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Heh. Heh heh heh.

Busted, bro!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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Donald Trump went on another Twitter rant about Mexico paying for his wall. Well bless his heart.

– Badtux the “Man, that’s one dumb motherfucker” Penguin

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Because there’s no difference between Nazis carrying shields and pipes and wearing helmets, and people who punch Nazis.

Seriously. That was his argument. That it was okay for Nazis to beat the shit out of people because the “alt-left” (antifa?) started it by punching some Nazis.

The President.



Because those nasty antifa attacked peaceful white supremacists, as this photo proves:


Y’know, about these anti-fascist “antifa”, I don’t think their tactics are necessarily good or wise, but I can’t find it in me to condemn people who punch Nazis, no matter how much the Nazis whine about being punched. That’s the difference between me and the Orange Racist Russian Stooge, an apple that apparently didn’t fall far from the tree.

— Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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You’re fired, Scaramucci!.

Scaramucci is *this* week’s reality show loser, as he gets the “Your Fired!” heave-ho on “Presidential Apprentice”. I’d be ROFL if it wasn’t such a sad commentary on the state of our federal government right now.

Ten days. He lasted ten … whole … days.

Somehow, I doubt he’s going to put that job on his resume! “Communications director? Oh no, I just took a couple weeks vacation, hung out on the Jersey shore, I was nowhere near Washington D.C. for those two weeks!” Heh.

— Badtux the Sadly Laughing Penguin

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This time it’s in Kentucky. This glorious example of Republican hypocrisy is named David Narramore, 54, of Whitesburg, Kentucky. His mistake: he crossed the state line into Johnson City, Tennessee (gosh, how appropriate a name!) and waved his teeny weenie at… uhm… a male loss prevention officer in the next stall. Who promptly took him to the loss prevention office and called the cops. Then when the cops showed up, this glorious example of law abiding citizen resisted arrest and had to be tasered and, when that didn’t work, he got his ass beaten down by the cops until they got his tighty whitey self locked, stuffed, and booked.

Sheesh. Are there any of these anti-gay crusader types who ain’t gayer than the gay mayor of Gaytown?!

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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The State Department is eliminating its Cybersecurity coordination office. Because we’re apparently secure. Despite all those ransomware outbreaks recently.

Oh joy. We’re gonna get more scammers, more spammers, more break-ins, more of everything annoying on the Internet. It’s like they’re *trying* to destroy the Internet. Like they think the Internet threatens their control, or something.

Oh wait….

– Badtux the Paranoid Penguin

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That’s the only thing I can assume, due to the fact that he blames Democrats for the fact that all of the repeal-and-replace a.k.a. “Trumpcare” proposals in Congress have failed.

What next? He blames Obama? The pope? The final season of Game of Thrones?

Last time I checked, Congress is run by Republicans. Sorry, Deadbeat Donnie. This fiasco is all on youse guys’ hands, not ours. We’re just sittin’ back munching popcorn.

– Badtux the Democrat Penguin

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