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Apparently he wants to get on that $100K/speech wingnut welfare rubber chicken circuit, showing up at Young Republicans conkkklaves at universities and public rallies calling for white pride and giving speeches about how the white man is oppressed, oppressed I say, oppressed by The Man. But to do that, he has to raise his profile. Like, for example, by actually filing a lawsuit against Google:

<blockquoteMore specifically, it accuses Google of singling out, mistreating and systematically punishing and terminating employees who “expressed views deviating from the majority view at Google on political subjects raised in the workplace and relevant to Google’s employment policies and its business, such as ‘diversity’ hiring policies, ‘bias sensitivity’ or ‘social justice’…”

There’s one problem with this: California is an “at will” employment state. You have no right to a job in California. You can be fired for any reason in California other than for membership in a protected class enumerated in law. And “conservative asshole” isn’t a protected class in any law of the country.

In short, Google would have been in the right for firing him because they didn’t like his hairstyle or his shoes, because California requires no cause for firing — you can be fired for any reason, no matter how stupid, as long as it’s not because of your sexual orientation, sex, race, or religion, or the special case of “whistleblower” (which requires reporting illegal conduct to the government). Damore claims he was fired for being white or male, but chances of him proving that via discovery are virtually nil. There will be no smoking gun saying “let’s fire this guy because he’s white!”. No, the only smoking gun they’ll find is “let’s fire this guy because his opinions are an embarrassment to our company!”. Which is an entirely legal thing to do in the state of California, because employment here is a private contractual relationship between employer and employee that can be terminated by either side. The Governor Reagan era employment laws in California were written in an era where having Big Government telling a private company who they must employ or not employ would have been considered Communism and thus evil, thus basically your only remedy if you’re fired is to get another job.

But hey, this isn’t actually a real lawsuit anyhow, it’s just to raise Damore’s profile on the wingnut welfare circuit, so it doesn’t matter that a judge will take one look at that and bang “Dismissed” upon receiving Google’s “motion to dismiss for lack of cause”. That’ll give Damore just one more talking point about how he’s being oppressed, oppressed I say, by Big Liberal Meanies. I just find it amusing that Damore is whining about being fired for his opinions, when it’s perfectly legal to do so outside of a union contract or a socialist country. Amazing how Damore hates unions and socialism — both of which probably would have kept him in his cushy job at Google. Talk about reaping what you sow!

Once again, James Damore: Right wing asshole is not a protected class under California law, thus Google can decide they don’t like you so they won’t employ you. It’s called FREEDOM. Google has it. Why do you hate FREEDOM, James Damore? Oh wait, because hating FREEDOM gets you those cushy wingnut welfare speaking gigs. Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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It appears that the Stormtrumpers are upset that the CEO of Grubhub sent out a sternly worded memo that the values of Donald Trump — hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism — are not the values of Grubhub, and that employees who have those values should resign. The Stormtrumpers have been dusting off their brown shirts and boldly stating that they’re going to boycott, BOYCOTT I say, Grubhub for their CEO’s audacity to disagree with their holy Savior’s message of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism!

I have news for the Stormtrumpers: If they’re going to boycott every Silicon Valley company that rejects hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism, that’s pretty much *all* of them. Probably 40% of the Silicon Valley’s workforce is immigrants, of which maybe 10% are Pakistani and thus Muslim. Anything which is a threat to immigrants and to Muslims is a threat to the Silicon Valley. No company here in the Valley — *NO* company — will endorse the values that Donald Trump has expressed with his very own words. It would be corporate suicide. 3/4ths of their workforce would resign the next day.

Which means, dear Stormtrumpers, that you need to stop using *everything* designed in the Silicon Valley if you’re going to punish those evil, evil people who reject your Lord and Savior Donald Trump’s holy words of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism. Like Apple products. That iPhone? Smash it! Oh, you say you have an Android phone? That’s from Google here in the Silicon Valley, throw it off a bridge! Facebook? Nope, Zuckerberg has already publicly stated that racism and bigotry are not acceptable at Facebook, time to leave Facebook, folks! And Twitter is right out too, as is Instagram, Yahoo, Flickr, and so forth. That Linksys router! Smash it with a hammer! You have an HP printer? Throw it off a bridge!

