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Look at all these black welfare queens that they busted….

Oh wait, those aren’t black people, they’re white people! Which, undoubtedly, is why New Jersey launched a pilot amnesty program for those who committed welfare fraud.

So, uhm, if they had been black… do you think that New Jersey would have launched an amnesty program? Oh fuck no. Black people don’t get amnesty here in the United States. They get sentences for 10% longer times than white people who’ve committed the same crime. That’s how it works in “post-racial” America — white people get the amnesty, black people get the prison time.

– Badtux the Calling-it-like-it-is Penguin


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I mean, look. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of torturing Hispanic people in his jails. Hundreds of Hispanic people hung themselves in his jails, basically tortured to death, costing Maricopa County bajillions of dollars. Then he defied a Federal court order to quit torturing them brown fellers, and got convicted of contempt of court for doing so.

So of course the Orange Racist Pussy Grabber pardoned him today.

It’s a twofer. Now people are talking about Trump, rather than about the hurricane. And, Trump lets all the racists, bigots, inbreds, Nazis, Klansmen, right-wing militiamen, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, muggers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Southern Baptists know that their God-Emperor Donald the Trump has their back.

Of course, it’s a travesty of justice, and a preview of how Trump intends to deal with the convictions from the Russia scandal, the grand jury for which is still underway. But justice isn’t something that His Fraudulency Donald The Trump ever cared about. He has a life-long history of bigotry against black people, a life-long history of ripping off his contractors, bankers, and anybody else he could get away with ripping off (thus his nickname in New York City banking circles of “Deadbeat Donnie”, which is why he’s so in debt to the Russians), a life-long history of treating women like objects and treating people of color like shit. This is what he does, people. He’s a two-bit con man playing big man in the Oval Office. A two bit con man who has access to nuclear weapons and a pardon pen.

Which is why we are all so, so fucked.

– Badtux the Waddling Penguin

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The rats are surely deserting the ship.

Of course Trump has Mafia connections. He’s a real estate developer in NYC and New Jersey. He couldn’t do that if he didn’t have Mafia connections. All the real estate developers there are mobbed up, it’s how things are done.

The real story isn’t Trump’s Mafia connections. It’s about how voices on the right are now feeling their way towards directly criticizing Trump, rather than the sort of lukewarm faint praise that they previously gave him out of fear of Trump’s MAGAts. Apparently despite Charlottesville, the sharks are smelling blood in the water coming from the direction of the Trump administration. And where there’s blood, eventually there will be a feeding frenzy….

– Badtux the Swimming Penguin

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When will white leaders start talking about the white culture of violence and how to cure the sickness of murder, drug abuse, and violence in their white communities?

Here is Jason Brown, cop killer:

Oddly enough, Fox News has not been running this picture. Neither have other news sources. They’ve all run pictures of Lt. Aaron Allan, the person killed, but not of the murderer.

Furthermore, Fox News hasn’t called Jason Brown a “thug”. Commenters on news pages haven’t talked about how he probably impregnated numerous “baby mommas”, or how his mother was obviously a negligent prostitute.

Yet somehow, I suspect that if Jason Brown’s skin had been brown, this picture would have been all over, multiple Fox News commentators would have called him a thug already, and hoards of racists would be saying “well, that’s just how *those* people are, y’know.”

Funny, how just skin color means people won’t treat an obvious gang-banger like, well, an obvious gang-banger…

– Badtux the “Racism is dead, right?” Penguin

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Gregory Burleson gets sentenced for pointing a gun at Federal employees.

Sixty-eight years. And you have to serve at least 3/4ths of your sentence in Federal prisons, so he’s not going to get out until… well, he’s 53, so let’s just say “dead.”


– Badtux the Vicious Penguin

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the excuse made by a racist white woman for why she shot a black 15 year old kid in the back of his head. She claimed there was a group of black kids throwing rocks at her house — boulders even. Rocks that apparently mysteriously disappeared when the cops arrived on the scene (and where the hell do you find rocks in Macon, Georgia? It’s fucking flat as a pancake, not a goddamn rock in sight!). Which is why the cops eventually charged her with aggravated assault. And the prosecutor basically said to the judge that she was a delusional bigot who was spewing racial slurs as the cops arrested her.

The thing is, what she believes — that black kids are intrinsically evil, thus it’s morally okay to shoot them — probably is what most Trump voters believe. The only difference is that most Trump voters don’t murder black kids because they’re afraid of going to jail. For now.

For now.

– Badtux the Futurist Penguin

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“Toxic masculinity” is one of those buzzwords that feminists bander about and many men ignore. They shouldn’t. I’ve seen that death cult of machismo ruin a lot of lives. It doesn’t make you less of a man to listen to a woman. It doesn’t make you less of a man to have a woman earning more money than you are. It doesn’t make you less of a man to discuss household decisions rather than dictate household decisions. It doesn’t mean you’re “weak” to listen to your spouse’s objections and say “huh, y’know, you’re right.” Yet every day, in homes across the nation, there are angry men who think listening is weak, not earning as much as a woman is emasculating, discussing decisions rather than dictating is something that girly-men do. And they hit. And they beat. And they rape. And they kill.

And they kill.

Half of all female murder victims are killed by their spouse or boyfriend.

I knew it was a big number, but didn’t really expect it to be *this* big. One problem is how deeply the cult of toxic masculinity is embedded in our culture. A real man is supposed to be a certain way. In charge. On top. A real he-man. And when he isn’t, when he feels disrespected or “emasculated”, he lashes out with violence.

The sad thing is that there are large numbers of women attracted to this kind of man. They want a “real” man. A dominating man. Someone who is part of the death cult of toxic masculinity. That death cult would die out quickly if women ostracized them. But women don’t.

Half. Half of all the women murdered, murdered because of this death cult. Yet women still marry into it, still date men who are part of it. That is just how deeply this death cult is embedded into our culture — it has convinced even its primary victims that it is the only “right” way to be.

To quote our President: “Sad.”

– Badtux the Death Cult Penguin

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