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So yesterday it turns out that Comey took dated notes in his conversations with Trump, like all FBI agents do. And the notes say that Trump asked him, on February 14, to stop the Russia investigation. Comey didn’t. Then Trump fired him. By his own admission, in his tweets, because of the Russia investigation.

Yeah, obstruction of justice. That and $2 will get you a cup of bad coffee at Starducks.

So now the Justice Department — with Jeff Sessions abstaining because he *isn’t* immune to obstruction of justice charges — has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special council to oversee the investigation of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Mueller is a Republican who was appointed as FBI director by George W. Bush. On the other hand, he has a reputation as a straight arrow. He refused, for example, to allow the FBI to participate in the CIA / Pentagon torture campaign. So… cue the popcorn.

So now to more randomness…

Russia to America: Don’t read newspapers. Really? Dude. The day that I let a foreign government tell me what to do is the day I renounce my American citizenship and swear allegiance to Hydra. Sheesh.

Trump, speaking to graduating Coasties, spent time whining about how mean the press has been to him. “No politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly.” Dude. They shot Abraham Lincoln in the head. And he has the fucking nerve to say this after eight years of bigoted racist attacks against President Obama. Whether it was photoshops of Obama’s head on a witch doctor, the current Racist In Chief’s constant insistence that Obama couldn’t possibly be an American and his birth certificate must be fraudulent because, well, he’s *black*, the continual assertions that Obama was a dictator who was gonna take their guns because he’s a big scary black man, the constant racist photoshopping of his head and his wife’s head onto monkeys, etc., frankly I don’t know how the man didn’t snap and start having bigots strung up on the White House lawn. I guess Obama just has thicker skin than the current precious delicate snowflake-in-chief.

Finally: Any half-decent hacker could break into Mar-a-Lago’s poorly secured networks and spy on everything happening there. Including the doings of the Orange Racist Russian Stooge.

But… her emails!

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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Y’know, we don’t hear Jared Kushner say anything in public. He holds no press conferences. He doesn’t talk to the press. He doesn’t tweet. He doesn’t issue statements. Unlike Donald and the rest of the Trumps, he is… silent. To the point where it’s parodied on Saturday Night Live:

But maybe that makes him the smart one in the family. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it beyond a doubt.

The look on the Italian prime minister’s face today, as Donald Trump says that Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who has been dead for ten years, “is a great friend of mine“…

– Badtux the Face-palming Penguin

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If you’re a CEO, and you need security guards to protect you from your own workers… you might be doing your job wrong.

What, then, are we supposed to think about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt requesting ten security guards as a 24/7 security detail to protect himself from EPA employees? Other than, “man, that man must be a real dick to need to be protected against his own workers“, I mean?

Now on to Kremlinology. There’s rules about being a crime kingpin. First rule is, you don’t let people talk shit about your relatives or in-laws. You might talk shit about them yourself, but if one of your underlings talks shit about one of your in-laws? Steve “Master Race” Bannon apparently talked shit about Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, calling him a “cuck”.

Donald Trump appears to be getting ready to throw Bannon under the bus. Because he’s a miserable failure as a President, but he knows how to be a crime kingpin, bigly. And he knows darn good and well that if one of his underlings is talking shit about one of his relatives, said underling is probably talking shit about the boss man also — and no crime kingpin can put up with underlings who do shit like that, kapiche?

The only reason Bannon hasn’t gotten a horse’s head in the back seat of his car is that the Secret Service drives him everywhere in a limo nowadays…

Yeah, somehow I think Bannon stuck his foot in it this time. Talk about people doing their job wrong!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Trump pulls U.S. government out of planned human rights hearings conducted by the Organization of American States.

The OAS was formed during the Cold War by the United States as a way of organizing the non-Communist nations of the Americas. It has no formal powers and no ability to enforce any human rights findings that its committee on human rights makes. As such, the United States has in the past viewed it as useful kabuki theater even when various states were vehemently objecting to U.S. policies. Better to have these things aired in public in a useless forum, the thought went, than to have these various nations conspiring in secret to enforce real consequences.

But apparently God-Emperor Donald the Trump feels that we no longer need to worry about diplomacy and the tender fee-fees of the states south of our border. Who, I might point out, have a combined population that is more than twice our size, and a combined economy that is equal to that of China. We need them more than they need us — they can sell their oil, for example, to any place on the planet, they don’t have to sell it to us, we’re just convenient. And combined they are our largest export target, again, they don’t *have* to import from us, we’re just conveniently close to them.

In other words, this is stupid. But unsurprising. After all, it’s not as if our cold-blooded sociopathic lizard people overlords think we have any kind of human rights. Well, other than the right to die from lack of food, health care, and housing once we’re no longer capable of being useful to our lizard overlords, anyhow.

– Badtux the “Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns!” Penguin

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Trump claims it’s about security, but it’s actually about punishing these airlines for undercutting the price of American airlines.

This doesn’t affect just flights originating in those specific countries. Those are hubs for entire region, so it affects flights from much of Africa and South Asia too.

