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WARNING: If you are in the European Union, you are not granted a license to view this site. Because this site links to news articles without a license it is in violation of Article 11 of the new EU Copyright Law. Please leave this site now to avoid criminal prosecution.

Oh wait. No, that’s not true yet. The European Parliament has not yet voted on it, and national legislatures have not yet implemented it. But if this is approved, basically all of the independent blogosphere is going to go dark as far as Europe is concerned.

The biggest threat to the Internet is not nuclear warfare. The biggest threat isn’t even lack of net neutrality, as bad as that is for those of us in the United States. The biggest threat to the Internet is the European Parliament, because if this succeeds in Europe, it’s only going to spread elsewhere, and basically make sites like this one illegal world-wide.

– Badtux the “They’re trying to outlaw me!” Penguin

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So, email. It was invented in 1965 with the first time-sharing systems at MIT. Students at MIT wrote a program called “MAIL” that allowed sending email to each other, as documented by one of the early developers who worked on the MIT systems. By 1970 email programs had gotten a bit more sophisticated, with the development of the modern inbox as part of the Multics project. In 1971, the first version of Unix, created by people who’d worked on Multics who were pining for some of the features of Multics, included a program called ‘mail’ to allow sending email to other users on Unix systems. Then in 1971 Ray Tomlinson, a developer of the ARPANET (a predecessor of the Internet) at BBN (a government contractor), sent the first email across the ARPANET between two computers. By 1972 he’d developed the syntax of using the “@” sign to separate the user name and the destination, so that the ARPANET email system didn’t need to know the user accounts on all systems on the ARPANET simultaneously and so that a user “badtux” at one site and a user “badtux” at another site wouldn’t be confused with each other. Initially the DEC 10 (Tenex) and Multics operating systems supported Internet mail. Obviously others followed.

By 1973 the situation of incompatible email systems on the ARPANET had reached the point where a meeting had to be called to standardize email on the ARPANET. The ARPANET community then tossed out a multitude of proposals which were discussed and hashed out over the course of the year, mostly via email (!). EMAIL accounted for 2/3rds of the traffic on the ARPANET that year. The first SPAM on the ARPANET apparently happened in 1975. By 1976 the Queen of England sent an email message on the ARPANET. In 1976. By 1978, the BSD Unix Mail program had been written with folders and the ability to easily move messages between them, and an email reader had been implemented in MacLisp inside Multics Emacs, thereby proving the adage that Emacs is not a text editor, Emacs is an operating system.

Also in 1978, a 14 year old kid in New Jersey by the name of Shiva Ayyadurai started writing an electronic version of the inter-office mail system for what later became Rutgers Medical School and finished writing it sometime in 1979. He called it EMAIL. Some time later, in 1982, he illegally copyrighted it. (Illegally because it was done as a work for hire for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey which paid him as an employee to write the program, and thus the copyright, which was automatically granted upon the program first being distributed under the terms of the Copyright Act of 1976 which took effect on January 1, 1978, legally belonged to the medical school under the Work for Hire doctrine).

So. That’s a brief history of email up until 1979. In 1980, the limitations of using a bag on the side of the FTP protocol to pass email messages around the Internet reached the breaking point, and SMTP (Send Mail Transport Protocol) was invented and ARPANET’s email transitioned to that new protocol, which is still in use today as our standard Internet EMAIL protocol to transmit messages between email servers all over the world. And in 1983, the current IPv4 Internet protocol replaced the original IMP protocol and it is still in use today. None of which is controversial in any way… except Shiva Ayyadurai says he invented email, and he’ll sue anybody who says differently. Despite all that easily documented history that I mention above. Documented history including, for example, the original Unix manuals from 1971, or the source code for the original MIT email program from 1965 which can be downloaded from historical archives and viewed for yourself, or etc.

And no, those were not instant messaging programs. The BSD ‘mail’ program from 1978, for example, is the exact same program that is shipped with every Linux system in the world today. You likely haven’t seen the program if you date to the GUI era, but I used it back in my BSD days in the early 80’s before we had all this fancy GUI shit, and it implements all the functionality you’d expect of an email program — it has subject headers and From headers, it has folders, you can move messages between folders, etc. It was email. Period. And not invented by Shiva Ayyadurai.

