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Every morning, I open up my web browser wondering if today is going to be the day I don’t say “What the fuck?” about something that His Fraudulency Donald the Trump or one of his lizard people officials said or did. Today, once again, was not that day. Because a) the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber released his proposed budget for next year, a budget that predominantly eliminates programs that help Trump voters such as Meals for Wheels and the Appalachian Regional Commission (and what kind of heartless sociopath could ever advocate zeroing out the budget for Meals for Wheels and Sesame Street, for crying out loud!), but he also proposed spending $4.1 billion on his wall next year. Because people might die due to eliminating the Chemical Safety Board, but by god it won’t be done by one of them Messicans!

Talking about which, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court has demanded that ICE stop stalking California courts, claiming that ICE is intimidating Hispanic witnesses in ongoing criminal trials and causing a public safety hazard. ICE of course says basically “up yours, Ms. Judge, you’re not the boss of me!”. Just as Customs and Border Protection says to they don’t have to obey the NAFTA treaty that says registered nurses qualify for a TN visa and thus can keep out much-needed Canadian nurses because, well, they can. Even though NAFTA is still the law until officially repealed or renegotiated. But God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s administration doesn’t care about no steenkin’ law, it’s all defiant juvenile “you’re not the boss of me! I don’t have to follow your rules!”. Because Cheeto Mussolini says they can. So they do it.

Then there is the ongoing Nazi saga of Sebastian Gorka, who has been dodging allegations that he is a Nazi for weeks now. Well, today a Jewish news magazine published what they purport is evidence that he really is a genuine bona fide Nazi, forcing him to explicitly deny that he’s a Nazi. Except that if he was ever a member of that Hungarian Nazi Party, he is ineligible for immigration to the United States, and could be stripped of his citizenship and deported, just like that sad sack Nazi who’s about to be deported to Poland. Oops!

And on to the Russia front. No wonder Michael Flynn resigned — he was up to his ears in Russian dough.

Finally, I think we’ve found Donald Trump’s next Peace Corps head — a Mormon missionary who beat the crap out of two people who tried to hold him up in Brazil. Because Trump is defunding the Institute for Peace while giving the military more money because the only peace he believes in is the peace of the grave, and this is exactly the right man to enforce that peace.

And that’s this day’s dispatch from the Imperial States of America, where God-Emperor Donald the Trump’s regime of lawlessness and incompetence continues as it has for the past 56 days.

– Badtux the News Penguin

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High Resistance, Medium Tolerance

That was the question asked by a right-winger who then went on to list all the good things that President Trump has supposedly done — some of which are things that liberals resist. But I figure I’ll answer his question, since it’s something we need to keep in mind:

We resist:

  1. The replacement of science with faith in our schools and in our government.
  2. The destruction of our public schools in favor of Bible schools.
  3. Removal of protections for endangered wildlife and attempts to exterminate gray wolves via removing them from the endangered species list.
  4. Removal of EPA funding for restoring endangered waterway like San Francisco Bay, the Great Lakes, and Cheseapeake Bay
  5. Attacks on women’s health and reproductive rights, such as removing funding from Planned Parenthood.
  6. Attacks on voting rights, especially attacks that target minorities, the elderly, and the poor such as voter ID laws that are proven to suppress the votes in those constituencies.
  7. Attacks on free speech rights by those who wish to outlaw protest and dissent.
  8. Attacks on Jews and Muslims such as the recent burnings of Muslim community centers and bomb threats against Jewish community centers.
  9. Removal of health care from millions of Americans including essentially ending Medicaid over time by capping how much money can be spent on it.
  10. We resist tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes for the poor.
  11. We resist increases in corporate welfare for defense companies at the same time as decreasing funding for food for the working poor including, well, a lot of those same soldiers that Trump says he cares about.
  12. We resist attempts to outlaw many contracts between worker-owned labor cooperatives (“unions”) and corporations via so-called “right to work” laws.
  13. We resist attempts by fucking Nazis to hijack the public discourse. And possibly worse, if we don’t stop them.
  14. And so on and so forth.

