His Fraudulency Donald the Trump pulls out of the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Poor widdle Trumplethinskin. Widdle Deadbeat Donnie had his feewings hoit by dem means journalists, and poor widdle Donnie’s gonna go sulk in his safe space? What a pwecious widdle snowflake!

I dunno, maybe they can get Alec Baldwin to play Trump…

Note: If I want to know what news sources are accurate? If they’re listed by the Orange Racist Russian Stooge as “fake”, I know that means they’re credible. Unlike, say, Faux News, which has a history of presenting total frauds as reputable security operators. Note the last link, about Nils Bildt — who, it turns out, actually isn’t a member of the Swedish security establishment, and furthermore, served a one year term for assault and public drunkenness that apparently he completely slept through in a drunken stupor, considering that he claims he didn’t remember it.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Shows how right you are

Trespassers William, “Right You Are”, off their 2007 EP “Noble House”.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Two men from India shot, one killed as 51 year old white Christian male perpetrates a terrorist attack in Kansas while yelling “go back to your country!” at the Indians inside. Except that Adam Purinton is white, so it’s just an ordinary bar shooting, not a terrorist attack. If it had been the other way around, of course, then it would have been a terrorist attack. Yay.

Prankster tricks CPAC attendees into waving Russian flags during the Orange Racist Russian Stooge’s speech. The flags had been printed with a big gold “TRUMP” on them, and the prankster convinced the attendees that the red, white, and blue colors were in honor of the colors of the American flag. They happily waved these Russian flags at Trump until CPAC convention organizers, appalled, realized what was going on and swiftly confiscated the flags. So: Are CPAC organizers dumb? Or just Russian sympathizers? ROFL.

ICE appears to be trying to kill a deportable alien with a brain tumor. They removed her from a hospital and took her back to a cell, despite the fact that she’s still bleeding from the nose and suffering tremendous headaches from the pressure of the tumor. They also threatened to arrest her lawyer when he arrived to check on her condition, refusing to allow him to see her. ICE regularly kills aliens in its detention centers by denying them necessary medical treatment as a money-saving move. Because that’s how us Americans work, if we ain’t vicious and malicious, why, we ain’t real Americans, right?

Donald Trump embeds yet another Nazi into his administration. This one is named Sebastian Gorka, and he is the co-founder of a Hungarian fascist party. Nazis. Fucking Nazis. In the fucking White House. Goddamn Nazis. SHeesh.

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre tells CPAC that the left’s protesters are paid $1,500 a week. That’s $6K per month. Man, why didn’t I hear about this? Is there a placement test? Screening interview? Lung capacity minimum? Man, why do I always miss out on these great gigs?!

In December, Sean Spicer said barring media access is what a dictatorship does. Today, he barred media access to CNN, the New York Times, and other media outlets that Trump criticized at CPAC.

Oh yeah, CPAC. We will stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth, His Fraudulency Donald the Trump promised. Excuse me while I laugh hilariously.

There was more that happened today in Trump’s America, but I’m too depressed at the general trend to go further. Squabble amongst yourselves, I’m going to bed.

– Badtux the Trumped Penguin

I get it. I really do. Little shits repeatedly crossing the corner of your immaculately landscaped lawn pissed you off. I mean, hey look: That’s some green-ass grass there. How dare the little spic bastards touch it with their unclean feet!


And then one of the little bastards had the audacity to mouth off at you when you yelled at him to get off your grass. How dare he! So you chased him and his homies halfway down the block, body-slammed the little bastard to the ground, dragged him around, and then fired off a shot from your handy concealed pistol when his homies tried to yank him away from you. And then the local cops came, and arrested the little bastard, and congratulated you on successfully arresting a terrorist 13 year old and holding him for them. Damn, but you taught that little bastard a lesson!

And that’s where it ended? You really thought that was where it was ended?

Oh fuck no.

First, the kid poses for the lawsuit. Which is going to name you, eventually, because the teen’s lawyer is going to argue that you weren’t acting under color of law, you were acting as a private citizen, thus you don’t qualify for immunity.

Then came the riots. The riot squad had to be called out to protect your house:


And the kids live there. Their families live there. They have hundreds of relatives who live nearby. Hundreds of relatives who are not going to forgive and forget. And they’re right there. Where you live. Where at any time, someone might throw a molotov cocktail through your front window or torch your car. They know your name. They know where you live. And the Anaheim riot squad is not going to protect your house forever. The Anaheim PD has things to do. Crimes to solve. Streets to patrol. Sooner or later, they’re gone. And then you’re alone.

