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Cops fired over 20 shots at a car filled with people where a possibly wanted man was driving. The other people in the car were guilty of nothing other than getting a ride to Walmart. But they were guilty of being black, so the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, one of the most brutal in California according to statistics, just poured bullets into the car. ‘Cause nobody was gonna get hurt except black people, right? And black lives, everybody knows they don’t matter, right?

Do you seriously think this would have happened if the other people in the car had been white people? Nope. The cops would have been leery of lawsuits and being fired if they shot at innocent white people. But they were pissed ’cause this here n-word didn’t stop for them when they bleeped their siren at him. so they was gonna pour bullets into his car until he stopped, regardless of the possibility of hitting innocent people.

Service and protect, my ass.

– Badtux the Law And Order Penguin
(Who dislikes gang bangers in blue just as much as he dislikes gang bangers in any other color).

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Warning, do not watch the above video unless you want to watch a cop execute an unarmed 27-year-old Navy veteran by the name of Dillan Tabares.

Now, there’s another video basically showing the skinny dude chasing the cop as the cop is trying to taser him. So we’re definitely in a situation where the cop expects, once he has backed away from the man, that the man is going to come right back at him as soon as he gets his feet under him, and thus once he makes the decision to pull his service weapon he has to use his service weapon or else lose it to the street person, thereby causing a danger to the life of himself and others. On the other hand, I have this question: What kind of pussy cops are we hiring who can’t deal with a half-starved skinny street dude physically without shooting him to death? I mean, fuck. I could have probably managed the physical part of this encounter as well as this cop did, and I’m a fucking computer geek, it’s not my *job* to apply violence to evil-doers.

And hey, the skinny street dude was unarmed. He wasn’t a threat to the safety of anybody else in the vicinity. Why not call it in and call for backup, wait for backup, and *then* take the kid down? I mean, that was part of my training when I was being trained in how to restrain mentally ill people — “don’t try to do it by yourself, always do it in pairs.” First of all, a mentally ill person when faced with two people trying to subdue him is more likely to comply, realizing that he’s outnumbered. (Note that I said *more* likely, not that he *would* — we’re talking mentally ill people after all). Secondly, there’s less chance of injury both to yourself and to the person you’re trying to restrain if there’s two of you.

The biggest mistake this cop made was to remove his service weapon from its holster. Assuming the cop has a typical positive retention holster issued to officers today, the weapon was safe in the holster. The dude wasn’t going to wrestle it out, it requires a series of motions from an angle that an attacker can’t easily replicate in order to remove that pistol from its holster. But once the weapon was removed from its holster, the cop had two alternatives, given that the dude had already charged the cop. The first alternative was to use it. “Use it or lose it”, is the training cops receive. That is, if they’ve made the choice to deploy their service weapon and the person charges them, shoot to kill, immediately, because the alternative is that the person is going to grab the weapon and shoot someone with it.

The second alternative, of course, was to put all the high tech toys away, pull out a nightstick, and do like the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth woulda done: Grin, and say “You want some of this, I see,” then beat the crap out of the dude. Dude woulda still ended up in the hospital of course, cracked ribs, maybe a broken arm or leg bone, bruised kidneys, the works. But he would have been alive.

But of course this cop, like most pussy cops today, doesn’t carry a nightstick. And unlike the big bruiser Irish cops of my youth, he doesn’t know how to handle himself in a brawl. So here we are, a dead person who shouldn’t be dead, because our cops today are pussies.

At which point I have one question: If all they’re good for is executing people, if they can’t handle issues in any other way, why do we have them? I mean, we used to have cops who could handle situations like this without shooting people. What the fuck has gone wrong with our police forces today that they can’t handle simple situations like this without killing people, when they used to be able to do so? And even have the police chief stand up for the pussy cop?

We need real cops, not these… wimps. I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti-wimp cop. I’m all for cops — real cops, cops who know how to handle themselves on the street, cops who don’t need to pull out their service weapon and execute a scrawny half-starved street dude just because they’re fucking pussies who don’t know how to handle themselves on the streets. But then, given that we have turned into a nation of fucking cowards that cowers in fear of a buncha stupid goat-fuckers in the Middle East who’d have to walk on water to actually get over here and kill people, well. What can we expect, I guess?

