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Thinking about buying a new camera from this New York City mail order emporium?

B&H Photo workers strike on May Day to protest their jobs moving to New Jersey.

Last year B&H Photo’s warehouse workers voted to unionize. This was after the DOJ sued B&H a *second* time for discrimination against the Hispanic warehouse workers. In retaliation and in order to break the union, B&H is moving the warehouse to a location in New Jersey far from public transit. Note that, like most New Yorkers, most of B&H’s warehouse workers don’t have cars — there’s no need for one in New York City, the subway gets you there faster.

Note that B&H has also been sued (and settled) for discrimination against women. This company seems to be run by right-wing religious kooks with weird notions about women and about people who don’t belong to their religion, and should be avoided like all other companies run by right-wing religious kooks (thinking Hobby Lobby and Carls Jr./Hardees offhand).

I’m buying my new camera from Adorama instead. Whose owners btw are of the same religion as B&H, but they don’t seem to take it to the level of kookery like Bigots & Haters does.

– Badtux the Camera Penguin

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That’s what a survey just found — the majority of Republicans, 58% of’em, think higher education is bad for America. ‘Cause it teaches you that thare book larnin’, not, like, Bible larnin’. Why, you might even stop thinking that the world is flat and an invisible sky demon makes the Sun rise every morning if you got too much of that thare book larnin’.

Now, you might say, what about the America that send men to the Moon and such? How we gonna do shit like that again if we don got no edumacation? But look. We don’t need colleges here in the United States anymore, ’cause we can hire them thare edumacated dot-heads and chinks to do all that nerd work now, and they cain’t vote ’cause they ain’t citizens so they ain’t gonna be votin’ fer school bored members that let that thare evil “science” and “history” stuff into our classrooms. When everbody in this here cuntry gets Bible Studies all school year long (all five days long of it after the budget cuts come through, ’cause we’uns need tax brakes for our bajillionaire job creators, y’all!), then it’s gone be a Christian nation, like, again, or maybe for the first time if them LIE-berals wuz correct about how our founding fathers wuz Deists rather than Christians but hey, everbody knows them thare lie-berals, they’uns LIE.

And when them thare lie-berals say that our glorious leaders are sociopathic lizard people who view us as prey rather than as people and ain’t got our best interests in their hearts by telling us that this hare edumacation stuff is overrated… well, them thare lie-berals just bein’ mean, y’all. That’s all. ‘Cuz Big Brother loves me, I know it’s true, ‘cuz the television, it says so too, just like my preacher man. So thare!

— Bubba the Suthern Penguin

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Bay Area McDonald’s will serve large orders of French fries in limited-edition rainbow boxes for Pride Month, June 2017. (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s of the Greater Bay Area)

Yep, that’s what the preacher who got upset about Starbucks cups is upset about now. McDonalds french fries are gay!

Uhm…. say whuh? I mean, do these french fries copulate with each other or something? How do you sex a french fry to know they’re doing the nasty with the same sex, anyhow? They don’t have any externally visible genitalia!

Then he says that maybe McDonalds should serve some Christian french fries. Uhm. They’re french fries. They’re food. Food doesn’t have a religion. You eat it, you don’t worship it. (Though I must admit that some of the food I’ve eaten over the years has been worthy of worship, thinking about some places in the French QUarter that I ate in over the decades, then a New Mexican place in South Phoenix…). Since when do fried potatoes have a religion? Is this dude dotty or something? (Answer: Yes.)

Meanwhile, the gay wedding cake case is going to the Supreme Court. The baker’s argument is that, apparently, a cake is speech. Say wha? I could have sworn that a cake was food! Since when is a food speech? Something you do with a food might be speech — for example, throwing a lemon pie at a piñata of Donald Trump. But a food itself? It’s just food. Something you eat for nourishment (or at least enjoyment). Duh.

I mean, what’s the difference between a gay wedding cake and just a plain old wedding cake? I guess a gay wedding cake is fabulous, sure. But it’s a cake. It doesn’t do any mano a mano sexual acts with other cakes, because, like, it lacks arms, and legs, and external genitalia, and reproductive organs, and …. So gay cake sex must be boring as hell. They just lay on each other waiting to be eaten? WTF?

Man, these tighty whitey righties could have chosen anything on the universe to get upset about — war, famine, poverty, Remy Ma beating Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards– but they chose food? For realz? Man. You couldn’t make this up. If I wrote this as part of a novel, the editor would return it right back to me saying “too unrealistic, nobody could be so small-minded as to get upset by food items.”

Yet there they are.


What a thing to get upset by. Sheesh!

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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A writer for the New York Times tries to figure out how her loving grandmother could have been a Nazi.

Her only conclusion: It required selective vision, a willingness to be blind, a willingness to ignore the evil stuff that was being said and listen only to the good stuff, the stuff you wanted to hear. “My grandmother heard what she wanted from a leader who promised simple answers to complicated questions. She chose not to hear and see the monstrous sum those answers added up to.”

