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Alright, Mitt Romney. I understand that you’re a politician. I understand that, like all politicians, you are a liar. But leave my beloved Jeep out of it, asshole.

In case you’re wondering: Mitt Romney just released a lying ad in Ohio saying that Chrysler intends to build Jeeps in China, implying that all the Toledo, Ohio Jeep jobs are going bye-bye. Which is a) a lie, and b) a lie.

First of all, Chrysler has been building Jeeps in China since *1996*. That’s when they shipped the old body tooling for their Jeep Cherokee SUV over there and started building the old-style Cherokees. They’ve been building Jeeps over there ever since — for sale to Chinese. So Chrysler isn’t *intending* to build Jeeps in China. They *are* building Jeeps in China — and have been doing so for years. They’re expanding their Chinese Jeep factory, but to sell more Jeeps to the Chinese — none of those Jeeps are coming over here, most of the Jeeps they’re selling over there *can’t* come over here because they were discontinued here (and the tooling shipped there) because they fundamentally can’t meet modern U.S. safety and emissions standards.

Secondly, in 2006-2007 Chrysler razed the old WW2 Jeep factory in Toledo Ohio, which was dilapidated and not suited for building cars in a modern automated fashion, and replaced with with a multi-billion-dollar state of the art highly automated facility capable of making 150,000 Jeep Wranglers per year. Which is currently maxed out. That is, Chrysler sells every single Jeep Wrangler that they’re capable of making and likely could sell twice as many Jeep Wranglers if they could make them and market them overseas as is being proposed by their current CEO. So even if Chrysler *was* building a Jeep Wrangler factory elsewhere, it wouldn’t be to export those Toledo jobs elsewhere, it’d be to build more Jeeps *in addition* to the ones being built in Toledo.

Not that Chrysler is doing any such thing. Every single Jeep Wrangler is built in America — and always will be. Because it’s understood that this iconic descendant of the famed WW2 Jeep is uniquely American and it would be just wrong to build it anywhere else. They have added a shift and 1,000 jobs to their Detroit factory to build more Grand Cherokees, and have broken ground on a new assembly line for Jeeps at their Toledo facility that is going to employ an additional 1,100 workers when it comes online next year. Because it’s a lot easier to expand a current factory than to build a new one from scratch — the suppliers are already nearby, you have all the current workers available to train new workers, and if your current factory is already maxed out you can add on an incremental line and still have economies of scale. A Jeep factory that built only 50,000 additional Jeeps a year, likely what the market could absorb right now, simply wouldn’t be economically viable — you have to build *at least* 150,000 of something at a factory nowadays to make it cost effective, due to the high cost of the robots needed to keep assembly costs down and assembly quality up.

To summarize: There is no fucking way that Chrysler is going to abandon this multi-billion dollar investment and ship those jobs overseas, because a) it ain’t that many jobs (robots do most of the work, and b) the money is already sunk and right now every Jeep Wrangler that rolls off those lines is pure profit for Chrysler. Mitt Romney needs to just shut his lying mouth when it comes to Jeep, because he pretty much pisses off anybody who knows and cares about Jeeps when he uses Jeeps as a political talking point. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Jeepin’ Penguin

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So what does Mitt Romney think about Todd Akin(R-Teabagistan) and abortion? We don’t know, because he refuses to answer questions about those subjects.

Of course, it’s a lose-lose situation for Romney. If he says anything, he’ll lose votes. If he says Akin is wrong, he’ll lose teabagger votes. If he says Akin is right, he’ll lose the anybody-who-is-sane vote. This just goes to show what kind of box the Republican Party has put itself into by relying so much on the mentally deranged demographic. Mitt Romney literally can’t open his mouth without either peeving the mentally deranged demographic that is his “base”, or the sane demographic that is the majority of Americans.

Of course, we have a word for people who care more about votes than about telling the truth. It’s called “cowards”. Just what we want for a President, right?

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Mitt Romney had a problem when choosing a VP candidate. He couldn’t choose someone more charismatic than him, that’d make him appear like a humorless stick. He couldn’t choose someone more likable than him, that’d make him look like even more of a soul-less lizard person from Planet Sociopath than he already looked. And he had to choose another millionaire because that’d make him look more like “regular people” by comparison with his running mate. And finally, the person he chose had to be so mean-spirited and heartless that Romney looked generous by comparison.

I must admit that he has found the perfect VP for him — a humorless, mean-spirited person who says “let them eat catfood” to our elderly, “let them beg on street corners” to our veterans, who is a millionaire, who has all the charisma of a Borg collective. Paul Ryan is indeed Mitt’s perfect running mate. And the Obama campaign is poppin’ champagne corks as we speak in celebration of that fact ;).

— Badtux the Fail Penguin

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The saddest thing about yesterday’s spectacle is that it shows that Mitt Romney has no respect for his father or for his father’s accomplishments. George Romney was a Republican and a Mormon. George Romney was also a supporter of equality for all Americans and quietly disagreed with his church on the notion that blacks were cursed by God.

