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Why? Simple:

Silence means consent.

I completely disagree with the notion that the best way to deal with right-wing spewers of hate is to ignore them. Silence implies that you agree with them. Silence normalizes speech that should be rejected by anyone who is not a monster, speech that demonizes minorities, speech that condones genocide against groups of people the speaker doesn’t like, speech that encourages violence against people the speaker doesn’t like.

Silence is golden only for monsters. Because silence is what allows monsters to gather followers, silence is what allows monsters to impose their policies, silence is what, in the end, leads to atrocities. If the majority of the people refuse to be silent and instead shout loudly, “what you are proposing is evil and abhorrent,” monsters cannot thrive. Silence, on the other hand, is their life blood. In silence, they can thrive, and kill, and lead nations to slaughter.

Monsters may have a right to free speech here in America, but so does every other American, and we can choose to surround the monsters and shout “Hate is not acceptable.” Silence means consent. Reject silence.

— Badtux the Monster-spottin’ Penguin


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Jill Stein defends Russia, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and racist Trump voters.

Yet I still come across leftists who defend voting for Jill stein rather than Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election that elected Donald Trump as the Larcenist In Chief. I don’t even bother engaging with those people anymore. It’d be different if the Purity Ponies ever had any new arguments to bring to the table. But it’s all corrupt this, played hardball politics that, took wrong position on some policy near and dear to them even though the Democratic Party as a whole has their back.

And if you point out that being a Purity Pony means you lose, they just repeat it all again followed by the assertion that if Democrats just lose enough, unicorns will leap into the sky pooping rainbows and Paradise will arrive. WTF? In the meantime, Republicans weren’t too happy with Trump (he only won maybe 1/3rd of the Republican primary vote, the rest was split between the 11 Dwarves though so he won a plurality), but they got out and voted for him. And the Purity Ponies seem *happy* with that? WTF?

Fuck Jill Stein.

With a ten foot pole.

With spikes on it.

And bathed in habanero pepper sauce.

That is all.

– Badtux the Vicious Penguin

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A mentally ill man, Kori Ali Muhammad, kills four white men in Fresno.

This is not about terrorism, this is about mental illness. The shooter here, Kori Ali Muhammad, has been in and out of mental institutions for the past decade, released once he’s stabilized so he’s pretty much sane, then he gets back out on the streets, goes off his meds, and goes crazy again.

Both loony lefties and loony righties said that this man had the right to not take his meds after being released from a mental institution, the lefties because they consider mental illness to be merely “mentally different” and we shouldn’t take away their right to choose to be “different”, the righties because they consider mental illness to be a “moral failing” and that people have a right to choose such a thing.

The reality is that this man’s mental illness made these choices for him, not he himself. His brain was literally not working right and was incapable of making sane rational choices regardless of how much he desired to do so. And now four people are dead. Because some abstract “right to be crazy” is more important than both the welfare of the mentally ill, and the welfare of those around them.

– Badtux the Sad Penguin

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So various leakers in the military are trying to blame Donald Trump for the fucked-up raid in Yemen that killed a kid (an American citizen kid no less) as well as getting one of Seal Team 6 killed.

People: That’s not how it works. It’s not. You bring a plan to your boss, you say you believe the plan will work, your boss maybe asks someone else if it works and approves it when he gets the okay from that other person that it’ll work, then once your boss approves it that’s it. You own it. It’s your job to execute what you promised you could execute.

Basically, what people demanding of Trump when they whine that he went to bed that night after approving the raid is that he be that boss from hell that everybody hates, always micromanaging everybody. Look. I’m a professional. I’m paid damn well to do what I do for a living. I don’t need someone who isn’t even a talented *amateur* in what I do telling me how to configure a router, or second-guessing me about how many VLAN’s to segment our network into. If my boss doesn’t trust me, he needs to fire me and hire someone he can trust. If he does trust me, then once I get his OK to go ahead with the deployment plan, he needs to step back and just damn well let me do my job, because distracting me in any way is going to make things go slower and might distract me enough to make a bad mistake.

I neither need, nor want, my boss second-guessing me or micromanaging me, and would get mightily pissed if he did. I want my boss sleeping at night because he knows I got this. His job is to get me the shit I need to get my job done, then get out of the way and let me do it. And if I fuck up, well, then, and only then, do I get on the horn with my boss and we figure out how to handle the aftermath. Until then, I prefer he be getting a good night’s sleep. Because I’m a professional, and I don’t need hand-holding.

And Seal Team 6 is certainly professionals too. They made a plan. They got it approved. The plan went sideways. It happens. They were the ones on the ground. They were the ones who had all the information to make decisions. There was no military decision that Donald Trump could have made after things started going sideways that would have been better than what the people actually on the ground made, because those were some of the best people we have, certainly far better at doing their job than Donald Trump would be. Once the raid was launched there’s no amount of micromanagement from the top that could have improved the situation, all it could have done was make it worse. Period.

