Yes, it’s that time of year where racist white people freak out over brown people with mayo in their sinks!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

 I lack the will to move TMF  and Mencken. 

The same, alas, is not true of organized religion. A bunch of right wing Christianists (when Atlas Juggs blogger Pam Geller is involved, you know it’s batshit crazy Christianists) chummed for Islamist extremist in Garland, Texas. They got their wish — a couple of ISIS wanna-bes tried to crash their party, and got shot down for their trouble by the cops waiting in ambush.

At this point I’m completely puzzled as to why atheism has a bad name in America. The number of atheists who’ve blown themselves (and others) up in defense of their faith is… uhm…. zero. The number of atheists who’ve engaged in or attempted mass shootings in defense of their faith remains… uhm… zero. The number of atheists who’ve used their faith as an excuse to conquer other nations remains… erm… zero. The number of atheist pedophiles who’ve had their crimes covered up by their faith remains… erm… zero. The same cannot be said of virtually every organized religion on this planet, almost all of which have been used as excuses for conquests, bombings, shootings, pedophilia, slavery, genocide, or worse at some point in time.

— Badtux the Irreligious Penguin

The new gilded age

Sleater-Kinney, “Bury Our Friends”, off their new album No Cities To Love. The gals have added a bass player but are still indie as hell.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Yes indeed, Obama has used the Jade Helm law to invade Texas and impose martial law and is personally raping white women! And furthermore, he’s sent his Special Forces goons into WAL-MART! God’s own store! What next, that evil Muslim Nigerian Socialist Communist burns American flags and Bibles?!

Fear! Anger! Hide under bed! Get yer guns and look for them Special Forces soldiers and shoot them!

Oh what, you mean there’s just a Special Forces training exercise named “Jade Helm” going on this summer, like every summer for the past fifteen years, and there isn’t any law by that name? And the only Wal-Marts involved are doing so voluntarily because they support our troops?

Heresy, heresy I say! Oh sure, Obama has been in office for 7 years without seizing a single gun, but THIS is the beginning of his final evil Communist plan to seize every gun in America! And I know this is true because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Nutty) and Senator Ted Cruz say so because the government is not trustworthy, not that Senator Ted Cruz (R-Running Fo Preznit of Da Nuthouse) would know anything about that…

— Badtux the “I live in a fucking nuthouse!” Penguin

Stick it the sky

The Jezabels, “Dark Storm”, off their 2010 EP by that name. Yet another little known Australian band…

-Badtux the Music Penguin

Been painting.


– Badtux the Jeep-farkling Penguin


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