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Stalin’s Soviet Union was a vicious place, where at any moment the secret police could arrest you and send you off to the gulag concentration camps. Children under the age of 2 got sent with their families, while children above the age of 2 went to relatives or state-run orphanages. One thing that was *not* done was to rip children away from their families and send them to separate concentration camps just for children. Granted, the orphanages weren’t exactly cushy places. But they weren’t concentration camps. Unlike this:

This is a detention center for unaccompanied children. It is set up in an abandoned Walmart store. But this is a cushy detention center. Why, they’re given mattresses to sleep on, instead of being required to sleep on the raw concrete! That at least makes it better than the detention cages on the border:

The cages on the border are where the children are kept for one to three days before they can be shipped off to the “cushy” detention center. They’re not given food during that time, and are not given a mattress or blankets. Because it is a “temporary” holding facility, Homeland Security claims they don’t need to provide any of that.

Note that this photograph dates to 2014, during the Obama regime. Which shows that the Republican lie of Obama not being “tough on immigration” was utterly false. Obama was no friend of immigrants, just as the black community, as a whole, is no friend of immigrants, who they view as having come into America and taken “their” jobs. And so the cycle of viciousness towards our fellow man goes on, despite everything that God says:

Hell, even the Southern Baptists, who are as regressive as you can get without being a total Bircher, are rather queasy about the whole be-mean-to-immigrants thing:

God commands His people to treat immigrants with the same respect and dignity as those native born … we desire to see immigration reform include an emphasis on securing our borders and providing a pathway to legal status with appropriate restitutionary measures, maintaining the priority of family unity, resulting in an efficient immigration system that honors the value and dignity of those seeking a better life for themselves and their families … any form of nativism, mistreatment, or exploitation is inconsistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is especially hypocritical is people like Vice President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions who claim to be Christian advocating treating immigrants badly, even to the point of wanting to send migrant kids to tent cities in the fierce Texas summer heat, something would have made Stalin chortle with delight since he did the same thing with adults when he sent them to the frozen Siberian north. But Stalin never claimed to be Christian. I mean, if you claim to be Christian, shouldn’t you, like, obey the word of Christ? Isn’t that, like, the whole point of being Christian? But I guess their Christianity stops when they exit the churchyard door.

And so we continue treating children in ways that would make Stalin envious in their utter cruelty….

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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It’s the United States, of course.

This matches what I’m told by many expatriates — that the United States is the most brutal place to live in the civilized world by far. Every part of American society is designed in the most brutal way possible. Our police officers are trained to brutally tase, beat, and shoot suspects. Our jail guards are trained to brutalize and encourage rape of suspects. Our healthcare system is designed to extract every dime you ever earned in your entire life for the benefit of an elite class of wealthy people, and then throw you out on the streets to die. Our employment system is designed to extract every last bit of value out of you, work you as many hours as physically possible and then more until your health breaks down from all the overwork and stress, then when you’re no longer valuable to employers, throw you out onto the streets to die. Our system of higher education is designed to put you into permanent servitude with debt that can never be discharged no matter how long you live.

Other nations don’t work this way. Other nations don’t build in brutality as a feature of their system. Their system is set up to improve their lives, not to brutalize them. The United States is unique amongst advanced countries in that our system is set up to brutalize our citizens, not help them.

Of course, expatriates do have some self-justification reasons to hype how great their overseas homes are as versus the United States. After all, they regularly have to justify their decision to live in Singapore or Australia or France or Ireland or etc. to relatives who are still in the States. Still, the uniformity of what I’m told by expatriates about there versus here is pretty darn damning. It doesn’t matter where in the civilized world they live — life is better there. Maybe people there are not as wealthy, but they don’t have to worry about being reduced to poverty and indentured servitude by debt for health care and education. They don’t have to worry about being fired from their jobs just because their immediate supervisor doesn’t like them (did you know that a job is a right in most of the civilized world, and you cannot be fired without due process and a reasonable cause?), they don’t have to worry about being put out on the streets to die if they do lose their job or become unable to work, and they get plenty of vacation time to use to recharge and de-stress. It’s only here that none of that is true.

– Badtux the Brutalized Penguin

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When I was a small child, my father told me that the difference between us and the Soviets was that we were free to travel within our country, while the Soviets had people on street corners demanding “your papers”.

But that was then, and this is now. Which is why I’m glad that the ACLU is suing the federal government over the communist-level bullshit that they’re doing nowadays like requiring that all passengers show ID in order to exit a jet plane, even if I doubt it’ll do much good given our current Supreme Kangaroo Court that just rubber-stamps anything the government wants to do.

And of course 2/3rds of America live in the “Constitution-Free Zone” imposed by Customs and Border Protection agents within 100 miles of the nation’s borders.

So it goes….

– Badtux the Pessimistic Penguin

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(*) Exclusions apply. Offer void if you are a poor person in South Carolina, in which case you get jailed without ever seeing a lawyer. Offer void if you own property that the police want to own, in which case it gets taken from you without you being charged with any crime. Offer void if you’re a black man running away from the police. Offer void if you are one of the 2/3rds of Americans who live in a Constitution-free “border zone”.

