…. it’s because you’re a racist trying to paint all blacks as thugs, animals, criminals. Even though most aren’t.

Look. Black on black violence is real. The usual suspects in the black community (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr., etc.) have all held rallies against it. But what the FBI crime stats say is that not only is most violence against blacks done by blacks, but most violence against whites is done by whites.

Yet where are the calls about an end to white-on-white violence from these white men who are so concerned about black-on-black violence?

Oh yeah…. [CRICKETS].

Racists be racists, yo.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Okay, we already talked about the previous rule, where if you, as a white man, start a sentence with I’m not racist, but… and then started talking about how “those” people all do X, Y, or Z, well, you’re racist. Because in the end, people are people, and making comments about all people of one race do something X that’s bad does a disservice to all people of that race who don’t do something X that bad.

Okay, so now I got a new rule. If you’re a white man calling a black man a racist after he points out historical and current racial discrimination against black people (the vast majority of which, I might add, is done by white males), you’re racist.

Are there exceptions? Maybe, but I haven’t met them. Every single white man I’ve met who made such a statement, upon additional questioning by myself, ends up saying “I’m not a racist, but…” then claims all black people are thugs, or criminals, or rioters, or whatever. It’s to the point now where I don’t even bother asking additional questions when I see a white man calling a black man a racist, because I know: there, my friends, goes a racist.

Look: In general, white people have no moral ground to call a black man a racist even if a black man is a racist. Yes, I’ve known a few racist black people — black people who were racist against Hispanics. But look. White people spent 300 years owning blacks, setting up rules where whites were at the front of the bus and blacks were at the back getting whatever seats weren’t taken by whites, setting up a legal system where blacks use drugs at roughly the same rate as whites but are far more likely to be incarcerated for drugs, and so on and so forth, a list of atrocities that are a matter of historical and contemporary fact and beyond any rational argument… I might observe a racist black person. But calling him a racist in public or to his face? Mister. That’s just wrong. That’s Luke 6:41 territory, where the guy with a plank in his eye is pointing out the speck of dust in someone else’s eye. Because even though I’ve never personally discriminated against a black person, even though I’m from a long line of white trash that wasn’t materially much better off than the surrounding black population, I’m still a beneficiary of three hundred years of deeply engrained racism. I don’t have to worry about being pulled over because of my skin color, or being shot in a Wal-Mart for playing with a toy gun in the toy department, or being attacked with police dogs for the audacity of protesting the shooting of an unarmed teenage member of my community (for one thing, the cops don’t shoot unarmed teenage white people). I don’t have to worry about people throwing my resume into the trash when they see my stereotypically white name on it, or having people look at me uncomfortably when I walk down the street. For me to call someone of color racist, when I benefit so greatly from my race even though I’ve never consciously tried to do so, would be an act of hypocrisy worthy of Bill O’Reilly.

But hey, that’s me talking about moral grounds and stuff. Morality? Loser stuff, right? Sigh…

- Badtux the Racism-smellin’ Penguin

Just another hate song

Porcupine Tree, “Hatesong”, off their live album Octane Twisted.

No wonder Steven Wilson hasn’t become rich and famous… writing an anti-love-song? Way too brilliant for popular culture…

- Badtux the Music Penguin

A cat update

A few weeks ago was the health scare about Mencken. He suffered an apparent stroke, due to heart disease related to hyperthyroid disease.

He’s getting around just fine now, a bit less certain on his feet but still able to do his normal activities. I’ve been pilling him every evening, giving him one tablet of 5mg Methimazole to reduce thyroid production. It’s an evening routine that involves hiding the pill in a small lump of mushy cat food, then coaxing him into eating it and some other cat food with it to help buffer the stomach upset that can be caused by Methimazole. I think he’s kind of humoring me, actually, because he’ll eat a little bit of the mushy food, maybe a teaspoon’s worth, then he’s done. He likes the personal attention but the food seems rather “meh” to him, though he’s eating, something I know not because I see him eating, but, rather, because I see him pooping (the litter box is behind me in the office).

It seems to be working. On Wednesday he went back to the vet for another blood test, and his thyroid level went from 8.0 on the first test, to 4.3 on the current test. The ideal is under 4.0. We think the fact that he’s vomited up several pills is probably why his level isn’t below 4.0. The solution suggested by the vet is to divide the pills in half and pill him twice a day, so if he vomits up one pill, at least he still gets half his dose for the day.

Unfortunately Mencken isn’t cooperating. He follows me into the kitchen to watch me make my morning coffee, then disappears into Cat Space. As in, is nowhere in the house. Not under furniture. Not behind furniture. Not in the clothes basket in the closet. Just *not*. But when I come back home, he’s sitting on his dining room table ready for me to feed him. The process of feeding him looks a little like this except with a little less drama, I have to keep wiggling the spoon under his nose until he gets interested and gives it a lick, at which point he’ll eat a few bites…

And that’s the sick cat blues. The stats say Mencken is going to be dead within a year or so after the first stroke, but as long as he’s having an OK time and tolerating me giving him a few bites of mushy food with pill in it every evening (better yet, twice a day)…

- Badtux the Sick Cat Owned Penguin

Paul Thorn, “I guess I’ll Stay Married”.

Paul loves about singing about the losers in life, the people who don’t get the girl, the people who don’t die with all the toys, the people who are barely hanging on. This is another of those songs. Sadly, like most of his best songs, it is not available anywhere other than on YouTube. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are twerking their way to the top of the charts. Sigh. Life ain’t fair…

- Badtux the Music Penguin

The contractor scam

Here is how the contractor scam works:

Let’s say you’re a big and wealthy corporation. You have lots of money and lots of assets. You have lots of employees.

You’re also evil. But I repeat myself.

Now let’s say that you want to screw your employees. You want to make them work overtime without pay, you want to withhold paychecks from time to time when you yourself want a little spare change to gamble in the stock market, and so forth. Thing is, there’s these little things called “laws”. If you do that, the employees will sue you and the federal government will sue you and lawyers will get rich but you won’t.

What to do… what to do…

Ah yes. Here’s what to do. Create a sequence of shell companies. Have some of those shell companies own another shell company, a contracting company. Fire significant numbers of your workers — the ones you want to rip off — and have them go to the shell company instead. Then have the shell company rip them off.

At that point, the Feds say “Quit doing that, Amazon.” And Amazon says “We’re not doing that, it’s our labor contractors, talk to them!” And the Feds say “Okay contractors, quit doing that!” And the contractor says “Derp derp derp?” And the lawyers for the workers sue Amazon and Amazon files for dismissal because they’re not the employer, Some Shell Contracting Company is the employer, and the court agrees. So the workers sue Some Shell Contracting Company, which loses and promptly declares Chapter 13 bankruptcy and all $3 in their bank account is divided amongst all the workers. End of story, right?

Well, seems like some courts are starting to notice that something smells in contractorland, i.e., that some “contractors” are just employees with all the responsibilities for complying with labor laws pushed elsewhere. Thus FedEx drivers just won a lawsuit to be classified as employees, not contractors, because that’s what they do for a living — they drive FedEx trucks. Bad court. Bad, bad court. How can evil corporations be evil, if you start holding them responsible for their evil? I expect that this trend will shortly be curtailed by law. After all, big and wealthy corporations have plenty of bribe money err “campaign contributions” to spread around, while their victims usually don’t.

But hey, that’s cynical, isn’t it? I mean, that assumes that money buys laws, and that never happens, right? Right?!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Slaid Cleaves, “Below”, from his 20094 album Wishbones. The best singer-songwriter that you never heard of…

- Badtux the Music Penguin


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