So Shiva Ayyadurai says he’s tired of being called a liar and a fraud? Then he should quit lying and should quit fraudulently claiming to have invented email. And if he doesn’t want to read articles like this on the Internet? Then he should quit being the sort of fucking asswipe who sues news publications that publish the true history of email.

Note: Feel free to copy and paste. This is the kind of asshole who deserves all the negative publicity he has bought by suing a news source for, well, reporting the truth.

– Badtux the Annoyed Penguin

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So apparently according to Facebook, this stop motion art film from 1878, the first known movie recording ever made and thus of immense historical value, is pornography because some of the men and women were not wearing clothes when Eadweard Muybridge did the stop-motion photography to capture their motion. Note that there is no sex in the “film” — this was Victorian times, after all. Muybridge’s sole goal was to capture motion — of people, of horses, of machines — which was something that nobody had ever done before. He then mounted his photos in a circular carousel that spun them past an eyepiece so it looked like the subjects were moving. He thus invented motion pictures.

This YouTube video basically takes his plates and puts them together into frames of a movie the way he did with his carousel, except now they’re all stitched together. And Facebook thinks this collection of historical photographs that were designed to be stitched together into primitive looping movies is pornography. What a bunch of dimwits. Can’t tell the difference between a historical art film of immense historical value, and pornography. Yay, Facebook. You’re a bunch of morons.

– Badtux the Arts Penguin

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This has been a banner week for censorship of mainstream news and opinions by Facebook’s 20-something neckbeards. First, Facebook censored the iconic photo of “Napalm Girl” both in its original article (where a reporter was ruminating on the price of war) and in the newspaper article that was covering the censorship of the original article. Because the 20-something neckbeards running the dungeons of Facebook never studied any history in school — why should they, how much money can history make you anyhow? — thus did not realize that they were censoring history, they just saw a photo of a naked girl.

Then they compounded this censorship by censoring an article about 9/11 by Navy veteran Jim Wright. Jim was tip of the spear in Iraq in 2003, helping secure the oil facilities from Saddam’s minions. He has an opinion — one that is an informed opinion of a veteran intelligence officer who has been there, done that, seen things he can’t talk about, and it isn’t one that’s very polite towards the people who trot out the dead bodies from 9/11 as justification for anything and everything, every year ripping the scabs off of open wounds for political advantage of people who are, frankly, scum. First the offended tighty righties tried to hack his account. Then they all hit the “I’m offended!” button on Facebook’s UI. And again, the 20-something neckbeards running the dungeons of Facebook, for whom 9/11 is something that happened when they were 10 years old, censored this opinion that clearly was offensive since all these righties were being offended about it.

It is, of course, Facebook’s right to delete anything on their platform that they don’t want. It’s their property, after all. Still, I think the core problem is that Facebook doesn’t know what it wants to be. Originally Facebook was a place for college kids to hook up with members of the opposite sex. Then it became a place for friends to share pictures of their kids and kitties. Now there are Serious People attempting to use Facebook as a general way of communicating with the general public. This is especially troublesome when said Serious People are, in fact, journalists covering stories of critical importance, like the Norwegian reporter and newspaper above. But the censorship of ordinary Serious Writers like Jim who are attempting to talk about Serious Things is troublesome too, because it means that Serious People can’t rely on the platform in order to converse with their readership.

Thing is, Facebook doesn’t know what to do when faced with Serious People trying to talk about Serious Things. They act like they’re still the old Facebook that is just a place for friends to share pictures of their kids and kitties and what they ate for dinner and where anything serious should be censored so as to not offend people who just want to see cat pictures and what their friends had for dinner. But then, they *don’t* want to go back to being that site, they desire to have Serious People writing about Serious Things on their site, because that cat picture site had only 1/10th the readership of the current site where Serious People have Facebook pages that people flock to Facebook to read. Sooner or later they have to reconcile those two desires, or it will get reconciled for them as people desert them to flock to other social media sites that aren’t so schizophrenic.

