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What does it say about America that I read about yet another mass shooting and I just shrug and say “another mass shooting” and don’t even bother mentioning it for over a day? I mean, it’s not as if we’re going to do anything about it. We sorta decided that after Sandy Hook, when we decided that the bodies of 1st graders were less important than making sure that every gun fetishist could have as many guns and as much ammunition as he wanted. If we do jack shit when little kids get sprayed-and-prayed, why would adults getting sprayed-and-prayed make any difference?

As far as “thoughts and prayers” goes, I’ll just quote Pope Francis on that one: “You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. This is how prayer works.” I.e., “thoughts and prayers” without action are just meaningless hypocrisy. So it goes.

One thing I’d like to note, while we’re at it: the murder rate in the US is far lower than during the bad old days of the crack epidemic in the 1980’s. But more of those murders are spree killings, and the drug related killings tend to be more targeted and less spray-a-riffic. That makes it feel less safe today, though every number says objectively not the case. That, and $3, will get you a cup of bad coffee at Starducks….

– Badtux the “Yeah, so?” Penguin


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“Is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago?”

That’s a Republican congressman on the oversight committee for NASA, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Ca). There was stunned silence from the NASA spokesperson of which this question was asked.

Then there’s the Department of Agriculture’s new chief scientist, who is a talk show host with no scientific degrees and no college-level science courses. And the EPA’s new head of chemical safety is a DuPont shill who spent the last twenty years as an expert-for-hire claiming that Dupont’s toxic waste wasn’t bad for the people who were imbibing it.

And of course, Trump’s new Communications Director, Scaramucci (Scaramucci will you do the fandango?) who is oh so very very frightening. At least to his staff. He threatened to fire every single one of them. Because he’s just a poor boy from a poor family so mamma mia let them go (because they leaked, doh).

Maybe he’s the right man for Donald “You’re fired!” Trump after all. Though he has walked it back for now Huh.

And over at the Department of Justice, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is starting to look like the lamest of lame ducks. He recused himself on all that Russia stuff for lying under oath about his own Russia contacts to Congress, which has pissed off Trump greatly, because Trump wants all that Russia stuff to go away, already.

And over at the Department of State, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is pissed at Trump for making the Secretary of State’s job basically a living nightmare with Trump’s tweets that set a new policy for the US every fifteen minutes without giving Tillerson a chance to add his own input and without giving Tillerson the least bit of heads-up so he can rally his troops behind the new policy. Tillerson is talking about quitting maybe as early as August. Because he ran Exxon. He’s fucking goddamn rich as fuck. He doesn’t need some fucking orange Mussolini wanna-be making his life misery.

Yeah, things are just going swimmingly….

– Badtux the “We are so, so fucked” Penguin

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Bay Area McDonald’s will serve large orders of French fries in limited-edition rainbow boxes for Pride Month, June 2017. (Photo courtesy of McDonald’s of the Greater Bay Area)

Yep, that’s what the preacher who got upset about Starbucks cups is upset about now. McDonalds french fries are gay!

Uhm…. say whuh? I mean, do these french fries copulate with each other or something? How do you sex a french fry to know they’re doing the nasty with the same sex, anyhow? They don’t have any externally visible genitalia!

Then he says that maybe McDonalds should serve some Christian french fries. Uhm. They’re french fries. They’re food. Food doesn’t have a religion. You eat it, you don’t worship it. (Though I must admit that some of the food I’ve eaten over the years has been worthy of worship, thinking about some places in the French QUarter that I ate in over the decades, then a New Mexican place in South Phoenix…). Since when do fried potatoes have a religion? Is this dude dotty or something? (Answer: Yes.)

Meanwhile, the gay wedding cake case is going to the Supreme Court. The baker’s argument is that, apparently, a cake is speech. Say wha? I could have sworn that a cake was food! Since when is a food speech? Something you do with a food might be speech — for example, throwing a lemon pie at a piñata of Donald Trump. But a food itself? It’s just food. Something you eat for nourishment (or at least enjoyment). Duh.

I mean, what’s the difference between a gay wedding cake and just a plain old wedding cake? I guess a gay wedding cake is fabulous, sure. But it’s a cake. It doesn’t do any mano a mano sexual acts with other cakes, because, like, it lacks arms, and legs, and external genitalia, and reproductive organs, and …. So gay cake sex must be boring as hell. They just lay on each other waiting to be eaten? WTF?