Offer void unless your net worth is at least $100,000,000. In that case, you have plenty of liberty and justice, even to the point of being able to take a public beach and make it your own private beach in defiance of California law.

Because remember, all men were created equal, but some are more equal than others.

— Badtux the “Some exclusions apply” Penguin

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Whenever the cops manage to shoot someone who poses no threat like a dude who’s recording them with a cell phone, that’s basically the line they roll out — “You shouldn’t second-guess police officers, because it’s a dangerous job!”

Really? I’ve worked the numbers before, but last year, 2016, was an especially bad year for cops being murdered on the job. So did last year change things drastically?

Uhm…. nope.

Even with last year’s unusually high murder rate for cops, which is entirely due to three ambush-style attacks on officers, you are still almost twice as likely to be murdered as an average citizen of Oakland, California, than you are to be murdered as a police officer. 88 people in Oakland were murdered in 2016, out of a population of 420,000. 89 police officers were murdered in 2016, out of a total number of 809,000 sworn officers. That’s 21.0 murders per 100,000 for Oakland, 11.0 murders per 100,000 for police officers.

It’s a dangerous job, but then, so is simply living in today’s world, and it’s a less dangerous job than a lot of other jobs — less dangerous than fisherman, farmer, framing carpenter, roofer, steel worker, …. heck, it isn’t even in the Top 10 for dangerous jobs! Heck, even *GARBAGE COLLECTOR* is a more dangerous job than police officer…. garbage collectors had a 38.8 per 100,000 fatality rate in 2015. The fatality rate for police officers in that same year was 17.6 per 100,000 — i.e., being a police officer is half as dangerous as being a garbage collector!

I’m sorry, but the notion that police officer is such an extraordinarily dangerous job that officers must shoot first and validate that a threat exists later because of those dangers is, frankly, bullshit. Yes, it’s a dangerous job, but so is the job of garbage collector. But the difference is that garbage collectors don’t get to shoot people based on “it’s a dangerous job and I was scared!”. Frankly, I have a lot more respect for fishermen and farmers and steel workers and garbage collectors than for police officers — they have a dangerous job, and they don’t whine about the fact they have a dangerous job, they just do the frickin’ job they’re paid to do.

Which job, for police officers, does *not* involve killing random people who are no threat to anybody based on “it’s a dangerous job and I was scared!”, no matter how much they whine “I was scared!” like little babies. Oh wah. I’ve been 40 feet in the air on a wire rack that was waggling around like a Labrador retriever’s tail, that was a dangerous job, and yeah, I was scared. Did I whine about it? F**k no. Because a *man*, as vs a *wimp*, doesn’t whine about doing dangerous and scary things. He either does them, or he finds another career, but whining about the dangers of the career you chose is unseemly, cowardly, and unprofessional.

‘Nuff said.

— Badtux the Numbers Penguin

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Says that the statute of limitations for false imprisonment starts when you’re initially falsely imprisoned, not when you’re released.

In this case, a U.S. citizen was falsely imprisoned for 3 years by ICE, which accused him of being a non-citizen despite his repeated assertions to the contrary including copies of his father’s naturalization certificate and his birth certificate showing otherwise. A Federal court ordered that he be paid damages for his false imprisonment. The court of appeals overturned that order, stating that the clock on the statute of limitations started ticking when he was imprisoned, not when he was released. Even though it took three years for him to prove false imprisonment in the first place so that he could be released.

So it appears that if the U.S. government wishes to avoid paying damages for false imprisonment, all they have to do is drag the case out for more than two years, and any award granted will be overturned because the statute of limitations has run out.


If California courts followed that reasoning, that the statute of limitations starts ticking when the crime starts, not when the crime ends, all I’d have to do is kidnap a kid, hold her for 10 years and 1 day, and then I’d be home free because the statute of limitations in California is 10 years so I couldn’t be prosecuted for kidnapping. If that seems fair or right to you, you’re a loon.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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They tied him to a restraint chair, then, as he was immobilzed, repeatedly tased him while shouting “stop resisting!” and laughing — including tasing him on his balls.

Jordan Norris wasn’t exactly a Boy Scout that day. He’d threatened to kill deputies earlier in the day, and was yelling and screaming and banging his head against the bars in his cell before they pulled him out and started torturing him.

But a cop’s job is not to punish people for crimes. A cop’s job is to arrest people and hold them for a court. It’s the court’s job, not a cop’s job, to assign punishment.

In this particular case it appeared that Norris had a psychotic episode. He spent 10 days in a psychiatric institution after the cops finally tired of tasing him and hauled him off to the looney bin. I can’t help but think that torturing him with stun guns — yeah, shocking people with an electroshock weapon is torture (I can’t believe I have to link to Amnesty International to make that clear!) — couldn’t have helped.

But hey, just another day in Police State USA. The cops involved will get a free vacation then their jobs back, while the dude who was tortured… well, maybe his lawyers will get some money. But it won’t be money taken from the cops. So why should they change their ways?

– Badtux the Bad Sovok Penguin

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