– Badtux the Annoyed Penguin

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This story is disgusting. In Oklahoma City, police officers approached a house where a deaf developmentally disabled man was on the front porch. The man got up, grabbed a steel pipe that he used as a walking stick, and walked out to meet the cops. The cops yelled at him “Drop the steel pipe! Drop the steel pipe!” while people around were yelling at the cops, “He’s deaf, he can’t hear you, he’s deaf, he can’t hear you!” and then the cops, with hands shaking in terror no doubt, shot and killed the man.

What a bunch of cowardly cops. The big Irish bruisers of my youth, seeing a dude come at them with a steel pipe, would have pulled out their billy clubs and grinned and said “You want some of this, I see.” And then beat the crap out of the guy, deaf or not. But he would have lived, because they knew what they were doing when it came to meting out violence. They were bruisers and brawlers and knew how to handle themselves in a fight. Today’s whiny pussy cops… not so much. You sneeze in their direction, they shoot you and whine “I was scaaaaaaared!” So scared, apparently, that they forgot to turn on their body cams. How convenient…

Well, if they’re that scared, maybe they need to choose a new profession? I suggest preschool teacher. Although now that I think about it, maybe not. Those toddlers can be tiny terrors, after all. They’d probably have nervous breakdowns after finding out that they weren’t being issued a service weapon to use to shoot an evil 3 year old who’s terrorizing them….

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Canada’s CBC News warns Canadians not to carry much money south of the border because the police will steal it.

Used to be, only corrupt 3rd world nations had police that would just blatantly steal your money. Guess that means we’re one of those, now. The problem is, corruption on that scale is bad for business. Tourists decide to take their money elsewhere, somewhere where it won’t get stolen. Businessmen whose businesses churn a lot of cash decide to invest their money elsewhere, not in the United States. And so forth.

The modest reforms that Congress is proposing will not end the corruption, but will at least reduce some of the incentives behind it. In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court is going to have to rule that the 4th Amendment is, in fact, the 4th Amendment, and prohibits seizing things without a warrant and probable cause. Until then, police departments will continue to steal more money than thieves.

Yeah, well, I’m not holding my breath on that one, not with this Supreme Court…

– Badtux the 3rd World Penguin

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The above graphic was posted to the web site of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department.

They sound nice, bless their hearts.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Whenever the cops manage to shoot someone who poses no threat like a dude who’s recording them with a cell phone, that’s basically the line they roll out — “You shouldn’t second-guess police officers, because it’s a dangerous job!”

Really? I’ve worked the numbers before, but last year, 2016, was an especially bad year for cops being murdered on the job. So did last year change things drastically?

Uhm…. nope.

Even with last year’s unusually high murder rate for cops, which is entirely due to three ambush-style attacks on officers, you are still almost twice as likely to be murdered as an average citizen of Oakland, California, than you are to be murdered as a police officer. 88 people in Oakland were murdered in 2016, out of a population of 420,000. 89 police officers were murdered in 2016, out of a total number of 809,000 sworn officers. That’s 21.0 murders per 100,000 for Oakland, 11.0 murders per 100,000 for police officers.

It’s a dangerous job, but then, so is simply living in today’s world, and it’s a less dangerous job than a lot of other jobs — less dangerous than fisherman, farmer, framing carpenter, roofer, steel worker, …. heck, it isn’t even in the Top 10 for dangerous jobs! Heck, even *GARBAGE COLLECTOR* is a more dangerous job than police officer…. garbage collectors had a 38.8 per 100,000 fatality rate in 2015. The fatality rate for police officers in that same year was 17.6 per 100,000 — i.e., being a police officer is half as dangerous as being a garbage collector!

I’m sorry, but the notion that police officer is such an extraordinarily dangerous job that officers must shoot first and validate that a threat exists later because of those dangers is, frankly, bullshit. Yes, it’s a dangerous job, but so is the job of garbage collector. But the difference is that garbage collectors don’t get to shoot people based on “it’s a dangerous job and I was scared!”. Frankly, I have a lot more respect for fishermen and farmers and steel workers and garbage collectors than for police officers — they have a dangerous job, and they don’t whine about the fact they have a dangerous job, they just do the frickin’ job they’re paid to do.

