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Outrage in Saudi Arabia as a video shows a woman dressed in normal Western clothing walking in a Saudi heritage site.

Because she’s wearing a short skirt and heels and no head covering, and there’s no obvious male relative with her as is required of women in Saudi Arabia who are outside their home.

I swear, these medieval asswipes are a pestilence. Someone needs to go in there and clean house and bring them into the modern era. Not the United States, though. We’ve already proven that we’re dumbasses who just break things, we don’t fix things. And this medieval dunghole needs a fucking lot of fixing.

– Badtux the “These are our ALLIES?!” Penguin

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It got up to 94 degrees today. Pretty darn hot for no air conditioning. The good news is that it’s supposed to cool down tomorrow. Phew!

So, I got an alert that one of my drives in my RAID array failed, and when I got in I found that three of the drive bays in my 12-bay NAS unit had died, degrading my ZPOOL too. Well, three drives don’t die at one time, so I rebooted the server, went into the LSI BIOS, and swapped three known good drives into those bays. Still nada, they wouldn’t even blink red. So I did what everybody would do in that situation — I grabbed a backplane off the pile of backplanes behind me that I’d scored off of eBay, and swapped it into the system. The “bad” drives then came back online, added themselves back into the appropriate arrays (with a bit of prompting from me), voila. Hoarders for the win!

So, what’s happening in the world today?

Well, yesterday in 1945 the Red Army hoisted the Soviet flag over the Reichstag, which many historians consider the symbolic end of the Third Reich or, as Steve Bannon calls it, “a temporary setback.”

Jeff Sessions doesn’t like being laughed at. So he prosecuted a woman who laughed when someone said “Jeff Sessions has a well-documented record of treating all people equally under the law” (his actual record is that he’s a raging bigot), and successfully convicted her of disrupting Congress, a crime which carries up to 1 year in Club Fed. Just by comparison: Brock Turner spent 3 months in county jail for raping an unconscious girl. But laughing at a white racist is a more serious crime than raping an unconscious girl, right? Right?!

Talking about rape, Donald Trump just hired yet another person accused of sexual assault by multiple women, Steven Munoz. Because birds of a feather and all that, I guess.

Finally, the Dutch have a good precedent for what to do with a failed leader. Unfortunately applying their lesson to a certain orange racist pussy grabber would result in a lot of heart attacks from eating so much fat…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Who is Nathan Damigo? He is a neo-Nazi. He is a twice-convicted criminal who spent 5 years imprisoned for armed robbery. As a result of his armed robbery conviction, he was expelled from the Marines with a dishonorable discharge, though activism from his mother got that reversed to a less-than-honorable discharge so that he could access VA mental health benefits for his PTSD. He wears a “fashi” haircut — long on top, short on sides. He participated in a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley on April 15th along with a bunch of his homeboys dressed in SS-like uniforms with black helmets, and they broke through police lines and attacked anti-fascism protestors who cat-called them and maybe threw bottles at them.

Oh, and he hits women:

Oh, here is what she looks like afterwards, as she demonstrates what she saw as Damigo charged at her:

I watched the video. The girl is standing looking around. She sees a pile-on where a bunch of fascists are kicking and punching one of her group. She takes a tentative step in that direction. Nathan Damigo comes flying in from the right, arm cocked back, and she puts her hands up (empty hands, as you can see from the photos, one of which is from a different viewpoint than the video). She takes a half step towards Damigo to turn square to Damigo, perhaps setting herself to take the punch. He punches her. The punch slides across her face as she ducks back, pushing off against Damigo with her hands. She goes flying backwards, and falls backwards with her shoulder sliding down a wall. Damigo keeps charging, but then sees she’s down, and then Damigo turns and joins the pile-up kicking another protester.

So, how do the Nazis justify one of their leaders punching a woman? 1) She was charging him. (The video shows that she took a half step in his direction as she turned to square up to him after spotting her, but he was charging her, not the other way around, should I believe the Nazis, or my lying eyes?). 2) She was attacking him with a bottle. (You have two very good photos above. Do you see a bottle in her hands?). 3) She was asking for it.

Of course, #3, “she was asking for it”, the favorite of wife-beaters everywhere, is the most popular. Read the comments on the video. Make sure you have a bucket nearby first, the misogyny as all these Nazis justify a grown man hitting a 90 pound girl will make you puke.

Look: I’m old fashioned. I admit it. I grew up in a time and place where we were taught that a man who hit a woman was lower than a dung beetle’s knees. When I was a young man, a friend of mine punched his wife in the nose. Now, his soon-to-be-ex wife wasn’t a nice person, frankly she was a conniving bitch who’d basically cornered him into marriage in the first place, but that’s just wrong, smacking a woman around, regardless of the reason. I haven’t spoken to him for 30 years, and I never will. Because someone who would smack a woman around is lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I ain’t gonna associate with people like that. It doesn’t matter what the woman did. Hitting a woman ain’t something a man does, it’s something that a piece of walking shit does. That’s how I was raised, and I ain’t ashamed of it.

