin

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

So why do we bother arming our soldiers with guns, then? We should just send them with knives and clubs into battle, since guns aren’t necessary in order to kill, right?

I suggest you say that to a soldier. I suggest you say that to his face. I suggest you say that to his face while he’s with several of his unit-mates. First, however, I suggest that you make sure your health insurance and life insurance are both paid up. Because it’s only *after* he and his unit-mates beat you nearly senseless that they’ll point out that guns make them a helluva lot more deadly than their fists do, and while fists are fine for dealing with idiots making stupid statements, they can kill a dozen jihadis with guns in the time it took to turn your nose into mush and your ribs into a band of pain.

Which exposes the senseless ludicrousness of the NRA’s mantra of “guns don’t kill people”. Sure, soldiers kill people, but soldiers with guns kill a lot *more* people. That’s why we give them guns. You don’t think we give soldiers guns for fun, right?

“Gun laws don’t stop criminals, because criminals break laws.”

Well duh. So I guess we don’t need laws against murder and theft and assault and rape and all that either, right? I mean, why have laws if criminals will just break them, right?

So, here’s the deal. Find the extended family of a murder victim and tell them that since criminals break laws against murders, we don’t need laws against murders. Make sure it’s the *entire* extended family, at least three generations deep, including teenage football players, middle aged steelworkers, and elderly grannies. Again, make sure your insurance is paid up. Because after they finish beating you silly, they’ll point out that we need laws against murders for two reasons — to dissuade other people from committing murders, and to punish those who do break the law so that they won’t break the law again (because they’re in jail until too old to murder, or are sent to the electric chair). Gun laws are no different from laws against murder or theft or rape or etc., sure, criminals will violate the law (they’re criminals, duh) but that doesn’t mean we should repeal those laws.

Okay, so two idiotic things down. I guess I should get around to telling you what *does* stop gun violence, but you won’t like it. One word: Australia.

More on that tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s been two days since 10 people died in Roseburg, Oregon, and we’ve already had two more mass shootings (shootings in which 4 or more people are killed or injured). One in Inglis, Florida, and one in northwest Baltimore MD. But of course it’s too early to talk about gun laws that could have prevented these killings because that would be exploiting them for political gain, though it’s not too early for the NRA to talk about how Obama is gonna use these incidents to grab your guns unless you join the NRA right this moment, that’s not exploiting these incidents for political gain, that’s just… uhm… exploiting these incidents for political gain. Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Overly Armed Penguin

She killed him

Silversun Pickups, “Nightlight”, off their new album Better Nature.

— Badtux the Music Penguin

Bang Bang Bang again

So another dickhead decides the way to become famous is to shoot a buncha people, in this case nine community college students in Roseburg, Oregon.

I’ll have more to say on this tomorrow (check out Jim Wright’s blog). But one thing really stuck out today: Fox News’s new expert on gun violence. Well, I guess he *is* an expert on gun violence, since he shot his best friend in the face, but maybe not the expert that we should listen to when it comes to *not* shooting people in the face. (I’m talking about Dick Cheney, of course).

So how do we stop this? I don’t think it’s possible without steps that the majority of Americans don’t want. But more on that tomorrow.

– Badtux the Bummed Penguin

Howling sin

Howling Bells, Original Sin, off their 2014 album Heartstrings. I lost track of these folks after their first album. They’ve released a couple of albums and a couple of EP’s since then. I need to catch up on what they’ve been up to.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

He apparently met with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis at the Vatican embassy.

At which point I need to remind folks that Cool Pope Francis is still the head of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church is still a neolithic organization with views hundreds of years behind the times on issues like birth control, women’s rights, and homosexuality. Pope Francis may have toned down the vitriol from the Vatican by saying things like, “those aren’t issues I’m interested in spending time talking about”, but there’s no indication that he’s made any attempt to move any updates to the Church’s views on those issues through the Catholic doctrinal organizations.

It may be that, at age 78, he simply believes he doesn’t have time to do anything about it. But the meeting with Kim Davis indicates another possibility — that, as a product of macho Latin American culture, his own personal views on these subjects are similar to the organizational views of the Church as a whole. That is, he doesn’t believe them to be important enough to spend the Church’s moral capital on active defense, but there’s not going to be any change in those Catholic policies emanating from Pope Francis’s leadership.

Now back to gloating about the Republican attacks on Pope Francis repeating the words of Jesus regarding our duty towards the least amongst us, and the stupidity of attacking a man with over 1.2 billion actual real world (as vs Twitter or Facebook) followers…

– Badtux the Reminder Penguin


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