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Captain Robert S. Mueller III, USMC, was a bad-ass in Vietnam, earning a Bronze star while he was a butterbar leading a platoon. But this isn’t Captain Mueller.

The tell-tale tell? The sleeve insignia. That’s a Private’s chevron with Rocker, i.e., Private First Class. Furthermore, it’s a U.S. Army insignia, the equivalent USMC insignia has crossed rifles underneath the chevron. And furthermore, Robert S. Mueller III, USMC, was never a private. He was a commissioned officer whose first commission was as a 2nd Lieutenant, which has a shoulder insignia of a single gold bar (thus “butterbar”). Not a sleeve insignia like this soldier.

So who is this Vietnam soldier whose photo has been going around lefty blogs lately saying “This is Robert Mueller in Vietnam!”??? Well: It actually turns out to be PFC Ed Episcopo, 25th Infantry Division, 9th Regiment, 4th Battalion, C Company, U.S. Army, sometime in 1967 or 1968. His photo was stolen by someone and misrepresented as Bob Mueller’s photo.

I know it might seem cool to steal someone’s picture and claim it’s your favorite Marine, but a) no, it’s not cool to steal an Army private’s picture and claim it’s a Marine Captain’s picture, because b) the Army is not the U.S. Marine Corps and if you claim it is you’ll get your nose flattened by any Marine within speaking distance, c) enlisted are not officers and if you claim they’re the same, see b, and d) stealing is wrong. Duh.

– Badtux the Honest Penguin


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Did the economy do better under Ronald Reagan than under Jimmy Carter? There’s lefties who argue that Republicans are *always* worse than Democrats, but then Republicans shout, “Jimmy Carter!”. Was it true?

Technically yes. According to the St. Louis Fed, GDP in chained billions of dollars was 5732.462 in on 1/1/1977, and 6635.726 on 1/1/1981 when Reagan took office, for an average increase of 3.9% per year. GDP in chained billions was 8831.544 when Reagan left office, for average increase of 4.1% per year. So yeah, technically, you’re right, Reagan’s economy performed better than Jimmy Carter’s, but it’s like claiming that your guy will give us 11 cents rather than the other guy’s 10 cents. Nobody’s going to get too excited about the minimal difference there.

When you look at wages, on the other hand, things look different. In inflation adjusted dollars (taking Bureau of Employment Statistics numbers and feeding them into the official inflation calculator), average hourly wage for non-supervisory workers fell from $21.82 in January 1977 to $20.07 in January 1981, or an average of 2% per year. From there they then fell to $19.35 in January 1989. So: average hourly wages for non-supervisory workers fell by 0.45% per year under Reagan, as versus 2% per year under Carter.

In both cases the working class was fucked. But they were fucked less under Reagan than under Carter.

So I call foul on the notion that Republicans are *always* worse for the economy (and for wages) than Democrats. It is true that Clinton and Obama did better than any Republican president back to Eisenhower, but Jimmy Carter is the counter-example that proves that the rule really isn’t a rule.

On the other hand, Reagan’s policies decidedly set up today’s situation where wages are in free-fall for everybody who’s not one of us technology elites, so this isn’t saying that Reagan was a great President or anything. I mean, real wages fell during his Presidency. You can’t say a President is great if real wages fall during his presidency. On the other hand, he was not the Worst president of the past fifty years. That honor falls on Jimmy Carter, a nice man who tried (and tries) to do right, but a lousy President.

– Badtux the Numbers Penguin

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Благодарю вас за распространение нашего агитпропа, товарищ.
  — Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации

I mean, seriously. These people are going at it tooth and nail in my Facebook timeline. The Republicans are having a fucking meltdown as individual GOP members waver over whether to support a pedophile or not, and this is the bridge Democrats going to die over — whether Bernie or Hillary is the “most corrupt”? For realz?

Sheesh. What is wrong with these people? Can’t Democrats ever just sit back and eat their popcorn while the Republicans are having one of their meltdowns? Man. These folks need to mellow out and look at the big picture, where Comrade Vlad is laughing at their asses for spreading his agitprop so widely. Maybe this is why Republicans are against medical marijuana… it’d make Democrats too chill to engage in the periodic circular firing squads that they’re so prone to.