I got the same to say about anybody else excusing violence towards women. Regardless of whatever excuses you come up with, it’s just plain wrong for a man to smack around a woman. And if you are that kind of person that comes up with excuses for violence against women, you’re lower than dirt and more worthless than the crap that comes out of the butthole of my cat, and I’ll damn well tell you that before cutting you out of my life forever, because. You. Are. Scum. If you do crap like that.

I’m chugging through a bunch of Facebook profiles right now, blocking Nazis who advocate or excuse hitting women. What’s interesting is how many of these profiles have American flags waving in them, as if it’s ultra-American to hit women. Then there’s the ones with lots of guns and dead animals, sometimes dead animals being cradled by their grinning progeny. I guess hitting women and glorifying killing animals for any reason other than meat go hand in hand too. Then there’s the ones whose “Friends” list is all police officer badges. Yeah, police officers are well known to be overrepresented in the wife beater ranks, so no surprise there. And finally, the manly men posing with military gear. I guess beating a woman makes you a real man where being a soldier wasn’t enough to do so. Huh. How does that work, anyhow?

Nazis. Wife beaters. Probably child abusers, if they use this same “logic” about their children. Bah. Scum, all of them.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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In the city of angels
There’s no mercy
And there’s no tomorrow
For Maria Navarro

In 1989, Maria Navarro and several of her friends were murdered after the police refused to send a cop car over after she called 911 saying that her ex-husband was coming over to kill her.

Fast forward to 2016. At least they arrested him after he broke into his ex-wife’s home and assaulted her. Progress! But then they let him go. And he broke into her home *again* and killed her.

But hey, at least the cops are keeping us safe from Ph.D. students who are guilty of driving their own car while black. Priorities!

Oh, for those who say “she should have gotten a gun”: Probably. Thing is, if you are a victim of domestic violence here in California, you *will* go to prison for 20 to life if you kill your abuser. That is fact. Even when every bit of evidence is that you were in fear of your life, a patriarchal system will make sure that you spend the rest of your life as a criminal. Still, better a criminal than dead, I say. But then, I’m not the one who would be in prison for the next 20 years… men who murder their wife during a domestic violence incident usually get half the prison time of a woman who kills her abuser in self defense.

– Badtux the Sickened Penguin

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deplorablesIt wasn’t rape, because she enjoyed it.

That’s the mentality of those people who are defending Donald Trump’s bragging about sexual assault. They’re pining for the good ole’ days, when a man could sexually assault or rape anybody he wished and if brought before a judge, say “it wasn’t rape, she enjoyed it, she even climaxed!”. And the good ole’ boy judge would say “Oh, Okay. Not Guilty. Next!”

Basket of deplorables, indeed.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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So Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging about sexually harassing women. Including saying the above. Three months after marrying his current wife. While she was pregnant.

Will this sink his candidacy? Nope. ‘Cause the Stormtrumpers will grasp at any excuse to not abandon their Cheetoh Mussolini. Admitting that they’re voting for a crass, crude immoral monster of a man won’t phase them one bit. Trump once bragged that he could shoot someone down on the streets of Manhattan and not hurt his support. I think he’s probably right — true believers are immune to things like, say, facts, and would just claim it’s a Shillary conspiracy. Or something.

For those who aren’t true believers?

Well. We’ll see.

– Badtux the “Those fucking people” Penguin

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It’s just so wonderful that two fat men feel comfortable fat-shaming women. In case you wonder what Alicia Machado looked like when she was being berated by Donald Trump for being “fat”, Getty Images has the photo Which, uhm, makes her look pretty normal. Which I guess was the problem, she looked like a real woman, not like a bunch of dry twigs…

So anyhow, Trump has been on a tear against Ms. Machado and has pulled in all his cronies to say hey, she gained 60 pounds (say wha? Maybe she’s got 15 pounds over a stick woman, and yes, this was when Donald Trump was publically berating her for her supposed weight gain). And of course he called her racist names like “Miss Housekeeping”, she had an attitude! And she appeared in a porno movie! (Which, BTW, is false — unlike Donald Trump, who really did appear in a porn movie).

And Hillary Clinton just smiles. Because the sight of a 70 year old fat man calling someone who looks like this “fat” is going to piss off just about every woman in America who has the slightest bit of self respect:

Alicia Machado

That’s *fat*? For real? Uhm, no, THIS is fat:

Donald Trump

But I guess Donald Trump really feels comfortable in his own body, so comfortable that he can fat shame other people without the slightest bit of self consciousness. Alrighty, then!

— Badtux the Sexist-observin’ Penguin

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