So: Indiana is an Open Carry state (if you have a permit, which is Must Issue, i.e., the sheriff can’t turn you down as long as you meet the basic requirements). A black man’s wife got carjacked at gunpoint immediately outside her home. She ran into the house, and her husband called the cops, then he heard someone messing around outside so, with a gun on his hip, he opened the garage door to see if the carjacker had come back. At which point, he was immediately shot by the responding police offiers.

Because a black man coming *out* of a house in a typical suburban neighborhood is a threat. And must be put down.

Compare/contrast with the treatment of the white kid who killed two people and was eating the face off of one of them when the cops arrived. They didn’t shoot him. They pulled him off and hauled him off to the loony bin.

But being a law abiding citizen justifies being shot if you’re black, and being a murderer doesn’t justify being shot if you’re white.
And we don’t have a need to educate cops that black lives matter, too? For realz?

– Badtux the “I guess black lives *don’t* matter” Penguin

To be sorrow’s desire

Wovenhand, “Dirty Blue”, off their 2006 album Mosaic.

– Badtux the Apocalyptic Music Penguin

or play a children’s game involving a ball very well, the rules don’t apply to you. We found that out with Stanford rapist Brock Turner. And college rapist Austin Wilkerson who, while not throwing a ball, was a cheerleader. And now the latest poster child for entitled affluent white athletes: David Becker, who raped two passed-out girls in a bedroom at a party, but the judge has let him off with probation because “The goal of this sentence was not to impede this individual from graduating high school and to go onto the next step of his life, which is a college experience.”

A college experience.

Because “We all made mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years old, and we shouldn’t be branded for life with a felony offense and branded a sex offender.”

So rape is a “mistake”.

A mistake.

You know, I was 17, 18, 19 years old, and I made some mistakes back then. There were things I did that I shouldn’t have done, things I should have done that I didn’t do. But rape? Uhm, no. See, I already knew, even back then, that there was a simple way to avoid ruining my life with a rape conviction: Don’t rape.

Don’t rape.

I mean, this isn’t brain surgery. If you don’t want to ruin your life with a felony rape conviction, don’t rape people!

Rape isn’t “a mistake”. Rape is a crime, a violation of another human being’s person without their consent. Simple common decency says you don’t penetrate another person’s body unless you have their explicit permission to do so. It’s like being a guest at someone’s house, you don’t go spelunking through the contents of their closet unless they say you can. Anything else is just plain rude.

This doesn’t require maturity to know this. This just require the minimal amount of conscience and intellect possessed by the average 8 year old child.

Don’t rape.

It’s just two words. Yet it appears to be two words that some self-entitled white male athletes can’t understand, for some reason. And the judges let them off. Inexplicable. But, alas, true.

David Becker is a rapist. Judge Thomas Estes seems to agree, but seems to believe that rape is just boys being boys and shouldn’t be a crime. At least, that’s all I can figure. But you know, I was a boy once too, and I didn’t get arrested for rape. You know why? Because I didn’t rape.

Don’t rape.

So simple, yet seems so difficult for so many self-entitled white athletes — and judges — to understand. SIGH.

– Badtux the Exasperated Penguin

Cool as ice

Suzanne Vega, “If You Were In My Movie”, off her 1992 album 99.9 Fº

Suzanne has always been one of the coolest kids out there, even at her current age of (uhm, not talking, she’s the same age of me). And this album was one of the coolest of her cool.

– Badtux the Music Penguin

So it appears that a boorish puppy got evicted from the World Science Fiction Convention for being abusive to fellow con-goers and breaking convention rules and now is shouting “Censorship!”.

Uhm, no. You don’t get to shout “censorship” when you’re evicted from a private membership-only party. A private function has the right to say “you can speak, but elsewhere, not here.” It’s called private property and freedom of association — if people choose not to associate with you because of your odious behavior, that’s not censorship, that’s people exercising their freedom of association (or non-association, in this case). You’re free to speak. And I’m free to say, “not at my private party, take it outside.”

In this case, the boorish puppy took to the Internet and has spoke, spoke, spoke, like a rabid corgi chasing an imaginary rabbit. He has hardly been censored. Indeed, he has spoken many, many words without a single attempt at censoring him. And he continues to be free to speak those words. Just not at a private membership-only party where he has been asked to leave because his membership has been cancelled due to his behavior.

— Badtux the Free Speech Penguin

Chvches,”Gun”, off their 2013 album The Bones of What You Believe.

-Badtux the Music Penguin

The oppression of hijab

I was out fiddling with my Jeep trying to get my OBD2 working with the Kenwood stereo head (I did, BTW — now I can see real time performance data on the stereo head as I drive) and heard a lot of girlish laughter. Sounded like sorority girls having a party. Clinking of bottles, all that. I poked my head out from under my Jeep’s dashboard like a turtle, and watched two girls wearing hijab laughing and talking as they walked down the sidewalk, bottles of some (presumably non-alcoholic) drink in their hands. They got into the driver’s seat and passenger seat of a Dodge Charger and roared off into the sunset, hijab fluttering in the wind from their open windows, big smiles on their faces.

They didn’t seem very oppressed.

Of course, that’s because here in America, nobody’s forcing them to dress that way, they chose to do so. How can a choice be oppression? I know it’s not like that in a lot of the world, where a woman who chooses not to wear hijab outside her home is subject to arrest or at the very least risk to her safety. But what that says to me is that the problem is not hijab. The problem is those who would force hijab upon women against their will.

– Badtux the Considering Penguin


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