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Those things have to arise elsewhere, because they are not natural attributes of capitalism or markets. As the following example makes clear.

So, you’re a retailer. A hurricane has hit your city and the city water plant was wiped out. The water won’t be back on for weeks at the earliest.

You have four cases of water in your store. Four people come into your store:

Person A: A wealthy banker with $250,000 in the bank and $500 cash in hand who wants to buy all four cases of water at $80 apiece.
Persons B,C,D: Three single mothers with two kids making $400/month at a minimum wage job while living in subsidized housing. Most of her money goes to food, utilities, or the car that is all that allows her to get to her job, and she has a total of $20 cash left over from paying that month’s bills. She wants to buy a case of water at the normal $4.95 price in order to keep her family alive until FEMA water deliveries start.

What do you do?

If you’re a follower of Ayn Rand, a worshipper of capitalism, you say “Sell the water to the wealthy banker.” It’s what gets you the most money. Which is the whole point of capitalism, right?

If you’re a worshipper of the Free Market Fairy, you’ll say “well, I’m sure those mothers will find some resources *somewhere* to buy water if they really need it,” and shrug your shoulders. If they don’t find water elsewhere, or can’t raise the money in any way, well, they must not have tried hard enough, right?

If you’re a typical economist, you say “well, there’s not enough water to fulfill demand, so high prices ration it amongst the multiple parties.” Ignoring the fact that the rich person can buy more water than he needs because he has money coming out of his ears, while the single mothers even combining all their resources can’t even afford $80 for the single case of water that one of their families needs to stay alive. But dead single mothers aren’t a concern of economists, they’re all about abstractions. Ignoring the fact that their rationing abstraction ends up with 75% more people dead than if the rationing was done according to need rather than according to wealth.

If you’re a Republican sociopathic lizard person (but I repeat myself), you say “those poor people don’t contribute anything to the economy, while the rich man does, so I’ll sell it to the rich man because he’s the only one who deserves to live.” Ignoring the fact that the average rich person would starve to death if it wasn’t for all those poors stocking shelves and cashing out people at supermarkets, and waiting tables and cooking the food at restaurants.

If you’re a moral person, you ration the water — you give each person who comes through a fixed amount that they need to get through the next couple of days, and that’s that. So you sell one case of water to each single mother at the regular price, and one case of water to the rich banker at the regular price, and four people survive to live to see FEMA come in, rather just one. Four people surviving is more moral than only one person surviving, right?

But there seems to be fewer and fewer moral people each year. Perhaps what we need to be selling are moral compasses. Sadly, the vast majority of them seem to be defective right out of the box. Maybe because we outsourced production to China. In the absence of a moral compass, we rely on government to impose morality on the market via, e.g., anti-profiteering laws. When government doesn’t do that… we get dead bodies.

And nobody seems to care.

– Badtux the Morality Penguin


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Yeah, how’s that working out in California’s Central Valley?

Turns out that California’s regulators that were supposed to keep oil companies from polluting people’s water wells wasn’t actually keeping track of all the deep injection wells that oil companies were using to dispose of their wastes. As a result, injection wells got drilled too close to people’s water supplies, and too shallow. And nobody knows the extent of the problem because most of these wells are undocumented, like the farm workers that Trump expelled.

So not only can’t the Central Valley harvest its crops, it can’t drink its water either. Yet the dumb motherfuckers still insist, day after day, that the reason they aren’t rolling in dough is because of “too much regulation”. Dumbasses just had their water filled with fuckin’ arsenic and cyanide and shit, for cryin’ out loud, and they *still* are Libertopians who insist “surely no business would ever do evil if unregulated.” Talk about stupid motherfuckers.

– Badtux the Not-Libertopian Penguin

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Gregory Burleson gets sentenced for pointing a gun at Federal employees.

Sixty-eight years. And you have to serve at least 3/4ths of your sentence in Federal prisons, so he’s not going to get out until… well, he’s 53, so let’s just say “dead.”


– Badtux the Vicious Penguin

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People with Type 1 diabetes are having to turn to the black market for the insulin they need to stay alive. This is especially true if they’re allergic to the particular bacterium genetically engineered to produce the specific brand of insulin that their insurer covers. The new genetically-engineered insulin was supposed to solve the allergy problem that faced some users of the pig or cow insulin because it’s people insulin, not pig insulin or cow insulin. Instead it created its own allergy problems because some of the proteins of the bacteria that produced the insulin end up in the insulin, and allergies happen due to those proteins, too.

And to top it all off, because these are genetically engineered insulins, the vendors raised the price to outrageous sums. Meanwhile, the cheap animal insulins are no longer available on the U.S. market — the only way to get cheap insulin now is to import it illegally on the black market from Canada.