When we have a Russian stooge in office, engaged in regular racist rhetoric, when we have Trump supporters claiming that a dystopian novel written thirty years ago is “a pure propaganda assault on those who are politically to the right and attack against Christianity as well which is typical of the left” (huh, the fact that Trump supporters can connect a story about a fundamentalist totalitarian society to Trump says a lot more about him than it does about us), when we have an administration that, like the Nazis, publishes a list of untermenschen in Der Stormer in order to tar a hated minority as criminals and decided to let a woman die of a brain tumor while refusing to allow her to see her lawyers until Amnesty International raised enough of a fuss that they allowed her release on bond… well, the lesson of Jessica Shattuck’s essay is far too appropriate to these times.

— Badtux the “Nazis again, dammit?” Penguin

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World Nut Daily, which introduced the false claim that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, claims that liberal witches are casting spells against Donald Trump by, amongst other things, sticking pins into carrots. Which doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe we need to stick pins into Cheetos instead?

No, I’m not joking about these people believing in witchcraft. These people are demented. I am just completely bogwumped by the notion that anybody in this day and time believes in real actual witchcraft… ooh, and demons. Can’t forget the demons, which liberals are apparently literally throwing at Trump. Best comment at that link: “Well the demons aren’t doing much bloody good, and I’m getting exhausted painting pentangles and rectangles or whatever the hell to summon them up. We obviously need better bloody demons.”

To which one of my friends replied on my Facebook page, “sweetie, they believe in a magical invisible being to whom they pray to and who NEVER FUCKING ANSWERS. Of course they believe in witchcraft and demons.”

Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns!

– Badtux the Bogwumped Penguin

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First things first. We all know what a bullying oaf the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber is. Well, Vice President Pence is something scarier: a true believer. Pence wants to institute a theocracy in America, a theocracy based upon his evangelical cult’s scary ideas about Biblical law. (I am qualified to call his church a cult, because I am a Catholic, a church that is 1500 years old, and we believe that any faith that’s less than 500 years old is too new to be called a religion, thus it’s a cult 😉 ).

But here’s the thing: His Fraudulency Donald the Trump scares me a hella lot more than Pence. The reason why? Trump didn’t come up through the system. Pence did. What we are seeing now is a radical agent inside the system. We haven’t had a President from outside the political system within my lifetime. The last one was Ike, and he had been in enough rooms with enough Presidents to be something of an insider even if his appeal was that he was an outsider. Every other President since then came up through the system — was a city councillor, then a mayor or state legislator, then a governor or a U.S. Congressman, or even a former Vice President (in the case of LBJ, Nixon, George H.W. Bush).

The thing is, most of our checks and balances are matters of tradition, without any real mechanism to enforce them. They work only because everybody who is part of the system agrees implicitly to abide by these traditions. Courts can rule against the President, but if he has the support of the federal law enforcement machinery as well as of the military, courts cannot enforce their judgements. Yet almost always Presidents do abide by court rulings. Why? Because that’s part of the system, and the system has been good to them. They aren’t going to go against a system that has been good to them.

Pence came up through the system. He uses the system for his own agenda, of course, but obedience to the unspoken rules of the system is deeply engrained in him after all these years of public life. If a court rules against him, I’m pretty sure he’d abide by the ruling. Trump… who knows? And that’s what makes me nervous about Trump. Reports are that he at least strongly considered ordering CBP to ignore the court order. Given that CBP is happy to have Obama’s leash taken off of them, it’s likely CBP would have done so. Then what? Luckily people talked him down. This time. That may not be always true. And remember, once we cross this Rubicon, then as long as he has the support of Federal law enforcement and the military, democracy is done. Even impeachment is off the table, because what is the enforcement mechanism for impeachment? Once he decides to ignore a court order, why should he give any more obedience to Congress? Hopefully Trump is too scatter-brained and self-absorbed to go grasping for absolute power like that on purpose. But with dark eminences like Bannon behind him stroking his levers? We may find out more than we wanted about just how weak the fundamental structures of our democracy really are.

— Badtux the Pondering Penguin

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Aftermath of D.C . protests. We shall rebuild.

Aftermath of D.C. protests. We shall rebuild.

There’s right wingers whining about the amazingly destructive protests against the Trump Administration, which have resulted in a few dozen arrests and a burned-out trash can (we shall rebuild though after this mass destruction!) and maybe a few people delayed getting to work or getting home from work. Ignoring the fact that there was plenty of right wing violence after the election of Barack Obama, including torching a black church, they have a point.

Look. I mean, I have no idea why a black man might be protesting an attorney general who promises to take voting rights away from black people in the Old South rather than enforce voting rights, or why gay men might be protesting a vice president who advocates attaching electrodes to their balls and shocking them with electricity in order to “cure” their gayness, or why parents of handicapped children might be protesting a Secretary of Education whose opinion is that schools should not be legally required to educate the handicapped, or why Muslims might be protesting a Secretary of Homeland Security who advocates rounding up all Muslims into concentration camps, or why women might be protesting the notion that Big Government should have control over their pussies, or etc. I mean, I’m a white straight Christian male, none of that matters to me, right?

So gosh darn it, all those protesters should just give up all those rights quietly rather than inconvenience me on my daily commute! That’s the only right thing to do. Right? Right?!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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