Perhaps this story will tell you the difference between Mitt Romney and his father. In 1963, the Rev. Martin Luther King came to Detroit and organized a Freedom March from Detroit proper to the all-white segregated suburbs to call for housing equality. So, what did Governor George Romney of Michigan, a good Republican and Mormon, do?

  • a) called out the National Guard to arrest the marchers at bayonet point,
  • b) hide in the governor’s mansion and cringe at the thought of the headlines sure to occur once the suburban police sicced the police dogs and firehoses on the marchers,
  • c) Issued a vague plea for peace and send the state patrol to make sure that nobody got out of hand, or
  • d) Declare a statewide Day of Celebration of Freedom, declare that freedom was a right of all Americans regardless of race, color, or creed, greet the marchers personally and express sympathy for their plight, and march for a brief while with the marchers?


Remember, this is an era when Bull Connor was a hero in much of white America, when white people of means such as Romney did not use the word “nigger” (that was lower class and vulgar) but certainly did not, by and large, view blacks as actually human, and where every member of Romney’s Republican staff and most of the Republican politicians around the country were urging him to stay away from the issue of racism and equal rights for all Americans. And Governor George Romney shook his head and said “I don’t care, I’m going to stand up for what is right.” And he did. At great personal cost insofar as his Presidential aspirations were concerned, but he was more concerned about standing up for what was right than being President.

When was the last time Mitt Romney took a stand on principle for anything? The only principle he appears to take a stand on is the principle of his bank balances in the Bahamas. And his race baiting last week was nothing short of spitting on his Daddy’s grave. He should be ashamed, but that would imply that he has something resembling a conscience. Sadly, everything we know about The Romney indicates that its robotic heart is incapable of any emotion such as shame and lacks anything that even vaguely resembles a conscience…

– Badtux the History Penguin

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Rich ladies show up at Rmoney fundraiser after “scraping together” $75K, whine about how the little people aren’t getting the message and Obama is being uppity and mean to his betters.

Note that median disposable family income in the United States (i.e., after-tax income) is $26,672 per year. In other words, she just dropped three years of the average family’s income into Romney’s bucket, then whines that the little people aren’t “getting the message”. Uhm, she may be right… the little people may be simply too damned busy trying to earn enough to keep their children housed, clothed, and fed to care about a “message” from some out-of-touch rich bitch who drops three year’s of their average wages onto a fortunate son whose daddy was a Presidential candidate and who is now a Presidential candidate only because he wants to make his Daddy proud.

Just goes to show you how out of touch our “entitled classes” have become. They think nothing of “scraping together” $75K to attend a fundraiser, then whine that the little people for whom that’s three years worth of wages don’t appreciate their betters.

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

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On bus tour, Mitt Romney looks to re-connect with Main Street. Probably with an electrical extension cord, since I’m sure the Romneybot’s batteries run down rapidly repeating the script so many times in a row without a change.

But seriously, about the only way that Mitt “Gordon Gecko II” Romney, a child of affluence who has never known a day of want in his entire life, could re-connect with Main Street would be if he did something like, say, sprinkle himself with bacon. Because, y’know, bacon makes everything better. Of course, you sprinkle bacon on a pile of shit, all ya got is a shit pile with bacon, not something, well, palatable… just sayin’.

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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The Ballad of Mitt Romney and Seamus The Dog. Heh.

— Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

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I’m, like, “Meh.” But the tighty righties’ panties are all a’squeezin’ their balls and they’re squealing like a pig over this Obama campaign ad, so it must be doing *something* right.

Obama was asked about whether the ad was fair to Romney, and Obama replied “It’s what Romney said, are you calling Romney a liar?” At which point Romney interjects, “Of course I lied. I would have made the same call.” Oh wait, no, Romney only said the second part, which of course implies the first part…

I swear, watching Romney’s response is like watching a drunk frat boy taking swings at Mohammad Ali in his prime. Romney fell into the trap Obama was setting for him — the trap of calling himself a liar — and doesn’t even realize it. Wow. And this is really the best the Republicans can find to run for President? Just… wow.

— Badtux the Somewhat-amused Penguin

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(Note: Bumped to top of blog for the rest of this month).