Meanwhile: WordPress has never censored any of my posts — and believe me, you look in my archives, you’ll see posts that would get me perma-banned from Facebook. Blogger (Google) never censored any of my posts when I was on that platform — ditto. What this says is Serious People should not use Facebook for anything other than pictures of their kids and kitties and dinner entre’s shared with only their personal friends.

You will be seeing more posts from me here in the future. Facebook has been getting the bulk of them — but if Facebook wants to be about cat pictures and details of what I ate for lunch, well, that’s that. Their platform. Their loss. So it goes.

– Badtux the Censorship-smellin’ Penguin

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It’s Banned Books Week. So go read some of these books and make censors cry.

Talking about which, NASA announced today that they’ve discovered flowing water (sort of) on Mars. I say “sort of” because it’s apparently very salty, which is why it isn’t a solid in the low temperatures. And as a result, an organism which clearly needs to have read some books, Rush Limbaugh, claims that NASA’s announcement is part of an Obama-led left-wing conspiracy to contaminate our bodily fluids. And Martian Nazis. Big Gay ones. Or somethin’. Presumably timed to correspond with the impending theatrical release of The Martian.

Of course, if you sneeze it’s part of a vast left-wing conspiracy as far as Rush is concerned. Along with gravity. Rain. Organic vegetables. Shampoo. Turtles. CD’s (the musical kind). Voting. Sex. Eclipses. Bambi. Extension cords. Owls. All part of the vast left-wing conspiracy. Especially the owls.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Apparently a school principal in Colorado has gotten in trouble for having the students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in French.

J’engage ma fidélité au drapeau des États-Unis d´Amérique et à la République qu’il représente, une nation sous Dieu, indivisible, avec liberté et justice pour tous.

The critics were especially critical of this part of the pledge, which says that the United States is one nation under Dieu rather than one nation under God: “une nation sous Dieu”. We’re one nation under GOD, not one nation under DIEU, who is, like, some French speaking heretical god that isn’t *our* God.

Color me as baffled. Of course, the Pledge of Allegiance is total gibberish to school children regardless of whether it’s recited in English, French, Spanish, Russian, or Pig Latin. I remember wondering for the longest time why those four witches were standing… I pictured them as the witches from The Wizard of Oz, standing around looking for little children to throw into an oven like in Hansel and Gretel. Man, the pledge was *scary* for a little 1st grader!

Oh wait, wait, he had them say it in Arabic, not in French, and the Arabic word for “God” transliterates to “Allah” in Latin letters like the French word for “God” transliterates to “Dieu” in Latin letters. Though in all cases the word is referring to the exact same Judaic deity, since both Christianity and Islam are offshoots of Judaism. Hmm…. but it’s Arabic. That makes it different, right?

Err. Not.

Just sayin’.

– Badtux the Pledged-out Penguin

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So let’s say that you’re a teenage horndog. All the cool kids are having purity balls and shit and there’s all this abstinence-only crap taught as “sex education” in schools. So what do you do?

  1. Wait until you’re married to have sex,
  2. Wait until you’re engaged to the girl you want to marry to have sex,
  3. Have sex with barnyard animals, or
  4. have sex with the girl of your dreams (well, for a few minutes) behind the local IKEA?


  1. No
  2. No
  3. FUCK no. That’s some sick shit, yo, only Republicans and people in Florida do shit like that,
  4. Hell YEAH, man!

At least, that’s what the statistics say. Even kids who take a “virginity pledge” end up fucking each other just as often as kids who don’t. Meaning we better damn well teach’em about condoms and The Pill, or they’re going to end up being baby mommas and baby daddies while they’re still babies themselves.

But of course, we’re talking facts here, and everybody knows that facts have a liberal bias. Which is why abstinence-only “sex education” is still being funded to the tune of $50M+ per year. Who needs facts when we have ignorant prejudices to uphold, after all? Right?

Oh, regarding the IKEA link above, apparently that’s a long time spot for Brooklynites to, erm, “watch submarine races.” It appears IKEA’s sole contribution to the situation was to give that spot a makeover with some nice concrete lounge chairs to get kids’ butts off the dirty dock deck. Not that the horndog kids care, they’ll have sex wherever, ah to be young again not have creaky knees and a sore back and etc. when doing crazy shit like that…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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