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The day from Hell

That was yesterday. A 12 hour day at work because of a customer call that started at 8am, and I finished my work around 8pm :(. The good news is that they’re up and going, and I even got my search cluster stabilized once I got back to the office. The bad news is that this didn’t leave time for, well, life, yesterday. Something I try to avoid (not having time for life, I mean — I’m pretty good about sticking to 8 hour days usually).

So now you know why I was off the air yesterday.

– Badtux the Grumpy Penguin

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So, a car pulls up at the gas station. Windows are open, no music playing, kid gets out then reaches into the car and turns the radio as loud as the shitty boombox sound system in that car will go, playing some rap music that sounds mostly like “thoom… thoom… thoomity thoom thoom thooom…” thanks to the completely overwhelmed tiny little speakers in the front doors being completely drowned out by a woofer the size of a small house.

So our hero says to himself, “hmm, I didn’t know it was be an ass with music day!” And turned on his own stereo system (a much better quality stereo system) at top volume. To this:

For some reason the kid quit filling his tank at $6.78, and drove off with a look of disgust on his face. Heh.

– Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

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Where did the music go?!

Basically, it had become a chore. Before I sat down to write politics posts, I felt obligated to go look for some music first. It was interfering with my blogging, so I just said fuck that shit, and I’ll post music when I feel like posting music. It’s not as if I’m getting paid to do music blogging, after all!

– Badtux the Musicless Penguin

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It got up to 94 degrees today. Pretty darn hot for no air conditioning. The good news is that it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow. Phew!

So, I got an alert that one of my drives in my RAID array failed, and when I got in I found that three of the drive bays in my 12-bay NAS unit had died, degrading my ZPOOL too. Well, three drives don’t die at one time, so I rebooted the server, went into the LSI BIOS, and swapped three known good drives into those bays. Still nada, they wouldn’t even blink red. So I did what everybody would do in that situation — I grabbed a backplane off the pile of backplanes behind me that I’d scored off of eBay, and swapped it into the system. The “bad” drives then came back online, added themselves back into the appropriate arrays (with a bit of prompting from me), voila. Hoarders for the win!

So, what’s happening in the world today?

Well, yesterday in 1945 the Red Army hoisted the Soviet flag over the Reichstag, which many historians consider the symbolic end of the Third Reich or, as Steve Bannon calls it, “a temporary setback.”

Jeff Sessions doesn’t like being laughed at. So he prosecuted a woman who laughed when someone said “Jeff Sessions has a well-documented record of treating all people equally under the law” (his actual record is that he’s a raging bigot), and successfully convicted her of disrupting Congress, a crime which carries up to 1 year in Club Fed. Just by comparison: Brock Turner spent 3 months in county jail for raping an unconscious girl. But laughing at a white racist is a more serious crime than raping an unconscious girl, right? Right?!

Talking about rape, Donald Trump just hired yet another person accused of sexual assault by multiple women, Steven Munoz. Because birds of a feather and all that, I guess.

Finally, the Dutch have a good precedent for what to do with a failed leader. Unfortunately applying their lesson to a certain orange racist pussy grabber would result in a lot of heart attacks from eating so much fat…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Just rather overheated — it’s been above 90F here for two days in a row. Even had to plug in the portable air conditioner in my bedroom yesterday to cool it down enough to sleep.

So anywho: America’s largest oil refinery is now 100% owned by Saudi Arabia. MAGA!

Spicey runs away from a press briefing. ¿Apparently scared that the reporters would ask him hard questions about what he’s butt-tweeting on Twitter?

As I keep pointing out, Hillary Clinton didn’t ignore the working class. She had detailed policy proposals to help them. But those policy proposals would have helped the poors and the blahs too, so. Can’t have that, can we? Our working-class white people, if they were underneath a bridge cooking a pigeon on a stick over a hobo stove, would gladly give up their pigeon if it meant that the black person the next bridge over didn’t even have a hobo stove.

This Nazi vs anti-Nazi bullshit is getting ridiculous. How do so many Nazis have so much time to go to strange towns where nobody knows them and hold rallies? Sheesh.

Finally, all this needs is some Truck Nutz and it’s the perfect Trump supporter truck:

Hint: If you have to loudly proclaim that you’re an alpha male… you ain’t one. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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You may have noticed that posting for the past two days has been delayed or non-existent. That’s because my Comcast Internet service has gone out for two evenings in a row. It goes out around 9pm, and doesn’t come back until 1:30am (note, the last might be +/- 5 minutes, because my monitoring system pings the cloud every 5 minutes and then it takes the cloud side of my monitoring system a minute or two to process the ping and close the trouble ticket).

Hopefully Comcast has figured out what’s going wrong (each time I went to their site via my cell phone and each time it said there was an area-wide outage in my area) and it won’t happen again. We’ll see…

– Badtux the Internetless Penguin

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Zombie Jesus died for your sins… and has come back for your braiiins!

So I went out to go shopping but… all the stores were closed? WTF?!

Then I realized: Oh, that’s right. It’s Zombie Jesus Day!

– Badtux the Lost-track-of-time Penguin

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