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So, today the Republicans held their one and only hearing on the latest Trumpcare atrocity, which would basically defund Medicaid, kick most older Americans off of their Obamacare health insurance, and otherwise kill lots and lots of Americans. So a bunch of disabled people in wheelchairs showed up courtesy of the Medicaid funds that keep them alive to protest the fact that Turtle Mitch’s cuts would kill them.

The Capitol Police dragged them all away, in some cases hauling them bodily out of their wheelchairs and dragging them down the hallway by their feet.

What brave manly men our Capitol Police are, man-handling crippled people like that in order to protect Turtle Mitch and Orin Hatch from the unseemly sight of the people they want to murder!

And what did our brave Republican Senators think about all of this? Well… they seemed bored. In fact, Sen. Bill Cassidy actually yawned as disabled people were ripped out of their wheelchairs and dragged away. Ho hum, just another person he wants to kill whining about not wanting to be killed. Nothing to interest a cold-blooded lizard person from planet Sociopath. Nope, nosirree, those aren’t fellow people, those are just prey as far as our cold-blooded sociopathic lizard overlords are concerned.

Symbolism more suited to what Trump’s America has become — a hard-hearted place where anybody who has the bad luck to become old or sick or disabled should just die, already — could not be devised by any number of Democratic think tanks. This is America, y’all. This is America — cops dragging disabled people out of hearings rather than letting their voices be heard. Because the disabled aren’t people, as far as the sociopaths leading our nation are concerned. The disabled — and hell, pretty much all of us — are prey.

– Badtux the Sociopath-smellin’ Penguin


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58% of Trump voters say higher education is bad for the country.

Fifty. Eight. Percent.

And this surprises me not at all. The worship of ignorance is rampant in the United States. Experts who’ve spent their lives studying and researching a subject have their expertise dismissed with a few pithy talking points by a bleach blonde Fox news bimbo, and millions believe her. Millions willingly embrace bizarre conspiracy theories like NASA is running a child slave colony on Mars or shape-shifting reptilian people control our world. Even the notion that the world is flat has taken on new life in the modern United States.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of these pro-ignorance people willingly embrace fake news. They are so ignorant that they lack the fundamental knowledge to tell the difference between fake news and real news. And furthermore, they’re proud of their ignorance. None of that sissy intellectual stuff for them, nosirree! And science might contradict the Bible, so it’s clearly out too!

It’s not some foreign enemy that’s going to destroy the United States. It is the cult of ignorance that dominates the nation, where everybody thinks they’re an expert after a couple of Google queries turn up a few web sites. There’s no way that a population so ignorant, so hateful of education, can maintain or sustain an advanced economy. No way. In the end, the United States is going to collapse from within, hollowed out like a rotten apple by the ignorance of the people charged with keeping it intact.

– Badtux the Educated Penguin

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We should be grateful, I suppose. They could kill more, after all. It’s what cold-blooded lizard people from planet Sociopath do — come up with new and better ways to kill human beings, who they view as prey, not as fellow travelers in life.

So, the Congressional Budget Office has now scored the new Republican health care plan. Here’s what they conclude:

  1. Massive tax cuts for billionaires
  2. Massive tax hikes for non-billionaires (the “healthcare tax”, which may not be taken out of your paycheck by government, but it’s taken out of your paycheck nevertheless).
  3. 1/6th of the population uninsured as the individual health insurance marketplace goes into a *literal* death spiral and
    those on Medicaid lose their coverage.

    But hey, I’m sure all that money that the billionaires get as tax cuts will trickle down to the rest of us, just like it has during the past 30 years of stagnant or declining real salaries for white males… i.e., just like a two-story outhouse.

    Alrighty, then!

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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And they kicked a blind woman and her guide dog off a plane because they didn’t want to re-seat her to someplace where her dog could sit on the floor in front of her. Despite the fact that the Americans with Disabilities Act says they have to accomodate her and re-seat her if a seat can be found.

But they’re American Airlines, which has a long history of violating the law regarding service dogs. They regularly harass and bully people and claim impunity. They have even continued this conduct after signing a consent decree saying they wouldn’t do it anymore.

This is, of course, a blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but they don’t care about the law, because they don’t have to — a federal government that is 100% owned by big corporations is refusing to enforce the law against said big corporations.

So in short, American Airlines is a criminal enterprise that refuses to obey the law, and the government refuses to enforce the law against it. That’s the sort of situation that leads to massive lawsuits or, if lawsuits have been barred by law, eventually leads to violent revolution. And violent revolution never ends up well for the country that does it. I can’t remember one that turned out well, whether it was the Russian Revolution that put the Communists in charge, or the Egyptian Revolution that put the Islamists then the Army in charge, all that happens is that the most violent win and then impose their will upon the rest of the people at gunpoint.

