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Reminder: There is no medical evidence that human life exists before the third trimester of pregnancy. A fetus prior to that time has no ability to exist independently of their mother, fails every common test of brain activity, and otherwise flunks every medical test of “human” versus “not human”.

Saying “life begins at conception” is not a medical observation. It is a religious observation. Under the 1st Amendment, we’re not supposed to be legislating religion into law. But the current right-wing jihadists who run the U.S. Supreme Court only care about one amendment of the Bill of Rights — the 2nd Amendment — and that’s because they don’t care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or rule of law in general, they care about making sure that their fellow right-wing jihadists are well armed so that they can seize power at gunpoint if the population decides they aren’t going to be ruled by the Christian Taliban’s right-wing jihadists.

Look, I can respect your heartfelt religious belief that life begins at conception. But when you want your religious belief to be written into law, you are *WRONG*. The Constitution says you’re wrong, and if you spit on the Constitution, you aren’t a real American.

And what that says about the right wing Christian Taliban jihadists on the U.S. Supreme Court…

— Badtux the 1st Amendment Penguin

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I wonder how many people who are out tonight, protesting the end of Roe, couldn’t bring themselves to vote for “the lesser of two evils” and rationalized their insane purity test by saying ”Roe is settled law”?

Now that Roe is gone, Clarence Thomas has his eye on Obergefell (same-sex marriage) and Griswold (access to contraceptives. Alito wants to revist Loving (interracial marriage) and Kelo (government seizing property through eminent domain to give to another for private development.

Several want to “modify” (in other words, overturn) Miranda, Escobedo, and Gideon, which provide safeguards for those accused of crimes.

SCOTUS also overturned New York’s concealed carry weapons law, effectively mandating that the whole country is a “must-issue” jurisdiction.

Women can say goodbye to what few rights they have remaining: FMLA, equal pay (such as it is), protection from domestic violence, obtaining credit without a male co-signer, etc.
Racial and ethnic minorities can say goodbye to all of their rights as well.

Jews, Muslims, and other non-“christians” will once again be targeted by vengeful Talibangelicals.
Fundamentalist voodoo will replace science and drive our children’s education.

All those pesky environmental and occupational safety regulations standing in the way of increased corporate profits will be swept away.

A free press, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly will be eliminated in the name of “national security.”

Health care will be available only to the wealthy, after Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are abolished as “wasteful entitlements.”

And this will be the status quo for the rest of our lives, because SCOTUS is a guaranteed lifetime job . Barrett and Kavanaugh are in their fifties: they’ll be there for the next 30 years.

Make no mistake about it: the GQP is bringing us to a theocracy that makes Iran under the Ayatollahs look benign.

Still think they were “both the same”?

Was it worth it? Was your demand for political perfection worth losing America as we knew her? Is your conscience still clear, now that your refusal to vote for the lesser of two evils brought us the far greater evil? An evil that will last for decades, if not longer?

I hope you “conscience voters” are satisfied.

This is on you. You did this. Your arrogant naïveté, your refusal to “compromise” your “principles,” your abject failure to see the world as it was, elected trump, even moreso than the racists and misguided idiots who voted for him.

I hope you’re really some Goddamned proud of yourselves tonight.

Go out and hold your candlelight vigials, sing “We Shall Overcome,” and… BASK IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS ** YOUR** FAULT.

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Look at this turdball. This is Kentucky representative Mark Samsel, who was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery on Thursday after going all Handmaiden’s Tale on multiple classrooms of students and getting upbrided by one of the students who objected to Samsel’s interjection of extremist Talibangelical beliefs into a public school classroom. Samsel then physically attacked the student.

Republican, of course. Duh.

What will it take to realize that Republican politicians of today are, by and large, odious people who at the least give lip service to hate and bigotry, and at worst are depraved child molesters and child abusers? This is the second Republican legislator arrested within the past two weeks for abusing a child. At least he did not rape this child like the other Republican legislator, but “merely” assaulted him.

And those eyes. That face. You just need to glance at this guy to realize that he’s more than a bit unhinged and not someone you want around children. I mean, he makes The Joker look sane. Yeesh.