Man, these tighty whitey righties could have chosen anything on the universe to get upset about — war, famine, poverty, Remy Ma beating Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards– but they chose food? For realz? Man. You couldn’t make this up. If I wrote this as part of a novel, the editor would return it right back to me saying “too unrealistic, nobody could be so small-minded as to get upset by food items.”

Yet there they are.


What a thing to get upset by. Sheesh!

– Badtux the Baffled Penguin

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World Nut Daily, which introduced the false claim that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, claims that liberal witches are casting spells against Donald Trump by, amongst other things, sticking pins into carrots. Which doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe we need to stick pins into Cheetos instead?

No, I’m not joking about these people believing in witchcraft. These people are demented. I am just completely bogwumped by the notion that anybody in this day and time believes in real actual witchcraft… ooh, and demons. Can’t forget the demons, which liberals are apparently literally throwing at Trump. Best comment at that link: “Well the demons aren’t doing much bloody good, and I’m getting exhausted painting pentangles and rectangles or whatever the hell to summon them up. We obviously need better bloody demons.”

To which one of my friends replied on my Facebook page, “sweetie, they believe in a magical invisible being to whom they pray to and who NEVER FUCKING ANSWERS. Of course they believe in witchcraft and demons.”

Gah, the stupid, it burns, it burns!

– Badtux the Bogwumped Penguin

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There is nothing normal about the election of His Fraudulency Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. He was elected courtesy of the active intervention of two intelligence agencies, Russia’s FSB and the US FBI, and massive voter suppression operations that left hundreds of thousands of ballots uncounted in critical states. He is as legitimate as his spiritual predecessor Rutherford B. Hayes was, who obtained office via a corrupt deal with the KKK, and should receive the same treatment.

Yet here I see all these Democratic politicians trying to treat this situation as if it were… normal. All the way up to attending the Inauguration and treating it like it was any other Inauguration.

I understand their motivation. They hope that if they treat this as if it were just a normal Presidential transition rather than something unusual and almost unprecedented (we’ve never before had an intelligence agency coup in the United States, after all), then maybe a Mussolini sound-alike will act like a normal President rather than like, well, a fascist. But that’s not what they’re accomplishing. What they’re accomplishing is making fascism seem normal.

This is not a normal situation. Pretending that it is, does nobody a favor. Democrats should be responding the way they responded in 1876, where they hounded Rutherford B. Hayes so badly about the fraudulent way he obtained office that he refused to run for a second term. They did their best to make “Rutherfraud”‘s life so miserable that he didn’t even *think* about abusing the power that he had with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. That’s how you do it. Not this “oh dear, you just said a racist thing but I’ll just pretend you didn’t say it” bullshit. All that does is encourage assholes to be bigger assholes. If you don’t make it loud and clear that an asshole is an asshole and is behaving unacceptably, then assholery becomes normal and usual behavior. Pretending that it’s fine and dandy to have a President selected by intelligence agencies and via disenfranchising voters doesn’t do Democrats, nor the country, one lick of good, and is just another example of the unilateral disarmament of today’s Democrats, who refuse to get down and dirty in the trenches out of some deranged notion that “we’re better than that”. Yeah, you know what they call a pacifist on a battlefield? A dead pacificist, that’s what. If someone is shooting at you, singing “Kumbayah” doesn’t get you anything except killed.

– Badtux the Blood’n’Guts Penguin

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Do-gooders are upset that students have been restrained in Kentucky schools and have gotten the Education Commissioner to outlaw one technique.

It’s not going to stop at that. According to the do-gooders, students never need to be restrained or physically touched in any way.



Not even the 45,000 severely mentally ill students in the Kentucky schools, those who are psychotic and subject to psychotic breaks at any time, with disjointed thinking and reactions that don’t resemble those of normal children in any way. Note that these kids are in regular public schools — we no longer institutionalize severely mentally ill students. And that’s for the better. Most of the time, they’re in regular education classrooms, learning, whereas back in the institutionalization days they were basically stuck in a strait jacket and tied to a chair for their “education”.