– Badtux the Sovok Penguin

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Rick Perry tells protesters that fossil fuels are good because they prevent sexual assault.

Fossil fuels. Prevent sexual assault. Whuh…. what did I just read?

Uhm, Rick, Rick, Rick… it doesn’t work like that. Really, it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Antifa supersoldiers are going to kill white people on November 4. Antifa. Supersoldiers. Presumably bred in the secret basements under the closed Walmart stores used for Jade Helm?

So apparently Donna Brazile discovered the smoking gun — a joint fundraising agreement that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders signed, which proves, PROVES I say, that DNC board member Donna Brazile has books to sell dammit. Also discovered: Debbie Wasserman Schultz did a shitty job as head of the DNC. And water is wet. Oh wait, the last wasn’t in the book. Pretty much the only obvious thing not in the book.

I swear, if I encounter one more piece of stupidity today, I’m going to snap and start biting the heads off of herring…

– Badtux the Fish-breathed Penguin

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Why? Simple:

Silence means consent.

I completely disagree with the notion that the best way to deal with right-wing spewers of hate is to ignore them. Silence implies that you agree with them. Silence normalizes speech that should be rejected by anyone who is not a monster, speech that demonizes minorities, speech that condones genocide against groups of people the speaker doesn’t like, speech that encourages violence against people the speaker doesn’t like.

Silence is golden only for monsters. Because silence is what allows monsters to gather followers, silence is what allows monsters to impose their policies, silence is what, in the end, leads to atrocities. If the majority of the people refuse to be silent and instead shout loudly, “what you are proposing is evil and abhorrent,” monsters cannot thrive. Silence, on the other hand, is their life blood. In silence, they can thrive, and kill, and lead nations to slaughter.

Monsters may have a right to free speech here in America, but so does every other American, and we can choose to surround the monsters and shout “Hate is not acceptable.” Silence means consent. Reject silence.

— Badtux the Monster-spottin’ Penguin

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Jill Stein defends Russia, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and racist Trump voters.

Yet I still come across leftists who defend voting for Jill stein rather than Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election that elected Donald Trump as the Larcenist In Chief. I don’t even bother engaging with those people anymore. It’d be different if the Purity Ponies ever had any new arguments to bring to the table. But it’s all corrupt this, played hardball politics that, took wrong position on some policy near and dear to them even though the Democratic Party as a whole has their back.

And if you point out that being a Purity Pony means you lose, they just repeat it all again followed by the assertion that if Democrats just lose enough, unicorns will leap into the sky pooping rainbows and Paradise will arrive. WTF? In the meantime, Republicans weren’t too happy with Trump (he only won maybe 1/3rd of the Republican primary vote, the rest was split between the 11 Dwarves though so he won a plurality), but they got out and voted for him. And the Purity Ponies seem *happy* with that? WTF?

Fuck Jill Stein.

With a ten foot pole.

With spikes on it.

And bathed in habanero pepper sauce.

That is all.

– Badtux the Vicious Penguin

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A mentally ill man, Kori Ali Muhammad, kills four white men in Fresno.

This is not about terrorism, this is about mental illness. The shooter here, Kori Ali Muhammad, has been in and out of mental institutions for the past decade, released once he’s stabilized so he’s pretty much sane, then he gets back out on the streets, goes off his meds, and goes crazy again.

Both loony lefties and loony righties said that this man had the right to not take his meds after being released from a mental institution, the lefties because they consider mental illness to be merely “mentally different” and we shouldn’t take away their right to choose to be “different”, the righties because they consider mental illness to be a “moral failing” and that people have a right to choose such a thing.

The reality is that this man’s mental illness made these choices for him, not he himself. His brain was literally not working right and was incapable of making sane rational choices regardless of how much he desired to do so. And now four people are dead. Because some abstract “right to be crazy” is more important than both the welfare of the mentally ill, and the welfare of those around them.

– Badtux the Sad Penguin

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