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I am at 85,000 words in the current novel and chugging out about 1,000 words a night heading for completion. This obviously doesn’t leave much time for posting stuff to the blog.

I’ll try to do more here after I finish the novel but can’t issue many guarantees. Meanwhile, here, have a cat. He generously left me two inches of my office chair to sit on.

— Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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Trump’s new lawyer is a real scumbag and scam artist. In short, the protagonist of “Better Call Saul” in the flesh.

His Fraudulency Donald the Trump apparently throws a dart at the White House org chart to choose the new head of the Veterans’ Administration. The new head is White House physician Admiral Ronny Jackson, who, despite the misinformation in the referenced article, has been White House physician since 2012 (i.e., became such under Obama). The biggest thing that Dr. Jackson has ever managed is a surgical pod. Yeah, that’s great preparation for managing an agency with 360,000 employees…

In other news, triggered right wing snowflakes continue attacking children whose friends were murdered, mocking them and making up all sort of vile lies about them. Dudes. Being mean to children is not a good look. Ever. Agree or disagree with them, but being mean to them just makes you look like child-abusing shitbags. Laura Ingraham found out the hard way that nobody wants to associate with child-abusing shitbags, after losing half her advertisers. She then whined and issued an insincere apology. Sorry, Laura. Once you’ve already proven yourself to be a child-abusing shitbag, nobody wants to associate with you, no matter how many apologies you issue. Once a child-abusing shitbag, always a child-abusing shitbag.

And after all that nastiness, we need a cat picture:

The Mighty Fang admires himself in the mirror. He’s not vain, not at all!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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TMF being bookish.

I paid my Target Redcard bill the other day. $90 worth of IAMS salmon pate’ in the month of January. Bloody cat eats better than me! He refuses to eat the much cheaper Fancy Feast. Because. Cat. LOL.

Thus far his blood sugar is being controlled by his expensive diet, though, so ….

— Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

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It’s as if TMF has his own napkin and place setting at the dinner table, LOL.

It has been 36 hours since The Mighty One’s last insulin shot, which was 0.25u of Lantus. He had been on 0.5u for the 10 days preceding that, 1u for a week before that, and 2u for 5 days immediately after diagnosis where his blood sugar had measured 400+ on the lab test that diagnosed him as diabetic.

His blood sugar before his evening meal was 57 according to my Relion Confirm meter (which I’ve verified works by testing it on myself, though of course it reads low on cats). This morning, 24 hours after his last shot and an hour after he ate a meal, it was 71.

In short, it appears that my cat’s diabetes is now diet-controlled thanks to the Catkins Diet — as close to zero carb as I can manage. All I have to do is feed him very expensive wet food (he refuses to eat the cheap Fancy Feast, sigh!) and very expensive mail order diabetic kibbles (they aren’t sold in local stores), and voila! No more insulin shots.

Not that TMF cares about the insulin shots anyhow. He mostly ignored them, unless I accidentally hit something I shouldn’t have with the needle, at which point he growled at me until I took the needle out and stuck it some place better. That was only a couple of times though. Now, the blood glucose testing, that’s a royal PITA, TMF is a mellow baby but that uses every bit of his patience. I’m just glad he’s a nice cat instead of one of those hissy howly kinda cats.

BTW, here is what $70 worth of cat food and treats look like (the treats are freeze-dried chicken and fish chunk, zero carbs). No, I’m not joking. $70.

The red wine below the shelf is for me. TMF gets the good stuff. Sigh.

– Badtux the Cat-spoiling Penguin

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I added sparkles to my latest batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies (made to the Toll House recipe). Just because I wanted something more… festive… since my Christmas plans got cancelled in order to take care of my sick cat. Sigh. Oh well, Christmas plans can happen next year, while my cat likely won’t.

– Badtux the Cookie Penguin

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I have been utterly consumed with my cat recently. He was diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve been monitoring his blood glucose (finally figured out how to reliably stick him), injecting him, fussing over him, monitoring his daily input and output (see below for a screenshot from my catcam aimed at his litter box) and otherwise spending time with my cat rather than blogging.

One thing I have to say, though: If you want to pet my cat, ask. Don’t do like Florida Man, the world’s most inept supervillain, who rather than asking broke into his neighbor’s house in order to pet the cat. TMF loves being petted by new people. He doesn’t bite. Not unless you really provoke him, anyhow, and he’s pretty patient so it takes a lot to do that. Though he’s still a cat, so don’t fuck with him, or he’ll fuck you up. Because cat.

— Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

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I don’t understand how these people are getting blood from their cats’ ears in order to do glucose testing:

Now, poking my cat and injecting him with insulin? Child’s play. Put his food bowl down and he starts chowing down like a starving cat. Grab some of his hide, tent it up, poke, squirt, done. He barely even notices, he flicks his ear maybe when I squirt the cold insulin into him but that’s it.

But get blood out of his ear? I’ve tried the heated rice pad. I’ve tried the warm water compresses. I’ve tried the ear massages. I’ve tried all of that, and *never* managed to get enough blood out of his ear to test. It’s like trying to get blood out of a turnip. A very squirmy turnip that’s pointy at five ends. TMF has managed to get more blood out of *me* than I’ve managed to get out of *him*. Sheesh!

BTW, I’m using the same Walmart-brand meter as the lady with the heated rice sock…

– Badtux the Bloody Penguin

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