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Trump: “Hey, North Korea! We’re sending an aircraft carrier group to watch your missile launch so if you get up to something, we’ll smack you good!”

NK: “Ha ha ha. You no smack us with silly aircraft carrier, we sink it!”

Australia: “Hey wait, isn’t that aircraft carrier supposed to be holding exercises with our navy in the Indian Ocean?”

Mad Dog: (double face palm). “Yeah. It’s still on its way.” Huge sigh.

Navy: “U.S.S. Carl Vinson steams its way south through the Sundra Strait on way to joint exercises with Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean.”

Whole world: “Say wha?!”

Trump: “Well, we sent submarines instead. Very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you.

Whole world: “Say wha?!”

Cue double face palm.

– Badtux the Sadly Laughing Penguin

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Fun movie, BTW. Well written. A lot of these superhero movies are really clunky, basically just an excuse for lots of fights and stuff. Okay, so there’s two terrific fight scenes that are so ridiculously over the top that they work on multiple levels, and the movie is self-aware to make fun of that on camera. And the writing… man, this thing was scripted tight. There’s a cab driver at the start of the movie. He appears again at the end of the movie. Not just a random plot point… there’s a reason.

Okay, enough of that. What about today’s news? Well, we found out that Trump’s $100M exercise in flexing his blubber managed to destroy five Syrian jets that were being repaired, and a few aircraft shelters and hangars. They were flying missions out of that airfield again today. That’s how effective it was. And the diplomatic effort? Who knows. Meanwhile, the nuclear option was invoked and we have a new Supreme Court judge, Justice It’s Not Illegal If The Executive Does It, who was appointed basically as a get-out-of-jail-free card for the President. Yay. And a second carrier task force is now cruising towards North Korea — remember, we already have a forward-deployed carrier task force in Japan that’s basically within striking range.

Basically, the only thing that would save the world right now would be if Mike Pence were indicted for something, forced to resign, replaced by someone sane, and then Donald Trump were impeached somehow and resigned and put that sane person in charge. Yeah, not happening. Fuck it. I’m watching Deadpool.

– Badtux the Eye-rolling Penguin

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Let’s put it bluntly: There will not be a military coup under the current leadership of our military unless the alternative is a dictator ignoring the Constitution and retaining power after his term of office has ended. Period.

The deal is that our military officers take a oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and the Constitution makes the President their commander-in-chief. The only way they could possibly justify overthrowing the President would be if, under the Constitution, he were no longer the President anymore because his term of office has expired.

Even there, they would hesitate. They would hesitate because our current top leadership, from General Mattis on down, has studied their history. They know what happens once a military starts overthrowing civilian governments. The end result is invariably either the destruction of the military as future civilian governments purge the military and install their own cronies in order to prevent future coups, which always — always — destroys the effectiveness of the military, or else it is a military dictatorship until the military dictator dies. The end of the military, or the end of democracy. That’s the outcomes 99% of the time. There are exceptions, but they are few.

So to liberals who are hoping for a military dictatorship to overthrow the Orange Racist Russian Stooge: Don’t. Not until he refuses to voluntarily relinquish power at the end of his term. At that point, there are no best options, only bad, and worse. Until then, any military coup could only make a bad situation worse, and that’s the last thing we want to have happen.

– Badtux the Pragmatic Penguin

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Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster is the author of the book on the failings of the U.S. Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Vietnam War: Deriliction of Duty, which specifically blasts the Joint Chiefs of Staff and military leadership for not devising a coherent strategy for winning the war and not telling McNamara and LBJ the truths they needed to hear.

Now he has been selected as His Fraudulency Donald the Trump’s next National Security Advisor.

Oh boy. This is going to be fun.

(Pops popcorn. Waits for the fireworks).

– Badtux the soon-to-be-entertained Penguin

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So various leakers in the military are trying to blame Donald Trump for the fucked-up raid in Yemen that killed a kid (an American citizen kid no less) as well as getting one of Seal Team 6 killed.

People: That’s not how it works. It’s not. You bring a plan to your boss, you say you believe the plan will work, your boss maybe asks someone else if it works and approves it when he gets the okay from that other person that it’ll work, then once your boss approves it that’s it. You own it. It’s your job to execute what you promised you could execute.

Basically, what people demanding of Trump when they whine that he went to bed that night after approving the raid is that he be that boss from hell that everybody hates, always micromanaging everybody. Look. I’m a professional. I’m paid damn well to do what I do for a living. I don’t need someone who isn’t even a talented *amateur* in what I do telling me how to configure a router, or second-guessing me about how many VLAN’s to segment our network into. If my boss doesn’t trust me, he needs to fire me and hire someone he can trust. If he does trust me, then once I get his OK to go ahead with the deployment plan, he needs to step back and just damn well let me do my job, because distracting me in any way is going to make things go slower and might distract me enough to make a bad mistake.