Which job, for police officers, does *not* involve killing random people who are no threat to anybody based on “it’s a dangerous job and I was scared!”, no matter how much they whine “I was scared!” like little babies. Oh wah. I’ve been 40 feet in the air on a wire rack that was waggling around like a Labrador retriever’s tail, that was a dangerous job, and yeah, I was scared. Did I whine about it? F**k no. Because a *man*, as vs a *wimp*, doesn’t whine about doing dangerous and scary things. He either does them, or he finds another career, but whining about the dangers of the career you chose is unseemly, cowardly, and unprofessional.

‘Nuff said.

— Badtux the Numbers Penguin

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HIPAA is the law here in the United States. It is a Federal law that protects patient privacy and prevents hospitals from releasing information about patients and that has very few exceptions. Basically, these are the exceptions:

  1. The transfer of patient information is necessary in order to provide appropriate medical care to the patient.
  2. The patient or, if the patient is unconscious, the patient’s next of kin, gives consent.
  3. The patient is under arrest and in the custody of the State.
  4. The police have a warrant for the medical records or medical procedure being requested.

If a nurse violates this law by, say, allowing a police officer to draw blood from a comatose patient without any of the above, she will at the very least be suspended, if not fired and have her license yanked by the state licensing board. Hospitals take this shit seriously. Not only is it the law, it’s their duty to their patients.

So anyhow, this cop by the name of Detective Jeff Payne demanded of the burn unit head nurse, Alex Wubbels, that she allow him to draw vials of blood from a patient for drug screening. He didn’t have consent from the patient. The patient was not under arrest. He had no warrant, he couldn’t get a warrant because there was no probable cause because the patient was the victim of a crash caused by a fleeing criminal and was not himself accused of any crime. From what I can figure, this detective wanted the blood in order to prove that the patient, a reserve police officer, was not under the influence of drugs at the time that the criminal’s car jumped the median and smashed into his truck.

Thing is, none of that allows the nurse to allow him into the patient’s room, much less perform a medical procedure. He’s not next of kin. He has no warrant. The person in the room is not in the custody of the State i.e. is not under arrest. Under HIPAA she’s not even allowed to tell him what room the patient is in without permission from the patient or the patient’s next of kin. So he’s demanding she break the law, and she puts in a phone call to the hospital’s administrator and puts the administrator on speakerphone to talk with the officer, and the administrator explains the exact same thing to the officer, i.e., that the nurse is not allowed under the law to tell him anything about the patient or allow him to do anything to the patient unless one of those last three conditions is true. At which point the officer goes fucking postal on the nurse, jacking her up and hustling her out the door and cuffing her because she’s there and the administrator wasn’t, apparently.

As far as I know, he still didn’t get his fucking blood, because hospital administrators were already on the way with lawyers in tow and put a stop to that shit. He was forced to let Nurse Wubbels go, and slunk away.

And his police department didn’t even give him a fucking paid vacation. They took him off of the phlebotomy program, of course. No fucking way was any hospital in the Salt Lake City area going to give him the time of day again. But hey, reprimand? Nope, didn’t happen. Suspension? Nope, didn’t happen. It’s almost as if a cop can just fucking assault anybody anywhere at any time for any stupid reason and the command staff just shrugs and says, “what can we do?”

Y’know, twenty years ago when the original “militia” neo-Nazi movements were breaking up in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, David Neiwert was committing acts of journalism and publishing articles tracking where all these fucking Nazis were going. What he found out was that a lot of them were getting hired by police departments that were busy staffing up due to Bill Clinton’s program to put 100,000 additional cops onto the streets and which correspondingly had lowered standards and didn’t look too hard at those people. Thus the FBI warnings about neo-Nazi infiltration of police departments. So anyhow, it’s 20 years later now. Those fucking Nazis are no longer just foot soldiers. They’re now in leadership positions in police departments all around the country. Thus the Oath Keepers hate group, which claims over 30,000 law enforcement members.

And this is the result — even the non-Nazis in police departments have absorbed the whole “ve must haff ORDER!” mentality of the Nazis, and disregard the whole law part of the term law and order. We live in a day and age where it doesn’t matter what the law says. It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says.

All that matters is the attitude of the cop that rolls up on you.

And that doesn’t describe a democracy. That describes a police state in all but name.

– Badtux the Sovok Penguin

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