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I am, of course, talking about Nextdoor.com. I got brigaded by the anti-vaxxers there, who managed to get me suspended for “COVID-19 misinformation” for posting information from public health web sites and reputable journals like Nature. After some thought, I requested that they delete my account, because when I thought back to all of my interactions on Nextdoor, few of them were positive or “neighborly”. It was just stress and ugliness dealing with all the racist old white science-denier people there. 

So now I no longer get to read about how homeless people should all be rounded up and put into prisons for camping on public property, or hey there’s a brown person walking down my street what should I do, or COVID-19 is just like the common cold, or any of that. Of course, they dog whistle it better than that, but the reality is that Nextdoor’s moderators are all racist old white people, and Nextdoor’s customer service staff of young white liberal arts college grads wouldn’t know the difference between a rhinovirus and a coronavirus if you sat them down in front of a whiteboard and diagrammed it for them. So. What am I missing now that Nextdoor is gone from my phone? Not much that I can think of. Other than stress and ugliness, and who wants that?

  • Badtux the Brigaded Penguin

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