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I love all the MAGAts comparing the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber and Reagan. Yeah, let’s look at that comparison.

I lived through Reagan. Both Reagan and His Fraudulency Donald the Trump share the similarity of being delusional liars leading an administration comprised of crony criminals. And being washed up actors. And bigots who accused entire minority races of being criminals and rapists. And hatred of the press. Oooh, how Reagan hated the press. As his administration officials went to jail by the dozen (138 in all), Reagan fumed as the press covered each and every one being convicted. He held fewer press conferences than any other modern President, considering the press the enemy and unworthy of his time and attention. (Well, the fact that he was going dotty by his second term was probably part of that too). And hey, Reagan was into crony capitalism too. That’s why so many of his administration officials went to jail, they were using government for their own profit, just like Trump is doing with his many decisions that just *happen* to enrich Trump-owned businesses like Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida.

Of course, there’s also big differences between Reagan and SCROTUS. Reagan cloaked his bigotry and his hatred of the press behind a shield of geniality. Cheeto Mussolini is just an ass. Reagan faced a real, if declining, existential threat in the form of the Soviet Union. The Orange Racist Russian Stooge faces a bunch of illiterate goat rapists in the Middle East, a China that is more interested in buying America than in fighting America, and a Russia armed with rusty leftover Soviet gear that is a threat to former Soviet states but no threat to Western Europe or the United States. And, for all his senility towards the end of his term, Reagan actually had governing experience and his White House ran like a well oiled machine. SCROTUS’s White House by contrast is a disaster where people wander around not knowing what they’re supposed to do and nobody even knows how to turn on the lights because they fired all the people who knew how to do that.

So yeah, compare Reagan and Tump all you want, MAGAts. That comparison doesn’t make your God-Emperor Donald the Trump look good at all. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Apparently, according to the White House, the plan to call up 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up Messicans and expel them back to Mexico is “fake news”. Ignore the memo, nothing to see there, move along.

Meanwhile, Trump declares most of the mainstream media to be “enemies of the people”. Yeah, that’s what every democratically elected leader declares of the press. Err… no.

Best comment on Vice Admiral Robert Harward refusing to go to work for the White House as the new head of the National Security Council yesterday after Trump’s unhinged press conference: “Admirals know what sinking ships look like, and know that it’s a bad idea to get onto them.”


– Badtux the “Hey, it’s 1973 and Nixon is President again!” Penguin

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Flynn’s gone, but top Republicans are apparently planning to investigate his ties to Russia and what he told them. At the same time, our very own allies are conducting intelligence operations against us because they can’t figure out what His Fraudulency Donald the Trump is up to. I think they will be disappointed. I don’t think even Cheeto Mussolini knows what he’s up to.

Meanwhile, Andrew Puzder is out as Labor secretary. Puzder racked up a litany of sins. He employed an illegal housekeeper for years and failed to pay taxes. He apparently abused his wife, complete with a video of his ex-wife on Oprah explaining what he did to her. It came out that he liked illegal immigration because it gave him cheaper labor for his stores. MoJo came up with dozens of labor law violations in his restaurants. And so forth. About the only thing people didn’t accuse him of was talking to the Russians. Must have been the only appointee of the Orange Racist Russian Stooge who wasn’t.

I can’t remember any administration that had so much turmoil in its first four weeks. This isn’t normal, folks. It isn’t. It really isn’t.

Time to pray to the Great Penguin to save America… not that She will. She’s much too fat and lazy for that. Sigh.

– Badtux the Frazzled Penguin

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So there’s people saying Cheeto Mussolini is mentally ill — specifically, Narcissistic Personality Disorder — because his behavior checks off checkboxes on some checklist.

People — that’s not how it works. Really, that’s not how it works. Pretty much all of us would check off the checkboxes for some mental illness or disorder somewhere in the DSM. But most of us are not getting psychological help for some mental disorder, because there’s one big, huge checkbox that is implicit in the word “disorder”: that the person’s behavior interferes with his ability to function in normal life, either with his ability to hold down a job, his ability to interact socially with other people, or his ability to stay out of jail.

People: The Orange Racist Pussy Grabber is President of the fucking United States of America. He doesn’t have a problem holding down the job — sans impeachment, he has that job for the next four years. He interacts socially with his social set of people just fine. And he’s made it 70 years without going to jail, I say that’s pretty indicative that he’s figured out how to stay out of jail.

No, what Deadbeat Donnie is, in the end, is something much simpler: a giant fucking asshole. Like millions of other assholes nationwide. Self-entitled, self-absorbed, loud mouthed, bullying asshole. That’s all he is, in the end. He doesn’t need psychotherapy. What he needed, when he was a child, was a role model to emulate who was not a fucking asshole like Deadbeat Donnie’s daddy was, and an ass whuppin’ whenever he acted like an asshole. Sans that role model and discipline, what you get is His Fraudulency — a giant man-baby genuine fucking asshole.

Really, saying that Donald the Trump is mentally ill is an insult to the mentally ill. There’s a lot of mentally ill people whose illness leads them to be moderately asshole-ish. But being a giant fucking asshole like Donald Trump? Nope. Nope nopity nope. That’s got nothing to do with mental illness, and everything to do with being Donald Trump.

– Badtux the Sanity Penguin

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First, he threatened to invade Mexico. Or maybe it was just the most ham-handed offer of mutual assistance, like, evah. Then, He insulted then hung up on the Prime Minister of Australia.

