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Donald Trump calls the mother of a dead soldier a liar a day after he told his widow that her husband “knew what he was signing up for”.

What an ass. Even George W. Bush of “Heckuva job Brownie” fame wasn’t that kind of ass. I mean, fuck. Donald Trump makes George W. Bush look good? How fucking bad is that?!

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump: No, when I walked into that recruiter’s office, I wasn’t signing up to die. I was signing up to, hopefully, make sure the nation’s enemies died. A bit of a difference there….

– Badtux the Military Penguin


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The most dangerous place for a reporter to be in America today is at a protest. Not because they’re attacked by protesters. Rather, because police officers regularly attack the press at protests and regularly destroy their equipment. 1st Amendment guarantee of a free press? The Constitution is just a piece of paper, right?

Meanwhile, even when reporters do get the story, media outlets are afraid to print investigative reporting about oligarchs because the oligarchs own the courts and can put them out of business.

Indiana proposes licensing only “responsible” people to be reporters. Presumably any reporter who dares report on a protest or reports things the oligarchs don’t want reported is “irresponsible”.

And of course the Orange Racist Russian Stooge keeps trumpeting that any media critical of him is “fake” and his deplorable followers regularly threaten reporters.

Combined with the fact that most reporters now aren’t full-time staffers of newspapers, they’re part-time stringers for wire services who don’t have access to the legal resources of a major media outlet, and you get a serious issue where proper reporting is being suppressed by the government and the government’s supporters.

One of the first things that fascist regimes try to do is shut down any media that’s critical of them. Erdogan has done that in Turkey, and it appears the deplorables and their God-Emperor Donald the Trump are bound and determined to see that happen here too. Because remember, people. The Constitution, and the 1st Amendment that it contains, is just a piece of paper.

Or is it that the Constitution just has one paragraph, the 2nd Amendment?

So confusing!

– Badtux the Press Penguin

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Kneeling for peace, justice, and equality. For a certain white population, this made them dangerous radicals who needed to be rounded up and caged like animals.

The more things change, the more they don’t….

The white people totally losing their mind over black men in the NFL not acting like step’n’fetchit house niggers need to step back, get some perspective, and check their hoods at the door. Black people haven’t had equal rights with white people in this country since day one, when they were brought over in chains from Africa. Even today, they get discriminated against in employment, in law enforcement contacts (black people get stopped more often for “driving while black”, but are less likely to be carrying contraband than white people in those stops), and, of course, in the fact that unarmed black men are way more likely to be gunned down by cops than unarmed white men.

The fact that this annoys black people and they have a desire to express that annoyance in a way that has been traditional for decades doesn’t make these ball players liberals or anti-American or anything like that. It just makes them human.

Of course, the day that “President” Donald J. Trump checks his hood at the door rather than calling protesting blacks “son of a bitch” is likely the day after he dies….

– Badtux the Racism-smellin’ Penguin

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At least, for the purposes of voting. Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court is going back to the future again, voting for state-mandated racial segregation (at least for the purposes of voting), 61 years after it overturned that decision. Except without even the fig leaf of “separate but equal” to cover for their blatantly racist decision.

For those of you who voted for Jill Stein, thus putting the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber into office… are you satisfied?

Oh wait, you’re all lily white anyhow, so why would you care about minority rights, hmm?

– Badtux the Law Penguin

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In today’s episode, Jeremy Thacker, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a Trump-worshippin’ deplorable who murdered a homeless man and assaulted several others.

Hillary Clinton was viciously attacked by the press when she dared tell the truth about the “basket of deplorables” who were the core of Trump’s support. Yet there they are.

— Badtux the Deplorable-spottin’ Penguin

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So a New York housing development that is half-financed by HUD is up for sale and Trump stands to get millions if the sale goes through. And who approves the sale? Well, Donald Trump’s HUD, of course. Nope, no possibility of corruption there, nosirree!

All of this could have been avoided if Trump had sold his properties and interests in properties and put it all into a blind trust that invested it in an index fund before running for President. But he couldn’t do that, because he’s insolvent — he owes more on his properties than they’re worth. He claims all these billions of assets, but what he doesn’t tell you is that every single one of them is mortgaged to the hilt.

Which of course is why he ran for President in the first place — as a scam to get money out of people. Then his ego wouldn’t let him quit when, to everybody’s surprise, he won the Republican nomination. And then with a little help from his Russian friends and Wikileaks plus a little help from FBI director James Comey (who got fired by Trump for his help in electing Trump), he got elected President. And now he can really run some scams…

– Badtux the Corruption-smellin’ Penguin

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“It’s hard to deal with people who confuse Austria and Australia, but there’s nothing you can do about this. Apparently, this is the level of political culture within a certain part of the U.S. establishment.” — Vladimir Putin, about the Trump Administration

Oh Pooty Poot, sounds like you’re having buyer’s remorse about Trump now. LOL.

– Badtux the Laughing Penguin

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