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So, the new “Doctor” in Doctor Who is a woman. Which, given that nobody knows what the gender of a Gallifreyan is anyhow, means fuck all. Yet the delicate white male broflakes are having a mass meltdown over it anyhow. Which is a “what the *fuck* is the matter with you?!” moment for anybody with half a brain. Which obviously isn’t the privileged white broflakes who are whining that their Doctor has an inny rather than an outy. Sheesh. Dumbfucks.

– Badtux the WTF Penguin

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Aftermath of D.C . protests. We shall rebuild.

Aftermath of D.C. protests. We shall rebuild.

There’s right wingers whining about the amazingly destructive protests against the Trump Administration, which have resulted in a few dozen arrests and a burned-out trash can (we shall rebuild though after this mass destruction!) and maybe a few people delayed getting to work or getting home from work. Ignoring the fact that there was plenty of right wing violence after the election of Barack Obama, including torching a black church, they have a point.

Look. I mean, I have no idea why a black man might be protesting an attorney general who promises to take voting rights away from black people in the Old South rather than enforce voting rights, or why gay men might be protesting a vice president who advocates attaching electrodes to their balls and shocking them with electricity in order to “cure” their gayness, or why parents of handicapped children might be protesting a Secretary of Education whose opinion is that schools should not be legally required to educate the handicapped, or why Muslims might be protesting a Secretary of Homeland Security who advocates rounding up all Muslims into concentration camps, or why women might be protesting the notion that Big Government should have control over their pussies, or etc. I mean, I’m a white straight Christian male, none of that matters to me, right?

So gosh darn it, all those protesters should just give up all those rights quietly rather than inconvenience me on my daily commute! That’s the only right thing to do. Right? Right?!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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The black community? Uh, no. Macho white males who’ve lost their manufacturing or mining jobs.

So the new jobs in rural America are mostly caregiver jobs, since the population of white Americans is aging and Medicare is one of the few sources of money in those communities today. You’d think that the white men unemployed with the collapse of mining and factory work would be flocking to these new occupations, which, while they’re not the best paying jobs on the planet, are at least reliable and easy to enter.

Uhm… not so much. Appears that these misogynist assholes think that “women’s work” is beneath them.

– Badtux the “These people are sick” Penguin

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Frankly, this does not surprise me. I’ve known for some time that many Europeans are misogynist and racist. Other than the Scandinavians, and, surprisingly, the Spanish, this seems to carry over into their attitudes towards rape too, though it appears that eastern Europeans agree more highly than others that it’s okay to rape a woman under certain circumstances. Still, look at France. Surprised? I’m not.

– Badtux the unsurprised-but-still-bummed-out Penguin

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There is a photo going around Twitter of what is supposedly a protest outside of Trump Hotel in Washington D.C., and in the middle of the photo is someone holding a sign that says “Rape Melania“.

No. Just no.

Not only is threatening to rape Melania Trump, or threatening any violence against women, something that is deplorable and beyond the pale, I am perturbed by attacks on Melania Trump, period. She left a devastated Slovenia in the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia and made a living with what tools she had available to her, the foremost of which was her body, which she sold out as a fashion model or, in the case of the nude photoshoot for GQ, no-fashion model. I can’t blame someone for making a living however they have to. She wasn’t going to get by on her intellect or her charming personality, after all. People attacking her because of how she survived before she married Donald Trump, or attacking her simply because she *did* marry Donald Trump, have no idea what it is like to endure dire poverty and do what you have to do to survive.

Same deal with those who say she plagiarized a speech. Melania didn’t write that speech. If you want to blame someone, blame the speech-writer. Melania is not an innocent victim here, she’s not someone to feel sorry for, she made her choice and she’s lived with it for better or for worse, but she’s not the bad guy either. Save that for her husband, Deadbeat Donnie. He’s the one you need to worry about, not his wife, who has made her bed and is lying in it, but isn’t the one who’s going to destroy America if we let him.

– Badtux the Deplorable-spotting Penguin.

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The one nobody at family reunions will talk about. The one everybody pretends doesn’t exist and talks around. The one who was carted off to jail on a kiddie-porn rap just before Thanksgiving.

That is Donald Trump. Who everybody in the Republican Party is now trying to pretend doesn’t exist, talking around his existence and changing the subject if you bring it up.

Keeping up with Trump revelations is exhausting. By late October, he’ll be caught whacking it outside a nunnery. There are not many places left for this thing to go that don’t involve kids or cannibalism.

Uhm, not many places left for this thing to go that don’t involve cannibalism, anyhow. Because the kids thing? Nope. When Trump walked in on a dressing room full of 15, 16, and 17 year old girls, strike that one off the list.

Hey, good luck with your unmentionable Uncle Donnie, Republicans.


– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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The woman who accuses Trump of sexually assaulting her isn’t pretty, thus she lies. Because Donald Trump only sexually assaults pretty girls.

That’s it. That’s Donald Trump’s defense.

Of course, Trump has gone even further since then, claiming that the tapes of his own voice speaking his own words are part of a vast conspiracy to crush him. Dude is in serious demagogue territory now, positing giant conspiracies capable of even forging his own voice and image on screen. Will anybody buy that? Well, his basket of misogonyst racist bigoted deplorables sure seem to be lapping it up. Somehow, I doubt that this rabid conspiracy-mongering is going to appeal to the majority of Americans, though.

I hope.

– Badtux the Fingers-crossed Penguin

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