This is going to wreck havoc on business travel. I might need to go to Dubai in order to seal a deal that is worth a lot of money to us, and not having a laptop on my long flight there and back is going to be a serious time waste on my part where I can’t do work I need to do. It might even piss off the Dubai government so much that the deal is cancelled, which would cost us a shit-ton of money (these fuckers are rich, and the amount of money they’re willing to shell out for what we have to offer could run our company for a year).

Yay, way to be business-friendly, Deadbeat Donnie. I really appreciate it. So much that I’m giving you the fucking two fisted Bronx salute as we speak.

– Badtux the Pissed Penguin

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I’d like to wake up just one day without opening the Google News web page and exclaiming, “that fuckhead Trump did WHAT today?!”. Today, alas, was such a day.

Canada’s Girl Scouts refuse to come to America. They’re afraid that CBP will keep some of their girls from crossing the border due to national origin or race, and additionally are concerned that their girls might be subjected to searches that would constitute sexual misconduct and result in prosecution in Canada. Yay, the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber’s policies helping the US economy, woot!

Muslim Ban II has been stayed by a court in Hawaii. There is essentially only one way to get in and out of Hawaii, and that is by aircraft. The state apparently argued that the ban was going to harm their tourism industry while providing no additional security. Well, yeah, that it will, just as it encouraged the Girl Guides to avoid the US.

So I understand that His Fraudulency Donald the Trump held a rally in Nashville today where he repeated his usual lies, where his acolytes saluted their God-Emperor with the salute with which he is most familiar, thanks to his neo-Nazi advisor. I have selected the best of the photographs of this event:

Trump Rally in Nashville

Horse soring was banned by law in 1970. That’s a cruel practice where horses are tortured in order to make them high-step. Regulations to enforce the ban have never been adequate though. That was fixed in the last few months of the Obama Administration but for some reason the final rule never got published in the Federal Register. The Trump Administration has now kept that regulation off the books for 55 days, refusing to enforce the law prohibiting soring. So let me get this state. When Obama refused to enforce the immigration law for young people who’d been brought here before 10 years of age and were law abiding, that was bad, according to the Republicans. But it’s okay if Trump does the same thing about animal cruelty? Well, at least some Republicans are calling BS on that too…

But of course it might not be malice, it might be simple incompetence. A friend of mine has recently received multiple inquiries to be hired by a federal agency that shall not be named at various of their locations as a seasonal worker. Apparently seasonal workers aren’t covered by the hiring ban, as long as it’s no more seasonal workers than were hired the previous year. He notes that the place he’d prefer to work isn’t hiring seasonal workers because, despite the hiring ban, somehow they’d managed to hire ten full-time workers. All we could do was shake our heads. None of the Trump appointees at the top in that department has the slightest idea what they’re doing, so all the underlings are running wild and doing whatever they want to do. The children shall play while the adults are away, and all that. Nobody gives a shit anymore, everybody figures they’re fucked anyhow so just do what they want. Apparently Bannon’s oft-stated goal of destroying the Federal government is well underway…

Trump advisor who contacted Russian hacker at least 16 times during 2016 campaign now claims that the CIA tried to kill him in a fake auto accident. Uhm, no. A typical Mafia ploy is the fake auto accident — hit the guy you want to off, get out and pretend you’re going to exchange insurance cards, but instead put a bullet between his eyes. If the CIA wanted Roger Stone dead, he would be dead. But hey, Alex Jones says it was an attempted assassination, so whatevs…

And finally, pointing out that our President is orange isn’t racist. Racism is where you are attacking someone for something they were born with, i.e., skin color, ethnicity, hair color, whatevs. As far as I know, the only thing ever born with orange skin grows on a tree and is used to make a tasty breakfast juice. Trump chose to be orange, he wasn’t born that way. And making fun of people’s stupid choices… isn’t that the American way? FREE-dum and all that?

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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AARP comes out against health care bill. Their takeaway: shortening the life of Medicare, hiking costs for those who can least afford higher insurance premiums, risking seniors’ ability to live independently, increasing insurance premiums for older Americans and not doing anything to lower drug costs, and giving tax breaks to big drug companies and health insurance companies.

In other words: A real shit sandwich.

And in the news yesterday, overshadowed by the health care shit bill, it’s Muslim Ban II. Whiter, cleaner, less offensive constitutionally, doesn’t violate due process rights of visa holders so the White House figures the courts are going to okay it. We’ll see.

So anyhow, Trump accused President Obama of releasing hundreds of Al Qaeda terrorists from Gitmo who went back to their old ways again. Only problem: Most of those were released by George W. Bush. Man, that Barack Obama and his magic negro ray of time travel mojo. He traveled back into time, all the way into the Bush Administration, and using his magic negro ray of mind control, forced President Bush to release 113 prisoners who later went on to join Al Qaeda! Wow, now if Obama could only use that time travel ray to go back in time and get us a better President…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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