Hell, we generate 20% of the patents generated in the United States here in the Silicon Valley. Virtually all the technological shit you buy has our patented goodies inside it. If it’s got a computer chip in it, it can only exist due to all these evil, evil people who deny the holy words of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism of your Lord and Savior Donald Trump, dear Stormtrumpers, and it is your right, nay, your *destiny*, to destroy it!

And when you are standing there in the rubble of all your destroyed electronic goods, with no computer and with no phone and with big holes in the consoles of your washing machine and stove and dishwasher where you clawed out those evil microchips that we evil Silicon Valley people put into your households… we shall laugh, laugh I say! We shall point and laugh… “oh look, look at the haters! Look at the bigots! Look at the racists! Look at the xenophobes! Look at them! Aren’t they pathetic? Aren’t they so *stupid*, clinging to the outdated values of 100 years ago, those values of bigotry and hate and racism and xenophobia?!” And then, just as you suspect, we will smugly count our money and then head out to the nearest artisanal coffee shop to pay more for a cup of tepid free trade shade grown coffee than you’ll earn in a day’s work in your miserable lives of hate and desolation.

Smug? You bet. What we’re doing here fucking *works*. We’ve built the shit that makes the Internet go ’round. We design and get the profits from all that electronic shit you buy, fuck, you can’t even goddamn make a phone call nowadays without payin’ us. We throw off more cash in a *day* than an entire fucking *state* like Louisiana throws off in a goddamned *year*. You can’t argue with success, boys and girls. And if you do… you’re a fucking idiot.

But there seems to be no shortage of fucking idiots.

That is all.

— Badtux the Fucking Smug Ass Penguin

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So yeah, ISIS terrorists blew up some people in Brussels. I don’t know why the fuck they chose Belgium. Hell, Belgium is barely even a country, what with the antagonism between the French speakers and Dutch speakers in the country forever threatening to split it into two. It’s another one of those patched-together countries that the British are famous for creating — it was created by the British and Prussians in the aftermath of the 1830 Dutch Revolution to serve as a buffer state between France and the rest of Europe.

So what to do? Well, first of all, it’s not up to me, or us, to decide what to do. Not that this has stopped Senator Ted Cruz (R-Christianist) from doubling down on his suggestion that Muslims need to be singled out by security forces in much the same way that Jews were singled out by the Nazis. But hey, that’s not being *just like Hitler*, because all 1.5 billion Muslims in the world really *do* want to kill us white European peoples. At which point I have to say, why aren’t we dead yet? I mean, there aren’t enough bullets and bombs in the arsenals of the West to stop 1.5 billion Muslims if they decide to strap on their sandals and, like, just *march* straight across our borders waving those long curved knives like you see in the old photos. But hey, let’s not let a little, like, logic interfere with our ability to be bigots, right?

Yeah, I’m tired of this shit — both the terrorist attacks, and the inevitable bigoted responses by the Christianist Right every time one happens proposing that we engage in another Christian Crusade, except with the goal of exterminating all 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, men, women, children, every single one of them, the Christianist Right proposes that they be dead. Talking about people who make Hitler look like a humanitarian, huh?

– Badtux the Sick-of-it Penguin

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Ah yes, the nuttiness continues...
If my body is ever found in bed with a pillow over my head… peeps, I wasn’t murdered (not unless there’s sign of a struggle, but even then, I don’t exactly have a military-neat home so that might just be how it is). That’s just how I sleep. I got in the habit when I lived under an airport flight path, it muffles the sound some (note that I’m a side sleeper so the pillow is only pressing on my *ear*, not my nose). It remains a habit because I’m a cold sleeper and it keeps me warmer.

Why am I mentioning that? Because Justice Scalia was reportedly found with a pillow over his head. But the sheets weren’t mussed and there wasn’t any sign of a struggle, so.

So now Alex Jones is saying, “My gut tells me they killed him.” No, Alex. your gut is telling you that you shouldn’t have eaten so many chalupas for lunch. Sheesh. The man was 79 years old. He was over 150 pounds overweight, had a history of heart problems, and the family is satisfied that he died of natural causes so what’s your fucking problem? Other than that you’re nuttier than a box of mixed nuts at a Whole Foods store, I mean?