The question is this: The vast majority of these students are on psychotropic drugs that make it possible for them to function most of the time in regular classrooms. The problem is, they’re children. Some drugs can’t be used with children, and children are growing, so their meds slip out of whack on a regular basis, at which point their thinking starts sliding sideways. We teachers used a highly technical term when we noticed this happening to our mentally ill students — “that student’s talking crazy, time to call the special education supervisor so she can call the parents and psychiatrist.” Because classroom teachers are *never* trusted to talk to parents when it is about medications, medications are not something they’re trained on and they can’t give any kind of informed opinion about the subject. And the wheels of bureaucracy grind on, an appointment is made at some point in the future, but what if the student decides in the meantime that he can fly, and tries to jump out the classroom window of a third floor classroom? What if the student decides to play tag with the busses in the bus yard? Are teachers just supposed to let the kid die just to make do-gooders feel good about banning restraint in the schools?

And what if the kid gets upset at a bad test score and starts throwing desks around the classroom? Someone could get hurt.

Right now what schools are doing is sending a “Here” squad of teachers, aides, and administrators to receive training in crisis intervention including safe restraint of students. They also encourage teachers who have mentally ill students in their classrooms to take the training. But what happens if schools are legally no longer able to safely restrain students who are out of control and presenting a danger to themselves and others?

Well, we know what happens then. If schools aren’t allowed to touch the students, they simply will call the police. And the police will handle the situation in a far more humane and safe manner. That sad laughing you hear is me laughing at my sick joke… police… humane when dealing with mentally ill people… the same police who shot and killed hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill people nationwide last year. The police officers who regularly light up mentally ill people with tasers and handcuff them and haul them off to the police station to be booked for disorderly conduct for the crime of being mentally ill. Those police.

But hey, the do-gooders will get their wish, those mean teachers and administrators won’t be touching those poor innocent little children anymore. Said children will be in the school-to-prison pipeline instead, but hey, that’s not the do-gooder’s fault, it’s all about an oppressive society blah blah blah. Even when we’re dealing with severely behavior disordered children who just don’t (and can’t) think straight and act out in ways dangerous to themselves and others. That kid would not really have jumped out the window, right?

Uhm, it sure the hell looked like he was going to jump when I pulled him back in, took him down to the carpet, and sent one of my students down to my supervisor’s office and another student to the next-door classroom (where the teacher had an aide) to get assistance. But what the hell did I know. I was just his teacher.

– Badtux the (Thankfully Former) Teacher Penguin

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So, this has been going around the right wing Facebook pages and blogs to “prove” that Hillary Clinton loves terrorists. It is a total photo-shop, of course, created in 2008. But what it demonstrates is the sheer stupidity of the right wing. The Clintons had a hard-on for killing Osama bin Laden for a long, long time. They bombed his assets and fired cruise missiles at his camps multiple times in 1998, 1999, and 2000, to the point where the Republicans were laughing about how Clinton was doing “wag the dog” and had an Osama obsession.

Furthermore, this is a fairly old Hillary Clinton, clearly from after that time. After the events of September 11, 2001, no American saw Osama bin Laden until he was located in Pakistan and the Obama administration — with Hillary Clinton as part of it concurring — decided to kill him. Which they did, via SEAL Team 6.

In short, nobody with two marbles to rub together in his head would ever think that a Clinton would have shaken hands with Osama bin Laden. But then, I mentioned right wingers on Facebook. Two marbles? Nah, they’re lucky to have *one*….

Meanwhile, one of those right wingers had wangled his way onto my Facebook ‘friends’ list because he was a friend of a friend and a fellow biker. Then he posted this:


Uhm, no. I’m sorry, but if you’re a man and you’re calling a woman a “bitch”, you are a misogynist ass, and I have no place for you on my friends list. He got unfriended real fast.

I mean, crap. I don’t like the way Donald Trump behaves, but I talk about his behavior, I don’t call him a dick. (Well, I might, but only if he behaves like one, LOL). Hell, you’ve seen on this very blog that where Donald Trump is right, I’m quite willing to give him credit for it. Once someone descends into name-calling it’s just nonsense and hot air and stupidity. Frankly, I don’t have time for stupid people. Ignorant people, people who have uninformed opinions but are willing to listen and learn, sure. But willfully stupid people? You can’t fix stupid. Not even with duct tape.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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