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Russia is fake news.

This (Trump) administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. (Ignore the flying machine parts!).

Nuclear holocaust would be like no other!

Shoot that Russian spy ship out of the water!

I’m not ranting and raving. (Said while he was ranting and raving).

And so on and so forth. The press conference was officially called to announce his new pick for Secretary of Labor, given that his previous pick turned out to be a wife beater and worse (maybe he needs to do more of that “extreme vetting” on his own people, six of’em got fired today for failing their FBI background test). It turned into a demented ranting and raving session.

Immediately after the press conference, Trump’s pick to succeed General Flynn as National Security Advisor, former Navy SEAL Vice Admiral Robert Harward, turned down the job. Not because of the press conference, but, rather, because Trump was going to saddle him with staffers not of his own choosing. Harward said “Fuck that shit,” and went home. It is becoming apparent even to people outside the administration such as Admiral Harward that the Trump White House is a toxic working environment where underlings are appointed under bosses with orders to backstab the bosses. Given that, nobody who’s even the least bit competent is going to want anything to do with the Trump White House. So, seems like Donald Trump is going to hire the best people he can get… but they’re all going to be losers, because winners like Admiral Harward want nothing to do with the toxic Trump brand or the toxic working environment he’s creating in the White House.

– Badtux the “We’re Fucked” Penguin

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Flynn’s gone, but top Republicans are apparently planning to investigate his ties to Russia and what he told them. At the same time, our very own allies are conducting intelligence operations against us because they can’t figure out what His Fraudulency Donald the Trump is up to. I think they will be disappointed. I don’t think even Cheeto Mussolini knows what he’s up to.

Meanwhile, Andrew Puzder is out as Labor secretary. Puzder racked up a litany of sins. He employed an illegal housekeeper for years and failed to pay taxes. He apparently abused his wife, complete with a video of his ex-wife on Oprah explaining what he did to her. It came out that he liked illegal immigration because it gave him cheaper labor for his stores. MoJo came up with dozens of labor law violations in his restaurants. And so forth. About the only thing people didn’t accuse him of was talking to the Russians. Must have been the only appointee of the Orange Racist Russian Stooge who wasn’t.

I can’t remember any administration that had so much turmoil in its first four weeks. This isn’t normal, folks. It isn’t. It really isn’t.

Time to pray to the Great Penguin to save America… not that She will. She’s much too fat and lazy for that. Sigh.

– Badtux the Frazzled Penguin

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Found: The memo by the Office of Legal Counsel issued to Trump a few hours before his executive order on immigration was released, okaying it for release:

January 29, 2017

This is the best Executive Order ever. Everyone says so. Thanks, Mr. Commander-in-Chief!
— Office of Legal Counsel

P.S. The Muslims won’t like it. Sad.


– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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No, I’m not joking. They really did.

Look, I’m not super excited about the fact that the 2nd Amendment grants an individual right to keep in bear arms, but that’s what it does, at least until the Supremes dance different or the 2nd Amendment gets replaced, so that’s that. But that doesn’t mean that we ought to be arming crazy people.

Of course, given the fact that there’s actually people who argue that the blind should be armed… so why should I be surprised that they also believe crazy people should be armed?

Of course, this might just be self-protection on the part of Congressmen. After all, if crazy people can’t own guns, they’d have to give up their own guns, right?

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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(Former) Acting Attorney General General Sally Q. Yates just trolled Donald Trump. And he took the bait!

See, here’s the thing. Yates was an assistant district attorney for years, then Obama promoted her to District Attorney for Georgia, and, eventually, Deputy Attorney General. Then as part of the transition plan, she became Acting Attorney General when Attorney General Loretta Lynch resigned.

Here’s the thing: She’s been out of the private market since 1989. That’s 28 years ago. A 50-something lawyer re-entering the private market after years of government service is going to have a hard time finding a new job. So, how to make a name for yourself? Simple: Troll Donald Trump!

Here’s how it worked. She’s going to be out of a job by this time next week anyhow, assuming a new Attorney General takes office, which seems likely. She literally had nothing to lose. So she said, “I’m not going to defend President Trump’s Muslim ban in court, it’s illegal and unconstitutional.” And….

Watch the toe-shaped cheeto’s head explode! God-Emperor Donald the Trump threw a fit! Stormed around the Oval office shouting “You’re fired! You’re fired, bitch, you’re fucking fired!”. And his Presidential advisors said “No no, Mr. Trump, you don’t want to fire her, that’ll turn her into a martyr, you want to accept her resignation” (because remember, every political appointee turns in an undated resignation letter on the day they take office, to be accepted by the President at whatever time he wishes). And Donnie the Screaming Cheetoh screamed “I don’t want her resigned, I want her fired, toot sweet, goddamn it!” and started throwing things at Rinse Previous and Smelly Alcoholic, “Fired! Fire her! Fire her! Leave! Leave!” and, fleeing a hail of staplers, desk trays, boxes of paperclips, and the occasional paperweight (those hurt!), Rinse and Smelly fled for their lives.

And fired Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, as they’d been ordered to do, making her an instant celebrity.

Granted, even if she’d “resigned to be with her family”, everybody would have known that she was let go because of what she’d said about the Presidential order being illegal. But it wouldn’t have been as spectacular, as… kaboomerific. As juicy for her employment prospects as being spectacularly and publicly fired for taking a moral stand.

My guess? She gets a job with Eric Holder’s law firm, representing states suing the Federal government over illegal acts that Donald Trump is committing. Because she’s no longer some obscure bureaucrat deep in the bowels of the Justice Department. She’s fucking famous. And she has Donald Trump to credit for that, because Deadbeat Donnie just couldn’t quietly shove her out the door, he had to throw a fucking hissy fit. As Yates undoubtedly expected when she trolled him, and trolled him good.