— Badtux the “These people are criminals” Penguin

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High Resistance, Medium Tolerance

That was the question asked by a right-winger who then went on to list all the good things that President Trump has supposedly done — some of which are things that liberals resist. But I figure I’ll answer his question, since it’s something we need to keep in mind:

We resist:

  1. The replacement of science with faith in our schools and in our government.
  2. The destruction of our public schools in favor of Bible schools.
  3. Removal of protections for endangered wildlife and attempts to exterminate gray wolves via removing them from the endangered species list.
  4. Removal of EPA funding for restoring endangered waterway like San Francisco Bay, the Great Lakes, and Cheseapeake Bay
  5. Attacks on women’s health and reproductive rights, such as removing funding from Planned Parenthood.
  6. Attacks on voting rights, especially attacks that target minorities, the elderly, and the poor such as voter ID laws that are proven to suppress the votes in those constituencies.
  7. Attacks on free speech rights by those who wish to outlaw protest and dissent.
  8. Attacks on Jews and Muslims such as the recent burnings of Muslim community centers and bomb threats against Jewish community centers.
  9. Removal of health care from millions of Americans including essentially ending Medicaid over time by capping how much money can be spent on it.
  10. We resist tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes for the poor.
  11. We resist increases in corporate welfare for defense companies at the same time as decreasing funding for food for the working poor including, well, a lot of those same soldiers that Trump says he cares about.
  12. We resist attempts to outlaw many contracts between worker-owned labor cooperatives (“unions”) and corporations via so-called “right to work” laws.
  13. We resist attempts by fucking Nazis to hijack the public discourse. And possibly worse, if we don’t stop them.
  14. And so on and so forth.

In short: Wherever there is a proposal by the Trump administration that hurts the poor, hurts working people, hurts the environment, hurts women’s rights, hurts the rights of minorities, hurts the rights of people of the rainbow (sorry, I don’t know all the letters in the latest acronym for all those of alternate sexualities), that furthers hate and bigotry against entire classes of people, we resist it. The above is just the first 6 weeks of what we’ve resisted. It looks like we have close to four more years of this shit. SIGH.

– Badtux the Resistance Penguin

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Bakersfield is the armpit of California. It’s full of inbred Okies and ignorance, and the most violent police forces in the nation.

And they’re up to their old tricks again, shooting dead an unarmed 73 year old man suffering from dementia as he stood in a neighbor’s driveway. It was 12:30am. A police officer responded to a call of a suspicious character lurking about. The officer asked, “where is he?” and a bystander pointed at Francisco Serna. The officer immediately pulled his gun and emptied his magazine into Serna. No attempt to interact with Serna. No cautious approach with gun aimed waiting to see if Serna was armed. Just bambambambambbam dead.

The family says they’re missing a crucifix and they think Serna might have been holding it when he was shot. Jesus Christ on a fucking stick, the cop literally shot Jesus on a stick?! But all of that is speculation right now. All we know for sure is that a 73 year old man wandered out of his house and a neighbor called the cops about a suspicious character roaming around… and a police officer killed him.

And that’s all we’ll *ever* know, because like police officers everywhere in these United States, cops in Bakersfield, like 007, have a license to kill. The officer who did this will claim “I thought he had a gun” and, if it ever goes before a jury, will skate. Because those brown people are scary. And the beat goes on.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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So, there was this dude in Ohio, Esten Ciboro, who protested Target allowing transwomen to use the women’s room. He said it would lead to a situation where women could be raped and abused by men entering the women’s restroom. Despite the fact that transwomen, well, don’t do that.

So Ciboro and his father were just arrested for keeping a 13 year old girl chained in their basement.

Why am I not surprised? There’s only one kind of person who obsesses about deviant sex day and night, and the way to describe that person isn’t “normal”. I wouldn’t trust one of these “anti-gay” or “anti-trans” types who spend so much time obsessing about gay or trans people unsupervised near pets or small children, with good reason. Stories like this just reiterate that reason.

Meanwhile, happy Memorial Day to all the veterans that the United States has deported. U S A! U S A! Woot yeah!

So, moving on, of course Donald Trump backed out of his proposed debate with Bernie. History has shown that chickens should beware of men named Sanders, after all. (Ba da SHOOSH!).

And I was going to talk about mental health treatment in America but ran out of time. So here’s a couple of links to read:

Mentally ill man kept in solitary confinement for 1001 days in prisoner rather than given proper mental health treatment.
Parents of mentally ill girl, having no idea what to do with her after she is released from a mental health facility in the St. Louis area, lock her in a room except for limited periods to use the restroom and eat food.

Should we blame the mentally ill man for the solitary confinement? No, you can blame the fact that he’s mentally ill for his lack of control. Hearing voices since age 6? Dude. If we had a society that was worth a damn, he would have been getting intensive psychiatric help for the past 17 years of his life, not solitary confinement and a psychiatrist talking to him once a month and a month’s worth of psychiatric pills when he got out. But hey, it’s easier to believe that we can punish the mentally ill into not being mentally ill. Costs less money right, and lets us feel better about the fact that we’re a vicious vindictive mean-spirited nation, and when did that happen anyhow, it wasn’t true when I was a child forty years ago…

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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