– Badtux the “Ugh, just ugh” Penguin

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Heh. Heh heh heh.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Sounds like good company anyhow. Rebellious women? Sounds fun. Lewd women? Okay, I can deal. Atheists? Well, never knew an atheist who beheaded someone in the name of their god or declared crusade/jihad. Homosexuals? Well, at least Hell will be well decorated and well landscaped. So yeah, I’d be packing my bags. Except for the Mormons. Gotta think about that one.

— Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

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So, let’s say you’re a CDC scientist studying the effects of the Zika virus on the fetus in an attempt to figure out how to stop it from creating microencephalitic newborns. You turn in a request. It is denied, because you used the forbidden word ‘fetus’.

Or let’s say that you are a CDC scientist looking for evidence-based screening approaches for colon cancer to figure out how best to detect this killer. Does colonoscopy *really* detect more cancers than other approaches to screening for colon cancer? We don’t know yet because the appropriate studies haven’t been done. So you put in a request for a study that will determine evidence-based best practices for colon cancer screening. It is denied because you used the forbidden term ‘evidence-based’.

Let’s say that you’re studying methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies in order to make recommendations to doctors as to how they can help their patients prevent unwanted pregnancies. You request money for a science-based study of the various available techniques available. It is denied because you used the forbidden term ‘science-based’.

And it goes on and on. Various religious extremist groups object to various scientific terms, and thus scientists can’t use those scientific terms. All just part and parcel of the continuing War On Science….

— Badtux the Sad Penguin

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Y’know, before we start talking about putting the Christ back into Christmas, maybe we ought to talk about putting the Christ back into Christians. Because there seems to be a whole lot of “Christians” today who aren’t very much into that whole Christ thing. Whether it’s voting for a pedophile because the pedophile is purportedly a born-again Christian (yeah right), or a teacher persecuting a boy for not being Christian, or this particularly disgusting case, a teacher at a Christian school secretly recording boys in the restroom, seems to be a lot of Christians nowadays who’ve forgotten about that whole Christ thing.

I mean, I haven’t read any passage in the Bible where Jesus Christ says “thou shalt persecute children for their parents’ religious beliefs” and “thou shalt record boys in the boy’s room.” Have you? Instead, all I read is all this hippy dippy stuff about love thy neighbor and even love thy enemy. Not exactly the sort of thing that modern “Christians” seem to do much of.

Yeah, today’s “Christians” annoy me. But that’s because I don’t like hypocrites. And that’s what people are if they profess to be Christian, but don’t really follow the teachings of Christ.

– Badtux the Annoyed Penguin

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So, there’s been lots of necklace-wringing lately about how the evangelical Right has been “corrupted” by Trumpism. As Justin Rosaria points out, the evangelical Right were terrible people well before Trump came along. Thing is, he doesn’t go back far enough. Not by far enough by any means.

The Southern Baptist Convention was created in order to defend slavery as “biblically correct.”

That’s not my opinion. That’s a matter of historical fact that can be easily verified by looking at the original charter of the SBC and as much as admitted in 1995 when the SBC issued an apology for defending slavery. That is the Original Sin behind modern conservative evangelical churches: Most of them split off from liberal evangelical churches in order to defend slavery.

My point is that an institution that was founded to defend evil is always going to be stained by that evil, regardless of how many apologies they issue. Words are cheap. If all you do is bend knee and proclaim Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, but then get up and don’t try to live like Jesus, you didn’t *really* accept Jesus — you just hypocritically muttered some words. Or as Jesus said in Luke 6:49: “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation.”

The SBC and their fellow brethren claim to have heard His words, but I will believe they have accepted them only when I see acts that reflect such. And I haven’t seen such acts. Just words.

— Badtux the Religion Penguin

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Right wing terrorists blow up a bomb at a Minnesota mosque.

But hey, we should deport all the Muslims because they’re all terrorists who bomb shit.

Hypocrites, much?

– Badtux the Deplorable-people-smellin’ Penguin

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So says Trump’s nominee for a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

I… have no more words to say. This… DINGBAT… is going to get rubber-stamped by the Republican Senate. And is going to be enforcing religious orthodoxy — her *specific* ultra-conservative religious orthodoxy — for the rest of her life.

We are so fucked.

– Badtux the

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