Troll rating: 100. Great trolling, Sally Yates!

– Badtux the Troll-appreciatin’ Penguin

Some notes:

  • Yates was a political appointee, thus served at the will of the President. There’s nothing illegal about firing her, it just isn’t what’s done, because of, well, see above. Usually when there are, let us say, irreconcilable differences, the political appointee “resigns”. See the Saturday Night Massacre.
  • Yates is not a Civil Service employee. She resigned her Civil Service position when she was appointed Attorney General for Georgia, so is not protected by Civil Service protections. So this was all legal. Just very unprofessional in the way it was done. Cheeto Mussolini made Sally Yates a fucking star!

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Donald Trump is talking about levying a 20% import tax against Mexican imports in order to pay for his wall, a wall so effective that two typical college girls can defeat it:

So anyhow, one argument is that this will help American manufacturing by eliminating Mexican competition. There’s just one problem with that concept: Virtually every American manufacturer relies on parts and components manufactured in Mexico, even if their stuff is built in America.

I’m most familiar with Chrysler. Their 3.6L Pentastar engine is used in virtually all of their vehicles, from their Dodge Challenger to Jeep Wranglers to their giant RAM pickup trucks. And approximately half of these are manufactured in Saltillo, Mexico, along with roughly 3/4ths of their RAM 1500 pickup trucks.

Could Chrysler survive if Trump imposed a 20% tax on their engines as they imported them to assemble into their vehicles? Probably not. They can’t raise their prices by 5% to counter the cost of the engine (remember, the engine is roughly 1/3rd of the cost of the vehicle), because prices are set by the market, not by them — their competitors would run them out of business. So they’d lose money. And Fiat isn’t exactly flush with cash, they’ve had record sales the past few years, but have had to invest massive amounts of money too. For example, tooling up for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler is costing them $1B (one BILLION dollars). They apparently spent TWO billion dollars tooling up for their new Pacifica minivan. And so forth. So they can’t afford to lose money. Especially since one of their big cash cows, the Ram 1500 pickup and all of the heavy duty pickup trucks, are made in Saltillo (the extended cab 1500’s and some of the crew cab 1500’s are made at Warren Truck near Detroit).

To make things even more confusing, FCA makes small cars as well as some Mexican-market cars in Toluca, near Mexico City, and every engine in the Fiat 500, Jeep Compass, and Dodge Journey that are made in Toluca is made in their Dundee engine plant near Detroit and exported to Mexico. So let’s get this straight — a made-in-America engine is exported to Mexico to be installed in a car that is importing back to the United States, and it’s going to get tariffed in order to encourage American manufacturing? Not to mention all the American-built cars with the imported 3.6L engines that are being turned right back around and exported *back* to Mexico or Latin America, meaning they have to effectively pay an *export* tax on those vehicles thanks to the import tax on the engines? In what world does that make sense? Not to mention that a lot of these small cars are not being imported — they’re going to the Mexican or Latin American markets.

In short: A 20% tariff on Mexican goods would devastate Chrysler. It’d hurt sales of their cars south of the border since they’d still have to pay the import tax on the imported components before being able to export the cars, and it’d cause major supply chain disruptions. Being unable to get engines would cause assembly lines to be idled all around the area within a 200 mile radius of Detroit where Chrysler has the majority of its assembly plants. Tens of thousands of Americans would be thrown out on the streets. All because His Fraudulency Donald the Trump wants a frickin’ wall that can’t work…

Okay, are you back? LOL. So, could a tariff work to encourage manufacturing on US soil?

The answer: Yes. But it’d have to be carefully targeted, slowly brought into effect over a course of years, and assistance to companies like Chrysler who would need literally billions of dollars to bring those manufacturing facilities back from Mexico would be absolutely necessary or there will be massive job losses in the United States as a result of being cut off from critical components. It’d be a complex and intricate task, one that would challenge a competent administration — nevermind one as incompetent as the Trump Administration is proving to be.

And that, people, is why Trump’s proposal to help American manufacturing would destroy American manufacturing. We simply need too many foreign-built components to build our stuff nowadays, and moving production of those components back to the United States will take years, if not decades. Imposing a tariff next week wouldn’t move production of those components back to America — it’d just make it expensive to import them, making American goods less competitive in foreign markets and making prices rise here in the United States.

And let’s not even start to talk about the other Mexican goods affected, from tequila to fresh fruits and vegetables… the reality just looking at manufacturing is dire enough. Every single dime of that tariff would immediately be passed on as higher prices to consumers. We’d end up paying *twice* for the wall — once as taxes while it is built, and then forever after as tariffs after it was built. In what world is that a reasonable thing to do?!

– Badtux the “These people are dangerous morons” Penguin

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Texas governor Abbott threatens to “remove” Travis County sheriff Sally Hernandez from office if she refuses to enforce Federal immigration law. There’s only one problem with that statement: It directly violates the Texas Constitution.

In fact, Article V, Section 24 of the Texas Constitution reads: “Sec. 24. REMOVAL OF COUNTY OFFICERS. County Judges, county attorneys, clerks of the District and County Courts, justices of the peace, constables, and other county officers, may be removed by the Judges of the District Courts for incompetency, official misconduct, habitual drunkenness, or other causes defined by law, upon the cause therefor being set forth in writing and the finding of its truth by a jury.” In other words, only after a trial by jury can a county officer such as the Sheriff be removed from office.

In other words, a jury trial in Austin would have to convict Sheriff Hernandez of official misconduct before she could be removed from office. Good luck with that…

– Badtux the “These people have no respect for the Constitution” Penguin

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