A writer for the New York Times tries to figure out how her loving grandmother could have been a Nazi.

Her only conclusion: It required selective vision, a willingness to be blind, a willingness to ignore the evil stuff that was being said and listen only to the good stuff, the stuff you wanted to hear. “My grandmother heard what she wanted from a leader who promised simple answers to complicated questions. She chose not to hear and see the monstrous sum those answers added up to.”

When we have a Russian stooge in office, engaged in regular racist rhetoric, when we have Trump supporters claiming that a dystopian novel written thirty years ago is “a pure propaganda assault on those who are politically to the right and attack against Christianity as well which is typical of the left” (huh, the fact that Trump supporters can connect a story about a fundamentalist totalitarian society to Trump says a lot more about him than it does about us), when we have an administration that, like the Nazis, publishes a list of untermenschen in Der Stormer in order to tar a hated minority as criminals and decided to let a woman die of a brain tumor while refusing to allow her to see her lawyers until Amnesty International raised enough of a fuss that they allowed her release on bond… well, the lesson of Jessica Shattuck’s essay is far too appropriate to these times.

— Badtux the “Nazis again, dammit?” Penguin

Carrie Rodriguez, “Infinite Night”, off her 2008 album She Ain’t Me.

– Badtux the Music Penguin


World Nut Daily, which introduced the false claim that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, claims that liberal witches are casting spells against Donald Trump by, amongst other things, sticking pins into carrots. Which doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe we need to stick pins into Cheetos instead?

No, I’m not joking about these people believing in witchcraft. These people are demented. I am just completely bogwumped by the notion that anybody in this day and time believes in real actual witchcraft… ooh, and demons. Can’t forget the demons, which liberals are apparently literally throwing at Trump. Best comment at that link: “Well the demons aren’t doing much bloody good, and I’m getting exhausted painting pentangles and rectangles or whatever the hell to summon them up. We obviously need better bloody demons.”

To which one of my friends replied on my Facebook page, “sweetie, they believe in a magical invisible being to whom they pray to and who NEVER FUCKING ANSWERS. Of course they believe in witchcraft and demons.”

Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns!

– Badtux the Bogwumped Penguin

Two Cow Garage, “Let the Boys Be Girls”, from their 2016 album Brand New Flag.

And then they sent us off to schools, and factories, and wars
To teach us it’s okay to die, as long as we’re poor

These guys have 7 albums that could be straight out of Bruce Springsteen’s catalog, yet nobody knows who they are. Sigh.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Status: Recovering

As some of you know, I’ve been suffering a bad cold since Wednesday. But I’m basically past the active stage and now in recovery where the swelling goes down on the abused linings of my sinuses and nasal passages, encouraged by nasal irrigation with sterile saline water a few times per day to wash out any gunk that might further irritate things. I’m hopeful that by Monday I’ll be able to discontinue the decongestants altogether.

There’s been a lot happening in the world these last few days — Russian opponents of Putin dropping dead, a Congressman illegally divulging classified information to the public, and so forth. Hopefully by Monday my head won’t be throbbing so badly and I’ll be able to put some coherent thoughts together on the sad state of the nation.

– Badtux the Sniffling Penguin

Shout it out

Republica, “Ready to Go”, off their 1996 self-titled debut album.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Rhiannon Giddens, “Come Love Come” off her new album Freedom Highway.

She done got the blues.

– Badtux the Music Penguin