RomneyHillaryCare Medicare For All
Enrollment method Requires individuals to purchase health insurance either from current insurance programs or from a new government-run insurance program Automatic — all individuals residing in America are automatically covered by Medicare For All.
Method of Funding Billing of individuals by insurance companies, combined the existing Medicaid tax for subsidizing lower-income insurance purchasers Already-existing Medicare payroll deduction, increased to cover full cost of program and with employer matching of the employee portion, combined with a deduction from Social Security recipients’ Social Security checks
Enforcement costs Requires significant enforcement costs, up to and including imprisonment, in order to obtain compliance with the mandatory insurance purchase requirement. Enforcement is against 120,000,000 households, rather than 10,000,000 businesses. No additional enforcement costs — current already-existing Medicare tax enforcement against the 10,000,000 businesses in America suffices, which is much less expensive than enforcing a new mandate against 120,000,000 individual households.
Additional government bureaucracies created 5 – a new government-provided health plan distinct from Medicare with its own bureaucracies for enrollments, billing, and payments, a new government bureaucracy to handle computing and distributing health insurance subsidies to lower-income Americans, and a new enforcement bureaucracy to enforce the purchase of insurance -2 – eliminates current Medicare enrollment and billing bureaucracies (everybody is automatically enrolled thus no need for a new enrollment bureaucracy, and the funding method eliminates the need to bill anybody unlike Medicare which is required to bill people who are receiving Medicare but not Social Security because they’re still working)
Savings in insurance marketing costs Increases marketing costs, since now marketing must be directed at 120,000,000 households rather than 10,000,000 businesses 100 percent savings. No marketing costs — everybody is automatically enrolled
Savings in billing costs Increases billing costs, since now 120,000,000 individuals must be billed rather than 10,000,000 businesses. Over 100% savings — total cost of plan piggy-backs on already-existing Medicare payroll tax already taken out of your paycheck and eliminates the current Medicare billing bureaucracy (for working Medicare recipients not yet receiving Social Security)
Savings in insurance claims processing costs slight increase, due to new government bureaucracy Drastic decrease — dealing with only one program (Medicare For All) rather than with thousands of plans provided by hundreds of insurance companies will result in at least 15% average reduction in costs for the typical physician practice, and probably more.
Savings to businesses 100 percent — now individuals, not businesses, pay for health insurance. Increases costs for businesses that currently do not provide health insurance because the amount taken out of paycheck as Medicare tax is matched by the employer in the same way as the current Social Security tax. Decreases by at least 50% costs for employers who currently provide health insurance.
Savings in individual insurance premiums Most people will see higher premiums than under their old employer-provided plans, due to higher billing and marketing costs. Inability to enforce the insurance mandate means little savings due to no longer having to bear cost of care for uninsured. Dependent on income, if you count the Medicare payroll tax as a premium. Lower income people will see a drastic savings, upper income people will see a drastic increase, most will pay less than today because total cost of the program is less.
Coverage for pre-existing conditions Mandated Everybody in America is automatically covered
Percentage of individuals uninsured Roughly 10%, consisting of people who do not file income tax statements (and thus are not tracked by RomneyHillaryCare), are here illegally and thus do not qualify for subsidies for low-income households, or simply cannot afford health insurance even with the subsidies provided under RomneyHillaryCare for low-income households. None — everybody in America will be automatically covered, regardless of income status or immigration status.
Overall savings Increases overall costs of health care in America, due to the cost of the additional federal bureaucracies and cost of billing and enforcement Decreases overall costs of health care in America by at least 25% due to elimination of all billing, marketing, and sales costs and drastic reduction of claims processing costs due to economies of scale.
Consumer choice of physician Limited As is currently the case, you will be required to “choose” a physician who is part of your particular PPO or HMO. Drastically improved. With Medicare for All, you can go to any physician, anywhere, and receive care.
Consumer choice of health care coverage Moderate increase in consumer choice. Right now you are limited to what your employer provides. You will be able to choose any plan you can afford under RomneyHillaryCare. Moderate increase in consumer choice. While everybody’s base level of health care coverage will be the same, you can choose to purchase MediGap insurance from private providers at extra cost to provide additional coverages beyond those provided by Medicare under Medicare For All.
Ability of states to create their own health plans different and distinct from the national plan Eliminated. Eliminated

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RomneyHillaryCare is a giveaway to the insurance industry (which doesn’t want to insure sick people, just healthy people) and big business (which wants to be out of the health care industry). It takes the costs of healthcare and passing them directly to the person who decides if they should have the operation to extend their own lives or standard of living or not. Everybody under Rillary care will be forced to buy into plans with huge deductibles. At that point it will all be out of pocket for them and they’ll be forced to stop buying healthcare.

As demand is chopped down (at the same rate that Americans are falling over due to lack of healthcare), we’ll move down the supply curve until the remaining population is able to afford staying alive. In short, RilaryCare is a mechanism for weeding out the sick people in the economy and planting them under the ground so that insurance companies can make money off the remaining healthy people.

Ration life, it’s precious. Remember, the right to life ends with birth!

— Badtux the Snarky Penguin

PS — the same person wrote Hillary2Care as wrote Romneycare (implemented in Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney’s administration), and the two plans are virtually identical. Which makes Mitt Romney’s criticism of Hillary’s plan *especially* hilarious. This is on par with Gay Old Pervert Republican politicians making speeches about the “evil Gay lifestyle” bwahahahahah!

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