I neither need, nor want, my boss second-guessing me or micromanaging me, and would get mightily pissed if he did. I want my boss sleeping at night because he knows I got this. His job is to get me the shit I need to get my job done, then get out of the way and let me do it. And if I fuck up, well, then, and only then, do I get on the horn with my boss and we figure out how to handle the aftermath. Until then, I prefer he be getting a good night’s sleep. Because I’m a professional, and I don’t need hand-holding.

And Seal Team 6 is certainly professionals too. They made a plan. They got it approved. The plan went sideways. It happens. They were the ones on the ground. They were the ones who had all the information to make decisions. There was no military decision that Donald Trump could have made after things started going sideways that would have been better than what the people actually on the ground made, because those were some of the best people we have, certainly far better at doing their job than Donald Trump would be. Once the raid was launched there’s no amount of micromanagement from the top that could have improved the situation, all it could have done was make it worse. Period.

– Badtux the Professional Penguin

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In the first major deployment of U.S. troops to Europe since the end of the Cold War, a bunch of U.S. tanks, humvees, and other equipment just rolled off the boat in Bremerhaven, Germany. This is apparently a brigade of 87 tanks and 144 other military vehicles along with 3500 troops from the 4th Infantry Division to be deployed to Poland in order to serve as targets if the Russians decide to invade. Because that damn well isn’t enough troops to stop a million Russians from rolling over Poland if they wished. No, the whole point is for them to be hostages — to be targets that the Russians have to take out if they roll over Poland. The point is that if Russia invades and kills these men and women, it is an act of war against the United States and World War 3 is *on*, bitches.

So yeah, hostages. My guess is that those soldiers have all made sure their next of kin information is up to date.

As for whether President Trump will withdraw them and say to the Russians, “here, have Europe”… well, only time will tell. It depends on whether any of those Russian prostitutes giving Trump a golden shower were underage, I suspect….

– Badtux the Hostage Penguin

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At least, that’s what she tweeted.

What she was shouting “Hoohah!” about was the suggestion of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Trump’s new Secretary of Defense. General Mattis is, of course, a Marine. And Marines shout “ooooRAH!”, not “hoohah!”. ‘Cause Marines like pussy just fine, but they don’t shout about it, heh.

So what do I think about the appointment of General Mattis to be Secretary of Defense? Well… ordinarily, I’d say “what a disaster.” Generals generally aren’t good politicians. Eisenhower was probably the exception to that, but Eisenhower was pretty much a political general to begin with, while Mattis was a Marine. Marines generally aren’t political generals, and Mattis wasn’t — he spent most of his career in field assignments, his last one being Afghanistan. He was basically forced out by the Obama Administration when he got a bit too blunt and in their face for their comfort, which probably is what recommended him to Trump. But not everybody forced out by the Obama Administration was a right wing zealot. Mattis was quite aware of the duty of a Marine — to go places, meet people, and, if necessary, kill them — but his lack of political skill, rather than his ideology, was the main reason the Obama Administration put him out to pasture. And that’s exactly what you don’t want to see in a Secretary of Defense, who has to be adept at politics as well as at military leadership.

Still: Compared to anybody else that Trump would likely have nominated? A well-read military historian with a reputation for bluntness might be just what the doctor ordered. If Trump suggests doing something insane, Mattis will be able to cite him chapter and verse and page number of exactly why that’s a dim-bulb idea in no uncertain terms, and Trump is pussy enough that Mattis can probably get away with it. And if Cheetoh Mussolini decides to go all God Emperor Trump and orders the military to do something blatantly illegal and in violation of the Constitution like, say, arrest and execute Congress… well. Mattis has read that history too. Including the history of the German generals who enabled Hitler.

I don’t think that one would end well. Probably not for Mattis either, who would likely immediately turn himself over to be charged with treason if it reached that extreme because he’s read his history and he knows what happens when the military regularly starts overthrowing civilian governments. But I somehow doubt that he would be a subservient servant like the German generals who did Hitler’s will if he sees signs that Herr Drumpf is in fact channeling Hitler’s ghost…

Of course, Mattis is going to do a really sucky job as Secretary of Defense. He doesn’t have the political chops for the job. But if it’s a choice between being fucked, and being completely, totally destroyed… I’ll take fucked. That’s just how sad our choices are right now.

– Badtux the “We’re fucked” Penguin

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