Way to win friends and influence people, Orange Racist Pussy Grabber! Or should I call you El caudillo yanqui?

In other news: 24.3 percent of U.S. engineering and technology start-up companies, and 43.9 percent of those based in Silicon Valley were founded by immigrants. Which is why virtually every technology company in the Silicon Valley is up in arms about their founders and workforce being singled out by Cheeto Mussolini.

Those are interesting numbers. What it basically says is that immigrants are the difference between America as a washed up has-been Mexico North with a declining economy and declining share of the world’s wealth, and America as an economic powerhouse, because technology is pretty much the only thing America is #1 in anymore other than infant mortality and opioid deaths. (Well, to be fair, we’re #3 in opioid deaths — behind Estonia and South Africa. Yay.)

Uhm, yeah, I read Haaretz. Strange that I have to read the foreign press (in this case, Israel) to find out what’s happening in the United States…

– Badtux the Informed Penguin

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(Former) Acting Attorney General General Sally Q. Yates just trolled Donald Trump. And he took the bait!

See, here’s the thing. Yates was an assistant district attorney for years, then Obama promoted her to District Attorney for Georgia, and, eventually, Deputy Attorney General. Then as part of the transition plan, she became Acting Attorney General when Attorney General Loretta Lynch resigned.

Here’s the thing: She’s been out of the private market since 1989. That’s 28 years ago. A 50-something lawyer re-entering the private market after years of government service is going to have a hard time finding a new job. So, how to make a name for yourself? Simple: Troll Donald Trump!

Here’s how it worked. She’s going to be out of a job by this time next week anyhow, assuming a new Attorney General takes office, which seems likely. She literally had nothing to lose. So she said, “I’m not going to defend President Trump’s Muslim ban in court, it’s illegal and unconstitutional.” And….

Watch the toe-shaped cheeto’s head explode! God-Emperor Donald the Trump threw a fit! Stormed around the Oval office shouting “You’re fired! You’re fired, bitch, you’re fucking fired!”. And his Presidential advisors said “No no, Mr. Trump, you don’t want to fire her, that’ll turn her into a martyr, you want to accept her resignation” (because remember, every political appointee turns in an undated resignation letter on the day they take office, to be accepted by the President at whatever time he wishes). And Donnie the Screaming Cheetoh screamed “I don’t want her resigned, I want her fired, toot sweet, goddamn it!” and started throwing things at Rinse Previous and Smelly Alcoholic, “Fired! Fire her! Fire her! Leave! Leave!” and, fleeing a hail of staplers, desk trays, boxes of paperclips, and the occasional paperweight (those hurt!), Rinse and Smelly fled for their lives.

And fired Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, as they’d been ordered to do, making her an instant celebrity.

Granted, even if she’d “resigned to be with her family”, everybody would have known that she was let go because of what she’d said about the Presidential order being illegal. But it wouldn’t have been as spectacular, as… kaboomerific. As juicy for her employment prospects as being spectacularly and publicly fired for taking a moral stand.

My guess? She gets a job with Eric Holder’s law firm, representing states suing the Federal government over illegal acts that Donald Trump is committing. Because she’s no longer some obscure bureaucrat deep in the bowels of the Justice Department. She’s fucking famous. And she has Donald Trump to credit for that, because Deadbeat Donnie just couldn’t quietly shove her out the door, he had to throw a fucking hissy fit. As Yates undoubtedly expected when she trolled him, and trolled him good.

Troll rating: 100. Great trolling, Sally Yates!

– Badtux the Troll-appreciatin’ Penguin

Some notes:

  • Yates was a political appointee, thus served at the will of the President. There’s nothing illegal about firing her, it just isn’t what’s done, because of, well, see above. Usually when there are, let us say, irreconcilable differences, the political appointee “resigns”. See the Saturday Night Massacre.
  • Yates is not a Civil Service employee. She resigned her Civil Service position when she was appointed Attorney General for Georgia, so is not protected by Civil Service protections. So this was all legal. Just very unprofessional in the way it was done. Cheeto Mussolini made Sally Yates a fucking star!

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Aftermath of D.C . protests. We shall rebuild.

Aftermath of D.C. protests. We shall rebuild.

There’s right wingers whining about the amazingly destructive protests against the Trump Administration, which have resulted in a few dozen arrests and a burned-out trash can (we shall rebuild though after this mass destruction!) and maybe a few people delayed getting to work or getting home from work. Ignoring the fact that there was plenty of right wing violence after the election of Barack Obama, including torching a black church, they have a point.

Look. I mean, I have no idea why a black man might be protesting an attorney general who promises to take voting rights away from black people in the Old South rather than enforce voting rights, or why gay men might be protesting a vice president who advocates attaching electrodes to their balls and shocking them with electricity in order to “cure” their gayness, or why parents of handicapped children might be protesting a Secretary of Education whose opinion is that schools should not be legally required to educate the handicapped, or why Muslims might be protesting a Secretary of Homeland Security who advocates rounding up all Muslims into concentration camps, or why women might be protesting the notion that Big Government should have control over their pussies, or etc. I mean, I’m a white straight Christian male, none of that matters to me, right?

So gosh darn it, all those protesters should just give up all those rights quietly rather than inconvenience me on my daily commute! That’s the only right thing to do. Right? Right?!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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