The core problem here is that insurers and drug makers are quite willing to kill Americans suffering from Type 1 diabetes in order to increase their profits. If you suffer from Type 1 diabetes and don’t get your insulin when you need it, you *die*. But insurers and drug makers don’t care. They don’t have to. It’s not as if there was some entity called “government” that had the power to regulate them and force them to bring cheap animal insulin back on the market again, after all. This “government” thing? It must be imaginary, right?

Say hello to Libertopia, folks, where drug makers are quite happy to kill people for profit because they don’t care and they don’t have to.

– Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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Democracy is where 5,000,000 sheep and 4500 wolves decide what’s for dinner (note — the ratio of sheep to wolves is pretty much that worldwide, there’s a lot more sheep than wolves). The wolves end up eating a lot of grass.

Libertarianism is where each of those wolves decides for himself what’s for dinner. They eat a lot of mutton.

Clearly wolves prefer libertarianism to democracy. Which is why they spend so much time trying to tar democracy as somehow “wrong” or “evil” — it interferes with their mutton supply. And why they also spend so much time trying to convince sheep that they’re actually wolves. A lot of wanna-be wolves running around out there with hooves rather than paws, baaaa’ing rather than howling, thinking that if they vote for mutton for dinner, it’ll be someone else that gets eaten, not them.

In reality, of course, it doesn’t work that way.

Thus the epidemic of deaths of despair amongst less educated white people. They thought they were wolves. They voted for wolves. They were actually deluded sheep wearing a bad fake wolfskin. And now that they’re starving, they’re baaa’ing that it’s all the fault of demon liberal sheep who didn’t let them eat mutton.

– Badtux the Not-libertarian Penguin

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A reminder: Peter Thiel is not a nice man, but he hasn’t had anything to do with PayPal for over 15 years now. He doesn’t even have any PayPal stock anymore. Now he makes his money ripping off startup company founders and investors, when he’s not funding lawsuits against newspapers and news magazines whose coverage displeases him in hopes of driving them out of business, or donating millions to Donald Trump’s campaign.

In short, disgust with Peter Thiel over the many evil things he has said and done, evil things such as attacking the 1st Amendment with huge piles of cash and supporting an out-and-out bigot, is no reason to close your PayPal account. Because Peter Thiel has nothing to do with PayPal. He sold all his shares to eBay in 2002. In fact, the only company he owns any stock in that you might actually use and boycott is Facebook, where he owns around 1% of the company after selling off most of his shares. Which probably isn’t enough to make it worth boycotting Facebook, because Thiel would just shrug and say “So?”. His share of Facebook now is less than 1% of his total wealth. Peanuts. He sneers at mere mortals like you and I, because he is an uberman and we are mere untermenschen before his Libertarian magnificence.

Yet despite his Libertarian magnificence, he still needed the State’s courts to take down Gawker. Typical, eh?

– Badtux the Helpful Penguin

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So, a Libertarian asked “why does the government require me to get a dog license and vaccinate my dog, anyhow? That’s big government overreach!”

Is it? Hmm. So the question is, why is there a requirement in 47 states and the District of Columbia that dogs be vaccinated, anyhow? Quite clearly it’s a vast Big Brother conspiracy in all 47 of those states to penalize dog owners, a law passed simply because they could pass a law, right?

Uhm, well…. no. Not exactly. Rabies kills thousands per year in nations where dogs are not vaccinated. It’s a very horrific death, and 99% fatal once symptoms start. It kills half a dozen per year in the US, mostly due to bat bites. The problem with dogs and rabies is that dogs can bite not only you and spread rabies to you, but they can spread rabies to your friends, relatives, children, etc. also. You might have the right to risk yourself getting rabies. But you have no right to risk those other people getting rabies from your unvaccinated dog.

So those other people at risk of getting rabies from your unvaccinated dog got together and passed a law to force you to vaccinate your dog. Because you have a right to be as rabid as you want. But you don’t have a right to risk other people becoming rabid because you decided not to vaccinate your dog.

I.e., your right to endanger people stops at the end of your nose. You have a right (IMHO if not in law) to endanger yourself any way you want. But once your reckless behavior starts endangering others, that’s where your rights stop, and their rights begin.

But that seems to be a distinction that many Libertarian types don’t “get”. See, e.g., the Koch brothers, former candidates for the Libertarian Party, as they complain about laws requiring them to dispose of oil field wastes in an environmentally sound manner. People naturally don’t like being poisoned by other people’s wastes, and passed laws against that because the Koch Brothers’ right to engage in reckless behavior stops at the point where it endangers other people. Thus the Clean Water Act that keeps them from just dumping their wastes into the nearest stream or river where it can poison other people. But for some reason, Libertopians never seem to “get” that their rights stop at the point where their reckless behavior starts endangering others… it’s as if there’s a massive blind spot in their thought processes where only they, not other people, have rights.

We have a word for people who lack empathy for others and don’t consider others to be real like them: psychopath. Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Helpful Penguin

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