Same deal with the rest of the conspiracy theorists out there. This was a hotel in West Texas. Republican country. This wasn’t downtown London. There were no secret agents with plutonium-laced umbrellas anywhere in sight. There was just sagebrush and mesquite and tumbleweeds and a buncha rednecks so Republican that they bleed red. (Wait, so do I, huh, go figure). The only conspiracy here was Justice Scalia’s hand-to-mouth disease and who the hell kept feeding him so much. They didn’t call him Fat Tony for nothin’, ya know.

But of course, the conspiracy theories are just something the elites are whispering to the rubes to justify their *real* goal — to prevent President Obama from appointing someone to the Supreme Court over the next year. Because for some reason, Republicans want the Supreme Court crippled in a 4-4 deadlock over the next year. Which reminds me of this law review article from 1970…
A law student wrote this law review piece about the president and SCOTUS nominations. The year was 1970, and the student’s name was Mitch McConnell.

Alrighty, then!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s so of course I heard the talk from left wing radicals. There was a revolution coming, they said. A revolution that was going to overthrow capitalism, because capitalism was exploiting the people so bad, they said. A few of the morons even tried to start the revolution — see Weathermen, The.

It didn’t come. It didn’t come because by and large, people don’t like violence. You have a small core of sociopaths, about 10%, who like violence, who engage in violence willingly and without remorse. The rest can be trained to commit violence (like many soldiers) but are not, by nature, sociopaths — they don’t like violence and they commit violence because that’s what they’re trained to do, but not what they would do if there were other options.

So now you hear about things like the Bundy Ranch clusterfuck (I say clusterfuck because the way to deal with someone like Bundy is to freeze his bank accounts and confiscate his titles and confiscate his money at the auction house at the time he auctions off his cattle, not try to deal with him like they did), and of course this situation in Pennsylvania where Eric Frein killed two cops, and the other situation in Northern California where a dude and his wife killed two cops, and now you got right wingers nodding their heads wisely and saying, “Yep, the anti-government revolution is coming”.

Yeah, the right wing anti-government revolution is coming. Just like it did when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City courthouse in 1996 and turned 99 government employees into pink mist along with 69 other people. Yeah, that started the revolution alright, didn’t it? I mean, it worked so well that President Bill Clinton introduced the Patriot Act. He didn’t get some of it passed because of Republican opposition (that needed another set of buildings brought down on Republican watch), but yeah, that terrorist violence against the government really worked well, didn’t it? (Sarcasm intended). Crap, Frein isn’t even the first anti-government cop killer to go on a rampage killing cops. Bucky Phillips did it close to a decade ago.

And what’s the public response to killings like this? Well, simple: increased support for the government. Remember H.L. Mencken’s guide to practical politics: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” If the hobgoblins are real — are so real that they would even kill cops, cops who scare most of the public, and thus are by definition are even scarier than cops — their first response is to support the cops. And that’s what the public opinion surveys show — in the aftermath of cop killings, the overwhelming public response is increased support for cops. As you would expect, since violence scares the shit out of 90% of the population, and thus anybody committing violence — and furthermore, so violent that they’d commit it against cops — is by definition scarier than shit.

So the right wingers really think this is the opening round of an anti-government revolution? As someone who’s been there, seen that, I gotta wonder how much LSD these dudes did back in the day, ’cause all that revolutionary violence from the anti-capitalist left sure worked well, didn’t it? All I can figure is that they’re locked in an echo chamber patting each other on the back, and haven’t the slightest idea what effect these actions have on people outside their bubble chamber. ‘Cause what they seem to believe is happening isn’t happening at all with folks I see around me, who are just regular people with families and friends who care more about their families and friends being safe than about ideological bullshit. When there’s violence, and that violence is associated with an ideology, that ideology is going to take a hit with them. And if the right wingers think more bullets are going to change that, they’re so full of shit they need to be declared a toxic waste dump site and taken to the nearest sanitary landfill. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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sandyhookThat is what an email I received says. Everything was fabricated from whole cloth to create a new socialist government where the American people were disarmed blah de blah. The interviews with parents were with paid actors, the coffins with little dead children in them actually had mannequins in them, and so forth and so on.

