That’s the only thing I can assume, due to the fact that he blames Democrats for the fact that all of the repeal-and-replace a.k.a. “Trumpcare” proposals in Congress have failed.

What next? He blames Obama? The pope? The final season of Game of Thrones?

Last time I checked, Congress is run by Republicans. Sorry, Deadbeat Donnie. This fiasco is all on youse guys’ hands, not ours. We’re just sittin’ back munching popcorn.

– Badtux the Democrat Penguin

Because they pine, pine I say, for the sight of dead bodies. Dead bodies give them a woodie, like the size of a fucking redwood tree. “Yeah, let’s kills us some wrinkled ole’ prunes today!”, chortles Rep. Paul “Catfood Boy” Ryan, as he rubs his hands together with glee. And the sociopaths around him just laugh, laugh I say. Because dead people? They’re fucking funny to these people, who themselves will never suffer because they’re fucking rich and thus don’t give a shit ’cause they don’t have to.

And the Senate Republicans aren’t any better. They want to simply repeal Obamacare — without replacing it with anything at all. According to the CBO, that means 32,000,000 more uninsured people. And according to statistics on death rates in uninsured people versus insured, people, that’s about 30,000 additional dead bodies. But Senator Turtle err Mitch McConnell doesn’t give a shit. ‘Cause he’s a fucking sociopath, differing from Stalin only in the number of people that he wants to kill, not in the fact that he wants to kill them.

Remember, poor sociopaths go to the death chamber here in the United States. Rich ones… they either become Wall Street bankers, or they become politicians. They’re still fucking evil, though.

– Badtux the Sociopath-scryin’ Penguin

Outrage in Saudi Arabia as a video shows a woman dressed in normal Western clothing walking in a Saudi heritage site.

Because she’s wearing a short skirt and heels and no head covering, and there’s no obvious male relative with her as is required of women in Saudi Arabia who are outside their home.

I swear, these medieval asswipes are a pestilence. Someone needs to go in there and clean house and bring them into the modern era. Not the United States, though. We’ve already proven that we’re dumbasses who just break things, we don’t fix things. And this medieval dunghole needs a fucking lot of fixing.

– Badtux the “These are our ALLIES?!” Penguin

I’m having fun reading the CMS’s 2015 National Health Expenditures report.

Some takeaways:

We spent approximately 17% of GDP on healthcare in 2015, the highest in the world.

What 17% of GDP is spent on:

Hospital care — 32%.
Doctors — 20%.
Other professional services — 3%
Dental — 4%
Other healthcare-related personal care / residential care services — 5%
Home health care — 3%
Nursing homes — 5%
Prescription drugs — 10%
Medical equipment — 2%
Medical supplies and OTC medicines — 2%.

Who pays:

Medicare – 20%
Medicaid – 17%
Private health insurance — 33%
Out-of-pocket — 11%
“Other”, including VA, state / county / city hospitals and clinics funded by taxes, charity care, etc — 19%

Where did the money come from:
Federal government — 29%
Households — 28%
Private businesses — 20%
State and local governments — 17%
Other/unknown – 6%

What’s especially interesting is that private health insurance is only 33% of who pays for health care. Medicare and Medicaid pay more than private insurers for health care. If you include all payment by government, we’re talking at least 46% of healthcare is already funded by government — or more than the amount paid for by private insurance.

– Badtux the Healthcare Finance Penguin

According to a report on medical tourism that I’ve read, 1.5 million Americans go overseas every year to obtain medical that is either unaffordable or unobtainable here at home. Roughly 200,000 non-Americans come here each year for health care unobtainable at home — mostly from the Caribbean or from Central America. This is a tiny fraction of the 15,000,000 or so people per year worldwide who go to other countries to obtain healthcare not available or affordable in their own.

So where are people going for health care, instead? Thailand is the biggy. Over 1,000,000 people go to Thailand each year for medical procedures that they can’t get at home. Next up is India, with 600,000 medical tourists per year, mostly from surrounding countries. But wealthy people generally go to either Singapore, or Switzerland. France is also a popular destination in the francophone world, but has the disadvantage (to tyrants) of being a signatory to the World Court, unlike the United States. Thus third world dictators risk being arrested and put on trial at the Hague if they go to France for medical care. So they go to neutral countries like Singapore or Switzerland instead, or if they’re too controversial even for those countries, then, and only then, do they go to the United States. But the United States is a third choice for these people — our healthcare is expensive, but by every measure possible is mediocre. Whether you’re talking outcomes, physicians per capita, hospital beds per capita, whatever, the United States is #1 in none of these, and usually is ranked down with former Iron Curtain eastern European countries like Bulgaria and Romania.

None of this is news to those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while. I’ve already pointed out the mediocre results we get for being the most expensive health care in the world in many, many posts, like this one about prostate cancer that points out that we spend twice as much on health care as Canada, yet have basically the same mortality rate from prostate cancer. But I just felt like addressing today the notion that people come here en masse for healthcare they can’t get in their own countries. They come here, certainly… but not in large numbers, and not as a first choice for many who do come here. Remember, the reason that the Iranians took over our embassy back in ’79 was because we admitted the Shah of Iran here for health care when nobody else in the world would admit him into their country… that’s the quality of people we let in to get health care. If the Shah had been popular rather than reviled, he likely would have gone to Switzerland. But Switzerland wouldn’t have him….

– Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

This seems to be a thing with the Trumps. Fucking over Veterans, I mean.

In this case, Trump funnels money into one of his own golf courses at the expense of a veterans program for disabled veterans that uses the Potomac River for kayaking. It turns out you don’t need legs to kayak. Who coulda thunk?! So anyhow, Camp David has a world-class golf course maintained at taxpayer expense and is a thirty minute helicopter ride from the White House, but Trump golfs at his own golf course instead, forcing the Secret Service to lease the golf course for a day and close the nearby river in order to secure the President. Free government money into Trump’s pockets! What a deal — for Trump. Not for anybody else.

Needless to say, nobody’s calling this outright corruption what it is — outright corruption. Trump could do like Ike and Gerald Ford and golf at Camp David. Ike built a pretty good golf course there, Gerald Ford renovated it to be world-class. But that wouldn’t funnel money into his own pockets. Fuck the taxpayer, right? And fuck those veterans too.

– Badtux the Corruption Penguin