Was it worth it, Kevin? Was it worth it teaching that mouthy little spic a lesson? You’re never going to be able to live in that home again and feel safe. Every time you leave the house and drive away, someone is going to vandalize it. Every night, someone is going to throw eggs and bottles at your house at 3am. Every day. Every night. Forever. And ever. What did you think was going to happen, doing this to neighborhood kids in your very own neighborhood? What on Earth possessed you to think this was a good idea compared to just calling the Anaheim cops or installing a white picket fence like your neighbor two houses down to keep the kids off your lawn, or just ripping up that stupid grass that doesn’t belong in a desert altogether and replacing it with some kind of thorny xeriscaping that would have punished the kids all by itself if they tried to shortcut through it?

You have made your bed, Kevin. It’s a thorny bed, that will prick you bloody every night for the rest of your life until you’re forced to flee this neighborhood in fear and set up in some other neighborhood where people don’t know your name. You’ve made your bed. Are you happy now? Was it worth it?

— Badtux the Consequences Penguin

Baby don’t it feel so bad

Mark Lanegan Band, “Bleeding Muddy Water”, off their 2012 album Blues Funeral.

Very… funeral.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

Watch. Then read the rapidly changing story.

Turns out that the roid-raging skinhead who attacked the kid was a LAPD cop, so he gets a get-out-of-jail free card from the Anaheim Police, and the kid gets arrested. Of course, that doesn’t stop the inevitable civil lawsuit. But the chances of this roid raging skinhead actually being charged with assault is slim to none.

I have now watched all the videos. I don’t see a gang of thugs. What I see is a bunch of ordinary middle school students pretty much like the ones I used to teach, complete with book bags and attitudes. They aren’t behaving in a threatening manner until the very end, they’re gathered around expressing their concern, granted not in a respectful manner, but they’re middle school students for fucks sake, meaning automatically they’re mouthy, hormonal, and disrespectful. It’s an age where, if you ask your hormonal 13 year old kid to clean his room, he yells “I hate you! I wish you were dead!” and you eye-roll and say “no you don’t. Clean your room, or you’re not getting supper”. These kids are puppy dogs, whining “C’mon, let our little buddy go!” and the cop smirks and says “No!”. And this roid-raging skinhead needed a gun to deal with them. To deal with a dozen ordinary middle school students. A dozen ordinary puppy dog middle school kids who for the most part who are acting more mature than he is.

Talk about your ball-less wonder. Needs a fucking gun to deal with a half dozen ordinary middle school kids? Jesus fucking Christ on a goddamn stick, the tiniest little old lady middle school teacher has more balls than this skinhead asswipe, she goes into classrooms with 35 middle school kids six times a day, and she goes in there, she teaches what she can teach to 35 hormonal disrespectful loud middle-school kids (hey, look, it’s not easy, okay?), then she walks out at the end of the day and goes home and puts up her feet and grades papers. All without having to pull out a gun, or call for police backup, or anything.

But that little old lady middle school teacher has balls (well, big fucking ovaries, anyhow), and this roid-raging skinhead doesn’t. The steroids have shrunk them until they’re teeny, tiny little peas.

And no, these aren’t gang bangers. If they were gang bangers, the skinhead cop would be dead. Did you see that lame-ass draw? It musta took him ten seconds to get that gun out of its holster! Gang bangers woulda curb-stomped him to death way before then. Yeah, I taught gang bangers one year at an alternative school. That’s why I know the difference between gang bangers and ordinary puppy dog middle school kids. This lame-ass roid raging skinhead cop better hope he never comes up against real gang-bangers, ’cause he’ll be dead if this is how lame he really is.

Oh yeah, what sparked the altercation? Apparently the skinhead cop’s house is on the corner, and the kids cut across his front yard to get from the middle school to their street. So he starts yelling at the kids, they roll their eyes at him and mouth off at him (but obviously kept going, since this video was shot three houses down) with one of the kids yelling back at him to be respectful to the girl the skinhead was cursing at, and the skinhead chases them down and grabs the kid who yelled to be respectful to the womenfolk, a shrimpy little thirteen year old kid. Because he wasn’t going to grab one of the bigger fifteen year old kids. A bigger kid might have been mean to him. And that’s where the video starts.

Now: 1) Crossing someone’s front lawn is not a criminal offense in California. It is a civil offense, civil trespass. If the kids had lingered on his lawn and refused to move on, it would have then been criminal trespass, but the fact that this is taking place three houses down from the corner is pretty much proof that wasn’t the case. 2) Being a mouthy 13 year old is not a crime. Otherwise nobody’s kid would survive being 13 years old. 3) Police officers are only allowed to detain people when there is a reasonable suspicion of a crime. Since neither civil trespass nor being mouthy is a crime, this skinhead quite clearly was not functioning in his capacity as a police officer. 4) The skinhead then makes up a threat that the 13 year old was going to “shoot him” for (illegally) grabbing the 13 year old, even though everybody around agrees that the 13 year old said “sue” and even though the skinhead was committing assault and battery in the first place by illegally grabbing the 13 year old without reasonable suspicion of a crime and thus under self defense doctrine, the kid would have been justified in shooting the officer. 5) The skinhead then starts pulling the 13 year old kid across a neighbor’s lawn (incidentally, committing the same act of civil trespass that he was accusing the kids of committing!), panics when the kids swarm around him and start trying to pull their homie away from him, pulls out his gun, and fires it. Which a jury in the state of California would throw the book at if he were a civilian, because there’s an easier solution which is to let the 13 year old go, step back, and wait for the Anaheim cops to handle it. This is a state where a woman got sent to prison for ten years for shooting and killing her ex-husband when he entered her home in violation of a restraining order. Yeah, there’s no “duty to retreat” in state law, but juries have pretty much written one there.