It seems like a joke, but there’s people who actually believe that kinda cr*p. They listen to Alex Jones and believe every whack conspiracy theory he spouts (I got over Alex Jones when he claimed that a person I actually knew was whacked by government ninjas climbing the downspouts of his two-story home, when the guy committed suicide with the .38 revolver left to him by his father in his 1-story flat-roof 60’s-style ranch house), they believe there’s gray aliens wearing human masks who have infiltrated every government office and every top corporate office, and believe other stuff like that which is, fundamentally, insane.

Questioning what you’re told in the media is always a good thing to do, but if you ask a question, you should actually try to find the answer to it, instead of letting someone else tell you an answer. The notion that you could create incidents of this sort out of whole cloth in a world with the Internet and Facebook and Twitter and so forth where you can read foreign media and look at locations on Google Earth and read Tweets and Facebook status updates from people who were actually there and see actual photos of funerals on funeral home web sites etc. etc. etc. is simply insane. There are matters of opinion that can differ, but dead children simply can’t be created out of whole cloth on American soil. The death of children can occur without commentary, and indeed happens every day where a child with the misfortune to be born to abusive or absent parents dies either in the custody of parents or in foster care and nobody ever sees that in the news and nobody seems to care, but fabricating 20+ deaths from whole cloth in a relatively wealthy Internet-connected community? Unpossible. There would be outrage in that community, a Twitter and Facebook storm, and other things of that sort, and even if the U.S. press were censored the foreign press would not be so kind. None of which has happened.

But reality simply doesn’t matter to the NRA types. If the truth doesn’t match what they want it to be, they just make sh*t up. And there are people who actually believe the made-up sh*t. Enough people to make sure that fear of a dystopian future will prevent us from fixing a dystopian present. Sigh. We Are So Fucked.

– Badtux the Reality-based Penguin

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The right wing is going batshit crazy. The birthers are bad enough — every birth certificate here in the wild is a certified copy of records on file with a state’s birth registrar, and it’s the birth registrar’s stamp, not the copy itself, that validates it as genuine, yet here we are with Photoshop junkies asserting that Obama’s is a fake despite the fact that the birth registrar’s stamp is on it and the birth registrar says it’s her stamp — but they are also coming up with all sorts of other silliness that’s either irrelevant or jumps the shark so bad that it actually hurts them with people who aren’t true believers. See, Goebbels’ big lie theory was valid in and of itself… but the big lie had to be plausible. Is Obama our “demonic President” as one Tea Party missive put it? Funny, I haven’t seen horns and a tail on him. One Tea Party missive called him “dictator”. Uhm, why hasn’t said Tea Party type been sent to Gitmo, if Obama is a dictator? Then there is the “Our Fraud President” — funny, but seems to me that he’s been our President for over three years now, making speeches from the Oval Office and all, I don’t see how you can fake that, he’s our *real* President, the one and only we have right now.

Which, of course, is why all the birth certificate college scores gay Nigerian socialist Communist baby daddy bullshit is just nonsense. Obama has been President for 3 1/2 years now. How good of a job has he done? Based on that record, will he do a better job than a President Romney would? That’s the only thing that counts. All that other stuff is just bullshit, like impeaching Bill Clinton over a blowjob. Nobody gave a shit that Clinton boffed an intern, he was the President, his job was to run the country, not to be an paragon of sexual purity. Which is why Bill Clinton got more popular when Newt the Grinch impeached Clinton, because people all over the country were saying “hubba hubba!” rather than revving up the pitchforks.

Which is why all this demonic fraud birth certificate college scores gay nigerian socialist Communist baby daddy bullshit isn’t doing a thing to hurt Obama in the polls. Even the average American isn’t stupid enough to think any of that has anything to do with the job that Obama is doing — or not doing. All it does is make them think the Republicans have gone batshit fucking crazy. Is that how the GOP is going to appeal to moderates this election? By looking like a bunch of lunatics? Even Americans aren’t that dumb!

— Badtux the Crazy-scryin’ Penguin

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