In short: Wherever there is a proposal by the Trump administration that hurts the poor, hurts working people, hurts the environment, hurts women’s rights, hurts the rights of minorities, hurts the rights of people of the rainbow (sorry, I don’t know all the letters in the latest acronym for all those of alternate sexualities), that furthers hate and bigotry against entire classes of people, we resist it. The above is just the first 6 weeks of what we’ve resisted. It looks like we have close to four more years of this shit. SIGH.

– Badtux the Resistance Penguin

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I guess we’re supposed to feel good that poverty is finally declining after steadily rising since the start of the George W. Bush Administration. Ignore the fact that the poverty rate is still much higher than it was in 2000 in the last year of the Clinton Administration. Ignore the fact that poverty is still higher than it was in 1993 when Bill Clinton took office. We’re supposed to feel good, good I say.

What this mostly says, to me, is that the welfare reform law of 1996 has proven to be an abysmal failure. Moving people off of welfare rolls into even more dire poverty with little hope of escape isn’t reform. It’s simply being mean to poor people for the sake of being mean. Even *with* the “decline” in the poverty rate, the absolute number of people in poverty is still at a high that has never been seen in recent history, higher, even, than when JFK and LBJ famously declared a war on poverty. Oddly enough, their war on poverty worked — during their administrations, both poverty rates and the number of people in poverty declined precipitously. Since then, Republican president and Republican legislators have reversed much of that progress. Republicans must love poor people. They sure seem to make more of them.

– Badtux the Once-poor Penguin

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So the Republicans in Congress, as part of their 20 year War on the Poor, have managed to mostly accomplish their goal. The value of food stamps has been greatly decreased, cash welfare is pretty much at an end, and now teens are turning to selling their bodies to older men for food. Because they’re hungry. This isn’t like 30 years ago when a kid who was selling his or her body on the street likely was getting money for drugs. These kids are getting money for food.

Of course, to the perverts of the Grand Old Pervert party, this just makes their little soldier hard about all these hard working kids who are making a life for themselves yada yada… sigh.

– Badtux the “We are a disgusting nation” Penguin

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So, two days ago, a black man named Alton Sterling was killed for selling CD’s outside a convenience store. And yesterday, a black man by the name of Philando Castile was killed for having a tail light that was out. And today, at least two snipers shot eleven police officers in Dallas, Texas, including four who were killed.

We’ve built the police state we always wanted here in the United States, one that says about poor people and people of color, pull the trigger, exterminate the brutes, and either the press or the department’s internal inquiry will figure out how they were asking for it later. This is the police state that the affluent and middle class called for, the police state that treats people of color and the poor as threats to be neutralized, not as fellow citizens of the United States of America. And now we’re seeing the repercussions of that. On all sides.

– Badtux the Saddened Penguin

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… is billionaire-owned Forbes Magazine, whose average reader has a household income of over $200K per year, lecturing Bernie Sanders about “what poverty really is”.

O really? Let me guess, poverty is only being able to afford one Rolls Royce instead of two? SNRK!

I’m sorry, but whenever I hear billionaires lecturing liberals about “what poverty really is”…


Like two slime slugs having sex is fascinating. In a sort of slimy, disgusting sort of way.

– Badtux the “Oh really?” Penguin

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The saddest story that I’ve read since the one about homeless kids.

Being poor in America today is like balancing on a tightrope between hunger and disaster. It wears you down. It wears you down, year after year, decade after decade, until there’s nothing left, just the knowledge that this nightmare is your life, forever, and nothing you do will ever make your life anything else. And then the drugs and alcohol take you.

At the very least we need to raise the minimum wage until the minimum wage is a living wage again, a wage that is sufficient for people to live on without being on the edge of disaster all the time. That requires no welfare rosters or benefits counsellors or Big Government programs, just a law, and the already-existing wage enforcement agencies. Right now we’re literally working our working poor into an early grave, year after year of juggling two or three jobs to try to scrape together enough money to make it another month, year after year of deprivation and desperation and suffering, until they just give out and die. There’s no reason to do that when the amount of money that Wall Street gave out as bonuses to a few hundred executives last year would have been enough to raise the wages of every single minimum wage worker in America to $15/hour…. no reason other than the sick desire of our sociopathic wealthy lizard people to see working poor people suffer, it, like, makes their reptilian li’l soldiers salute, y’know…

– Badtux the Angry Penguin

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