Now, about the supposed “threat” to “shoot” the roid raging skinhead that both the kid and his homies deny he said. The thing is, a threat is more than just saying something mouthy. There has to be a reasonable fear that the person saying something actually intends harm. Did that dude look like he felt threatened by that kid at the start of the video? No? Well, no terroristic threat. So even if the kid *had* said “shoot” rather than “sue”, it would have been like if one of my middle school students had said “You gave me an F! I hate you! I’m gonna shoot you!”. I would have just given him an eyeroll and said “no you’re not. Open your book to page 102, and study this time” and moved on. Arrest him? Call the cops on him? Pull a goddamn gun on him? Fuck, if I had done that with every middle school kid who got mouthy and disrespectful during the course of a school year, all my students would have either been in jail, or dead!

It’s all about balls. Little old lady middle school teachers got’em (well, the ovary sort) This ball-less wonder skinhead cop? He wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in a middle school classroom with typical mouthy disrespectful middle school kids. They would have jabbed at him, he would have raged at them, and by the end of ten minutes he would have lost it and done something that got him fired. ‘Cause it takes balls to deal with middle school kids. You have to be calm, dispassionate, and not take anything personally, but firm. You have to be willing to make a snarky comment where necessary, and where *not* to make a snarky comment for that matter. You have to *talk* to the kids — *really* talk, not just dismissive snark all the time. You have to connect with the kids, figure out where they’re coming from, and try to move them to where they need to be. It’s fucking *work*, and takes balls that fucking *clang*, and this roid-ragin’ skinhead? Ten minutes. Max. I guarantee. That’s the longest he would last in a classroom with 35 middle school kids. Ten minutes, and he’d be fucking *out* of there.

What a fucking loser.

– Badtux the Former Middle School Teacher Penguin

Update: A defense lawyer costs $10,000, so the family of the 13 year old put up a YouCaring fundraiser to raise the $10,000. The fundraiser was up for only twelve hours and already raised over $15,000. Plus lawsuits have now been filed against the officer and against the City of Anaheim. Yeah, with all this video evidence and all these witnesses this cop may stay out of jail thanks to the Anaheim PD doing a cover-up for him, but he’s going to be living in a shoe box afterwards.

Update #2: So some more information here: the roid-raging skinhead is apparently Kevin J Ferguson of 1603 W Palais Rd, Anaheim CA. The first lawn he drags the kid onto belongs to 1633 W. Palais Road, which is three houses down from the skinhead’s house. I.e., not his lawn. Once the kid is dragged over the hedge, they are then in the driveway of 1627 W. Palais Road, which again is not his driveway. He cannot go further than that because there is a white picket fence between the driveway and 1627’s lawn, then there is another house, then there is the concrete block wall that is around his back yard and protects his RV. So he stopped at that driveway and fired his gun to scare the other kids away.

Where was this skinhead trying to drag the kid, since obviously he wasn’t trying to drag the kid back to his own house? What kind of moron chases a bunch of kids for half a block then picks a fight with a dozen or more kids without backup?

Looking at his lawn, he could prevent kids from walking on his lawn by simply erecting a white picket fence exactly like that of 1627 W. Palais Street, which obviously is legal in that subdivision since 1627 has one. He certainly does have a well landscaped lawn, albeit one that won’t stand up well to foot traffic. But c’mon. We’re talking about frickin’ plants here. Frankly, if it were my front lawn, I’d just go ahead and xeriscape it with desert plants appropriate to the Anaheim climate and let the kids get tangled up in lots of chollo and prickly pear. Yeah, I think they’d stay off my lawn after picking chollo segments out of their clothing for the next few days ;).

I now have paperwork all over my office, because of course one stupid piece of paper wasn’t in the folder where it was supposed to be and I had to sift through practically the entire contents of my filing cabinet to find it.

The good news is, my taxes are filed, and I don’t owe any more money than I paid. Wasn’t a good year, wasn’t a bad year, I’ll take it.

Meanwhile, I have a new term to talk about: “goysplaining”. This is when a pasty white Protestant male attempts to tell Jews the correct way to condemn anti-Semitism and the correct way to identify and fight anti-Semitism. Yep, Trump representative Spicy-Spice Spicer went there. Because the Trump administration knows more about fighting anti-Semitism than the Anne Frank Center, apparently.


– Badtux the “He’s *not* a mensch” Penguin