– Badtux the Professional Penguin

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There is nothing normal about the election of His Fraudulency Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. He was elected courtesy of the active intervention of two intelligence agencies, Russia’s FSB and the US FBI, and massive voter suppression operations that left hundreds of thousands of ballots uncounted in critical states. He is as legitimate as his spiritual predecessor Rutherford B. Hayes was, who obtained office via a corrupt deal with the KKK, and should receive the same treatment.

Yet here I see all these Democratic politicians trying to treat this situation as if it were… normal. All the way up to attending the Inauguration and treating it like it was any other Inauguration.

I understand their motivation. They hope that if they treat this as if it were just a normal Presidential transition rather than something unusual and almost unprecedented (we’ve never before had an intelligence agency coup in the United States, after all), then maybe a Mussolini sound-alike will act like a normal President rather than like, well, a fascist. But that’s not what they’re accomplishing. What they’re accomplishing is making fascism seem normal.

This is not a normal situation. Pretending that it is, does nobody a favor. Democrats should be responding the way they responded in 1876, where they hounded Rutherford B. Hayes so badly about the fraudulent way he obtained office that he refused to run for a second term. They did their best to make “Rutherfraud”‘s life so miserable that he didn’t even *think* about abusing the power that he had with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. That’s how you do it. Not this “oh dear, you just said a racist thing but I’ll just pretend you didn’t say it” bullshit. All that does is encourage assholes to be bigger assholes. If you don’t make it loud and clear that an asshole is an asshole and is behaving unacceptably, then assholery becomes normal and usual behavior. Pretending that it’s fine and dandy to have a President selected by intelligence agencies and via disenfranchising voters doesn’t do Democrats, nor the country, one lick of good, and is just another example of the unilateral disarmament of today’s Democrats, who refuse to get down and dirty in the trenches out of some deranged notion that “we’re better than that”. Yeah, you know what they call a pacifist on a battlefield? A dead pacificist, that’s what. If someone is shooting at you, singing “Kumbayah” doesn’t get you anything except killed.

– Badtux the Blood’n’Guts Penguin

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So, I’ve had liberals helpfully lecture me that I should not demean or mock Trump or his supporters. We should call him “President Trump”, regardless. At which point I roll my eyes, because this is exactly the kinda shit that liberals do that loses them elections.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to refer to him as President Trump. He is forever His Fraudulency to me, just as his spiritual predecessor Rutherford B. Hayes was referred to in 1877 by being elected under similar circumstances. Anybody who was “elected” with the minority of votes courtesy of assistance from the KGB and the FBI (much as Hayes was “elected” courtesy of a back room deal with the KKK) has no legitimacy in my eyes, and never will. Rutherford B. Hayes spent his entire time in office being referred to as “His Fraudulency” and “Rutherfraud” by Democrats who obstructed him at every opportunity, served one term, and slunk out of Washington in disgrace at the end of that term, hated not only by Democrats but by his own party. I will be doing my best to ensure that His Fraudulency Donald Trump suffers a similar fate.

One thing that annoys me about many liberals is their unilateral disarmament in the face of enemy action. And His Fraudulency and his core supporters, the neo-Nazi white supremacist “basket of deplorables”, *are* the enemy of all that is good. We don’t have to lie like they do because we have truth on our side. But we have to take that truth to them, good and hard, with all the weapons at our disposal. Unilaterally disarming by removing ridicule and disgust from the list of weapons we allow us to use is as ridiculous as saying that we should have just wagged our fingers at Hitler for being a bad boy. No. That’s not how you fight. That’s how you lose. As this past election with all that “when they take the low road, we take the high road” bullshit that lost it should have proven.

The orange racist pedophile pussy grabber is inherently mockable. That’s a weapon. We should use it.

– Badtux the “Unilateral disarmament is for pussies” Penguin

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There seems to be a lot of lefties harshing on Ivanka Trump, whether it’s the cheaply made Chinese clothing that she hawks for big bucks using the Trump name, or the way she serves as her father’s translator from Trumpese to English and will have an office at the White House for doing exactly that. Yet I haven’t said anything about her. Why?

Well, basically because a) she hasn’t done anything illegal or immoral as far as I know, unlike her deadbeat race-baiting daddy, and b) because I feel sorry for her.

Look. She’s been groomed by a pedophile for her entire life, and she has really no context to know what is right and what is not right. From listening to her talk, she clearly is intelligent and has the potential to be a good person, but having been raised by a sexual predator, it’s all been warped and corrupted. To her credit she hasn’t done anything that seems to be too outlandishly corrupt, unlike her brothers. They tried to auction off a coffee with her, for example, but she put an end to that when it became clear that people were viewing it as a way of bribing the Trump Administration. She’s not an angel by any means. But she’s probably about as good as someone raised by a pedophile and still under the influence of that pedophile can be.

Note that this doesn’t mean I excuse anything evil that she might do in the future, or think she should escape consequences for illegal activities if she ever does anything. If on a jury I’d vote Guilty (if she was). I’d just feel sad for her while doing so. Raised by a sexual predator the way she was, isolated from anything good or holy, the wonder is that she isn’t an axe killer, much less the woman she appears to be — an intelligent and self-assured woman who seems to want to do good, but not quite sure what that means.

– Badtux the Family Penguin

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